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 \"The faces of the customers? What about it?\"

As Tong Yue listened to Mu Liuer's words, her entire body froze. She lifted her head and looked at the group of people sitting in the stall in the distance. She really wanted to see what Mu Liuer wanted to point out.

The moment Tong Yue saw that scene, she was startled. It felt quite incredible.

From the faces of those diners, Tong Yue saw a feeling of satisfaction, which was a very rare expression on a diner's face. It was a kind of satisfied feeling that only appeared when savoring delicious food.

In the past, she only saw such a feeling of satisfaction when they tasted the dishes cooked by a top grade chef. She did not think that this could happen on a street stall.

How could that be?

Could it be that that mortal from the lower realm had put in some medicine in the dish?

Mu Liuer heart was really surprised as well. She leaned in front of Tong Yue's counter, looking at the street stall opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

In her eyes, a gleam seemed to shoot out.


Hotpot... It was really a pot placed in front of the customers.

The pot seemed to be cast in bronze, and the pot handles were carved with a dragon's head. Underneath the carved lines and pattern, there was a deep, dark color.

The color was quite rich, and it seemed to give an air of antiquity. At first glance, it made people feel somewhat extraordinary.

This was the pot provided by the system.

Today, Bu Fang used this pot to make the soup base, which was so spicy and hot that it could make people doubt their lives.

As the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame went underneath it, the soup began to bubble and distribute the strong heat.

Many people crowded around, and all of their faces showed a surprised look. This small stall... really want to let people eat in the pot?

Was there a mystery in that pot?

The four muscled men looked into the bronze pot. The Exploding Flame Pepper seemed to bloom, constantly loading up the spiciness, and their faces had become somewhat difficult to look at.

As a person in the Immortal Cooking Realm, they had at least some understanding of good food and cooking skills.


Looking at the pot in front of them, they were completely ignorant. Basically, they didn't know what kind of medicine was sold in Bu Fang's pot.

After staring at the pot for a long time, they hadn't seen any ingredient. Could it be that he wanted them to eat the peppers in the bronze pot?

Although some peppers were so delicious, if they were only going to eat peppers... they would refuse!

Bu Fang went in front of the four men and gave them four long chopsticks and spoons. Afterwards, he calmly looked at them and said, \"Don't worry. I will show you how to eat hotpot.\"

At this moment, Nether King Er Ha had already sidled up to that group of men. His eyes were shining as he stared at the bronze pot. Regarding the hotpot that was described by Bu Fang, he was somewhat curious.

\"A hotpot is a lively meal. The things needed are fresh, and when you say fresh, it's the ingredients, not the way to eat it,\" Bu Fang said, briefly introducing the hotpot before he continued, \"Here's the menu of ingredients. Since the first pot is free, I decided on the ingredients already.\"

All four men looked at him. Of course, they did not refute.

After Bu Fang asked them to wait for a while, he returned to the stove. The eyes of the four men and the surrounding spectators also moved, following him.

Taking a deep breath, Bu Fang's eyes also stared at the stove.

In a hotpot, the ingredients used must be fresh. Only fresh ingredients, which were cooked through the soup, can completely release the delicious taste of it.

However, the handling of these ingredients was also very particular.

With a thought, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in Bu Fang's hand.

The knife flashed golden light when it appeared, making everyone around exclaim in surprise. It was the first time they saw this kind of shining kitchen tool.

A moment later, a cabbage appeared. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife slashed, cutting the cabbage, and leaves instantly fell on the plate that had been prepared.

The cabbage was washed and cut by Bu Fang. This stage also had no technique or difficulty. It just needed to be fresh and clean.

As Bu Fang placed the cabbage leaves on a plate, clear water droplets could be seen on them.

Not only the cabbage, but many various types of vegetables also appeared. Those vegetables were grown in the Heaven and Earth Farmland, and they were cut and processed, then placed on the plate.

When Bu Fang was finished, he carried the big pile of vegetables and placed them in front of the four men.

The surrounding people noticed that ingredients had not been cooked, and they were all in a daze.

What did this chef want to do?

He wanted them to eat those raw?

However, the smart people seemed to have realized something.

These ingredients together with the boiling soup... Could it be that Bu Fang wanted these four men to take the raw ingredients, dip them into the hot soup, and eat?

This... is how to eat it?

The four men's faces showed suspicion.

After putting down the plate on their table, Bu Fang glanced at the four men with an expressionless face, nodded seriously, and said, \"Just like what you imagined, put these fresh ingredients into the pot, then pick them up and eat.\"

\"Could we choose not to eat? Although your food is free, even if it's free, you couldn't be so irresponsible,\" a man said with an unsightly face.

\"We will not eat the food cooked by an irresponsible chef. Not only us, but the entire people of the Immortal Cooking Realm also won't eat it.\"

Bu Fang was a little shocked. What he said was reasonable.

However, he was too lazy to listen to these great principles. Ignoring the refusal of the strong men, he directly put the ingredients into the pot that had already boiled up.

The hotpot had a deep bronze color, and its pattern had a bit of dark dignity. When the soup was boiling, the heat was also rising, and the spicy aroma spread in all directions.

The four men and the spectators were suddenly attracted by this flavor, and they couldn't help but comment.

\"To be honest, the fragrance of this soup is very good...\"

\"The smell is not that bad, so it must be good.\"

\"Although the cooking method is very unconventional, why do we have a little expectation for this new kind of food?\"

As the surrounding people were discussing, Bu Fang was watching the ingredients cook in the soup. He didn't pay attention to these four men and just said, \"After three breaths, you can get them and eat.\"

Then, Bu Fang returned to the stove and started to process the demon frog meat.

