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 The receiver of the Dragon Gate had been killed. No one who could stop them now from entering the Dragon Gate!

At this moment, the oceanic species experts were all raging with excitement. That Dragon Gate had a very special and indescribable place in their hearts.

The Dragon Gate was the symbol of opportunity. Once they had crossed the Dragon Gate, that meant that they had obtained the rare chance of becoming even stronger, or maybe even eternal life.

Within the Dragon Gate, there was an opportunity to transform their body into a true dragon.

An uproar erupted in an instant as the experts, who were originally floating on top of the Endless Sea, went all crazy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge sea turtles carrying turtle shells as big as a small hill swam towards the light door.

The seawater flowed backwards as massive whales spurted out water jets, rushing towards the heavens.

The various kinds of sea creatures, at this moment, were utterly burning with passion. For their dreams, they dashed towards the light door.

The strongest demon king stood on the surface of the sea, raising his head to look at the light door that hung in the sky, a little dazzled for a moment.

As for the old man, he let out a cackling laugh as he touched the tuft of white hair on his head, his face filled with excitement.

The Immortal Cooking Realm has opened. He could now obtain advanced cooking skills and reach an even mightier realm!

On the warship, the demon king experts were also extremely excited.

On the Netherworld Ship, Bu Fang and the rest stood leisurely.

As more and more oceanic species experts approached that light door, the light door that had been quiet for so long finally erupted with a terrifying energy wave.

A bright and golden huge palm shot out of that light door, and the terrifying pressure from it seemed to make the air hard to breathe.

Countless sea creatures watched this scene with faces full of fear.

The huge golden palm swept horizontally, bringing unparalleled pressure.

Any creature that had come into contact with this golden palm instantly burst, forming a blood haze that covered the entire sky.

Many bloody corpses dropped from the sky, falling in the sea with splashing sounds. At this moment, the Endless Sea looked like a sea of blood.

The Black Dragon King, who was standing on top of a water column beside the Netherworld Ship, watched this scene in a daze.

The eyes of Ao Bai and the rest shrank, a wave of chill rising within their hearts.

Luckily, they did not let the benefits rush to their brains and go up there in a hurry. Otherwise, the ones that died.... would be them.

The strongest demon king's entire body trembled. Looking at that resplendent golden palm, the corner of his mouth twitched.

The white hair on the old man's head fluttered. As his gaze sharpened, the smile on his face slowly froze.

"Run! Quickly!"

Countless sea creatures howled crazily. Those experts that had not been smacked to death were now running away with renewed energy, rushing back into the Endless Sea.

The Dragon Gate was indeed the Dragon Gate. To cross it, one still needed to have nine deaths and still be alive.

"Why is it like this?"

In a daze, the Black Dragon King watched the entire sky washed with blood. Many of those Endless Sea creatures that had died were his subordinates.

To him, the Black Dragon King, it could be said to be a heavy loss...

According to the Black Dragon King's words, this dragon king had lost his world. However, it was not that exaggerated in reality.

Although many of them had let the potential benefits rush to their heads, there were also many that did not move even under the temptation of such benefits.

Hence, to the Black Dragon King, it was only a huge loss to their strength.

"Even if the entrance of the Immortal Cooking Realm has no receiver... it's not that easy to go in there. The old folks of the Immortal Cooking Realm have set a rule that mortals cannot enter at all," Lord Dog said as he calmly gave the light door a glance.

Even if there was no receiver, the other experts would still make a move.

The Black Dragon King was stunned. "Then how do we go in?"

"How to go in?" Bu Fang's face was still pale as he gave the Black Dragon King a glance. After a moment's pause, he calmly said, "Of course we're killing our way in."


The Black Dragon King was startled.

Bu Fang, this little chef... Why was his killing intent so heavy? Can't they sit down and have a slow chat?

"That golden palm is indeed strong, but compared to the guy that Lord Dog had smacked silly, this thing is a bit weaker. Those experts that had been smacked to death... were simply too weak," explained Lord Dog.

Without the suitable cultivation, yet wanting to covet things that far surpassed what they could obtain, the punishment was naturally not small.

Meanwhile, the strongest demon king let out an angry howl.

As his figure stood on the sea, he transformed, becoming bigger and bigger.

With a roar, his bull horns seemed to let out a resplendent brilliance as his figure rushed towards the heavens, aiming for that light door.


The golden palm shot out once again.

However, the strongest demon king pressed on. With blood-red eyes, he wielded a huge battle axe as he dashed towards that golden palm without fear.


Under everyone's astonished gazes, the strongest demon king and that golden palm clashed together.

A terrifying shockwave instantly spread out. The light was so brilliant that it seemed to pierce the eyes.

From above, the angry roars of the strongest demon king echoed.

In the next instant...

That golden palm was ripped apart!

The strongest demon king, with his body covered in blood, stepped out. His triumphant laughter boomed as he stepped into the light door.

"If... you want to enter the light door, you can only kill your way in like that bull."

The Black Dragon King was a little stunned. "Is that really okay? This dragon king wishes for world peace..."

However, just as he finished saying this sentence, the old man dashed towards the sky with unwavering determination in his eyes.

With an imposing momentum, he ripped through the air.

From the light door, a golden palm once again swept out.

The old man unleashed his entire body's strength, finally ripping apart that golden palm.

The old man laughed loudly. His clothes had ripped into pieces, baring his butt. Under everyone's dumbfounded gazes, he stepped into the light door.

"If you wish to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm without enough strength, then you'll end up like those sea creatures. However, if your strength is sufficient, you can rip that palm blocking the way," Lord Dog said.

