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 "Seven strips! Then it's a deal!"

As soon as Nether King Er Ha saw Bu Fang nod and heard him agree, his eyes lit up as he let out an excited cheer. Without wasting any time, his figure instantly burst forward.

The Black Dragon King saw Nether King Er Ha's figure flashed past like a hurricane, causing his bald head to feel a chill.

What the hell?

The Black Dragon King looked over strangely.

What plaything is this Spicy Strip? Actually making that guy so excited...

Nether King Er Ha's feet stepped on the surface of the lake, and his figure instantly floated gently towards those silver-armored experts.

The eyes of the silver-armored leader hardened, then a wave of anger spread out.


The silver-armored leader gave a long whistle. Then, the energy on his body surged up very quickly, and he became something like a scorching sun.

Holding onto the long pike, he swung it out horizontally, stirring thousands of water splashes as it aimed at Nether King Er Ha.

However, to Nether King Er Ha, these guys were just tools for him to earn Spicy Strips.

According to Bu Fang, beating them up was okay!

Pitch-black Nether energy surged up, swirling around his arms. In the next instant, Nether King Er Ha transformed into a black shadow.

"Nether King's clothes stripping finger! One finger to strip the clothes!" Nether King Er Ha's stern and deep voice resounded.

For a moment, these silver-armored experts were confused.

Clothes stripping finger? What plaything was that?

As a seemingly black-colored comet flashed past, these silver-armored experts quickly understood why it was called clothes stripping finger.

This was literally the method of a repulsive hoodlum!

A wave of rumbling sound rang out!

The silver armor of those experts shattered, revealing their butt-naked bodies.

As a wave of chill blew over them, the formerly silver-armored experts clasped their legs tightly together with faces full of terror!

"Shit! This guy is indeed a hoodlum!"

The Black Dragon King was speechless, feeling very shocked!

So, you could use this sort of way to fight...


The Black Dragon King seemed to have thought of something, turning his head to look at Flowery.

"Daughter... Quick, cover your eyes. This scene here is not suitable for children."

Once Flowery heard that, she automatically raised her hands to cover her eyes. However, after thinking about it, she spread her fingers apart and continued to watch with interest.

Nether King Er Ha's figure looked like it was dancing among flowers. With every point of his finger, it would cause the armor of an expert to shatter!

The face of the Commander Realm expert leading them instantly turned black.

His subordinates... were actually sent retreating with this sort of method.

He pierced out his long pike, and there seemed to be a shadow of a dragon revolving around it.

Against this Commander Realm expert, Nether King Er Ha became a little serious. However, he still used one finger.

Nether King Er Ha's face became strict. He would use this lone finger to make the Commander Realm expert show some respect.


His finger clashed against the long pike. Under the Commander Realm leader's shrinking eyes, his long pike was actually twisting within seconds.

When it had been twisted to the peak... it then broke.


That long pike instantly shattered, and the armor and clothes on that Commander Realm expert also exploded.

His figure flew backwards. Staggering as he spun a few rounds in the air, he harshly smashed into the lake.

Nether King Er Ha's face also twisted. Pinching his own finger, his face shuddered.

As expected of a Commander Realm expert. That pike actually made his finger feel a little pain.


From within the lake, that naked leader expert crawled out with a black face.

He stared hard at Nether King Er Ha. Who would have thought that among this group of people, there would be such a mighty existence?

This cultivation... Could this person have already stepped into the True Immortal Realm?

It looked like that was the case... If it was, then he needed to inform Lord Tong Cheng immediately.

A group of mortals would actually have a True Immortal Realm expert... It was literally hard to imagine.

That leader expert did not continue fighting. If Nether King Er Ha was truly a True Immortal Realm existence, then it would just be a pipe dream if their group wanted to take down these mortals. They might as well go back to report to Lord Tong Cheng instead of risking their lives here.

Hence, without a word, that Commander Realm expert turned his body, issued an order, then ran into the distance with his bare butt bouncing.

The other experts responded at once. They, too, turned their bodies, swaying their white tender butts as they escaped.

Eh? They ran just like that?

Not interesting at all... The Immortal Cooking Realm was not as special as he imagined.

Nether King Er Ha looked at the group of people that were fleeing frantically, sullenly pushing aside his hair.


Suddenly, Nether King Er Ha froze, his eyes bugged out as he stared in front of him in disbelief.

In the distance, an entire sky of Nether energy converged in the illusionary void, turning into a huge dog paw.

That paw held terrifying might, causing the illusionary void to tremble.

The naked experts under it were instantly filled with fear.

The eyes of the Commander Realm leader shrank, his entire figure frozen on the spot.


That dog paw did not seem to hesitate at all, smashing down at those experts like they were mere ants.

Under the audience's astonished gazes, those experts were smashed into a bloody pulp. Without a doubt, all of them were instantly killed.

Bu Fang and the rest stared at that group of experts in a daze. Then, they turned their heads with difficulty, looking at Lord Dog, who had slowly retracted his paw as he laid on the deck.

Lord Dog licked his paws. Rolling his eyes, his magnetic voice rang out as he said, "In the Immortal Cooking Realm, when you are weeding, you must remove the roots... Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble."

Removing the roots during weeding?!

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, then nodded their heads.

"Bu Fang kid, you owe this Lord Dog Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs," Lord Dog said. As he said that, he especially gave the Black Dragon King, who had his mouth wide open in the distance, a meaningful look.

The Black Dragon king instantly felt the scales on his body shrink.

"You lazy dog! What are you looking at this dragon king for? Don't you have anything to do?! This king cannot be eaten!"

The Black Dragon King's heart roared.

Is this black dog for real?!

