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 "Immortal crystals..."

Bu Fang was silent for quite a while. As he looked at the menu, his entire being became a little dazed.

This was the Immortal Cooking Realm. Since the Immortal Cooking Realm and the Hidden Dragon Continent were different, their currency was different as well. The Hidden Dragon Continent used crystals, but once they arrived at the Immortal Cooking Realm, it had become immortal crystals.

If it was crystals, Bu Fang had a lot.

But immortal crystals...

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. Giving the young girl a look, the atmosphere became a little awkward.

The Black Dragon King and the rest did not seem to understand Bu Fang's look, but they all looked at him curiously, signaling him to order.

They did not see the immortal crystals on the menu, so they did not understand why Bu Fang was at a loss at the moment.

They even thought that Bu Fang was looking down on the menu here. After all, with Owner Bu's culinary skills, he indeed had the right to look down upon the dishes here.

Although this was the Immortal Cooking Realm, it did not mean that one could meet an Immortal Chef randomly in any restaurant.

To order or not to order?

Bu Fang was at a loss, but he did not show it on his face. His face remained as expressionless as before.

However, this conflict within him did not last long. Since they wanted to eat, then just eat...

As for the problem with the immortal crystals... they could talk about that after eating.

Furthermore, Bu Fang felt that he should have a method to solve this immortal crystal problem.

"Then, these three dishes."

Bu Fang's face remained blank as he ordered, not showing the slightest bit of worry and awkwardness.

Hence, the young girl with meatball-like hair did not pay much attention.

"Okay, may the customer please wait for a moment."

The young girl nodded her head, then gave Bu Fang and the rest a polite smile. Keeping away the menu Bu Fang held, she then turned around to walk towards the kitchen.

After the young girl left, the rest began to size up this restaurant.

Actually, this restaurant was quite simple. There were no gorgeous decorations, but the fragrance lingering in the air was very dense.

This was the distinct smell that belonged to restaurants, and Bu Fang was very familiar with it.

Just by smelling the fragrance of the dishes in the air, the dishes in this restaurant probably tasted pretty good. At least, the chef's skills were not much weaker than his own.

The Black Dragon King and the rest curiously looked around, watching the surrounding people eat their dishes with gusto.

Watching those diners made them feel gluttonous.

They could not wait to try the dishes.

Since the dishes had not been served yet, Bu Fang did not do much. As he sat on his spot, he closed his eyes, sinking into deep thought.

After a while...

That young girl returned with a huge tray in her hands. On top of the tray were three steaming dishes. Steam wafted and rolled around them, and there was a dense fragrance spreading out.

The young girl smiled as she came in front of the dining table, carefully taking out the dishes and placing them on the table.

"This is the Red Braised Fire Spirit Twin-Headed Snake you ordered."

"This is the Chopped Pepper Eight-Horned Deer Meat you ordered."

"This is the Stir-fried Divine Spirit Bamboo you ordered."

The young girl enthusiastically introduced the dishes as she placed them down.

The Black Dragon King and Nether King Er Ha couldn't wait as they rubbed their palms, staring at those dishes. Their drools were about to leak out of their mouths.

Nethery's face was cold. As she stared at these three dishes, her eyes slightly hardened.

Bu Fang deeply sucked in a breath. These three dishes looked very ordinary, but the dense amount of spiritual energy coming out of each dish signified that they were not as simple as they looked.

The spiritual energy within the ingredients had been used to the maximum, and the texture and heat control were great.

Of course, this was only what Bu Fang could see from the surface. The overall judgment would only be known after he had personally tried the dish.

Hence, thinking this in his heart, Bu Fang picked up the chopsticks and chose to eat first the Red Braised Fire Spirit Twin-Headed Snake.

Red Braised Meat was a dish that Bu Fang was good at, but this Red Braised Fire Spirit Twin-Headed Snake was a little different.

Red Braised Snake Meat required harsh control over flames, and once there was a mistake, it would cause the snake meat to become overly tough and lose its elasticity.

Picking up a piece of snake meat from his bowl, Bu Fang's brows raised. The knife technique of the chef was pretty good. At least, compared to him, it was not that much weaker.

Every bone in that piece of snake meat had been removed, but it did not cause the taste to be bad. Furthermore, the snake meat had been cut just right, causing every meat to absorb enough flavor.

Once the snake meat entered his mouth, he felt its elasticity, and the fragrance of the snake meat with the other ingredients instantly exploded.

The tender snake meat made Bu Fang involuntarily speed up his chewing. The soft and tender meat was incomparably delicious, and the heat when it entered his mouth was probably an element of the ingredient itself.

It had to be said that Bu Fang was a little shocked with just this dish alone.

Not only that, but the restaurant he was at right now was also only a commoner's restaurant in the outer circle of the Immortal City, and the chef in this restaurant was not an Immortal Chef.

But, even if it was not an Immortal Chef, the taste of this dish was already no weaker than the dishes that Bu Fang cooked.

"Immortal Cooking Realm... Really interesting."

As Bu Fang chewed the snake meat, the corners of his mouth involuntarily curved up into a smile.

The Black Dragon King, Nether King Er Ha, and the rest had already started tasting the dishes.

Seeing Bu Fang enjoying it so much, the curiosity in their hearts became even more intense.

Once the snake meat entered their mouths, it made them surprised.

When they bit down on the Stir-fried Divine Spirit Bamboo, a crispy sound rang out.

And there was also the Chopped Pepper Eight-Horned Deer Meat, which was incomparably tender. When the deer meat was held by chopsticks, it was like holding a piece of tofu.

The taste of the chopped pepper was also pretty good. It just had the right amount to utterly burst forth the fragrance of the dish.