A moment later, the Netherworld Ship floated up.

Nethery crossed her arms, her long, straight black hair cascading as the light in her eyes condensed...

In the next instant, the Netherworld Ship rushed out, forming a pitch-black light dashing towards that light door.

Lord Dog gave a side glance at Nethery, whose face was solemn, then gave a long sigh.

As expected...

As the Netherworld Ship approached the Immortal Cooking Realm, a violent rumbling sound rang out.

Within the light door, a golden palm shot out, causing the illusionary void to tremble.


That golden palm was covered with runes. As the runes revolved, they gave off a wave of mysterious fluctuations.

However, against this golden palm, Lord Dog gently raised an exquisite paw. In a flash, the resplendent palm was easily shredded.

This palm did not seem to bother Lord Dog.

The Netherworld Ship slowly moved, and under everyone's focused eyes, entered the light door.

Bu Fang stood on the front of the ship, his brows slightly furrowed.

Within his eyes, the light door was getting bigger and bigger.

Soon, as though it was passing through an unusual layer of membrane, everyone felt a swaying wave.

Bu Fang's gaze shrank. In his ears, the system's solemn voice that had not been heard for a long time resounded.

"Temporary task announcement: Host will open another branch in the Immortal King City in the Immortal Cooking Realm. Task reward: Knife Technique: Cutting Immortal Style."

Temporary task...

Bu Fang was a little absent-minded. He simply did not think that the moment he entered the Immortal Cooking Realm, the system would announce a temporary task.

After hearing the temporary task, Bu Fang felt his heart shrink.

In the next instant, within the light door, everything seemed to be advancing with breakneck speed, as though it had far surpassed light.

Around them, the entire sky seemed to be filled with starlight, shining all over them.


Outside the light door, above the Endless Sea

The light door, at this moment, stood quietly above, radiating dazzling light. However, everyone could feel that the light was starting to dim, as though it was about to vanish soon.

The Dragon Gate was closing.

"Lord Black Dragon King... the Dragon Gate seems to be closing."

Looking at the hesitant Black Dragon King, Ao Bai thought for a while before he solemnly opened his mouth to remind him.

The Black Dragon King turned his head, giving Ao Bai a blank look. His bald head seemed to shine, as though it was reflecting light.

"I know... I will hand the future of the Endless Sea over to you guys. This dragon king is going to chase after this king's daughter and bring her back!"

In the next instant, his figure rushed towards the heavens.

A loud and clear dragon cry rang out as the Black Dragon King turned into a pitch-black dragon.

Opening his mouth and brandishing his claws, he spun in the air, then flew towards the light door.

However, just as he was about to enter the light door...

Out of nowhere, a black figure suddenly sped over, and with a swish, he rushed ahead of the Black Dragon King.

"What the hell?! Do you not see that this dragon king is about to go into the Dragon Gate? You don't know how to queue up like a civilized person?"

The Black Dragon King's face was ashen as he cursed in rage.

Below, the oceanic species experts that were looking forward to the Black Dragon King's display of divine might speechlessly covered their faces.

They must have followed a fake Dragon King.

Suddenly, the Black Dragon King's cursing abruptly stopped.

That was because the black figure in front of him was pointing with a finger, shattering that golden palm effortlessly. Compared to that black dog, this black figure may even surpass it.

This queue jumper was actually such a terrifying expert?!

After shattering the palm, that person slowly turned his body. His sullen gaze swept over the Black Dragon King's figure before saying, "Brother, sorry, this king is in a rush... I'll go ahead first."

After saying that, he promptly flew into the light door with a sullen face.

The Black Dragon King was dumbfounded.

There was actually this type of cheating?!

Also, who was that guy just now?

Could it be that there was another expert of this level in the Hidden Dragon Continent?

The Black Dragon King's face was filled with confusion. In the past, he thought that he was strong, but looking at things now, he seemed to be very weak.

A random guy who had just cut the line was stronger than him.


With a dragon cry, the Black Dragon King rushed towards the heavens. This time, no one blocked him.

A golden palm was sent out from within.

The Black Dragon King crazily whistled, stirring up an entire sky of waves. He then sent those waves crashing against the golden palm.

After a while...

Many pitch-black scales scattered down from the sky.

The Black Dragon King, in front of the eyes of many oceanic species experts, climbed into the light door.

"Daughter! Your Black Dragon Dad is coming!"

Along with the Black Dragon King's shout, the light door slowly vanished, disappearing at last...


The Netherworld Ship rapidly dashed, as though it surpassed the speed of light. A long time had passed before the speed started to slow down.

Finally, it was bright in front of them. It seems like their journey was about to end soon.

Lord Dog was lying on the Netherworld Ship, sleeping soundly. That breakneck speed did not seem to bother him in the slightest.

Nethery's face, on the other hand, was a little pale. Supporting herself with a plank, she patted her chest again and again.

Flowery hugged Lord Dog's thigh, feeling giddy.

Indeed, this type of lightspeed travel made one's heart feel depressed.

Taking advantage of this time, Bu Fang began to scan the surroundings.

Seeing this, his brows involuntarily raised.

The Netherworld Ship floated in the middle of a dark green lake.

Around them, a terrifying energy spread out as many experts, who had auras that were no weaker than a Divine Spirit Realm existence, surrounded them. Holding weapons in their hands, they tightly encircled the Netherworld Ship.

These people wore silver-colored armor. Their faces looked strict as they stared at the ship.

From the bodies of these people, Bu Fang felt a wave of killing intent.