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 A dense spiritual energy lingered in the air. This spiritual energy was about to form into something substantial, which was very inconceivable.

Compared to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the density of the spiritual energy here was really too high. If one could think of a place to compare to it, then it could only be compared to the Netherworld.

However, the Immortal Cooking Realm was definitely not the same as the Netherworld. At least the Immortal Cooking Realm was not as gloomy as the latter.

Up in the sky, the sunlight was just nice. The sky was dark blue, and white clouds slowly floated.

However, compared to the Netherworld, the people of the Immortal Cooking Realm... was not as friendly.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes, then looked at the group of people surrounding them.

The energy of these armored soldiers seemed to be very powerful. The weakest of them were at least at the Divine Soul Realm cultivation, and most of them were at the Divine Spirit Realm.

With so many Divine Spirit Realm experts surrounding them, the pressure that they emitted was, overall, tremendous.

The Divine Spirit Realm had different divine flame grades. With a different amount of divine flames lit up, it meant that the cultivation was not the same.

Bu Fang's cultivation was not the same as these people. He had the system, while others needed to finish their advancement step by step. To obtain a promotion, he did not need to do the latter as he only needed to meet the required business revenue.

From one divine flame, he could go straight to nine divine flames...

So when it came to others' bitter cultivation, he was unable to feel it.

Along with the upgrade of his cultivation, Bu Fang could feel that the connection between him and the God of Cooking Set had deepened. No matter if it was the Golden Dragon Spirit of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife or the tool spirit of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, they were both able to appear within his spirit sea.

He was even able to fuse his mental energy and both of the tool spirits' mental energies for a short time to unleash a mighty ability.

However, Bu Fang still was unable to connect with the tool spirit of the Vermillion Robe. If he could fuse with the three tool spirits at the same time, then he felt that his mental energy would reach an extremely terrifying level.

After falling into deep thought briefly, Bu Fang felt the surrounding experts close in step by step, closing in towards the Netherworld Ship.

These people were very unfriendly. Their bodies gave off killing intent, causing the faces of Bu Fang and Nethery, who were on the Netherworld Ship, to become solemn.

If it was just one Divine Spirit Realm expert, then they could talk, but the number of Divine Spirit Realm experts were too many, and among them were existences who were no weaker than the strongest demon king.

Furthermore, the expert leading them had an energy that was no weaker than the receiver of that light door!

What were these people intending to do?

"It looks like... it's you guys! To actually dare to shatter Lord Tong Cheng's clone puppet... You mortals are really shameless!" the silver-armored leader exclaimed with a cold face.

"Clone puppet... Are you talking about the receiver at the entrance of the Immortal Cooking Realm?" Bu Fang's eyes slightly narrowed as he said that expressionlessly.

"You mortals must know... that Lord Tong Cheng ordered that any mortal entering the Immortal Cooking Realm this time must be seized. If they fight back... we'll kill them without consideration!"

The silver-armored expert's eyes shrank, then let out a roar. His voice formed energy waves that caused the lake to have countless ripples.


In the next instant, three silver-armored experts rapidly dashed out, whose speeds were like silver-colored lightning.

The long pike pierced out like a dragon, as though it wanted the water in the lake to collapse.

Bu Fang stood in front of the deck of the Netherworld Ship, his eyes fixed at the three people who were charging at him. His face was still a little pale, which was the aftermath of the confrontation with the light door receiver.

His eyes narrowed. With a move of his mind, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok floated in front of his body, which radiated an earthen yellow brilliance.

That light covered the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, causing people to feel as though there was a huge black turtle slowly entrenching there.


The three silver-armored expert's faces were instantly dazzled as they were smacked by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Three muffled hums rang out as the three experts were smacked into the lake, splashing water in all directions.

The black and white bandage on Bu Fang's arm unraveled as he held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok single-handedly, calmly looking at the group of people in the distance.

"Is this how the Immortal Cooking Realm treats its guest? This really makes one feel disappointed..." Bu Fang calmly said.

"You actually dared to fight back?" The eyes of the silver-armored expert leading them narrowed, coldly giving Bu Fang a glance.

Bu Fang's cultivation was actually not that strong. What was strong was that black wok.

That black wok... seems to be a little unique!

"Continue your attacks! I want to see how many people this kid can actually block!"

The silver-armored leader gave a cold laugh, then waved his hand. Instantly, air-shattering sounds reverberated in the air.

Many silver-armored experts dashed out, and the long pikes in their hands seemed to pierce a hole in the illusionary void.

Bu Fang took a deep breath, and in an instant, his spirit sea boiled. He smashed out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok at those experts.

True energy was swept along with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, causing the wok to be as heavy as a mountain peak. Those silver-armored experts actually wanted to smash the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, but they all failed in the end as they were sent crashing into the water.

Although they were not smacked dead, all of them were dazed. They were actually smashed into a sorry state by a wok.

When that leader saw this scene, his face slightly hardened. "This mortal's cultivation is not much, but he has quite a good wok."

"The two of you, go! Take down these mortals," ordered the leader at the two armored experts beside him.

Bu Fang felt that the cultivation of these two was a little stronger than the rest. They should be existences around the same level as the strongest demon king.

The Immortal Cooking Realm was the Immortal Cooking Realm after all. It was a little more superior than the Hidden Dragon Continent.

In the Hidden Dragon Continent, the strongest demon king was practically an existence that was invincible, but here in the Immortal Cooking Realm, the two experts that just ran out were no weaker than the strongest demon king.

Boom! Boom!

