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 When the oceanic species experts went out of that crystal city, the conches played music and the sea scallops sang along, creating a solemn and imposing atmosphere.

Bu Fang was somewhat curious as he looked at that scene, which really piqued his interest.

The group of experts was led by a middle-aged man with blonde hair and a catfish mustache. With narrowed eyes and a smile, he revealed a happy expression, causing people to feel lighthearted whenever they looked at him.

Those experts who got out from the crystal city were its large military force, experts from the Gold Shrimp Tribe, and their leader was none other than the Crown Prince of the Gold Shrimp Tribe.

Crab Three sucked in a breath of cold air. He absolutely didn't think that the Crown Prince would come out in person. Could it be that the Crown Prince had sensed the Shrimp Ancestor?

If so, that was a little possible.

The Shrimp Ancestor's status was venerated incomparably, and everyone in the Gold Shrimp Tribe has placed their hopes on him. If the Shrimp Ancestor were to appear, it would be normal for the Gold Shrimp Tribe to appear.

The Crown Prince Ao Sheng took a glance, then saw the Shrimp Ancestor lying on the top of Whitey's head.

The moment he saw the Shrimp Ancestor, his eyes suddenly flashed light. Unbelievable! The Shrimp Ancestor really came back!

Previously, when Ao Bai said these words to him, he found it hard to believe. Unexpectedly, in just a short time, the Shrimp Ancestor was brought back.

In this regard, the smile on Ao Sheng's face became more and more intense as he moved forward to greet Bu Fang's group.

"Crab Leader really bothered you. Go back now and rest well. Leave this matter to me," Ao Sheng said while smiling.

When Crab Three saw the smiling face of Ao Sheng, he suddenly became stressed. He then sighed before retreating to the distance.

Back then, he let the Third Crown Prince go. Indeed, Ao Sheng was really upset with him.

However, this matter also had no other solution. The Third Crown Prince treated him well. That was why he could not just look on helplessly as the Third Crown Prince was being killed by the Crown Prince.

Bu Fang looked at the blond man in front of him. He looked a little like Ao Bai, but compared to Ao Bai, that person was gloomy and his thought was also more and more meticulous.

The blond man looked very elegant as he walked in front of Bu Fang's group. He didn't mention the Shrimp Ancestor's matter. Instead, he just greeted Bu Fang and the others and invited them to the Crystal Palace.

Nethery left the Netherworld Ship and followed behind Bu Fang, entering the crystal city.

As soon as they entered the city, the oceanic species experts at both sides looked at Bu Fang's group.

When they saw Shrimpy, who was lying on the top of Whitey's head exhaling bubbles, they were terrified and knelt down.

Some oceanic species experts expressed excitement, their faces filled with joy.

The Shrimp Ancestor has returned! They would be able to step on the peak again!

"Shrimp Ancestor is a god of our Gold Shrimp Tribe. I am really grateful that you brought our Shrimp Ancestor back..."

Ao Sheng looked around him, and the smile on his face became even more and more intense as he spoke to Bu Fang, who was walking behind him.

"When did I say I'm bringing your Shrimp Ancestor back?" said Bu Fang indifferently, glancing at Ao Sheng with a frown.

The smile on Ao Sheng's face suddenly froze.

"Your Lordship was joking, right? The Shrimp Ancestor certainly belonged to our Gold Shrimp Tribe. Since Your Lordship came here, isn't it to return our Shrimp Ancestor? Could it be that you still wanted to take the Shrimp Ancestor with you when you leave?"

"Of course... I just passed by the territory of the Gold Shrimp Tribe. I originally came here to see Ao Bai. Where is he?" Bu Fang indifferently said.

Hearing Ao Bai's name, the expressions of the oceanic species experts around them shifted, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Everyone looked at Bu Fang with alert and strange gazes.

Following behind Bu Fang was Nethery. Her eyes suddenly narrowed, and her face darkened in an instant.

Ao Sheng stared at Bu Fang with a terrible look.

"Perhaps Your Lordship did not know that Ao Bai had rebelled against our Gold Shrimp Tribe. He was expelled from our tribe. Recently, Ao Bai was relying on the power of the Black Dragon King, who was an enemy of our Gold Shrimp Tribe," Ao Sheng said.

Did Ao Bai rebel and leave the Gold Shrimp Tribe?

Bu Fang was dazed. Initially, Ao Bai invited him to the Gold Shrimp Tribe, and now, Ao Bai was banished from his tribe?

Why was that?

Was there a power struggle? A battle for the throne in the Gold Shrimp Tribe? Did they try to kill each other?

This was possible.

Ao Bai was relying on the help of the Black Dragon King... Was that why Bu Fang received the invitation from the Black Dragon King?

So, it was actually like that...

"Ao Bai harbored evil intentions. He wanted to bring our Gold Shrimp Tribe to enter perdition, and it was not allowed. Now, Your Lordship, you are Ao Bai's friend, but since you are with the Shrimp Ancestor, you are also my friend. As long as Your Lordship leave the Shrimp Ancestor with us... we will naturally treat you as our guests," Ao Sheng said in a serious voice.

Hearing Ao Sheng's words, Bu Fang's brows rose, revealing a surprised look.

What did you mean, Ao Sheng?

Was that a threat?

In the distance, Crab Three was observing everything. Upon hearing Ao Sheng's words, his face suddenly paled.

The atmosphere was very tense, as though swords had been drawn.

Ao Sheng wanted to keep the Shrimp Ancestor. Looking at this situation, it seemed that Ao Sheng would not hesitate to use force and violence.


Would force really be effective against that human?

Crab Three thoughts were full of doubts and suspicion.

