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 "Hey, Bu Fang boy, what's that delicious smell?"

Lord Dog narrowed his eyes, walking step by step from the void before landing on the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang was surprised. Why did this lazy dog appear?

Did it smell like the roast wings' aroma? Really... Except for eating, nothing could attract this lazy dog.

Flowery and Nethery also saw Lord Dog.

Flowery's eyes lit up, and she nodded respectfully. With an excited face, she rushed toward Lord Dog and pounced on him, hugging his big thigh.

In the distance, the Black Dragon King was standing on a water column. When he saw this scene, his eyes rolled.

"You black dog! Let go of my daughter!" the Black Dragon King shouted, glaring at Lord Dog.

Lord Dog was bewildered. He turned his head, then saw the Black Dragon King. At that moment, his eyes shone.

"A dragon?! Not only that, but it's also a pureblood dragon! Bu Fang boy... Lord Dog wants to eat Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!"

Lord Dog opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, showing an extremely excited expression.

The Black Dragon King felt confused. Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs? What's that?

A moment later, the Black Dragon King recovered his wits, and his bald head seemed to blast off.

"You damn dog! You want to eat your Black Dragon King?!" the Black Dragon King's bald head flashed as he shouted.

Bu Fang couldn't help but be confused. What just happened?

Lord Dog and the Black Dragon King just met each other. Why were they fighting?

"Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs! Bu Fang's best dish! The taste is very delicious, and the dragon meat is so crispy!" Lord Dog exclaimed, glaring at the Black Dragon King as he said that.

The Black Dragon King seemed ready to explode!

"You're such a fat dog, so this dragon king will eat you. The taste of dog meat is absolutely delicious! It's even more delicious than little friend Bu Fang's grilled fresh oyster!"

Flowery and Nethery looked expressionlessly at the dragon and dog, who were having a screaming match. They could not understand the situation at all.

Lord Dog didn't expect that as soon as he arrived, he would encounter such a hassle. He glanced at the large door that was blooming with a tremendous aura in the sky, and his nose emitted white fumes.

Suddenly, Lord Dog's paw lightly touched the Netherworld Ship's deck. Then, his figure disappeared, reappearing in a flash in front of the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King's eyes shrank. He hadn't thought that this damn dog's speed was so fast.

"So, you want to eat dog meat?" Lord Dog said indifferently.

The Black Dragon King smirked, preparing to speak. However, Lord Dog had already raised his paw, patting the bald head of the Black Dragon King. That slap made the Black Dragon King stagger, and his figure seemed to transform into a crashing meteor as he fell into the Endless Sea.

The seawater blasted, splashing foamy waves.

Instantly, from the sea, a long pitch-black dragon emerged with a deafening roar, his eyes staring fiercely at Lord Dog.

However, before the Black Dragon King had steadied his figure, Lord Dog swung his exquisite paw. A paw shot down, and with a bang, the Black Dragon King fell into the sea once again.

Seawater splashed in all directions, and the Black Dragon King's face looked so confused.

Everyone was shocked, especially the oceanic species experts, who all wore dumbstruck expressions.

Their sovereign Black Dragon King was actually beaten by a dog without any resistance at all.

Every time he rushed out from the sea, he would be pounded into the water again by that black dog.


In the distance, a pitch-black warship sailed leisurely.

An oceanic species creature rushed out of the seawater, wanting to intercept that ship.

However, he was attacked by a powerful force, which caused the sea surface to be tainted with blood.

The oceanic species experts were very vigilant as they stared at the warship.

In front of the warship, a tall and strong body was clasping his hands behind his back. A fearful Nether energy lingered around the strongest demon king's body, his eyes looking straight ahead.

He stared at the light door in the void and was overwhelmed by emotions.

Finally, the chance that he had waited for tens of thousands of years was now in front of him.

This time, he would not miss it. Even if he had to break that door, he would do it. He would get that chance to transcend at all costs.


The Black Dragon King finally surrendered. He was unable to defeat that dog, and it was a fact that he was willing to admit.

Who knew where that dog came from? Its power and strength were out of this world. He could not even win against that paw.

Fortunately, the Black Dragon King's skin was thick and fat, so he did not suffer any injuries.

Hearing the Black Dragon King admit defeat, Lord Dog put his paw down and gracefully walked back to the Netherworld ship.

Bu Fang looked at Lord Dog and the Black Dragon King for a while, then, without a word, he took out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and cut the roast wing on the grill into two halves.

A roast wing could be cut into two portions, so there were four in total.

Bu Fang took a part for himself, one for Flowery, one for Netherry, and the last one...

...was already in Lord Dog's mouth. He laid down on the Netherworld Ship's side and started eating shamelessly.

The Black Dragon King bugged out his eyes and opened his mouth in a silent scream. His bald head seemed to look gloomy as well, losing its usual shiny luster. He felt that he couldn't love this life anymore.

His roast wing! It was obviously his roast wing, but it was taken away by that shameless dog!

The Black Dragon King was so much in pain that he almost went crazy.

However, the others continued eating and didn't pay attention to the Black Dragon King.

This was a demon king grade ingredient. Roasted golden yellow and looking tender, the roast wings meat seemed to emit a golden glow.

As steam wafted from it, the aroma of various kinds of seasonings, which it had absorbed while being roasted, spread out to tickle everyone's appetite.

Grabbing a roast wing and taking a bite, the oil and meat juice splashed out. The strong flavor made Bu Fang narrow his eyes, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised into a satisfied smile.

Biting a piece of the tender wing skin, as if a flexible skin entered into the mouth, it bounced in the oral cavity wall.

With its skin off, the fatty meat was revealed, and oily juice started flowing out of the roast wing.

"Fragrant, spicy, crispy... Delicious!" Bu Fang said.

Flowery's mouth was full of oil. Her small mouth pouted and spit out the bones.

Nethery was also gnawing like crazy, forgetting everything around her.

Lord Dog lay on one side, gnawing on the roast wing. The fragrant oily juice that had dripped from the meat stained his fur...

The Black Dragon King's heart was bleeding as he watched these people who were busy eating the roast wings. Slumped on the deck of the Netherworld Ship, he looked like he couldn't love everything anymore.

The roast wings that he had hunted personally... He didn't even get to taste it...

Suddenly, the Black Dragon King's eyes shone.

He turned his head to the warship in the distance. On that warship, he felt a familiar aura.

"The aura of roast wings!"

As though his lifeless body had just come back to life, the Black Dragon King stepped sprightly on a water column, staring at the warship in the distance.

At this moment, the Demon Hawk demon king appeared behind the strongest demon king. Seeing the shining eyes of the Black Dragon King in the distance, he was suddenly scared shitless.

Damn you! I don't have any wings anymore!

In the air, the dense fragrance of the roast wings caused the face of the Demon Hawk demon king to turn dark.

It was like roasting his heart and liver!

Meanwhile, the expressions of the rest of the demon kings' shifted. They all stared at the Demon Hawk demon king with a strange gaze.

Unexpectedly, the roasted meat of the Demon Hawk demon king was very fragrant. Very interesting...

It smelled so sweet, so the taste must be better?

Rumble! Rumble!

However, the strongest demon king's attention was not on these things but on the light door in front of them. An intense aura surged on the top of his head.

Lord Dog had finished eating the roast wing. He stuck his tongue out and licked his paws, then licked the oily sauce on his fur, wasting not a single drop of it.

Then, he raised his head and looked at the light door.

Bu Fang was done eating as well. He looked at that light door with a serious expression.

Was that the entrance to the Immortal Cooking Realm?

He had been waiting for the appearance of this entrance for three years. What exactly was the Immortal Cooking Realm in the legends?

Lord Dog said that the Immortal Cooking Realm had many great chefs and that Bu Fang was still far behind, that's why he really wanted to check it out now!

