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 How does one eat a crab?

First, eat the crab roe. With its strong crab flavor, one would taste the essence of the crab. Next was the soft crab meat, since the meat had gathered the spirit and core of the whole crab. After eating a piece, the salty and tender taste instantly burst out, as though a bird feather gently scratched in the mouth, making people intoxicated.

Flowery and Nethery were overjoyed as they ate the crab.

The delicious crab meat seemed like it had melted in the mouth, as though it accidentally knotted people's tongues.

After eating half of his portion, Bu Fang picked up the clean blue-and-white porcelain spoon and gently scooped up a spoonful of crab roe.

The crab roe was slightly viscous, but not too much. Since Bu Fang controlled the fire well, the crab roe was not completely condensed.

Scooping a spoonful of orange-yellow crab roe, Bu Fang poured it into Nethery's remaining half of crab meat.

The orange-yellow crab roe stuck to milky-white crabmeat, showing a different kind of beauty and temptation. Such a sight would make people's fingers move involuntarily.

Flowery was blinking her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes. Smelling the aroma of crab roe in the air, she revealed an excited expression as she lifted the crab meat in her hand, gesturing at Bu Fang to give her a spoonful too.

Of course, Bu Fang gave Flowery some crab roe too.

In the viscous crab roe, there were a few condensed pieces. As they poured over the crab meat, Flowery couldn't stop grinning while she drooled.

The fatty crab meat, plus the soft and aromatic crab roe... This combination captured the innermost feelings of Flowery thoroughly.

Eating the next piece, the orange-yellow crab roe overflowed from the corners of the mouth. With a strong fragrance, it made people deeply intoxicated.

Bu Fang also poured crab roe on his crab meat before biting into it.

The boiling hot and soft crab meat, plus the soft aromatic crab toe, completely shook the taste buds.

Shortly after, three people finished eating the crab meat.

Flowery licked her fingertips with an unsatisfied expression on her face. She had not thought that crabs would be so delicious.

Bu Fang washed his hands, then held up a cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew. He raised the cup toward Flowery and Nethery.

With bright eyes, the two also raised their wine cups.

Outside the ship, the wind howled, and the rain poured heavily.

Inside the ship, the atmosphere was relaxed with crab meat and good wine. In different circumstances, eating delicious food was a feeling that was hard to express clearly.

Picking up the chopsticks, Bu Fang put a piece of octopus meat into his mouth.

The octopus meat was very smooth and tender. It was full of elasticity, and its taste was somewhat similar to that of the demon frog meat before. However, it lacked a bit of chewiness compared to the demon frog meat.

Stir-frying with the Exploding Flame Pepper, the aroma of the pepper mixed with the octopus meat was especially delicious.

After a while, the octopus meat was also wiped out. Even the Exploding Flame Pepper had been cleaned off.

Finally, three people lay face-up on Netherworld Ship, stroking their bellies with a satisfied face.

This was a wonderful dining experience.

Flowery's eyes seemed to narrow into crescents. Indeed, her face was full of happiness.

Suddenly, Bu Fang stood up and looked at the sky outside.

In the sky, the lightning was still violent. After Whitey's black hole absorbed lightning for a while, it could not suffer anymore, and eventually, it landed from the sky.


Whitey stood above the sea surface. The waves didn't stop rising, moving Whitey up and down.

Lightning arcs were all over its body, and Whitey's strength became even more powerful.


With a loud rumble, the waves were blasted open. Whitey's figure changed into a stream of light, quickly dashing toward the Netherworld Ship. In just a short while, it landed on the deck.

Bu Fang looked at Whitey. The corners of his mouth slightly raised as he indifferently said, "Are you full now?"

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed with brilliance. It then raised its hand and touched its round head, where a lightning arc danced on top of it.

Then, Whitey moved and stood quietly behind Bu Fang.

Shrimpy's compound eyes rolled before its figure changed into a golden light. Zooming, it landed above Whitey's head. However, the moment it touched Whitey's head, a stream of lightning burst out.

Shrimpy's whole body convulsed. All of its legs straightened, and its face looked utterly confused.


Changing into a jet of light once again, Shrimpy shot out and landed on Bu Fang's shoulder. As it curled up on his shoulder, its whole body trembled, and the bubbles it spat out were no longer as lively as before.

Witnessing this interesting scene, Flowery couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Meanwhile, the storm was still raging. The waves became even more violent, even rising up to several hundred meters. They crashed against the Netherworld Ship, as though they wanted to smash the ship into pieces.


A burst of water vapor rushed into the Netherworld Ship, making the ship turn up in the sky.

Fortunately, outside the Netherworld Ship, there was an invisible shield, which isolated the entry of seawater.

The Netherworld Ship fell back on the sea, slowly moving...

They had no idea how long this storm lasted, but Bu Fang felt that the Netherworld ship had turned over in the air several times.

However, this storm had never ceased at all, causing Bu Fang to feel that there was something strange going on.

A day had passed, but the storm was still howling. Bu Fang did not believe that this was how storms normally act in this place.

Around them, the waves were smashing, but in the seawater, the heads of the spirit beasts and oceanic species experts could be seen popping out of the water surface. It seemed like those experts had gathered because of the storm.

Indeed, this was strange. Normally, the sea creatures would hide and escape from such a storm.


The Netherworld Ship stopped moving.

The surrounding waves were rising, as though they were wrapping around the ship.

Above the sky, the thunderclouds changed into a whirlpool. From its hole in the center, thunder and lightning unceasingly shot down from it.

Reverberating, they seemed to echo and respond to each other.

In the sea, countless sea creatures widened their eyes as they looked at this strange scene.


As the seawater surged, the water exploded. With a loud bang, a colossal figure rushed out from the seabed.