Presently, the Gold Shrimp Tribe somewhat changed. Their Crown Prince was very domineering, and possibly, he would lead their entire tribe to enter perdition.

If led by the Third Crown Prince, perhaps the Gold Shrimp Tribe would have the opportunity to rise. What a pity... The Third Crown Prince Ao Bai was banished by the Crown Prince, so the Gold Shrimp Tribe lost a good leader.

"What if I don't leave behind Shrimpy?" Bu Fang asked with an emotionless face.

"Shrimpy?" Ao Sheng's eyes narrowed, somewhat dazed.

"Oh, Shrimpy was the Shrimp Ancestor that you mentioned. This guy..." As Bu Fang said that, he grabbed Shrimpy, who was lying on the top of Whitey's head, and placed it on his shoulder.


Ao Sheng's mouth twitched. Their Majesty, the Shrimp Ancestor, who had moved unchallenged throughout the Endless Sea, was unexpectedly given such a name.

Indeed, insulting the Shrimp Ancestor's powerful prestige?

"Shrimp Ancestor was a part of our Gold Shrimp Tribe. You human... leave and stay away from our Shrimp Ancestor!"

Ao Sheng's face became ice-cold.

As soon as he finished speaking, a group of people stepped out of the Crystal Palace, surrounding Ao Sheng on both sides.

They were elders, and Bu Fang felt a fearful pressure from them.

Indeed, they were worthy of the Gold Shrimp Tribe. Unexpectedly, there were so many Holy Saints.

Most of these elders can be compared to the Holy Saints of the holy lands. Their cultivation had reached the Divine Spirit Realm with one or two divine flames.

Undoubtedly, the appearance of these elders confirmed Ao Sheng's deceptive personality, which was using peaceful measures before using force.

If Bu Fang did not hand over Shrimpy, he would directly snatch Shrimpy away from him?

Looking at their imposing presence and drawn swords, Bu Fang exhaled lightly. Then, his gaze swept across everyone before it finally stopped at Ao Sheng.

Compared with Ao Bai, Ao Sheng... was really a bit foolish.

At least Ao Bai understood what to do.

Bu Fang really hated to be threatened, not to mention being threatened by others after leading him into a trap.

First, they were invited to the crystal city. Then, they were treated courteously to let down their guards before being threatened with force, sending out those Holy Saint experts. Those experts had enough strength to destroy Bu Fang completely.

Also, this place was their territory, which gave them the confidence to do these things.

Those Holy Saints were the reason why the Gold Shrimp Tribe could obtain such a position in the Endless Sea.

Crab Three took a sip of seawater. Surprisingly, the Crown Prince had dispatched many of the elders of the Gold Shrimp Tribe. Was it really because of the Shrimp Ancestor that he sent these elders?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Divine altars suddenly appeared above the heads of those elders.

A glint flashed past the eyes of the oceanic species experts, and they charged at Bu Fang. Their aim was the Shrimp Ancestor on Bu Fang's shoulder.

Bu Fang touched Shrimpy's head, who was lying on his shoulder. He slightly tilted his head and slowly breathed out.

This airwave blew out, causing bubbles to float in the sea.

"Whitey, take care of it," Bu Fang indifferently said.

As soon as Bu Fang finished saying those words, thunder reverberated behind him.

An elder dashed and attacked Bu Fang with an imposing presence, but in an instant, he was thrown backward by a red iron stick. He smashed against the wall of the crystal city, causing a crystal house to be destroyed.

After swallowing the lightning punishment, Whitey's fighting strength had improved a lot. It would have no trouble going against a Saint Sovereign, much less Holy Saints who ignited one or two divine flames.

The metal wings behind Whitey opened, and its body flew out at lightning speed.

Many oceanic species experts were shaken by Whitey's lightning arcs, turning up their bellies.


An elder instantly transformed, turning into a giant golden shrimp. He wielded a giant sickle, dashing as it slashed toward Whitey.

However, even if he had transformed into his real body, it was still useless. He was promptly knocked away by Whitey's War God Stick, landing on the seabed with a crash, raising dust clouds from the sand.

Nethery's long black hair floated up as she floated in one step. In an instant, the Netherworld Ship appeared, and she stood on the deck with an incomparably aggressive look.

Ming Wei and Ming Chong also rushed out in the next moment, injuring the shrimp elder seriously.

Flowery was tiny, but after transforming into the body of the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, the sight of her alone was enough to tremble many oceanic species experts in fear.

After all, it was an ancient divine beast. Its strength was very strong.

Ao Sheng's face paled. He didn't think that these humans were so hard to deal with. However, he was determined that the Shrimp Ancestor must remain here!

Once the Shrimp Ancestor returned, his status would be further elevated, and he would be finally recognized as the legitimate king of the Gold Shrimp Tribe.

But in the next instant, Ao Sheng's eyes shrank.

That was because he saw a kitchen knife suddenly appearing in the hands of the young man.

That kitchen knife had a golden color. It vibrated for a while as a dragon roar reverberated through the void. A moment later, dense and numerous blade lights rapidly gathered.

One, two, three...

In the end, thirteen blade shadows appeared, gathering and condensing into a terrifying blade.


That blade floated above the head of Ao Sheng. In the next instant, both of his legs turned into jelly as he slumped on the ground, his eyes turning darker and darker.


A terrible strength burst out, and the crystal city of the Golden Shrimp Tribe was suddenly cut into two halves

The blade shadow dispersed...

Bu Fang wielded the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, looking at Ao Sheng as he smirked.

"If you weren't Shrimpy's kin, this blade would slice you, and all of you would become Braised Mantis Shrimp. If Shrimpy, your Shrimp Ancestor, wanted to return, I will not stop him. But if you try to grab him against his will... your death will be worth it."