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 To Bu Fang, not being able to obtain the right to have a test in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was indeed a little unexpected.

He did not think that the people of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would have such strong feelings of superiority, as though the people of the lower realms were low grade people.

However, this could not become the reason for Bu Fang not being able to open a restaurant in the Immortal Kitchen.

That lady's mockery had stirred up Bu Fang's heart.

The lower realm people couldn't test for special grade chef?

Who told this lady that?

What right did that lady have to think that?

Walking on the street of the Immortal City, there were many people coming and going on the spacious street, and on both sides were all sorts of peddlers selling their products.

Although the Immortal City was the biggest city in the Immortal Cooking Realm, which was incomparably prosperous, businesses like peddlers existed everywhere.

There were restaurants, but most of these restaurants were controlled by the aristocratic families.

As for some commoners, they had no way to open a restaurant in the Immortal Cooking Realm, but they could take an alternative route by opening a stall on the streetside.

Using these small stalls, they could sell ingredients, cheaper kitchen tools, and so on.

These peddlers were like sticky candy, so the aristocratic families had no way to deal with them. Hence, under normal situations, aristocratic families would not care too much. That was because the situation caused by the peddlers did not have too much of an influence on the businesses of the aristocratic families.

Most importantly, this was actually one of the methods that the City Lord used to keep the aristocratic families in check. Hence, many aristocratic families closed their eyes to it.

Bu Fang, at this moment, noticed the peddlers on the street.

When he walked out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he said he would make that lady regret her words. But how to make her regret? That was actually asking for some skills.

Maybe he could place the wok in front of the entrance of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion and fry some Stinky Tofu?

And disgust that lady to death?

Bu Fang shook his head. No... This time, he did not intend to do this. If he did that, he would disgust that lady, but he wouldn't be able to make her regret it.

Thinking she was all that and looking down on others, then she had to make preparations to humiliate him, Bu Fang intended to let that lady know the feeling of being slapped in the face.

Wasn't that lady one of the members of an aristocratic family?

Bu Fang's eyes slightly hardened. As he looked at the peddlers on both sides of the street, there seemed to be light shining in his eyes.

He did not loiter too much on the street, though. Very quickly, he began to walk and head back to the inn.

Returning to the inn, he first greeted everyone, then pulled Nether King Er Ha outside.

Nether King Er Ha did not understand why Bu Fang pulled him out. However, after Bu Fang explained to him why...

Nether King Er Ha's eyes became brighter and brighter.

\"Bu Fang young man... You are going to cause trouble! This king... loves to cause trouble the most!\" Nether King Er Ha said sullenly, raising his hands to cover half of his face.

\"Then let's begin business,\" Bu Fang said.

After saying that, Bu Fang and Nether King Er Ha walked out of the Immortal City.

The first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm was massive, and the spiritual energy was very dense. Although the Immortal City was vast, it was only a small place that occupied the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

On this layer, most of it were mountains, and the connection of these mountains formed this piece of heaven and earth.

A tall tree stood rising towards the heavens, its leaves abundant.

Maybe because of the existence of the Immortal Tree that the trees of the Immortal Cooking Realm were extremely full of vitality.

\"This tree is pretty good.\" Bu Fang chose a huge tree that reached the sky and nodded his head.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes instantly shone. This was the tree!

In the next instant, Nether energy converged on Nether King Er Ha's palm. Suddenly slashing, he chopped the tree at its trunk.

\"The tree has fallen!\"

Nether King Er Ha's figure retreated a step, then let out a loud howl.


The tree slowly fell down, the tree leaves violently shaking.

As for Nether King Er Ha's actions, Bu Fang naturally did not care. After choosing this huge tree, he raised the true energy in his body, then slammed down with a palm, instantly shattering the tree.

After being busy for a while, wooden tables have appeared.

After making these, the wooden tables were taken into the system's storage space.

Bu Fang then brought Nether King Er Ha back into the Immortal City.

That's right, Bu Fang intended to be just like those peddlers opening a stall directly on the street.

However... his street stall was not the same as the other stalls.

After finding a good spot, Bu Fang and Nether King Er Ha nodded their heads in satisfaction.

The spot that Bu Fang had chosen was a little remote. It was a spot that was directly opposite of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion hundreds of meters away.

The passersby here were fewer, but there was no other way. This was the only spot for them to open a stall.

Nether King Er Ha placed the tables, then looked at Bu Fang excitedly and asked, \"Bu Fang young man, are you intending to open an open-air restaurant? Will you name it 'Revealing Heavens Restaurant' then?\"

After the chairs and tables were placed properly, Bu Fang sat down to rest for a while.

He had originally wanted to borrow tables and chairs from the system, but the system had refused as the chairs and tables would only be for the new restaurant branch. Hence, Bu Fang pulled Nether King Er Ha outside to make them.

Actually, there were only a few tables. Placed at the corner of the street, they seemed to be a little unpresentable.

Looking at this scene, Bu Fang slightly narrowed his eyes. His stall could not be... unpresentable.

\"Revealing Heavens Restaurant? No... I want to call it... Food Stall.\" Bu Fang shook his head, seriously correcting Nether King Er Ha's words.

\"Food Stall... What a strange name. Anyway, this king is too lazy to care about the name. This king thinks well of you, kid!\" Nether King Er Ha smiled as he said that, holding a spicy strip in his mouth.

Bu Fang nodded. Then, he stood up and started to set up a simple stove.

Bu Fang's actions stirred quite a bit of attention. Although it was a little remote, some passersby noticed this situation.

Some people gave a look, seeming to understand what Bu Fang intended to do. Thinking he was another chef that had a harsh life, they let out sighs.