This was a Black Dragon, and it was different from the Golden Divine Dragon in Bu Fang's spirit sea.

This Black Dragon had only one horn. Its scales from top to bottom were pitch-black, and it had four claws. Its eyes seemed to shoot out a sharp light.

This Black Dragon rushed out from the seawater, winding around in the air. Its dragon roar resounded, causing the oceanic species experts and sea creatures to tremble.

Bu Fang remained standing on the ship. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at that huge Black Dragon with a nonchalant expression.

If Bu Fang was not wrong, this winding Black Dragon must be the Black Dragon King who had invited him to the Endless Sea.

The Black Dragon King, the strongest existence in the Endless Sea. Judging from the pressure coming from its body, it was indeed powerful.

Except for Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha, this Black Dragon King, compared with the strongest demon king, was not weaker.

It turns out that the Hidden Dragon Continent actually had a powerful creature that had cultivated to such a level.

Flowery stood by Bu Fang's side. Raising her hand, she looked at the domineering Black Dragon King, and her eyes couldn't help but flash a little.


In the distance, Ao Bai appeared suddenly. He was very excited to see Bu Fang again.

Owner Bu had really come to the Endless Sea! He couldn't believe the news he got recently.

Now, seeing Bu Fang with his own eyes, his body trembled with excitement.

Ao Bai surfed to the side of the Netherworld Ship. With narrowed eyes, he looked at the docile Shrimp Ancestor, who was curled up on Bu Fang's shoulder.

"Owner Bu, are you here to bring the Shrimp Ancestor back?" Ao Bai asked, looking at Bu Fang expectantly.

Standing in front of the deck, Bu Fang glanced at Ao Bai, who was stepping on the water surface.

"You thought too much. I specifically came here to tell you that the Shrimp Ancestor is not returning."

Ao Bai's face froze, and an awkward expression appeared on his face.

He didn't say anything more. After all, since the Shrimp Ancestor was in Bu Fang's care, he could not do anything.

Ao Bai sighed. If he were still in the Gold Shrimp Tribe, he would certainly try his best to make the Shrimp Ancestor return.

However, since he was considered a guest in the Black Dragon King's territory, he was also seen as a subordinate of the Black Dragon King.

Some matters could not be helped after all.

"What's up with this storm?" Bu Fang frowned and questioned Ao Bai.

He always felt that the storm was somewhat strange, but Bu Fang could not pinpoint how exactly it was different.

"Owner Bu is not an Endless Sea creature, so you don't know anything about this storm. Actually, this storm is not a normal storm. This storm is rare, and it has not been seen for several thousand years..." Ao Bai explained as he stood on the water column, his golden hair fluttering unceasingly in the wind.

After a moment's pause, he added, "That is the Dragon Gate of the Endless Sea, which is about to open. This Dragon Gate is a miracle on the Endless Sea, and countless sea creatures are trying to cross that gate. Even the Black Dragon King is looking forward to it... It had been said that once someone crossed the Dragon Gate, that someone would have the chance to turn into a True Dragon."

Turn into a True Dragon?

Bu Fang's eyes shrank slightly as he sucked in a cold breath.

A dragon roar resounded, and shortly after, the Black Dragon King, who was winding in the sky, suddenly changed into a man wearing a black robe.

This male appearance was quite fierce and intimidating. With a bald head, his whole face was ferocious-looking, which caused one to tremble in awe and fear.

He quietly stood in the void as his eyes swept across the sea. Eventually, his gaze landed on the Netherworld Ship. When he saw Ao Bai, he narrowed his eyes.

In just a blink of an eye, the bald-headed man disappeared and reappeared beside Ao Bai.

"Ao Bai, is this the Owner Bu that you often mention to this king? Shrimp Ancestor... is in the hands of this guy?"

The bald man's voice was somewhat rough. Whenever he opened his mouth, there seemed to be a fierce and evil aura coming out from him.

However, despite his fierce and intimidating look, his manner and the way he spoke seemed to be friendly, which was quite a contrast to his first impression.

Ao Bai nodded. Facing the Black Dragon King, he was still somewhat in awe.

As the strongest expert in the Endless Sea, the Black Dragon King's power, status, and prestige were naturally beyond doubt.

The Black Dragon King's eyes, which were like bronze bells, widened. His eyes moved as he glanced at Bu Fang's figure.

Bu Fang's expressionless face didn't capture the Black Dragon King's attention for too long. He soon saw Shrimpy lying on Bu Fang's shoulder.

"It was the Shrimp Ancestor indeed... In the past, the Shrimp Ancestor was an imposing and powerful existence. He could create clouds with one turn of his hand and rain with another... But now, he became this tiny shrimp, whose spirit wisdom had just been awakened. The outcome when rushing to the Dragon Gate was really fearful."

After looking at the Shrimp Ancestor, the Black Dragon King's eyes changed direction and stopped at Nethery and Flowery.

He looked at Nethery first, and his eyes revealed amazement because of her beauty.

Such a beautiful woman was really rare.

However, when the Black Dragon King's eyes fell on Flowery, he froze.

"Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python?! Wow! Wow!" The Black Dragon King sucked in a cold breath as he exclaimed.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes turned. Raising her small head, she stared at the Black Dragon King.

Suddenly, the Black Dragon King's figure moved, appearing in front of Flowery in a flash.

Nethery and Bu Fang's bodies suddenly tensed up.

This Black Dragon King... What did he want to do?!

However, in the next moment, the Black Dragon King opened his mouth to say something that made Bu Fang and Nethery speechless. Not only Bu Fang and Nethery, but also the surrounding sea creatures, who expressed astonished looks.

"Girl, I am the Black Dragon King of the Black Dragon Palace in the Endless Sea. This king sees that you have boundless prospects. How about recognizing this king as your father?"