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 Xuanyuan Xuan did not say anything. Although his sister had dug a hole for him, he did not care too much about it.

He looked rough, but he was not very different from Bu Fang, a cold type of person.

Looking at Bu Fang and the rest's departing figures, Xuanyuan Xiahui gave his sister a look.

That meaningful gaze made Xuanyuan Xuan's face burn up.

\"Brother! Why are you looking at me like that?\" Xuanyuan Xuan covered her face as she said that coquettishly.

\"This girl, don't think I don't know what you are thinking and what you want to do. How can this brother of yours not notice your intentions?\"

The corner of Xuanyuan Xiahui's lips curved, revealing a rarely seen smile, as though an iceberg had melted.

\"However, if this older brother is not wrong, then that kid just now should have come into the Immortal Cooking Realm from the lower realm and is one of those mortals... Otherwise, he should have a single immortal crystal.\" Xuanyuan Xiahui said as his face became even colder.

\"The lower realm?\" Xuanyuan Xuan slightly froze, then her face instantly revealed disbelief.

\"There is such a powerful chef in the lower realm? Judging from his cooking standards, he isn't much weaker than you...\"

\"You look down too much on your older brother...\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui did not say much, only rolling his eyes. Then, he turned his body, looking at the diners who surrounded the Fragrant Spicy Blood Lobster.

\"Alright, show's over. When you finish eating, go on and do your things. Business is resuming,\" Xuanyuan Xiahui said sternly.

The diners then scattered with laughter and roars.

No one dared to cause trouble in the restaurant because it belonged to aristocrats, and for the diners, offending an aristocrat was the most stupid thing.

The power that the aristocratic families held was something ordinary people simply couldn't imagine.

After the audience scattered, Xuanyuan Xiahui carried the bowl that was filled with the Blood Lobster sauce and walked towards the kitchen.

Walking to the entrance of the kitchen, Xuanyuan Xiahui turned his head to give a look at Xuanyuan Xuan, who stood frozen on the spot.

\"Just now, that kid... If he wants to become an Immortal Chef, he still lacks quite a lot,\" Xuanyuan Xiahui said seriously, looking at his sister. His words were filled with confidence.

Bu Fang still lacked a lot, but he... was already half a step into becoming an Immortal Chef.


Bu Fang crossed his arms as he walked out of the restaurant. Behind him was Nethery, the Black Dragon King, and the rest.

Lord Dog swayed his tail, strutting his elegant cat steps.

Within the city, there were silver-armored troops traveling back and forth. These silver armored experts were filled with urgency.

This was a troop belonging to an aristocratic family. Obviously, they had obtained news that a small group of their silver-armored troop had been exterminated.

This was a humiliation towards the aristocratic family.

Of course, Bu Fang and the rest were not worried about it. Since Lord Dog's paw had smashed everyone in that troop, there was not even a single trace left behind.

The most important thing for them now was to find a way to earn immortal crystals. To live in the Immortal City, immortal crystals were the key.

Also, Bu Fang had to think about how to open a restaurant in the Immortal City. He needed to find a good time to finish the system's temporary task.

A group of people walking aimlessly in the Immortal City was a bit striking, the main problem being that the formation of the group was too weird.

After a while, Bu Fang had earned some immortal crystals from selling the ingredients from the Heaven and Earth Farmland. Using these immortal crystals, he rented a room in an inn in the Immortal City.

Finally, this group of people had found a place to take shelter. After everyone had settled down, Bu Fang then walked out of the inn.

According to what Xuanyuan Xiahui said, if he wanted to open a restaurant in the Immortal Cooking Realm, he needed to take a test at the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion first.

As of this day, Bu Fang did not know yet what chef grade he had reached.

Xuanyuan Xiahui said that his grade was that of a special grade chef, one of the people that belonged to the top of the special grade chefs.

In fact, those that opened restaurants in the outer circle were special grade chefs, while ordinary chefs would only play second fiddle to these chefs.

Bu Fang believed that his own culinary skills should at least be at special grade, but as for which level of special grade, that needed to be carefully tested.

Walking on the long street, the sky was still dazzling and bright. The day time of the Immortal Cooking Realm seemed to be especially long.

Bu Fang saw many restaurants along the way. These restaurants were very popular, with many customers entering and leaving.

He walked further into the long street.

Very quickly, Bu Fang then realized that the people around him had become fewer, and the security had become tighter.

That was because the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion sat in between the inner circle and outer circle, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter the inner circle of the Immortal City because that was where the aristocratic families lived.

The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was a building that was a round pillar, and the decorations on it were gorgeous. There was a board hanging on the door, and on top of it, the words Immortal Kitchen Pavilion were engraved.

These three big words were written in bold cursive calligraphy, bringing a wave of huge pressure.

Bu Fang stood at the entrance, giving the three words a glance. Then, he felt his mental energy violently trembling, as though there was a huge tidal wave flipping in his mental energy sea.

Bu Fang's eyes slightly narrowed, his heart shocked.

Just the remnant mental energy fluctuations on these three words caused such an abnormality in his own mental energy sea...

How strong was the person who had written these three words?!

Suppressing the fluctuation in his mind, Bu Fang's face became solemn as he continued to head towards the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

No matter what, since Bu Fang wanted to open a shop in the Immortal City, he needed to earn the right to open a shop first.

However, this right required Bu Fang to fight for it. In Rome, do as the Romans do.

Stepping into the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he found that it was a little noisy.

