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 Chapter 94: The Rice Noodle Roll That Costs Twenty Crystals per Mouthful

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Bu Fang brought the Rice Noodle Roll that was like an exquisitely carved jade into the dining area. As he looked at the glistening Rice Noodle Roll, a soft growl came from his stomach.

The fragrance of the Rice Noodle Roll was not strong-perhaps due to the filling being enveloped within the wrapper-but its appearance was extremely appetizing. At least, Bu Fang was already unable to hold himself back any longer.

When eating Rice Noodle Roll, a special sauce should naturally be used. Just the thought of eating the smooth and tasty Rice Noodle Roll dipped with the savory sour sauce was enough to excite anyone.

After he took a bite of the Rice Noodle Roll, the oil immediately seeped out from the meat filling. The accumulated fragrance burst out at that moment and instantly rushed into Bu Fang's face, causing him to involuntarily lapse into an euphoric state. The wrapping of the Rice Noodle Roll was gratifyingly smooth and its texture was extremely good. It slightly bounced around in his mouth and produced a springy feeling when he bit down.

As expected, the products provided by the system were definitely the finest. The taste of the Rice Noodle Roll was indeed pretty good and was certainly worthy of its pricing of ten crystals. Bu Fang nodded as he continued to gobble down the Rice Noodle Roll.

"Oh my! Owner Bu, you're finally opened! I've missed you so much for the past two days!"

While Bu Fang was eating the Rice Noodle Roll, a boorish voice came from outside the store. Fatty Jin and his buddies had arrived in a majestic manner and they immediately spotted Bu Fang as they stepped into the store.

Fatty Jin's eyes immediately lit up and seemed rather impatient as he inhaled the fragrance wafting within the store.

"Owner Bu, have you added another new dish?" Fatty Jin asked.

"Oh... That's right," Bu Fang mumbled as he glanced at Fatty Jin with his mouth stuffed with the Rice Noodle Roll.

Fatty Jin swallowed his saliva and a series of growls involuntarily sounded out from his stomach as he watched Bu Fang finish off the last piece of Rice Noodle Roll. He turned his head and looked at the menu on the wall.

"The new dish is... Rice Noodle Roll, right? Eh? There's an improved version like the Egg-Fried Rice?" Fatty Jin exclaimed. When he took another look at the price, he saw that the ordinary Rice Noodle Roll was ten crystals per serving while the improved version of the Rice Noodle Roll was... Good heavens! Sixty crystals per serving?!

"Owner Bu... The difference in the prices is ridiculous!" Fatty Jin said as he turned his head and looked toward Bu Fang, who was tidying up after finishing the food.

"Once you have a taste, you'll understand the reason for the pricing," Bu Fang expressionlessly replied before he went back into the kitchen. He placed the plate into the automatic dishwasher and returned to the dining area.

Fatty Jin was actually feeling rather conflicted. Although he was rich, spending a few hundred crystals per day was somewhat unbearable even if his family owned a crystal mine.

"I'll have a serving of the ordinary Rice Noodle Roll first, as well as a serving of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Red Braised Meat each. Oh, I'll have the Improved Egg-Fried Rice as well! After eating Owner Bu's Egg-Fried Rice, my cultivating speed has become much faster," Fatty Jin said with a chuckle.

"Alright, wait a moment," Bu Fang said with a nod. After he noted the orders of the others, he turned around and went back into the kitchen.

Now that Bu Fang obtained the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, his cutting technique had improved quite a bit. His speed when handling the ingredients was also much faster than before. After a short while, he finished dealing with the ingredients of the dishes and started cooking.

A rich fragrance once again drifted out from the kitchen and into the dining area of the store, causing Fatty Jin and his buddies to involuntarily lapse into an euphoric state.

"The dishes cooked by Owner Bu still smell the best. Smelling the aroma alone is enough to make one feel a sense of satisfaction." Fatty Jin hummed in euphoria.

After a while, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen while carrying a dish. The first dish he served to Fatty Jin was the Rice Noodle Roll, which was also the dish that Fatty Jin wanted to eat the most. Since it was a new dish, he wanted to try it out.

"Here's your Rice Noodle Roll, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang said as he placed the plate of Rice Noodle Roll as well as a condiment bowl filled with sauce in front of Fatty Jin.

When Fatty Jin saw the crystal-clear Rice Noodle Roll that looked like a piece of artwork, he could not help but lick his lips. He immediately picked up the Rice Noodle Roll, dipped it in the sauce and impatiently took a bite.

As he bit into the springy wrapper that contained the aromatic spirit pork, the oil that overflowed into Fatty Jin's mouth caused his entire body to tremble in happiness and his eyes to instantly light up.