What kind of immortal saint is this dog?

Nether King Er Ha rubbed his finger, staring at the group of people that Lord Dog had killed with a pensive look. Indeed, different worlds had different situations.

After all, Lord Dog had stayed in the Immortal Cooking Realm before. Hence, his words held more weight when it came to such circumstances.

Since he said that they needed to include the roots of the weeds, he naturally had his reasons.

It looks like... this king had to learn to remove weeds in the future.

Nether King Er Ha was in deep thought. However, when he thought about the seven Spicy Strips that he had earned, his heart was elated.

As for Bu Fang, he was in deep thought as well. Those guys had made Lord Dog kill on his own accord, which means that if those guys were to go back and report, then there really would be a lot of trouble.

It seemed that the Immortal Cooking Realm was a world that could make Lord Dog nervous.


The Immortal Cooking Realm was incomparably vast and peculiar.

There were five layers, which were collectively called Five Repeating Heavens, and they looked as though there were five massive disks being skewered together.

Every disk was a continent, and the five continents were connected by a huge spirit tree that ran through all of them.

The people of the Immortal Cooking Realm called that tree the Immortal Tree. That was because on that tree, many various types of ingredients grew.

That's right! Ingredients grew on that tree.

Not only spirit fruits, but there were also meat-type ingredients, and all of them contained immortal energy. Only after cooking would one be able to absorb the immortal energy within those ingredients and use it to cultivate.

Hence, in the Immortal Cooking Realm, chefs were mainstream.

Furthermore, those chefs who were able to cook ingredients from the Immortal Tree would be chased after by countless people.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, chefs had different grades, and in every Immortal City, they had venues that specialized in giving grades to chefs, which was the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

Only those chefs that obtained the recognition of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had the right to open business and the right to get ingredients from the Immortal Tree.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, the grades of the chefs were not very complicated.

From low to high-First Grade Immortal Chef, Second Grade Immortal Chef, Third Grade Immortal Chef, Qilin Chef, and the Divine Chef that legends spoke of.

A First Grade Immortal Chef meant that the dishes they cooked would contain a stream of immortal energy, while a Second Grade Immortal Chef meant that the dishes they cooked would contain two streams of immortal energy.

Qilin Chefs were said to surpass the restrictions of immortal energy as what was contained within their dishes were no longer immortal energy, but true law.

One dish could even influence heaven and earth.

As for the Divine Chef, no one with such a distinction has appeared in the Immortal Cooking Realm yet.

The Qilin Chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm were city lords of the five great Immortal Cities. They were also the five great Qilin Chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

These five were only lower grade Qilin Chefs. The only higher grade Qilin Chef was the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

It was just that the Realm Lord had not appeared for thousands of years.

As the Netherworld Ship slowly floated, Lord Dog lightly described the situation of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

The Black Dragon King laid at the side, listening intently. This was a world unfolding at such a magnificent scale.

Immortal Chef, Qilin Chef, Divine Chef... All of them didn't sound ordinary.

Indeed, this was the paradise that the legends had described, a place with a lot of delicacies.

The Black Dragon King licked his lips. Thinking about the oyster that Bu Fang had grilled earlier, he was unable to control himself.

Suddenly, the Black Dragon King froze, looking at Lord Dog as he asked, "Say, Lord Dog, at what grade is Bu Fang's skills at in this Immortal Cooking Realm?"

When this question was raised, the atmosphere on the Netherworld Ship instantly changed.

Everyone's eyes landed on Lord Dog, some a little solemn while some a little curious.

Bu Fang was dazed for a while. He was too immersed in Lord Dog's description of the Immortal Cooking Realm that he had not thought of this question.

After this question was raised by the Black Dragon King, he himself felt curious.

Lord Dog gave Bu Fang a glance, giving a yawn. It laid on the Netherworld Ship as it drowsily said, "This kid Bu Fang... still lacks quite a bit. He's not even a First Grade Immortal Chef..."

Hearing his answer, everyone was silent.

Not even a First Grade Immortal Chef... Of course, they were well aware of Bu Fang's culinary skills. But if his skills were not even at a First Grade Immortal Chef level, then how strong were those Immortal Cooking Realm chefs?

Bu Fang deeply sucked in a breath. He knew that what Lord Dog said was true.

A First Grade Immortal Chef needed to cook a dish containing a stream of Immortal Energy, which he truly was unable to accomplish at the moment.

However, if he could not do it today, it did not mean that he would not be able to do it in the future.

He was someone who was going to be a cooking god standing at the peak of the food chain of this fantasy world. How could he possibly stop here?

On the road of cooking, Bu Fang would not retreat in the least.

However, the first thing that he needed to solve was how to open a branch in the Immortal City. After all, this was the system's temporary task, and completing it would yield a reward.

The reward was a new knife technique, the Cutting Immortal Style.

At the moment, he really needed a boost in his skills. Hence, this knife technique was very important to him.

The Netherworld Ship continued to fly above the sky. Soon, they saw a majestic city in the distance, which was surrounded by mountains.

That huge city was extremely vast, and they were unable to see the boundaries with a single look. Inside the city were rows upon rows of houses... and in the middle was an incomparably thick tree trunk that rose towards the heavens. Its branches had abundant leaves, and countless branches extended out from that tree trunk, which was covered by a wave of spiritual energy. Around it, clouds and mist revolved, making it faintly discernible like an immortal.

This was the Immortal City on the first layer, and that tree was the Immortal Tree of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

The Immortal City, which was built around the tree trunk of the Immortal Tree, was glorious and flourishing.

And in this glorious and flourishing Immortal City, Bu Fang needed to open a branch that belonged to him!