However, Bu Fang suddenly recalled something. The chef in the bronze palace mentioned that if Bu Fang wanted to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm, he needed the qualification token, which was the wisp of immortal energy he had received from him.

Unfortunately, that wisp of immortal energy had been absorbed by the system, so Bu Fang was unable to take it out and present it.

It meant that Bu Fang had lost the key to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Then what to do?

Bu Fang's heart suddenly felt a bit of pain.

Then, he should just wait for an opportunity and seize it...

Bu Fang thought that that was probably the only way for him.

Meanwhile, while Bu Fang was thinking of a way to get in, the strongest demon king had begun to rush in.


The figure of the strongest demon king shot like an arrow as he soared into the sky. The warship that he had just stepped on almost sank into the sea.

Not only the strongest demon king...

All the creatures in the Endless Sea, at this moment, were all agog after seeing the light door.

"The Dragon Gate has appeared! Hurry!"

Those experts stepped on the water, rushing out of the sea as they jumped to the light door in the sky.

Once they cross the Dragon Gate, they would transform into a True Dragon, the Divine Dragon!

However, the Dragon Gate was not easy to reach. Halfway through their jump, almost all of the oceanic species experts suddenly lost their strength and fell back into the sea.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The seawater blasted out as some terrifying oceanic species creatures rushed out.

The giant figures changed in the void, transforming into their human forms. They rushed toward the light door with a face full of hope and ambition.

"It's that smelly eel! I hadn't thought he also wanted to jump over the Dragon Gate?! Oh, there's that old sea turtle too! I thought he's dead!"

The Black Dragon King's eyes were shining as he saw many of his old friends.

Really, the opening of the Dragon Gate made these old friends impatient.

"Get out of the way! This chance belongs to me!"

The strongest demon king arrogantly stood in the sky, only one step away from the light door. He turned and roared angrily at the approaching experts.

"Who the f*ck are you? Who are you to order us like this?!" The man, who was formerly an electric eel, showed his sharp fangs and sneered.

Above that man's body, a lightning arc roared and shot to the sky.

The old man, who had transformed from a sea turtle, ignored the strongest demon king words. He continued to rush toward the Dragon Gate.

"Looking for death!"

The strongest demon king's eyes shrank as he let out deafening roars. Shortly after, the muscles on his body bulged and became densely covered with dragon-like veins.

A giant scarlet axe appeared and flashed in the strongest demon king's hand. That axe slashed down at the electric eel expert, who was shooting out a lightning arc, splitting him into two halves.

Fresh blood spilled, splattering the sky in an instant!

The old turtle was not spared. He, too, was slashed down by the giant scarlet axe.

The strongest demon king wielded the big axe. It seemed that one person was enough to guard the gate as thousands of creatures could not go through!


The light door behind the strongest demon king opened, and a fierce aura spread out from it.

A shadow wrapped in golden light stepped out of that light door.

That light shadow looked down from above, staring at the strongest demon king. Then, it lifted a finger and pointed at him.

In just a split second, the strongest demon king was sent crashing into the Endless Sea, raising huge waves around.

The light shadow indifferently swept its eyes across everyone present.

A moment later, it spoke in a clear but cold voice, "Where is the mortal who had the entrance token to the Immortal Cooking Realm... Please come out."

An entrance token to the Immortal Cooking Realm?

All of the oceanic species experts looked at each other in confusion.


In front of the surprised eyes of the oceanic species experts, Bu Fang, who was standing on the Netherworld ship, slowly took a step forward.

"Here," Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

"Good. Come and enter the Immortal Cooking Realm with me," the light shadow said coldly, seemingly like an arrogant lord who was giving alms to a beggar.

The light shadow then turned around, planning to walk toward that light door.

However, after one step, its body froze.

That was because it heard something unexpected from Bu Fang.

"Well... that wisp of immortal energy to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm... I think I accidentally lost it ..."