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 A fat dog?!

The light shadow's eyes instantly shrank. How could a dog appear here? It could even withstand such horrifying mental energy pressure, floating between him and that mortal?

Lord Dog was swaying his tail. Around his mouth, there was still some oily juice that he had yet to lick clean.

As he strutted his cat-like steps, his butt swayed together with his tail.

Bu Fang's face was a little pale. Forcefully controlling the tool spirit of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the tool spirit of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which he yet to gain control over, had caused his corporeal body to slightly swell, feeling like he could not maintain it.

Below, the oceanic species experts stared at Bu Fang with astonished looks.

Bu Fang's power was out of everyone's expectations. Even the Black Dragon King had a stupefied face as he goggled at him.

No one thought that the skinny Bu Fang, a chef, would actually be able to burst forth with such a cultivation.

Looking at Bu Fang's true energy cultivation, he was only a Divine Spirit Realm that had one divine flame lit up.

He was merely a Divine Spirit Realm that had lit up one divine flame, and in front of them, what difference was that from ants?

A slap from that light shadow would be enough to kill him.

However, Bu Fang's mental energy was really too frightening.

When it first erupted, it was about the level of a Saint Sovereign. After that, he erupted again, which was even fiercer than before.

This guy ate some kind of medicine, right?!


In the distance, the strongest demon king and the old man climbed out of the sea. They raised their heads to look at the confrontation in the sky, their eyes shining with light.

"That black dog finally made its move?"

The strongest demon king's face was grave. That black dog kept giving them a type of feeling, as though it was that mighty big shot in the Netherworld.

But... Why would that big shot appear in the Hidden Dragon Continent?

Hence, he could never confirm it.

This time, if the black dog was able to beat the mighty creature that walked out of the Immortal Cooking Realm, then, without question, that black dog was a big shot of the Netherworld!

He, the strongest demon king, in front of that black dog, had to lower his head.

The light shadow indifferently looked at the black dog. Deep down, it was angry, but it still smiled.

"Another mortal dares to go against me!"

That light shadow coldly laughed. A dog and a mortal... What right did they have to block him?


That light shadow once again stirred up a terrifying energy wave. Thousands of energy converged rapidly in front of it. Condensing in a cone-shaped attack, a wave of rumble rang out.

That cone-shaped attack rapidly flew towards Bu Fang and Lord Dog.

The illusionary void seemed to be utterly ripped into shreds by this cone-shaped attack, which made everyone's heart alarmed and terrified!

Bu Fang shrank his eyes. From this move, he could feel a sense of crisis.

Although the Vermillion Robe had invincibility, he did not know if it was able to withstand this move.

Lord Dog, on the other hand, remained calm. This calmness made the light shadow even more furious.

Against his sure-kill attack, what right did this black dog have to be so calm?!

With its bad temper, it definitely could not endure this sort of humiliation!

Yawning, Lord Dog raised a paw. That furry paw looked as though it wanted to block the attack.

In the next instant, the cone-shaped attack that was closing in was instantly blocked. It could not advance any further.

Everyone froze.

The light shadow's eyes shrank, staring at that dog in disbelief.

What kind of plaything was that paw?

It could even block this sort of attack?


With a tap of the exquisite paw, the cone-shaped attack was instantly shattered.

One paw had ended the light shadow's sure-kill attack.

Watching this scene, the corner of Bu Fang's mouth slightly pulled up. Lord Dog was still Lord Dog.

On the Netherworld Ship, Nethery and Flowery cheered excitedly.

Flowery danced in joy, extremely excited, as though it was her slap that destroyed that attack.

The Black Dragon King watched the cheering Flowery, and his heart sank to the bottom.

It's over. He let that black dog show off its ability.

Now, that black dog held a limitlessly high position in his daughter's heart. As a father, he did not know if there was a position for him.

This can't be right. It can't only be that black dog showing off. He, the Black Dragon King, also needed to show off some moves in front of his daughter.

The Black Dragon King's gaze sharpened as he rubbed his shiny bald head. With a step, the water column under his feet exploded.

"Daughter! Watch how your father uses his true skills!"

With a long whistle, the Black Dragon King's figure shot like a cannon, rushing into the horizon in a straight direction as he dashed towards the light shadow.

"Bu Fang little friend, you need to establish your seniority. This dragon king will accompany... Shit! This guy still has big moves!"

The Black Dragon King spiritedly dashed into the heavens, but in the next instant, he saw that light shadow give a roar, and a dense amount of cone-shaped energy attacks had actually appeared around it.

Within every cone-shaped attack was a terrifying force, causing the Black Dragon King to slightly tremble.

To go, or not to go?

The Black Dragon King hesitated for quite a bit. Then, at last, with an 'Aiyo', he pretended that he pulled a muscle on his waist.

"Aiyo, I pulled a muscle on my waist!" The Black Dragon King gave a mournful shout in the air, holding onto his bucket-like waist.

Then, with an imposing momentum rising towards the horizons, under the audience's dumbfounded and speechless faces, he smashed into the Endless Sea, stirring up an entire sky of waves.

The Black Dragon King's subordinates speechlessly covered half their faces.

The corner of Ao Bai's mouth twitched.

The ruler of the Endless Sea was actually such a retard.

The light shadow slightly froze. Just now, there seemed to be something strange dropping down.

However, the light shadow did not think too much of it.

A paw from this black dog was actually able to shatter his cone-shaped energy attack. This black dog was quite something!

Since it could shatter one, then that light shadow wanted to see how many this black dog could shatter!

As the receiver of this time's Immortal Cooking Realm, this light shadow originally thought that it would be able to receive various sorts of respect.

But, out of his expectations, these mortals actually went against him again and again.

Not only they opposed him, but that mortal had even lost the immortal energy key.

Losing it was one thing, but to want to fight out for the right to enter...

Were mortals nowadays so wild?


The countless cone-shaped attacks shot forth.

Compared to the first one, these cone-shaped energy attacks were a lot smaller, but there was a huge amount of them.

These attacks were so many that it made people's blood run cold.

If they were hit by it, there would be nothing left of them!

The Black Dragon King had indeed felt that he would end as a sieve if he was hit by this attack, that's why he acted like he pulled a muscle.

Lord Dog gave a side glance at the huge amount of energy attacks.

Indeed, there were a lot of these attacks, but Lord Dog was too lazy to use his paws to shatter them one by one.

Hence, Lord Dog chose another way to face it.

He opened his mouth...

Instantly, under everyone's stunned gazes, it became bigger and bigger.

At last, it seemed to be able to swallow the sky. Thousands of energy waves gathered and spun in the black dog's mouth as he swallowed those cone-shaped attacks.

That light shadow was dumbstruck.

The spectators below were dumbfounded.

Except for the sound of waves, a stunned silence swept over the entire Endless Sea.

That dog.... Was it not an elite?


Lord Dog let out a loud burp, his face frowning. It looked like he was a little unsatisfied with this taste.

Compared to that kid Bu Fang's roast wings, the taste was literally like heaven and earth.

Lord Dog's magnetic voice rang out, saying, "How boring. Lord Dog is too lazy to chat with you."

In the next instant, the light shadow realized that that black dog had appeared in front of him.


A paw landed on its head.

A loud ripping sound reverberated...

As though it was a comet ripping through the horizon, the light shadow was smashed onto the sea from the light door, with great waves blasting in all directions.

"Huu... A paw actually didn't shatter it." Lord Dog slightly froze.


The waves boiled as steam rolled off.

That light shadow dashed out of the surface of the sea. Half of its face had collapsed.

Without question, this light shadow was not a person. It was only a clone.

The experts of the Endless Sea all sucked in a breath of cold air. A clone was already so strong... then what about the original body? How terrifying would it be?!

Even the Black Dragon King was not its opponent...

"Who said that this dragon king is not an opponent? It's just that this dragon king pulled a muscle on his waist. When my waist recovers, I will beat this guy to death!" The Black Dragon King floated on the surface of the sea, rubbing his bald head as he shouted.

Nethery and Flowery instantly rolled their eyes.

The strongest demon king and the old man were silent.

It was clear to them that this light shadow was stronger than them. It was probably equal to the peak existences within the Commander Realm.

The so-called Commander Realm was a level where mighty existences had either lit up nine divine flames or nine marks for the Heavenly Ethereal Realm.

But this light shadow was actually only a clone.

The strongest demon king's eyes burned with flames. The Immortal Cooking Realm... was indeed a great place!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The surface of the sea evaporated.

That light shadow slightly squatted down, then in the next instant, it rushed towards the sky, forming a golden ray of light as it charged at Lord Dog.


Another explosion rang out.

Under the audience's dumbfounded gaze, that light shadow was once again smacked down by a dog paw.

It was like playing with a ball, gently patting down.

The light shadow climbed up from the sea. This time, half of its body had collapsed....

How could such a mighty existence be in the Hidden Dragon Continent?!

Did he come to the wrong place?

The light shadow was a little puzzled.

With a swiping sound, the sea surface calmed down without a single trace of ripple as Lord Dog landed on it.

Stepping on the water, he floated in front of the light shadow and said, "I originally intended to leave a good impression to those Immortal Cooking Realm old folks, but forget it... Your appearance really asks for a beating."

The light shadow's face was filled with confusion. Leaving a good impression to the Immortal Cooking Realm old folks?

Why did the words of this black dog seem like it was very familiar with the Immortal Cooking Realm?

A dog that was familiar with the Immortal Cooking Realm...


The light shadow's eyes instantly shrank, staring at Lord Dog like it was seeing a living ghost.

"You... You are..."

"Eh, it seems like you finally recognize me. Lord Dog has already become so fat, but you can still tell?" Lord Dog asked in astonishment.

That light shadow's entire figure trembled. Like a stiff chalk, it looked at Lord Dog in fear and awe.


Lord Dog raised his dainty paw, tapping on that light shadow's head.

"Don't spread the word. When I arrive at the Immortal Cooking Realm, don't say anything. I, Lord Dog, will give my greetings one by one."

That light shadow's entire body trembled. Opening its mouth, it let out a miserable howl.

Just as the howl rang out, the figure of the light shadow exploded with a boom. Washing the sky with light, it scattered across the entire heaven and earth.


A token that had an "Earth" carved onto it landed on Lord Dog's paws.

"An Earth Immortal Puppet? Giving it to that lump of steel Whitey is pretty good... Who knows if that lump of steel will evolve again."

Lord Dog tossed the token and grabbed it with his mouth. Then, he strutted his enchanting cat-like steps, twisting his dog butt as he returned to the Netherworld Ship.

Whitey's entire body flashed with lightning, standing on the deck.

Seeing Whitey, Lord Dog tossed the token to it.

A black hole appeared on Whitey's belly, and the token that had fallen from the light shadow was swallowed by it.

A crispy sound rang out, resounding in everyone's ears.

In the next moment...

Everyone went into an uproar!

With an ashen face, Bu Fang landed on the Netherworld Ship, giving Lord Dog a glance before looking around him.

The receiver of the Immortal Cooking Realm had been killed.

Above the sky, only a shining light door remained.

From the Endless Sea, all the experts scrambled to reach the heavens. They all formed a bustling crowd, rushing towards that light door.