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 Shrimpy was indeed the Shrimp Ancestor, but presently, Shrimpy didn't have the power and influence of a Shrimp Ancestor. His spirit wisdom was like a one or two-year-old child, which was not suitable to lead a large clan.

If he were to leave Shrimpy here, Bu Fang was sure that the descendants of the Gold Shrimp Tribe would be absolutely like vampires. Shrimpy's blood would be entirely sucked dry.

Of course, with Shrimpy's present ability, if it wanted to go away, those people were no match for it.

However, Bu Fang could not leave Shrimpy in the Endless Sea.

This time, Bu Fang came here because he wanted to talk to Ao Bai about this matter. After all, he made this decision after careful consideration.

If Ao Bai were to recover the Shrimp Ancestor's memory, together with its power and influence, then if Shrimpy wanted to go, Bu Fang naturally would not stop it.

But for now, Shrimpy's safety was his priority.

Carrying the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang lightly glanced at Ao Sheng on the ground. He looked so gloomy and treacherous. If Shrimpy fell into his hands, Shrimpy would definitely be taken advantage of.

Compared to Ao Sheng, Bu Fang thought that Ao Bai was more reliable.

As for what Ao Sheng said regarding Ao Bai's rebellion... Frankly, it was hilarious. As long as Bu Fang thought that Ao Bai was a member of the Gold Shrimp Tribe, then that person was still a member of the Gold Shrimp Tribe.

Looking at Ao Sheng with a little disdain, he smirked, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife changed into a golden light as it disappeared.

Bu Fang put his hands behind his back and turned around, walking out of the crystal city.

Shrimpy was still lying on Bu Fang's shoulder. As for Whitey, it carried the War God Stick, which was sparkling with lightning, on its shoulder.

Far away behind Bu Fang, a golden shrimp elder was on the ground, whose body kept on twitching.

Nethery tipped her toes before floating up.

Flowery transformed back into a little, chubby, and adorable girl. Naturally, she did not stare at that golden shrimp elder, but the corners of her mouth curved up into a smirk.

The crowd went out of the crystal city in confusion.

Ao Sheng was reaping what he sowed. If he didn't choose to take Shrimpy away, Bu Fang would not decide to hit him.

The Netherworld Ship rumbled as it moved. Bu Fang and the rest boarded the ship, which rushed out of the seabed.

Meanwhile, in the crystal city, Ao Sheng's face was dark. With clenched jaws, he pounded the ground with his fists, anger evident in his eyes.


Crawling up from the ground, Ao Sheng let out a disappointed sigh. He then walked toward the crystal palace that had been smashed into two halves.

Regarding the destroyed city and palace, Ao Sheng was not scared at all. These things could be repaired in just a short time.

The most important thing now was... the Shrimp Ancestor had run away.

According to Ao Bai, the Shrimp Ancestor had lost its spirit wisdom. Back then, his first thought was to control the Shrimp Ancestor, but Ao Bai had refused his idea.

That was the reason why Ao Bai rebelled against him. However, this did not stop him.

When Ao Bai left, he arranged a good scheme for the Shrimp Ancestor's return, but he never thought that the humans who came with the Shrimp Ancestor were so powerful!

His lineup included Holy Saint experts, so no one would be able to resist their attacks. But... how could those humans beat them? Why were they so relaxed?

"Who are those humans?"

With an angry expression, Ao Sheng rushed back into the main hall.

In the crystal palace, there was a statue of the Shrimp Ancestor, which looked exactly like Shrimpy.

In front of that statue, a giant jade plate floated.

The jade plate was engraved with mysterious lines, and on top of it, a terrifying aura gathered, dispersing in the main hall.

Ao Sheng's eyes were extremely frantic. Letting out a breath, he suddenly jumped and grabbed the jade plate.

"The Shrimp Ancestor did not return! Now, His Highness will completely break the hope of the Shrimp Ancestor returning to the Gold Shrimp Tribe!" Ao Sheng said maniacally, revealing a sinister smile.

Outside the main hall, the elders had come. Whistling sounds could be heard as lightning arcs flashed through their bodies from time to time.

When they saw what Ao Sheng was about to do, they were all taken aback. They wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Ao Sheng ignored them. A sharp sawtooth sickle appeared in his hand, and he instantly slashed down.

With a loud sound, the jade plate was smashed into two halves, and a horrible energy rushed out.


The whole crystal palace seemed to be shaking!

"Your Highness... You... What have you done? You made things worse!" one of the elders exclaimed.

The elder's strength seemed to have been taken away as he sat on the ground, shaking his head with indignation.

"Bad things... then let things get worse!"

Ao Sheng laughed.

When the jade plate broke, an aura suddenly flew out, turning into a pitch-black form. It moved around the main hall.

"The resentment of the shrimp ancestors! Releasing you will completely break the hope for the return of the Shrimp Ancestor!


A black aura suddenly fell, instantly rushing into Ao Sheng's body.

As Ao Sheng's entire body was bursting with the pitch-black energy, his eyes became scarlet, and his power continuously soared.

Feeling his strength increasing, Ao Sheng's eyes suddenly revealed a crazy look!


Meanwhile, in the Endless Sea, the Netherworld Ship was moving slowly.

