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 The atmosphere became quiet all of a sudden, as though nothing unusual had happened.

Only the howling wind and the sound of waves could be heard.

The light shadow standing in front of the light door turned around slowly and looked at Bu Fang. Although the entire body was covered in light, making it hard to see it clearly, everyone could feel the anger coming from that shadow.

"What are you talking about, mortal? You lost the immortal energy key?!"

The light shadow's voice was low and even, but one could feel its restrained anger as it resounded in the sky.

Bu Fang raised his head and looked at that shadow. His face remained expressionless as he said, "Yes, I lost it."

"Do you think I'm stupid? How can you also lose an immortal energy? Tell me, how did you lose it?" the light shadow said coldly.

The immortal energy key was directly imprinted in the body, so it was impossible to lose it. Even if others wanted to take it, they would not be able to do so.

But this mortal had just told him that the immortal energy key had been lost. If that's the case, then his entire body should be lost as well!

"It's just gone. Are there any other alternatives?"

Bu Fang pouted. He was indeed bummed out. The wisp of immortal energy was absorbed by the system, and he couldn't come up with any solutions.

Anyway, that wisp of immortal energy upgraded the system and made him level up ahead of schedule, that's why he didn't feel that it was such a waste. Frankly, Bu Fang was very satisfied with the use of that immortal energy.

"You still insist that it's lost? This mortal... You are very daring! How could the heavens present such an idiot this time!" The light shadow was very angry as it roared in the void.


The seawater suddenly blasted out. A moment later, the strongest demon king jumped up. As his foot stepped on the sea surface, waves splashed in all directions.

"You dared to hit me!"

Wielding his giant scarlet axe, the strongest demon king rushed toward the light figure with bloodshot eyes.

As the giant axe slashed fiercely at the light shadow, the void around it seemed to tear.

Demon marks suddenly appeared and spread around the strongest demon king, covering his body in an instant.


"Ruin Prison demon from the Netherworld?"

The light shadow narrowed its eyes. It seemed to be attracted by the attack of the strongest demon king.

It didn't expect to bump into a Ruin Prison demon here. Could it be that the Ruin Prison had invaded the Hidden Dragon Continent?


That light shadow stared at the strongest demon king. Then, it raised one of its hands, reaching out to touch that axe with one finger. In an instant, the axe shattered into pieces.

Against this terrible pressure, the strongest demon king fell from the sky, crashing into the Endless Sea once again. Great waves splashed out in all directions.

The light shadow tilted its head slightly, and in a cold voice, said, "Oh, you want to die? Let me help..."

Instantly, a light shadow palm covered the sky, patting down. The seabed seemed to sink as a giant palm imprint appeared on it.

In the distance, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

How could this light shadow be so powerful?

The Black Dragon King pursed his lips. Fortunately, he didn't rush out. Otherwise, that beaten person could be him.

However, the Black Dragon King looked at the black dog, who was lying not far away. The Black Dragon King always felt that the strength of this black dog was stronger than that light shadow's.


Along with an angry roar, the strongest demon king was patted into the Endless Sea once again.

That light shadow placed its hand behind its back, as though it had just smacked at an ant. Its eyes then moved and landed on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang frowned. Suddenly, he felt a strong mental force sweeping his body.

"There really is no immortal energy... You really lost the immortal energy key!"

That light shadow felt somewhat speechless.

"Since you do not have the immortal energy key, you lost the qualifications to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. What a pity. You, mortal, lost a big opportunity because of your ignorance and stupidity," the light shadow said with a scornful voice.

In the light shadow's eyes, since Bu Fang had lost the key, he was just like an ant as the other mortals. It did not even pay attention to him anymore.

Hearing the words of that light shadow, Bu Fang slightly frowned.

This guy's words were somewhat annoying to hear.

Without the wisp of immortal energy, he could not enter the Immortal Cooking Realm?

But he really wanted to go. Surely there's another way to enter?

Bu Fang took a deep breath. He lifted his head and expressionlessly looked at the light shadow.

"What if I really want to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm?"

"You are not qualified to enter. As long as I'm here, you will not have a chance to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. Since you lost the immortal energy key, you lost your chance! You could only be a stupid mortal in this lifetime," the light shadow said arrogantly.

All the oceanic species experts felt immense pressure from that light shadow. Was this the pressure of an esteemed Dragon Gate creature?

Bu Fang pursed his lips. It seems... he really had no choice.


A loud laugh was heard coming from the distance.

The old man, with his hands behind his back and his tuft of white hair fluttering in the wind, rushed above the waves enthusiastically and shouted, "Immortal Cooking Realm, the old man is here!"

The old man stepped on the waves, and his body suddenly shot up to the sky.

"Another idiot who doesn't know how to live and die?" That light shadow sneered.

After that, its finger pointed, as though it wanted to shoot down the old man who was rocketing in the sky.


Meanwhile, the Endless Sea blasted out once again as the bloody figure of the strongest demon king rushed out, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

"I won't go anywhere! I will risk my life and suffer your thousand blades just to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm!"

The strongest demon king's aura was surging, then, together with the old man, they appeared in front of the light shadow.

At this moment, two powerful experts were approaching.

Above the old man's body, true energy soared to the sky. A divine altar appeared with divine flames.

There were eight divine flames, which were constantly flickering above the divine altar. The imposing aura coming from it seemed almost invincible.

That light shadow was a little surprised, but it did not panic.

An invisible energy wave suddenly spread out from the light shadow's body.

