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 Roast wings?

The Black Dragon King's eyes shone, and his bald head also shone like a mirror. He raised his head and looked at the sky.

Over there, a figure was flapping his wings as he hovered in the void.

The storm was sweeping across. The strong wind blew unceasingly, and under that wind, that figure stood still for a long time in the storm.

The Demon Hawk demon king didn't think that the Netherworld Ship would be here in the Endless Sea. Furthermore, that chef from the Valley of Gluttony was also here.

Were they being haunted? How could the other party be like a soul that had not yet moved on?!

Seeing that the Demon Frog demon king had been made into an ingredient was really painful. Once the other demon kings hear about this, the grief in their hearts would be even more intense.

As much as the Demon Hawk demon king wanted to avenge his comrade, he knew that he was powerless.

That chef's background was too big!

Otherwise, how could the Demon Eye demon king and the Demon Frog demon king be ruined and killed?

"Damn! That chef is here! I need to leave and warn the others!"

The Demon Hawk demon king tensed up as he flapped his wings to turn around. Now, their Ruin Prison demon kings must be ready and protect themselves against kidnapping, fire, and even cooking...

However, just as he was about to fly away, a dragon roar resounded below him.

The bald man stared at him in excitement. That look seemed like he just saw a very delicious dish!


Your whole family was a delicious dish!

I, the respectable Demon Hawk demon king, am not an ingredient!

The Demon Hawk demon king's entire body seemed to turn into jelly. He was so scared he wanted to pee!

He was not the Demon Frog demon king! How could he be an ingredient?

As he flapped his wings in panic, some feathers fell, and his figure seemed like it was turning into a straight black line as he escaped at full speed.

The Black Dragon King's mouth was drooling. Attracted by the dishes cooked by Bu Fang, his appetite had been greatly stimulated.

Now, a pair of delicious roast wings was about to be served to him. How could he miss it?

Earlier, he missed the amazing grilled frog meat, so he would definitely fight for those roast wings... He refused to experience the same regret again.


The Black Dragon King's body shot up like a cannonball. His bald head shone like a light bulb as he chased after the Demon Hawk demon king.

The Demon Hawk demon king was a little anxious. How fast that guy's speed was!

His body turned as his wings flapped once. The feathers on those wings immediately fluttered out like countless sharp blades.

The Demon Hawk demon king wanted to force the Black Dragon King to retreat.

However, around the body of the Black Dragon King, his true energy revolved, seemingly like a shield. It instantly knocked off the feathers thrown down by the Demon Hawk demon king.

"Roast wings! Don't go!

"You're the roast wings!" the Demon Hawk demon king roared. He was really infuriated.

On his body, black Nether Energy swirled and gathered, quickly changing into silk bolts. They rushed toward the Black Dragon King, as though they wanted to pierce through him!

However, facing these Nether energy bolts, the Black Dragon King just smirked arrogantly.

A claw swung out, like it was about to shatter the void.

Against this claw, those countless Nether energy bolts were broken down!

Rumble! Rumble!

The Demon Hawk demon king froze, disbelief written all over his face.

Unexpectedly, a claw could break down his attack!

How strong was this bald man?

The Demon Hawk demon king realized that the people involved with that little chef all seemed to be scary. Their cultivation bases were absolutely powerful!

That chef... was really poisonous!

After such a realization, the Demon Hawk demon king decided not to continue fighting. He screamed, and that scream seemed to resemble an eagle's cry. Shortly after, his figure transformed into a huge demon hawk.

Crossing the sky, the Demon Hawk demon king covered the sky as his giant wings opened.

When the Black Dragon King saw this scene, his eyes widened once again. His mouth drooled even more, so much so that his drool swayed in the wind.

His feet stepped on the void, and in a flash, his figure soared to the sky, falling on the back of that huge demon hawk.

The Demon Hawk demon king was so frightened that he almost pissed.

What did this bald man want to do?!

Flapping his wings, the Demon Hawk demon king began to twist and turn as he used complicated flying maneuvers, trying to throw the Black Dragon King off to the sea below.

However, no matter how much he swayed and twisted, the Black Dragon King seemed to be stuck on his back. He just couldn't shake him off at all!

The Demon Hawk demon king was so enraged, but deep down, he was a little nervous...

"Get off my back!" the Demon Hawk demon king screamed.

"Hey... big bird, can you let this dragon king borrow your wings?"

A couple of the Black Dragon King's claws burrowed into the back of the Demon Hawk demon king. They cut deep into the flesh, causing the Demon Hawk demon king to feel torturous pain.

You want to borrow my wings?

Are you kidding me?!

"This Demon Hawk demon king's greatest pride is my wings. If I let others borrow them... what's the difference between plucking all the feathers off this lord's body?! Besides, do you even plan on returning my wings?!"

The Demon Hawk demon king was not foolish.

That guy was so terrifying!

"Go away!" the Demon Hawk demon king roared.

Hearing the Demon Hawk demon king's words, the Black Dragon King shook his head in regret and mumbled, "Looks like I'll just do it myself. I'm telling you the truth, but you just won't listen..."

Soon after, his face became fierce. His figure suddenly stretched, and black scales appeared on his skin. In the next moment, he changed into a huge, fierce black dragon and coiled around the body of the Demon Hawk demon king.

His dragon mouth opened, revealing sharp fangs inside, and bit the Demon Hawk demon king's wing off.

On the sea below, many oceanic species experts could not help but raise their heads, looking at the fight in the void.

Oh, what a crushing fight.

How could the big hawk be the opponent of this tyrant Black Dragon King? After coiling around his body, a wing was immediately ripped apart from it while he was still alive.

Amidst the tragic screams of the Demon Hawk demon king, his feathers and blood fluttered and scattered throughout the sky.

The Demon Hawk demon king ached so much that his entire body twitched.

However, the Black Dragon King was still not content. He opened his dragon mouth again and bit the other wing off.


Blood spurted and scattered once again as the wing was ripped off.

The Demon Hawk demon king was really depressed and almost vomited blood. Black blood gushed out freely from his open and ripped flesh.

After getting the wings, the Black Dragon King felt satisfied and loosened his hold on the Demon Hawk demon king. He turned into a bald man, with each hand grabbing a wing, and smirked in the void.

Since the Demon Hawk demon king lost his wings, he temporarily lost his balance and began to fall down from the sky.

However, although the Demon Hawk demon king had lost his wings, his cultivation didn't disappear. After changing into his human form, he could step and hover in the sky.

A pair of eyes full of resentment stared at the Black Dragon King. The Demon Hawk demon king felt that he had suffered the ultimate misfortune.

Inexplicably, this bald man just came up and ripped off his wings.

What did he do? He did not provoke them, nor did he do anything special. He just came over!

The more he thought, the more pain the Demon Hawk demon king felt in his heart. He looked at the bald man, then looked at his charming wings that had just been ripped off of him. He felt that his heart had been ripped off too.

This bald guy must suffer a thousand blades!

"Damn you! The Endless Sea's Black Dragon King?! You just wait!"

The Demon Hawk demon king was so bitter and angry that he spoke such brave words. However, against the Black Dragon King's sharp and cold look, he didn't say anything more. He promptly turned around and ran away.

The Black Dragon King only needed his wings. He didn't care about the Demon Hawk demon king.

"Little grandson is running very fast!"

The Black Dragon King curved his lips into a smile. That guy had dared to threaten this Black Dragon King of the Endless Sea. He surely had eaten a bear's heart and a leopard's gallbladder!

A moment later, his figure started floating down.

When the Black Dragon King fell back on the water column, he gave the two huge demon hawk wings to Bu Fang.

"Little friend Bu Fang, look... These wings are not bad, right?"

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. Unexpectedly, the Black Dragon King really had torn the Demon Hawk demon king's wings off.

He just mentioned it so casually...

He lit a candle in his heart and silently mourned for a few moments for the Demon Hawk demon king.

But very quickly, Bu Fang was very happy to receive that pair of demon hawk wings. He now had a new demon king grade ingredient!

The Black Dragon King raised his hand and stroked his bald head, smirking. He then looked at Flowery and proudly raised his brows.

"Daughter, your father is really awesome!"

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes moved, looking at him expressionlessly.


In the sky, the layer of clouds was dense, and black clouds were billowing.

The strong winds were constantly howling, rolling up the huge waves on the Endless Sea.

On the deck of the warship, several demon kings stood, waiting for the Demon Hawk demon king. As the great waves surged up violently, the warship also went up and down unceasingly.

Many Ruin Prison experts followed, and they were now all lying on the ship's side, constantly vomiting.

These Ruin Prison experts rarely ventured to the sea... They were seasick.

"What's taking him so long..." One of the demon kings frowned, a little suspicious.

"Do you think there's an accident? After all, this Endless Sea looked somewhat extraordinary..."

"Don't think too much. The Demon Hawk demon king's cultivation is great. In the Hidden Dragon Continent, who could stand against him?"

The demon kings were discussing spiritedly.

Suddenly, a sharp-eyed demon king saw the Demon Hawk demon king, who was wobbling back from the sky.

"Quick, look over there! The Demon Hawk demon king is back! See? I told you nothing will happen," said one of the demon kings with a smile.

However, that smile on his face immediately froze.

The Demon Hawk demon king seemed to be drunk, wobbling in the void. Finally, he came closer and was not far away in front of the warship.

Seeing the Demon Hawk demon king this way, the demon kings all felt shocked.

The Demon Hawk demon king ... How did he become so pitiful?

What kind of inhumane treatment did he suffer?

The face of the Demon Hawk demon king was deathly pale. As he coughed up blood, fresh blood continuously flowed down on his back.

Breathing faintly, his face no longer had that fierce and spirited look. His eyes were as cold as ashes, as though he had lost love in this entire world.


The Demon Hawk demon king finally fell down on the warship, his whole body twitching.

A demon king sucked in a cold breath.

"The wings of the Demon Hawk demon king ... are gone?"

My God!

What exactly had happened? The wings of the Demon Hawk demon king ... How did they disappear? Who did this to him?

The wings had been completely ripped off! Where's the conscience of that person?

"My life... There is nothing left to live for..."

The Demon Hawk demon king's eyes became lifeless as he wept bitter tears.

His wings were taken away!

As the Demon Hawk demon king recalled and told them about the situation just now, many demon kings looked confused.

The Netherworld Ship was in front of them, and that Valley of Gluttony chef was also there...

The demon kings looked at each other, feeling that a death sentence had just been given to them. They didn't know what to say at all...

"Why is that chef like a soul that has not yet moved on... We have already withdrawn and come here to the Endless Sea!"

"What are we going to do? Are we going to continue and move forward?"

The demon kings felt a tightness in their chests, and it seemed like they were about to choke.

Rumble! Rumble!

The moment they heard that sound, the demon kings were shocked, and their bodies started trembling.

Raising their heads, they immediately noticed a void crack above the warship!

A tall and sturdy person's shadow slowly stepped out, and a terrifying aura instantly filled the air.

"Of course, we should continue... The chance that I have been waiting for a thousand years has finally appeared!"

The strongest demon king came out from that crack. Smirking, his eyes swept across them as he said that.

Looking at the strongest demon king, whose strength was incomparable, the formerly shocked demon kings all became excited!

The strongest demon king finally came out!

Finally, they could take back their rightful place and show everyone the might of their Ruin Prison!