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 "Girl, I am the Black Dragon King of the Black Dragon Palace in the Endless Sea. How about recognizing this king as your father?"

The Black Dragon King was very excited as he hurriedly appeared in front of Flowery. As he said those words, his eyes shone, and at that moment, it seemed his shiny bald head also flashed with brilliance.

The surrounding people felt confused.

The corners of Ao Bai's mouth twitched, and he raised his hand to cover half of his face.

Black Dragon King, what about your moral integrity?

The majestic Black Dragon King of the Endless Sea, the one who commanded the countless sea creatures... Why, at this moment, was he like a strange uncle who got candy to abduct the little girl?

Bu Fang looked at the Black Dragon King with an expressionless face. He was also speechless after witnessing the latter's behavior.

He originally thought that the Black Dragon King would be a very formidable and murderous expert, but now, it seemed that he was just the same as that funny guy Nether King Er Ha.

Nethery frowned. She stretched out a slender, fair arm and pulled Flowery behind her. Flowery wrapped her arms around Nethery's thighs, and her small head poked out from behind, watching curiously.

Seeing this scene, the Black Dragon King suddenly felt somewhat pitiful. He raised his head, and his eyes shrank as he looked at Nethery.

"Netherworld woman..." said the Black Dragon King, a smirk pulling up the corners of his mouth as he said that.

However, while talking, the Black Dragon King often looked at Flowery, who was hiding behind Nethery. He winked at Flowery, as though he was teasing her.

Flowery felt really confused, fearing that this person was really a fool.

"Come on, my daughter. Come to Papa."

As the Black Dragon King looked at Flowery, he reached out to her as he smiled, waving his hands at her.

Earlier, he saw through Flowery, sensing that she was the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, an ancient spirit beast. If the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python grew to its peak, it would be a top-notch divine beast that was not weaker than a Phoenix or Divine Dragon.

If he could be the father of this kind of powerful existence, he would go out and brag about it shamelessly. While the girl was still a child, he should hurry and make her recognize him as her father.

The mouths of Ao Bai and the many oceanic species experts twitched.

She hadn't agreed yet. Did you just shamelessly consider yourself to be her father?

As the faces of everyone around them revealed what was on their minds, the Black Dragon King continued to charm and coax Flowery from a distance, fantasizing about his and the little girl's bright future.

Seeing the Black Dragon King's shameless behavior, Bu Fang couldn't help but roll his eyes.

Flowery pulled Nethery's dress. Learning from Nethery's reaction, she rolled her eyes as well.

"Hey, little girl, come and say 'Dad' now. That's a good girl."

The Black Dragon King continued to bend over. His face was full of smiles, just like a human trafficker.

"Flowery can't speak yet," Bu Fang said in a cold and indifferent voice.

The Black Dragon King was stunned, and the smile on his face froze.

"You're right. Since this girl has two colors only, she's still a wimpy kid..." the Black Dragon King said with a smile.

Once the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python evolved into seven colors, its growth would be complete. By then, its power would be comparable to a Phoenix or Divine Dragon, becoming a peerless spirit beast.

Currently, Flowery presented two colors. It was because every day, she was always beside Lord Dog. Influenced by Lord Dog's energy, she then evolved at a fast pace.

Under normal conditions, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python would remain at a young age for a long time. That was because it would take about a thousand years for it to evolve and gain a color.

After growing, the time needed for the next evolution would become longer. So, the more it evolved, the more time would be required for it to gain another color.

The Black Dragon King shook his head. He continued to wink at Flowery, but he did not mention again the matter of asking Flowery to call him 'Father.'

In the sky, the dark clouds still gathered, and the storm was still booming.

Below, the waves soared to the sky, and the sea was like an angry wild beast, constantly thrashing and roaring.

Raindrops that were as big as beans poured down, mixing with the seawater. Water sprinkled down from above, then pounded on the sea, causing dents on the water surface for a split second.

The sound of the rain, along with the sound of waves, never stopped.

The thunder rumbled, and the atmosphere became heavier.

Standing beside Bu Fang, Ao Bai raised his head and looked at the whirlpool in the sky. The expression on his face became more and more solemn.

"It seems that the Dragon Gate is about to open..."

"Dragon Gate? What the hell is it?" Bu Fang asked curiously.

Since this Dragon Gate was important and useful to these oceanic species experts, was it also useful for humans?

If it was useless, Bu Fang planned to go home now. After all, they would just look silly here, waiting for the opening of a gate that did not have any use for him. It would just be a waste of time indeed.

"Dragon Gate... precisely the Dragon Gate! Over there, that's the location. It was said that every time the Dragon Gate was opened, a big opportunity will be given once you enter it. Once you cross the Dragon Gate, you will turn into a True Dragon... I also heard that in the Dragon Gate, you can get immortal energy," Ao Bai explained.

Listening to Ao Bai, Bu Fang fell into deep thought.

A big opportunity? Was there an immortal energy inside?

Regarding the so-called immortal energy, Bu Fang was not a stranger to it. Initially, in the bronze palace, he had absorbed a wisp of immortal energy, and it seemed that that wisp of immortal energy had been absorbed by the system.

Because of that immortal energy, he had completed his quest ahead of schedule. In turn, his cultivation base got promoted, and he became a high-grade chef.

Therefore, when Ao Bai mentioned immortal energy, Bu Fang's eyes shone. If he could obtain immortal energy, the system would promote him again?