The old man and the strongest demon king were suddenly distracted. They froze momentarily before they were shot down by the light shadow's finger.

"Your powers are too weak!" the light shadow said scornfully before adding, "If you do not have the immortal energy key, then you cannot enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. That's the rule!"

Then, it glanced at Bu Fang before turning around, walking toward the glowing door.

Its time is up here. After returning to the Immortal Cooking Realm, the entrance will close.

However, just as when it was about to return, a cold voice resounded behind.


Bu Fang raised his hand as he looked at the light shadow.

The light shadow twitched its brow before it slowly turned around.

"Without the immortal energy key, no one can enter the Immortal Cooking Realm."

"But I want to go in!"

"You are not qualified."

"Then... if I hit you, will I be qualified?" Bu Fang said seriously.

The light shadow was startled for a moment, then it let out a loud laugh. Soon after, a terrible aura was released from its body.

At this moment, the violent storm seemed to stop, and the surging sea calmed down.

"You... Can you really do it? How could you have the power to hit someone from the Immortal Cooking Realm?" The light shadow looked at Bu Fang with disdain.

"If we don't try, we won't know," Bu Fang said casually.

Everyone was stunned speechless.

They didn't think that Bu Fang would dare raise his voice at a creature from the Dragon Gate.

Even the Black Dragon King was no match for it...

The Black Dragon King, who had difficulty moving under the light shadow's immense pressure, turned to look at Bu Fang.

That look was full of admiration. Indeed, he admired Bu Fang's fearless spirit.

Actually, he was somewhat depressed after finding out that the Dragon Gate required a key. Back then, when his father entered the Dragon Gate, did he have the said immortal energy key?

Damn... That old man hadn't told him anything. He made him wait here like an idiot!

Now, he had no chance of crossing the Dragon Gate.

That light shadow was very strong. After all, it was a Dragon Gate creature, so it was difficult to go against it.

Although Bu Fang was brave, that boy was too stupid to confront it.

The Black Dragon King thought that he should open his mouth and give Bu Fang some advice. After all, Bu Fang and his daughter had a good relationship.

If Bu Fang was killed by that light shadow, his daughter would be sad.

Just when the Black Dragon King was about to speak, Bu Fang's aura had changed.

His hair fluttered, and the Vermillion Robe also billowed.

As Bu Fang rose slowly to the sky, a force as sharp as a long sword slashed down and tore the energy shield of the light shadow.

The light shadow's eyes shrank slightly, a little scared at this unexpected move.

The others widened their eyes and dropped their jaws, dumbstruck.

The Black Dragon King opened his mouth wider, his bald head flashing in astonishment.

Bu Fang's mental energy was not weaker than a Saint Sovereign's. If he were to go all out, he could even crush a Saint Sovereign expert.

But still, this mental force was truly insufficient compared to the vast mental force of the light shadow.


In Bu Fang's spirit sea, monstrous waves rose, and in the next moment, a dragon roar resounded.

Bu Fang's eyes shone, and a golden divine dragon spirit emerged behind him.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand became bigger. As he wielded the knife, golden light flashed from it.

Bu Fang released his mental force. As if it was a long spear, it tore through the sky as it shot toward the light shadow.

The light shadow became more and more scared. It seems that its mental force could not suppress Bu Fang's!

Unexpectedly, the mental force of this mortal was so strong!

No, it was not only strong, it was strange!

"This is... the aura of an immortal tool! You mortal actually have an immortal tool!" The light shadow's eyes shrank as it roared in shock.

Bu Fang's mental force combined with his true energy, so his force was more and more concise, which was now equal to the light shadow's.

"So what if you have an immortal tool? Since you dared to offend me, you must die! Without the immortal energy key, you cannot enter the Immortal Cooking Realm!" the light shadow shouted.

Rumble! Rumble!

Bu Fang released his mental force expressionlessly. His force collided with the light shadow's, causing deafening rumbling sounds to reverberate around them.

Knitting his brows, Bu Fang felt the mental force that he had borrowed from the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's spirit was being suppressed slowly.

Was this the mental force of an Immortal Cooking Realm expert?

If he used this kind of mental force for cooking, the possibilities are endless... No wonder the lazy dog had said that the dishes cooked by the Immortal Cooking Realm chefs were better!


Bu Fang moved his mind, making the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appear in an instant. It floated not far away from him.

A brownish light shadow flashed.

Behind Bu Fang, there seemed to be an ancient creature waking up leisurely.

After the Golden Divine Dragon, a Black Tortoise with a shell that was like a mountain peak also appeared.

Bu Fang's mental force had now reached its limit.

His face suddenly became a little pale. At this moment, his mental force had exceeded the limit of his body!

The light shadow became even more scared!

This mortal... really had an immortal tool!

What was this mortal's background? Was he the Immortal Cooking Realm's Master's illegitimate child?!

But no matter the background... At this moment, he was the master!

"You want to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm? In your dreams!"

Since its mental force was no better than that mortal's, then it would use its power to fight!

In the light shadow's eyes, Bu Fang's fighting power was no different from an ant.


Mental force swept across the sky. Then, that light shadow raised its finger and pointed at Bu Fang.

Terrifying energy gathered. If hit by that finger, Bu Fang could turn into a pile of ashes!

Bu Fang's eyes shrank. The Vermillion Robe flashed light as he prepared to fight.

However, the moment that finger pointed at Bu Fang's body, the light shadow suddenly froze.

Because... in front of Bu Fang, a black fat dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere.