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 A Demon Frog meat in his left hand, a Blood Lobster in his right... and on his neck, a string of Exploding Flame Pepper.

Owner Bu... Do you not think that your appearance now is very comical?

Are you still the cold and noble Owner Bu we know?

Seeing Bu Fang appearance now, the corners of the mouths of the Black Dragon King and the rest all involuntarily twitched. Nether King Er Ha covered half of his face as he let out loud laughter.

However, that young girl did not laugh, but was instead stunned by Bu Fang's appearance.

This guy actually took out so many ingredients?

However, since these people have ingredients, why would they not have immortal crystals?

In the Immortal City, using ingredients to exchange for immortal crystals was the most common method to earn. The reason why commoners were leaving and entering the city gates every day was all to look for ingredients and sell them.

However, this group of people actually carried the ingredients into the restaurant to eat. Were they too lazy to even sell them for immortal crystals?

The young girl did not think that Bu Fang would actually take out ingredients. Looking at the spiritual energy revolving around the ingredients, the girl's face appeared tensed and worried.

However, she did not reject Bu Fang. Instead, she gave Bu Fang a serious look and said, "Wait here. I'm unable to evaluate the prices of these ingredients, so I'll go find a professional chef."

The young girl did not seem to have learned any culinary skills, so she did not understand the pricing of the ingredients. Hence, she did not dare to come to a decision easily.

Although seven immortal crystals was not a lot, it did not mean that it could be exchanged with whatever ingredients.

"It's okay. Go ahead, I'll wait..." Bu Fang calmly said.

The young girl nodded her head. Biting her lips, she gave Bu Fang a strange look before turning to run to the kitchen.

After a while, the young girl brought a figure out.

It was a tall and sturdy man. His entire body was filled with muscles, and the sleeves of his chef robes were ripped off, revealing two strong arms.

That man walked out from the kitchen, trailing behind the young girl. Shortly after, they arrived in front of Bu Fang and the rest.

"Brother, this is the group of people... who did not pay but want to use ingredients instead," said the young girl with the pinned up meatball-like hair.

Bu Fang had already taken down the ingredients off his body and placed them on the table. After all, holding the ingredients that way would not help him with his current predicament.

Once that sturdy man appeared, Bu Fang involuntarily turned his head to look over. After taking a glance, his gaze instantly turned sharp.

This man's mental energy was very strong...

Although it was still a little weaker than his, he was the first chef he had met with this kind of strong mental energy, except for the mysterious chef sitting cross-legged he had met in the bronze palace.

"This one wants to use ingredients to pay off the bill? Although this restaurant does not have such a rule, if the quality of the ingredient is good, it is possible," the man said.

This man was cold, a little different from his sturdy appearance.

But while that man was cold, Bu Fang was even colder than him. He only nodded his head, then pointed at the ingredients on the dining table without a word.


He did not think that Bu Fang's response would be so cold and without a trace of worry. It looked like he had confidence in his own ingredients.

The sturdy man's vision went past Bu Fang and looked at the ingredients behind...

With just a single look, the sturdy man was slightly stunned.

That was because a dense spiritual energy spread out from those ingredients. They were really not ordinary.

But... what attracted the sturdy man the most was the Exploding Flame Pepper.

The Exploding Flame Peppers were like lanterns as they burned, utterly attracting the man's eyes.

The quality of this pepper... seems to be pretty good!

That man's thoughts moved as he walked over to the dining table. His body was filled with pressure, which made the Black Dragon King involuntarily take a step back.

That man picked up the Exploding Flame Pepper. In his hands, there was a wave of warm feeling, as though there really was a flame burning within it.

Furthermore, every one of them was plump, and with spiritual energy revolving around it, it was a pretty good ingredient.

At least, it was a lot better than all the pepper ingredients he had prepared in his kitchen.

"Very good. Pretty good!"

He did not think that he would actually be able to obtain such a pepper. The man's heart felt a wave of joy because, as a chef, to be able to get a good ingredient was something that made one happy.

"Oh... This is a savage monster's ingredient?" That man's gaze turned, landing on the Demon Frog meat.

It looked like this was indeed some savage monster ingredient. Furthermore, its spiritual energy was very dense, so it could be considered the peak within the Divine Spirit Realm ingredients.

This sort of ingredient was also worth a few immortal crystals.

No wonder this youth had such confidence. These few ingredients were indeed enough to cover the cost of their meal.

"Okay, these ingredients... are enough," that man said.

"This piece of savage monster meat is worth three immortal crystals. This pepper... is worth three immortal crystals, and finally, this... Hm? What plaything is this?" The man looked at the Blood Lobster, his brows furrowed.

He had been a chef for so many years, but he had yet to see this type of ingredient in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

What's this? Seafood?

How could seafood appear on the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm?

These people... who exactly were they?

"Finally, this plaything is not worth money? To tell you the truth, if this thing were to be made into a dish, its taste is even better than the Demon Frog meat and the Exploding Flame Pepper." Bu Fang felt that the man was a little curious, so he slightly raised his brows as he said that.

This was a Blood Lobster. Whether it was Spicy Blood Lobster or Braised Blood Lobster, in Bu Fang's eyes, it tasted better than Stir-fried Demon Frog.

Of course, there were other ways of using the Demon Frog meat. If they used those other ways, it might not taste any worse than the Spicy Blood Lobster.

But that method required great use of pepper, and the pepper had to be dealt with too. Overall, the process was a little more taxing.

"This plaything... can be cooked?"

The sturdy man slightly furrowed his brows as he stared at Bu Fang, then took a deep breath before saying, "Are you also a chef?"

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. Finally, someone had asked him that.