If that was the case, how much time could he save?!

Now, Bu Fang suddenly looked forward to seeing this Dragon Gate open.

The Black Dragon King gave Bu Fang a sidelong glance and said, "The Dragon Gate is just a name our oceanic species call it. In your continent, it's called something else... If I'm not mistaken, it's called the Immortal Cooking Realm entrance?"

As he said that, he touched his bald head, as though he considered his words carefully before speaking out loud.

Hearing the Black Dragon King's last statement, Bu Fang and Nethery were stunned speechless.

Bu Fang looked at the Black Dragon King with a blank face. What did this guy just say?

The entrance to the Immortal Cooking Realm?

This Dragon Gate was precisely the Immortal Cooking Realm entrance?

And that entrance was in the Endless Sea all along?


Bu Fang did not know that to say, but after thinking it through, it seemed to make sense now.

It had been almost three years since he came out of the bronze palace.

Back then, the Immortal Cooking Realm chef said that after three years, the Immortal Cooking Realm entrance would open, and as of this moment, it seemed right on schedule.

However, Bu Fang felt a bit surprised.

The Immortal Cooking Realm entrance... How come it did not have a fresh and refined appearance?!

"You know, the previous time the Dragon Gate opened, this dragon king was just a little dragon. At that time, I saw my father breaking down the boundary and rushing into the Dragon Gate. Watching him, I was so overwhelmed with emotions. Now, this dragon king must attempt it, just like my father. I will break through the Dragon Gate's obstacles and get the chance to become a True Dragon!" the Black Dragon King said, patting his bald head.

After a moment's pause, he added, "Looking at this situation, this storm will last for several days. When the storm disappears, it is time for the Dragon Gate to appear!"

After hearing the Black Dragon King's words, Bu Fang couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

Alright, several days more...


The Valley of Gluttony

In the kitchen of the Gluttony God's Building, the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony sat lazily on a chair with his legs crossed. As he lounged, his tuft of white hair on the top of his head fluttered slowly in the wind.

He looked at the Xiao Ya, who was cooking in the distance. Stroking the white hair on the top of his head, he said with a smile, "Little girl, if you want to become a great chef like your Big Brother Bu Fang, you need to practice well. Once you have a good and solid foundation, your cooking skills will be good as well!"

Xiao Ya's eyes were resolute. Grasping the kitchen knife, she cut the cooking ingredients skillfully.

After witnessing Big Brother Bu Fang's cooking skills and tasting his dishes, there was only one thought in her mind, and that was to become a great chef like Big Brother Bu Fang.

She wanted to cook delicious dishes and make everybody happy!

That was her ultimate goal in life.

The old man, who was the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, had excellent cooking skills. He said that his skills were not weaker than Big Brother Bu Fang, so Xiao Ya decided to follow him to learn how to cook.

The old man narrowed his eyes, then took a bite of the spirit fruit in his hand. After a crisp sound, the juice of the spirit fruit splashed against his mouth.

It was a delicious, sweet and sour spirit fruit. After biting into it, the old man's face revealed a blissful expression.

Suddenly, as though the old man felt something in his heart, his entire body froze, and the spirit fruit in his hand fell on the floor and rolled.

Xiao Ya paused what she was doing and looked curiously at the old man.

"Little girl, this old man may not be able to teach you for now. I have this important mission to surpass Bu Fang, so you must self-study while I'm away!" The old man looked at Xiao Ya, who had become more beautiful after three years, and sighed.

Xiao Ya was surprised. What did the old man mean?

"This old man is going to pursue the opportunity that I have been waiting for several thousand years!"

Despite his excited voice, the old man looked calm as he tilted his head, his eyes seemed to be in deep thought.

Xiao Ya was speechless.

However, a moment later, her eyes shrank.

The moment the old man stood up, he turned around and rushed away. In front of him was the transparent wall of the Gluttony God's Building, which was made of crystal stone.

Naturally, the wall was very hard, but the old man didn't mind this. He dashed away, running straight into the wall to create a large hole.

His figure transformed into a stream of light, shooting up to the sky. In just a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the horizon.


Taotie Restaurant

Lord Dog yawned as he raised his head. His eyes looked drowsy, and it seemed like he did not want to wake up yet.

"Three years have quickly passed. Did the Immortal Cooking Realm entrance open? It looks like it's time for Lord Dog to go to the Immortal Cooking Realm again. I wonder if those guys will still welcome this lord..."


Several hundred miles outside the Hidden Dragon Royal Court

On a pitch-black high mountain, an aura emanating from it became more and more dense. In the sky, dark clouds gathered, rolling unceasingly.

On top of the high mountain, the strongest demon king, who was sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were like lightning bolts bursting out, tearing the void in front of him.

The mountain trembled, as though the strongest demon king's aura wanted to shatter it.

Rumble! Rumble!

The strongest demon king stood up. He moved his neck, relaxing his muscles and bones.


A moment later, the whole mountain trembled again.

With a booming sound, the strongest demon king rushed out of the mountain, changing into a jet of black energy. Standing proudly above the sky, his terrifying energy swirled around his body.

When he opened his mouth, black energy gushed out as he spoke, "It's been three years now... My chance has finally arrived. This time, I will no longer let that damn human take what is rightfully mine! Whoever stands in this lord's way... will be killed!"