"Delicious! Owner Bu's dishes are indeed all excellent!" Fatty Jin licked his lips clean before he continued eating the Rice Noodle Roll. However, with his food intake, the entire serving of Rice Noodle Roll only lasted three bites.

As Fatty Jin sucked on his fingers, the flesh on his face was almost scrunched together. With such a small serving, he was still not satisfied.

However, Fang Fang's Little Store only allowed dishes to be ordered once...

"Owner Bu, give me a serving of the Improved Rice Noodle Roll!" Unable to resist the temptation any longer, Fatty clenched his teeth and ordered the Improved Rice Noodle Roll, which was six times costlier than the normal version.

Bu Fang, who was in the kitchen, was surprised for a moment. Then, the corners of his mouth widened into a smile as he nodded.

Only after Bu Fang served Fatty Jin's remaining orders as well as the other's orders, did he finally start cooking Fatty Jin's Improved Rice Noodle Roll.

There was basically no difference in the steps for the improved version of the Rice Noodle Roll. The main difference was in the filling. The ingredient used was the meat of the seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow that Bu Fang personally acquired.

Bu Fang sliced off a small piece of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat. It was extremely fresh and tender and the marbling on its surface seemed to be glistening with vibrant colors. A dense amount of spirit energy was packed within the meat.

Bu Fang used the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife to turn the piece of beef into mincemeat. Since the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had the ability to preserve the spirit energy within the ingredients, the spirit energy within the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat was perfectly retained.

After the cooking finished, the aroma of the meat was like a bomb had exploded within the kitchen. Even the obese men in the dining area were attracted by the smell. They were swallowing their salivas as they looked toward Bu Fang's direction.

"What kind of meat is this... What a strong fragrance! I've never smelled any meat as aromatic as this before!" This was what the obese men were thinking. Their expectations were high for the next dish Bu Fang was about to bring out.

Soon, a slim and tall figure walked out of the kitchen. His slender fingers were grasping a porcelain plate and a crystal-clear Rice Noodle Roll was placed in the middle...

Everyone's eyes that were originally filled with expectation immediately revealed a trace of disappointment. So, it was still a Rice Noodle Roll...

On the other hand, Fatty Jin did not care. He was the one who was going to eat it after all. Thus, he cheerfully waited for the Improved Rice Noodle Roll.

"You fools! This is the Improved Rice Noodle Roll, which costs sixty crystals per serving! How could you judge its quality from the appearance? You need to focus on the inner beauty!" The pudgy flesh on Fatty Jin's face continuously trembled.

"Improved Rice Noodle Roll, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang simply said.

Fatty Jin glanced at Bu Fang before he picked up the Rice Noodle Roll and dipped it with a little bit of sauce. His hand was trembling as he sent it into his mouth.

This mouthful... was exactly twenty crystals!

Fatty Jin felt as if he was not biting a Rice Noodle Roll... but an expensive crystal essence!

So, he acted very carefully. After taking a bite, he even pursed his lips so that not even a single piece of minced meat was wasted.

As the Rice Noodle Roll entered his mouth, Fatty Jin immediately felt the difference. His eyes were originally very small. However, as everyone watched, his tiny eyes actually widened to the max within a second.

His nostrils widened and two streams of hot air gushed out! Within that hot air, dense amount of spirit energy was present!


After chewing for a while, Fatty Jin swallowed the piece of Rice Noodle Roll in his mouth. He sighed in relief as if he had just experienced a roller coaster ride.

"How's the taste?" Bu Fang asked in curiosity. Even he had not tasted the Improved Rice Noodle Roll yet. However, Bu Fang was very confident that the taste of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat would be good.

Fatty Jin's lips were trembling as spirit energy continued to gush out from his nostrils. He looked at Bu Fang and gave two thumbs up.

"It's unparalleled! It's extremely delicious!" Fatty Jin grinned as he said, "This dense amount of spirit energy... made the true energy within my body instantly reach the bottleneck! My confidence in advancing to the next level has become even higher!"

After Fatty Jin finished praising the dish, he did not say anything further. He finished off the rest of the Rice Noodle Roll and hurriedly paid the bill before leaving with his buddies.

He wanted to go home and advance to the next level.

Bu Fang breathed a sigh of relief in his mind as well. "Looks like the reaction isn't bad for the ingredient I personally acquired..."

After cleaning up the tableware, the interior of the store became deserted for a moment.

Bu Fang pulled a chair toward the entrance and curled up on it. As he stared at the empty alleyway-which was already repaired by the crown prince's men-a question surfaced in his mind.

"Usually, shouldn't that girl have already arrived by now? Why isn't she here yet? Did she forget that the store is opened today?"

Bu Fang thought as he cozily yawned.