The two experts' feet stepped onto the surface of the water, causing ripples to spread out instantly. At the same time, clanking sounds rang out as the long swords on their waists were drawn out of their sheaths. With their sword light shining, they shot towards Bu Fang.

Facing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the faces of the two did not have a trace of change. They had enough confidence to be able to block the wok.

In their eyes, Bu Fang's technique was really too lousy. He was simply swinging his huge wok without a care, smashing randomly.

This sort of method might be effective against others, but against them, who were existences at half a step into the Commander Realm, it was literally child's play.

In an instant, they would be able to suppress Bu Fang.


As the two advanced on the water, their faces suddenly changed as they heard a swishing sound above their heads.

In the next instant, they saw a shiny bald head coming straight at them.

What was that?

A baldie?

A baldie that fell from the sky... What the hell was that?!


The two experts were slightly dazed. Raising their palms, they wanted to smash open the baldie that was falling from the sky.

They were confident in their own cultivation.


While dreams were rich, reality was hard.

The bald head smashed down, and the two were simply unable to block it. Receiving heavy injuries, they harshly flew into the lake.

A baldie had smashed and sent two people flying... What a marvel.

After the baldie descended, he floated on the lake. Behind him was a sullen figure, carrying him.

The Black Dragon King widened his eyes. His mouth was tightly shut, not daring to let out even a loud breath.

What just happened?

Did he smash into something weird?

Nether King Er Ha flipped his hair. The clothing on his chest was opened wide, revealing his fair and soft skin.

He carried the Black Dragon King with one hand, and covered half of his face with the other, revealing just one sullen eye.

On the Netherworld Ship, the spectators looked at Nether King Er Ha, who was holding onto the Black Dragon King, and involuntarily twitched the corner of their mouths.

Why did this clown appear here?

Indeed, the one who had appeared just now was no one else but Nether King Er Ha.

"Put this dragon king down! This dragon is a dragon, not a lamp! Not for you to carry!"

The Black Dragon King shouted as he struggled in Nether King Er Ha's hands. His bald head constantly shone with a bright light as he said that.

Nether King Er Ha raised his brows. His hands loosened, and instantly, the Black Dragon King fell into the lake. With a crash, he was smashed into the lake too, stirring up huge splashes of water.

Splash! Splash!

The Black Dragon King instantly flipped his body from the lake, floating in front of the Netherworld Ship.

"Can't you say something before you let go?" The Black Dragon King was so angry that his head gave off light, staring at Nether King Er Ha with a face filled with grudge.

Giving the Black Dragon King a look like he was an idiot, Nether King Er Ha opened his mouth and let out a laugh. Then, he climbed onto the Netherworld Ship.

A moment later, the Black Dragon King's eyes bugged out as he watched Nether King Er Ha pinch the cheek of his daughter.

At this moment, the Black Dragon King really wanted to risk his life against Nether King Er Ha.

"Flowery grew fatter again. Looks like your meals have been pretty good while following that kid Bu Fang!" Nether King Er Ha said as he pinched Flowery's cheeks while smiling.

Flowery rolled her eyes at Nether King Er Ha. Hugging Lord Dog's thighs, she gave a 'heng' at him.

"Daughter, dad is here! Did you miss dad?"

The Black Dragon King boarded the Netherworld Ship as well, greeting Flowery with an affectionate smile. However, it was very obvious that Flowery disregarded him.

Bu Fang looked at Nether King Er Ha, slightly nodding his head.

"Actually, this king did not want to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. After all, this king's identity is not ordinary. However, my Spicy Strips reserves have run out, and it's hard to imagine days without Spicy Strips, so after carefully thinking it over, this king came here. This is the first time this king has entered the Immortal Cooking Realm, but this lazy dog has been here quite a few times," Nether King Er Ha said.

Lord Dog came to the Immortal Cooking Realm before? Bu Fang had long expected this, and it would not be too strange if that was the case.

In the distance, that silver-armored leader's face was ashen.

What the heck was all this?

His most competent subordinates were actually not able to use their moves before being smashed silly by someone.

How could mortals smash his subordinates silly?

Were mortals nowadays so awesome?

"Goddammit.... It looks like this leader has to personally make a move! To give Lord Tong Cheng an explanation... Don't even think about running, you mortals!" the silver-armored leader said in a threatening and arrogant voice.

In the next instant, a long silver pike appeared in his hands. The long pike was engraved with a silver dragon head, and there was quite a bit of malevolence and might.


The energy on the body of the leader erupted. Instantly, a huge wave stirred up on the lake as a terrifying and oppressive energy was released from the body of that leader.

"Everyone, hear my order... Go up together! Catch these mortals, dead or alive!" the leader roared as he swung his pike.


The silver-armored experts surrounding the Netherworld Ship all shouted together. At this moment, the atmosphere was tense, making people feel a little frightened.

Steams of energy rose, causing people's hearts to be alarmed and tremble in fear.

The Black Dragon King jumped in fear, his eyes widened.

What's happening?

Were the comrades in the Dragon Gate so unfriendly? Why were they a little different from what his father told him?

Nether King Er Ha watched this scene excitedly. As someone who had come to the Immortal Cooking Realm for the first time, he felt that everything was new and that he was experiencing something interesting.

Bu Fang gave the spectators a glance. Then, he gently exhaled and kept his Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He turned his head to look at Nether King Er Ha and said, "Five Spicy Strips for you to make a move."

Nether King Er Ha's eyes instantly lit up, and the corners of his mouth pulled up into a grin. "Add two more. There's quite a number of them."

Bu Fang froze. This clown Nether King Er Ha had really learned how to bargain...

However, he did not mind it.

"Okay, seven Spicy Strips. Beat them all up."