Different from the Stir-fried Demon Frog he had cooked before, this time, the demon frog meat was treated carefully by Bu Fang.

After taking out a big piece of demon frog thigh meat, he sharpened the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, then pressed the blade of the knife close to the frog meat, cutting down sharply.

Everyone felt like a meteor appeared in front of their eyes, and they soon saw a slice of meat that was as thin as a cicada's wing.

After the rest of the demon frog meat was sliced like that, Bu Fang took out a basin and filled it with crushed ice. He placed the demon frog meat that was as thin as a cicada's wing on top of the crushed ice, arranging it in a circle. Overall, it looked like a delicate piece of art.

After that, true energy was poured into it, and suddenly, light flashed under the ice. In the next instant, the ice bed shone.

The demon frog meat reflected a blooming brilliance. Its radiance was incomparable and too beautiful. The white true energy was lingering, making the demon frog meat look like an ethereal mist was wrapped around it.

This was also an ingredient?

Why was this very good to look at?

The surrounding people were somewhat shocked. Unexpectedly, the processing methods of Bu Fang were so delicate.

As people of the Immortal Cooking Realm, they had seen countless chefs process ingredients. But it was the first time they saw this delicate way, which was putting a pile of crushed ice before placing the ingredient on top of it.

Bu Fang carried the demon frog meat over, then placed it on the table.

The four men were actually hesitating, but of course, when they saw the demon frog meat in front of them, their eyes shone, and they exclaimed in admiration.

\"Why don't you start eating?\" Bu Fang gave them a puzzled look, but he also understood that they still had some hesitation in their hearts.

Indeed, the food in front of them looked good, but they were also hesitant. These four minds were simple and didn't match with their well-developed bodies... It almost seemed like a crime.

Bu Fang picked up the long chopsticks and skillfully swished it in the pot.

The soup in the pot was still boiling, and the steaming hot aroma emitted a different taste. Many people around them were moved by this aroma, and they couldn't help but gulp.

He picked up a piece of cabbage that became spicy red, then put the cabbage into the bowl.

\"Do not blame me for reminding you that this one is free... The next pot is no longer free,\" Bu Fang said seriously.

The man was shocked.

However, after talking, Bu Fang turned around to leave, preparing to process more ingredients.

The man looked at the steaming hot cabbage in his bowl and gulped, and the eyes of his three companions and the surrounding people widened as they watched.

He picked up his chopsticks and, finally, put the spicy red cabbage into his mouth.

Sneeze! Sneeze!

The cabbage was slightly hot. It was sweet and delicious with a strong spicy taste.

The sturdy man just didn't care about putting the cabbage into his mouth. He put down the chopsticks and began to chew. Anyway, he had already gotten it into his mouth, so he could do it!

As he chewed, his whole body trembled slightly. His eyes shrank, as though he had an electric shock, unbelievably staring at the cabbage in the pot.

Without saying anything, the chopsticks went down once again, picking up a piece of cabbage. He blew on it to cool it down, then put it into his mouth.

\"Good... Delicious! Unexpectedly delicious!\"

As the man sucked on a piece of cabbage, his face flushed red, and his mouth looked like he was about to spit fire. His eyes rolled up, and his mouth was deep red by the spicy cabbage.

Since the cabbage had absorbed the soup, which was made with Bu Fang's special mix of peppers and seasonings, its spicy taste was very potent.

Bu Fang's hotpot was unlike the normal ones. Not only did it have the Exploding Flame Pepper, but it also had the Sichuan pepper from the system.

As the man ate hurriedly, he suddenly ate a Sichuan pepper.

At a glance, his mouth went numb. It was a feeling of electric shock, and his lips felt like it no longer belonged to him. A buzzing sound seemed to spread out from it...

His entire being was confused, and he could only take deep breaths.

\"So hot! So spicy! But... it's so cool!\"

The man narrowed his eyes, revealing a satisfied expression. A drop of sweat fell down from his forehead and gathered at the tip of his nose.

This reaction... was somewhat unexpected...

What kind of reaction was that?

Could it be that the cabbage that was cooked with the bronze pot... was really delicious?

The remaining three men looked at each other, then suddenly grabbed their chopsticks and put them in the pot.

Grabbing a piece of cabbage, they blew on it before putting it into their mouths.


As soon as the cabbage entered their mouths, they were completely dazed. The feeling of numbness spread from the tip of their tongues, then spread throughout their entire bodies in an instant.


At this moment, the first man had aimed at the demon frog meat on the plate.

\"The time to cook the demon frog meat is about two breaths.\" In the distance, Bu Fang was processing ingredients as he reminded them.

The man didn't respond, but his excited eyes showed his mood.

After he picked up a piece of demon frog meat that was as thin as a cicada's wing, he dipped it into the boiling, red hot soup...

Rumble! Rumble!

One breath... Two breaths...


The strong man took the chopsticks out of the pot, revealing the fatty demon frog meat...

That man could not wait anymore and put the demon frog meat into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang came back, carrying a tray of sliced octopus meat. He also placed them on top of the crushed ice.

Bu Fang glanced at the man, who was about to put the demon frog meat into his mouth, and indifferently said, \"Here's a secret. If you dip it first in a good soy sauce... the taste will be better.\"