"You know, this chopped pepper is a bit lacking compared to the chopped pepper that this kid Bu Fang usually uses..." Nether King Er Ha said as he placed a chopped pepper into his mouth, sucking back the drool leaking from his mouth.

The Black Dragon King had never eaten the Exploding Flame Pepper that Bu Fang had planted in the Heaven and Earth Farmland, so naturally, he did not know any difference. He just continued eating with relish, raising his thumb from time to time as he exclaimed, "All of them are good. They taste so good!"

Nethery, after hearing Nether King Er Ha's words, nodded her head in agreement.

Bu Fang's Exploding Flame Pepper had a unique appeal. It tasted good, and that spiciness... made one hard to resist it.

No matter if it was used to make Spicy Blood Lobster or Braised Blood Lobster, it was a great complement to any ingredient.

Meanwhile, a person was standing not far away from them, holding a tray as she watched them trying the dishes with a smile.

She liked to see the customers' faces as they praised the food to the high heavens. That was because the one who cooked these dishes was her brother.

She always had confidence in her brother's skills and felt that her brother would become an Immortal Chef one of these days! At that time, the two of them would be able to move into the inner circle of the Immortal City and open a restaurant there.

"Except for the difference in the Exploding Flame Pepper... there is no other difference. However... I feel like this kid Bu Fang's dishes have a feeling that can move others!" Nether King Er Ha said between mouthfuls of food.

When that meatball-haired young girl heard this, her already flushed face appeared a little angry.

That's right. This young girl was very angry right now.

These arrogant people... Although they looked like they enjoyed the food, their mouths spewed insults instead of compliments.

To actually compare her brother's dishes to the name of a chef she had never even heard of, it was simply an insult to her brother's culinary skills!

Bu Fang's face was calm while eating. He gave a side glance at Nether King Er Ha, then whispered, "Keep it down, keep it down."

However, what Nether King Er Ha said indeed made some sense. Although this dish was not bad, it made Bu Fang more confident with his skills.

If one were to compare these dishes to his own, there was not much difference. What's more, these dishes had used some ingredients of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Compared to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the ingredients of the Immortal Cooking Realm were superior. If one were to take those ingredients out of the equation, Bu Fang felt that his skills were a little stronger than that chef's.

Finally, the dishes had been quickly finished.

Looking at the dirty plates and bowls on the table, the young girl took a deep breath as she forcefully pushed down the unhappiness in her heart.

The smile that was originally on her face had long vanished.

She walked over to their table, looking at Bu Fang a little resentfully as she said, "The total is seven immortal crystals. Thank you."

Indeed, she couldn't conceal the indignation in her voice.

However, the moment she said those words, she herself was stunned. That was because the expressions on the faces of these people, who had constantly judged as they ate, made her feel a little strange.

Why were they so shocked?

What kind of expression was that on their faces?

Was seven immortal crystals... a lot?

The Black Dragon King's mouth twitched. Raising his hands, he rubbed his bald head as he said, "What plaything is an immortal crystal?"

Nether King Er Ha also shook his head in a blur. "This king only knows crystals... Oh, and also Spicy Strips."

"Immortal crystals... Could it be the currency of the Immortal Cooking Realm?" Nethery now realized why Bu Fang was acting strangely before.

They had just come into the Immortal Cooking Realm from the Hidden Dragon Continent, so how could they have immortal crystals in their hands?

But, since they had no immortal crystals, why did Bu Fang continue to order? This made Nethery a little puzzled.

The young girl looked at the Black Dragon King, then looked at Nether King Er Ha, and finally, her eyes landed on Bu Fang.

Because she knew that Bu Fang was the leader of this group.

"You guys... can't possibly not have immortal crystals, right?" The young girl's face darkened and became uglier as she said that.

The Black Dragon King rubbed his bald head and gave the young girl a look, saying, "You little doll, just tell us what an immortal crystal is."


As soon as the Black Dragon King's words fell, that young girl angrily slammed the tray in her hands onto the dining table.

"No immortal crystals?! Did you just come in here to eat for free? Not only that you plan to dine and dash, but you guys have the nerve to nitpick on the chef's dishes!"

The anger that the young girl suppressed had finally erupted.

What quality of chopped pepper wasn't good? What culinary skills of the chef couldn't match up to the chef in their mouths?

The Black Dragon King and the rest instantly bowed their heads because they knew they were in the wrong.

The surrounding diners all involuntarily turned their gazes over, looking at Bu Fang's table. Snickering sounds could be heard coming from them.

Dine and dash?

The restaurants of the Immortal City were under the administration of the aristocratic families, and these people dared to dine and dash...

Were they looking for death?

Bu Fang did not mind much about the predicament they were in. He only stood up, calmly looking at that young girl, and said, "I don't have immortal crystals, but can I use ingredients to pay for the dishes? Is that allowed?"

"Using ingredients to pay instead of immortal crystals?" That young girl was stunned as she looked at Bu Fang's expressionless face.

Then, after some time, she recovered her wits and answered, "Are you joking? If you have good ingredients, why don't you have immortal crystals? You guys just want to dine and dash!"

The young girl's words made Bu Fang slightly freeze. What she said made sense.

In reality, the way people used to earn immortal crystals in the Immortal City was mainly dependent on selling ingredients.

If they really had good ingredients, they would definitely not lack immortal crystals.

Bu Fang felt that it was hard to explain in words, so in response, he waved his hands and made ingredients appear instantly.

In his left hand, he held a Demon Frog meat, while in his right was a Blood Lobster. There was even a string of Exploding Flame Peppers around his neck...

Bu Fang, with a comical appearance, looked at that young girl.

"Look at these ingredients... Are they okay? If not, I'll get another batch."