The atmosphere inside was different from the outside. Within the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, the entire place was bustling.

The hall was a huge circle, and counters were placed around it. Behind the counters, service crews of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion were sitting and doing all sorts of services.

Bu Fang was a little stunned. This sort of bustling scene had given him a feeling like he had returned to the mall of his previous world.

Shaking his head, Bu Fang recovered. After all, this was a fantasy world, completely different from the metropolis of his previous world.

\"You are really useless. This old one spent so much immortal crystals raising you, yet you give this old one a high grade chef!\"

A middle-aged man shoved a youth as he walked out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion in rage.

This scene was common in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Since there were many people in the Immortal City, there would also be many people conducting tests here.

After waiting for the people to scatter, Bu Fang then slowly walked in front of a counter. Behind that counter sat a middle-aged lady with an unkind face.

The lady raised one hand, tapping the counter. Her head was not even raised as she said, \"Tell me your name, place of residence, culinary art standard, and the culinary standard you wish to test for...\"

The lady's words made Bu Fang a little dazed. This type of feeling was really familiar. She was like those impatient workers from his previous world.

\"Bu Fang, Hidden Dragon Continent, special grade chef, test... anything,\" Bu Fang calmly said.

Special grade chef?

The lady in the counter froze suddenly, then raised her head, giving a glance at Bu Fang's expressionless face.

In the next instant, that lady then noticed a piece of important information from Bu Fang.

\"Hidden Dragon Continent?\" The lady's brows raised, asking curiously.

Bu Fang nodded his head.

In the next instant, a jade talisman appeared in the lady's hands. A light screen shot out from it as she reached out her slender fingers to search for something on the screen.

\"There is no such place called the Hidden Dragon Continent in the Immortal City... Tell me, are you lying?\"

The lady's palm slammed on the counter as she looked at Bu Fang coldly. There was an imposing atmosphere rising from that lady's figure, giving one a wave of terrifying oppression.

This lady's cultivation had actually reached Commander Realm.

\"Hidden Dragon Continent... is the Hidden Dragon Continent. I just came to the Immortal Cooking Realm from the Hidden Dragon Continent through a light door that was left there.\"

Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he said that. This lady's service attitude made him slightly unhappy.

Hearing Bu Fang's words, that lady suddenly understood, then gave a playful laugh.

\"So, you're a mortal from the lower realm... Just an ordinary person but dares to say such wild things, actually saying you want to take the special grade chef test. What right do you have to take the test to be a special grade chef?\" That lady said, her words sharp and unkind.

\"Just arrange the test for me. Whether I pass or not, you don't need to care...\" Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

When he said these words, the lady's eyes narrowed. This mortal is very arrogant.

\"This mortal thinks the Immortal Cooking Realm is like your out-of-the-way lower realm? The Immortal Cooking Realm is not a place where you can strut around displaying your skills! Even a dragon will bow down at this woman! You listen carefully. As a low grade ordinary person, don't even think about coming to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion to test for a month! Ordinary people... should have the awareness of an ordinary person! Scram!\"

That lady coldly gave Bu Fang a look as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Leaning back on the chair, she gave him an incomparably contemptuous look.

How wild. Why don't you continue being crazy?

Was this not allowing him to take the test?

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, coldly staring at this lady.

Just because he was an ordinary person, this lady wouldn't allow him to take the test?

A person entering the Immortal Cooking Realm from the Hidden Dragon Continent... was it really that bad?

\"You really won't allow me to take the test?\" Bu Fang continued to stare at the lady as he spat out each word.

\"How annoying. This old woman says no, so it means no. It doesn't matter who you find! If you have the ability, then report this old woman. This old woman, as someone from the Tong family, is scared of this ordinary person?! The one being bullied is you!\" The lady said imposingly.

Bu Fang took a deep breath.

Suddenly, behind him, someone pulled at his sleeves.

It was a teenage girl wearing a white silk robe, which was the long robe that people of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion wear. That teenage girl blinked at Bu Fang.


Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

\"She is someone from one of the aristocratic families in the Immortal City, the Tong family. They hold a great amount of power in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, so an ordinary person like you shouldn't argue with her... It's okay, just come back after a month. Next time, come directly to me.\"

The teenage girl was not considered very beautiful, but her words were gentle. She seemed to see Bu Fang being humiliated, so she had come over to help him.

A month?

Bu Fang shook his head. He couldn't wait that long.

\"It's okay. Since that lady will not give the test, then don't. Sooner or later... she will regret it,\" Bu Fang said. With that, he gave that unkind woman a side glance, then turned around as he swung the sleeves of his Vermillion Robe, walking out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

\"Okay, remember my name. I am called Mu Liuer. Next time, look for me...\" The girl's gentle voice resounded behind Bu Fang's back.

Looking at Bu Fang's vanishing figure, that girl let out a sigh.

Ordinary people... simply found it hard in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Mu Liuer gave a look at the unkind lady, furrowing her brows. The disciples of the aristocratic families in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion... were really increasing in number.


Bu Fang, who had walked out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, wore a cold face at this moment.

He could not possibly give up on opening a restaurant just because of the other party's words.

Since he refused to give up and said that he was going to make the other party regret their words, then he had to make the other party regret it so much that their stomach would turn green!

Standing at the entrance of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, Bu Fang gave out a long breath.

\"I originally didn't want to cause trouble. I just want to open a branch quietly and smoothly, but it seems that now... I have no other choice. Since it has come to this... let's do it!\"