There was suddenly an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Since you asked so sincerely...

Bu Fang patted the Vermillion Robe on his body, his hair slightly fluttering as he crossed his arms and raised his head, expressionlessly looking at the sturdy man who was a head taller than him.

"Replacement guaranteed if not genuine. This one is a chef."

That confidence, that imposing manner...

That man's eyes shrank, suddenly feeling that Bu Fang was not the same as the rest.

Such confidence was only possessed by chefs who held great confidence in their skills. In the Immortal Cooking Realm, what kind of chef would have such confidence in their own cooking?

Could it be that the other party was an Immortal Chef?

But that man had yet to feel a trace of immortal energy from Bu Fang's body. Without question, the other party was not an Immortal Chef.

However... on what basis did a chef, who was ranked below that of an Immortal Chef, have to be so confident?

"Nice to meet you. This one says that this thing is an ingredient? Could you explain it to me? Otherwise, I am unable to evaluate the price of this ingredient," that man said, then added, "I am Xuanyuan Xiahui, and this one is my younger sister, Xuanyuan Xuan."

That man finally introduced himself because he felt that Bu Fang was not ordinary. He conveniently introduced his sister as well.

Xuanyuan Xuan, the girl who had pinned her hair in a meatball, immediately looked at her brother in surprise.

She did not think that her brother would tell his name to these people who intended to dine and dash.

Could it be that there was something mystical about this facially paralyzed person?

"This one is Bu Fang." Bu Fang nodded his head, then said his own name.

Nether King Er Ha pulled out a Spicy Strip and held it with his mouth. He then moved in front of Xuanyuan Xuan, raising his hand to cover half of his face as he sullenly said, "Little sister, this brother is called Nether King Er Ha. Nice to meet you?"

"Are you a chef?"

However, towards Nether King Er Ha who was getting closer, Xuanyuan Xuan only gave a 'heng' and raised her chin.

Nether King Er Ha instantly froze.

"I guess so..." Nether King Er Ha gave a laugh as he replied.

He originally wanted to say that he was a chef, but thinking about the brick-like Spicy Strips he had made before, he lost a bit of confidence.

"Guess so? Then you are not! You're not even a chef, but you're trying to chat up others?" Xuanyuan Xuan gave a snicker.

Although Nether King Er Ha was very handsome, in the Immortal Cooking Realm, there were many handsome people.

Nether King Er Ha gave a bewildered look. Were the little dolls now so valiant?

Once she did not agree, she said that this king was chatting her up? This king only wanted to get to know a new friend.

Hence, Nether King Er Ha, who wanted to leave a good impression but failed, just gave an awkward smile. However, he continued holding the Spicy Strip in his mouth, then shrank back beside Nethery.

It was still the Nether girl who was more noble and cold.

Xuanyuan Xiahui calmly gave Nether King Er Ha a glance, then his gaze landed back on Bu Fang's figure. He pointed at the Blood Lobster, signaling for the latter to give an explanation.

Did they not recognize the Blood Lobster?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

"Is there a kitchen?" Bu Fang asked, not answering Xuanyuan Xiahui's question.

"I do, but you can't enter." Xuanyuan Xiahui nodded his head, then continued, "Unless you can prove that you are a chef that has been graded by the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Otherwise, the kitchen is out of bounds."

Cannot enter?

Bu Fang did not mind it and just shrugged his shoulders. If he couldn't enter, then he couldn't.

A moment later, a few more Blood Lobsters appeared in his hand. These Blood Lobsters were piled on top of the dining table, climbing around in confusion.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes suddenly shrank.

What's Bu Fang intending to do?

However, Xuanyuan Xiahui did not need to be curious for too long. Bu Fang was already giving an explanation.

A golden light flashed past, as though the entire restaurant was shining.

Along with the increase of his cultivation, Bu Fang could feel his connection with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife deepening.

This was a good thing. Together with the deepening of their connections, Bu Fang also became better at handling the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and it seemed to become part of his arm.

Blade light flashed as the Blood Lobsters were sent flying by Bu Fang using the kitchen knife.

A plate that had just been cleared of its contents had been placed on the dining table. After the head of Blood Lobster had been cut off, the toxic elements within it were released, then he began removing the shell, sand vein, and other parts.

This series of movements were as fluid as flowing water, causing the eyes of Xuanyuan Xuan, who was hiding beside Xuanyuan Xiahui, to be dazzled.

After dealing with the Blood Lobster, with a thought, freshwater appeared to wash and clean the ingredients.

At this time, the surrounding diners all carried feelings of curiosity as they walked over.

There was actually a chef cooking in a public place with numerous people...

This was a scene that was rarely seen.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok revolved in the air, then became bigger and bigger. Its earthen yellow radiance slowly spread out, releasing an oppressive energy.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes shrank, which were as small as a sesame seed. Looking at the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and that Black Turtle Constellation Wok, his mind was shaken.

These kitchen tools... were not ordinary!

Opening his mouth, Bu Fang spat out a bundle of golden flames.

These flames made Xuanyuan Xiahui slightly furrow his brows.

"Is that Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame? Paired with these ingredients, it is a little inferior..." Xuanyuan Xiahui muttered. With his eyes, he naturally was able to see through Bu Fang being out of the ordinary.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Xiahui also understood that Bu Fang was intending to cook this Blood Lobster into a dish to show its value...

"Interesting. Very, very interesting!"

The corners of Xuanyuan Xiahui's lips pulled back into a smile as a gleam flashed in his eyes. Looking at Bu Fang's expressionless face, his heart was suddenly filled with a little anticipation.

He hoped that the dish that Bu Fang was cooking... would not let him down.