Actually, the chef of these small stalls did not have very exquisite cooking skills. Since they were unable to pass the test of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, they could only open a stall at the side and earn immortal crystals.

Of course, earning immortal crystals was a must to survive in the Immortal City. Without immortal crystals... it was difficult to do anything.

As for Bu Fang's stall, many people did not understand his real intention, but they were interested in watching the show.

That was because the spot that Bu Fang chose... was very interesting. It was just opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

This was a very courageous choice. There were people coming in and out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, so if the chef had enough ability, it was easy to become popular.


There were aristocrats in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion as well. Furthermore, the chefs that participated in the tests of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would have picky taste buds, so this spot was something that even a special grade chef would not dare to open. Not only were the customers' taste buds picky, but what was more important was that it would easily offend the aristocratic families.

This restaurant opened opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. If it was not popular, it would be okay, but if it became popular, it would attract the attention of those aristocratic families.

Once he caught the attention of the aristocratic families, there would only be two endings-be destroyed or join them.

Making dishes, Nether King Er Ha would naturally be unable to provide help, so he just pulled out a chair and sat down. Sitting in the distance, he watched Bu Fang busy himself.

Finally, Bu Fang had finished all of the preparations.

He raised his head to see people around them expecting to see a good show, and the corner of his mouth pulled up into a smirk.

A moment later, he took a wooden board out of his system storage space. On that board were inscribed words, saying, \"Food Stall.\" He then placed the Food Stall board in front, then swept his gaze all around.

After taking a deep breath, he announced, \"Today is the first day Food Stall starts its business. The recommended dish is hotpot. Limited to four tables.\"

Bu Fang's voice was very calm as the surrounding people listened.

However, those spectators' faces looked stunned.

Hotpot... What pot?

Why had they never heard of it?

Facing the spectators' bewilderment, Bu Fang did not offer an explanation. He only continued, \"Since today is the opening day, the first two pots will be free...\"


This time, the surrounding people understood.

There was actually this sort of good thing. Since the first two pots were free, they could give it a taste.

Hence, many of them were eager to give it a try.

Nether King Er Ha was actually a little stunned as well. He had never heard of this plaything called hotpot from Bu Fang before.

Bu Fang's promotion seemed to have stirred many people's interest, so they all eagerly walked over.

\"Since this boss said it's free, then this one will give it a try. It is a free dish after all.\"

That person smiled, looking extremely fierce.

Bu Fang calmly swept his gaze over him. Nodding his head, he just said, \"Then I'll consider you as one. This stall's hotpot can be eaten by three people. Can this one gather three people? Do you have two companions with you?\"

That sturdy man suddenly froze at Bu Fang's question. \"I still need companions?\"

In fact, he really did have companions. Waving his hand behind, three more sturdy men walked out from the crowd.

These three men were full of muscles. Like a dragon with horns, they emitted a violent aura.

\"Four people should be enough, right?\" The sturdy man looked at Bu Fang as he opened his mouth to laugh.

Bu Fang remained expressionless and nodded his head.

\"This hotpot of the Food Stall, I have actually never heard of it. I hope it won't let us brothers down.\" The sturdy man gave Bu Fang a meaningful look.

Bu Fang then around to his simple stove, beginning to prepare the soup base.

He did not ask them what type of soup base they wanted. With Bu Fang, there was only one type of soup base, and that was... the Extremely Numb and Spicy Deep Abyssal Chilli soup base.

The pot used in a hotpot was provided by the system. It's just that he had to spend quite a few crystals.

After taking out that special pot, he started to make the soup base. Shortly after, within the pot, a scarlet red soup quietly bubbled.

This soup base was made after adding seasonings and two scoops of Abyssal Chilli Sauce. On top of it, many pieces of Exploding Flame Pepper floated.

It looked like a wave of spiciness was attacking the spectators' faces, and those afraid of such a strong spicy aroma instantly retreated.

With a point of his finger, a bundle of dark golden flames burst under the pot, boiling that scarlet red soup.

Holding this hotpot, Bu Fang came in front of the dining table.

The four sturdy men looked curiously at the bronze pot, where the spicy smell rose toward the heavens...

This was a hotpot? Was it a pot that could be eaten?

Bu Fang gave the surprised men a look, then calmly said, \"Don't rush. I'll tell you how to eat it...\"


Immortal Kitchen Pavilion

Tong Yue once again finished another test assignment. Her unkind face revealed a relaxed expression, as though she had just been cleared of a burden.


Tong Yue's eyes shrank as she looked outside the gate across the entrance.

With just one glance, she saw the small stall that had been set up opposite of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

\"Lowly commoners are lowly commoners. Opening a stall opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion... They actually did this sort of stupid thing!\"

Tong Yue gave a cold laugh, shaking her head condescendingly.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Tong Yue's counter. That person leaned on it and calmly said, \"Take a closer look at the owner of that small stall.\"

Mu Liuer did not think that Bu Fang would return and even open a small stall opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion so brazenly.

Tong Yue coldly gave Mu Liuer a glance, then carefully looked over. Very quickly, she saw the expressionless Bu Fang among the crowd.

Her eyes instantly shrank.

\"It's actually that mortal that came from the lower realm! That one who overestimates his own ability?!\"

After a pause, Tong Yue continued in a condescending voice that became louder and louder, \"Ordinary people are ordinary people indeed. They're so stupid that I want to die... Actually choosing to open a stall opposite of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion...\"

In response, Mu Liuer shook her head.

\"No, you are wrong. Look carefully... at the faces of those customers.\"