Nethery and Flowery sat on the deck, looking at the blue sky. Feeling the sea breeze caress their skin, they felt somewhat relaxed and carefree.

In the seawater, some fishes would occasionally jump. Under the sunlight, the scales of those fishes flashed brightly.

Bu Fang stood in front of the ship's deck, while Shrimpy was curled up on his shoulder, spitting out bubbles.

Boom! Boom!

Bu Fang was thinking about his next destination. He didn't expect that the trip to the Gold Shrimp Tribe would be so unpleasant.

In his opinion, the oceanic species experts were unfriendly.

Whether or not to go to the Black Dragon King was the question that Bu Fang needed to consider.

But thinking about it, Bu Fang thought that the time had come, and it would seem bad if he were to return without settling this matter. The entrance to the Immortal Cooking Realm was about to open, and he didn't know exactly when would that be.

That was why he had to deal with all these things now.

Anyway, with his present cultivation, even if he was unable to defeat the Black Dragon King, that Black Dragon King had no idea that he could easily escape.

After all, he had Nethery and Whitey with him. That was why he boldly moved forward in the Endless Sea.

So, after thinking it through, Bu Fang felt relaxed. Since he was relaxed, he decided to cook a delicious dish to celebrate together.

Bu Fang looked at Flowery and Nethery, and with a thought, he entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

As soon as he entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland, he landed on an undeveloped meadow.

Walking on the green grass, Bu Fang saw a small cabin. In front of that cabin, Niu Hansan was lying on a chair, sleeping.

Many of the ingredients in the Heaven and Earth Farmland had matured, and among them were the cabbages. Since they had matured, they had been harvested already.

The Exploding Flame Peppers looked like lanterns hanging from the top of a branch, blooming and shining.

In the place where the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit was planted, there was now a small sapling. The leaves of the small sapling were lush and full of spirit energy, and it made people very curious as to how the fruit would look like.

The seedlings in the rice field had grown up, and soon, the ears of rice would appear. By that time, what Bu Fang needed to do was wait for the harvest season.

"Oh, Owner Bu, why are you here?

As if he had sensed Bu Fang, Niu Hansan walked over. His fierce head leaned over as he smiled.

"I came to take some ingredients for cooking..." Bu Fang looked at Niu Hansan for a while. Ever since Niu Hansan handled the farmland, everything was in order and full of vitality. That was why he was no longer indifferent to the latter.

"Ingredients for cooking? What kind of ingredients does Owner Bu need?" asked Niu Hansan, grabbing his broken horn as he asked.

"Where's the seafood that I just threw in?

"Seafood? You mean those messy oceanic species? In the river..." Niu Hansan answered.

Bu Fang then walked to the riverbank. He did not know whether it was just his illusion, but it seemed like the river had become wider.

In the river, the oceanic species crabs were crawling, while Brother Octopus was lounging in the river, stretching his tentacles comfortably.

The Tiger Head Shark was lying unconscious, showing its belly. It obviously had not recovered yet after that electric shock.

Brother Octopus suddenly had a weird feeling, so he opened his eyes. The moment he saw Bu Fang, he opened his mouth and let out a loud screech.

In the next moment, the river water blasted out as the octopus charged at Bu Fang.

Niu Hansan was angry. This animal had not been taught enough. Dared to attack Owner Bu!

However, Bu Fang rolled up his sleeves and gestured for Niu Hansan to stop. Raising his hand, he grabbed one of the octopus' tentacles.

"At first, I have no intention of taking an octopus as an ingredient, but now... I think I'll choose you," Bu Fang indifferently said.

Brother Octopus glared. He then saw a kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hand, and it gently slashed down.

With a bang, the octopus was cut off.

Brother Octopus screamed, his whole body shrinking into a roll.

That damn human!

Bu Fang raised the corners of his mouth, then waved his hand at the river. A moment later, a crab flew up, its big pincers clamping on a Blood Lobster. Immediately, Bu Fang rescued the lobster, throwing the innocent creature back into the river.

Bu Fang nodded at Niu Hansan, took the crab, and turned around to leave.

"Owner Bu, is everything good? If you want more ingredients, feel free to come again. The Heaven and Earth Farmland is always your home..." Niu Hansan said in a flattering tone as he trailed behind Bu Fang.

He really loved staying in this comfortable place. The more time he spent in the Heaven and Earth Farmland, the more he wanted to stay here.

Indeed, life here was too comfortable.


The void trembled.

In front of Nethery and Flowery's curious eyes, Bu Fang stepped out, carrying a large crab and an octopus.

As if he sensed Nethery and Flowery's gazes, Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded at both of them.

"The weather is so good, so let's eat some steamed crab with wine. Oh... plus stir-fried octopus." Bu Fang held up the ingredients as he said that.

Flowery and Nethery blinked, then raised their heads.

Bu Fang was shocked, and he also raised his head.

Previously, the sky was cloudless, but at this moment, dark clouds had gathered, covering the entire sky.

The sky darkened in an instant.

It seemed like a storm was coming...

Bu Fang coughed, then continued, "The sea breeze is so cool. These ingredients are perfect for this weather, great for cooking and sharing together. The steamed crab with wine will be absolutely delicious."

Ignoring Bu Fang's embarrassment, Flowery and Nethery's eyes lit up after hearing those dishes. The two gluttons couldn't help but swallow.