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 The Netherworld Ship followed behind the leading crab, breaking the waves to move forward.

There were mountain ranges under the sea. After crossing those mountains and meandering rocks, they finally saw a beautiful, undersea city.

It was a real city. Although the buildings weren't really massive, they looked very luxurious. Those structures were glowing radiantly as if they were made of crystal.

The glass buildings looked elegant and stylish, and the towers and pavilions were so dazzling.

Rumble! Rumble!

As the leading crab landed, a patrol troop of oceanic species' experts swam out.

The leader of the troop looked like an octopus. That expert had round eyes and a round mouth with some close-knit teeth.

Holding a fine, sharp lance made of some mineral crystal, the octopus leader shouted, "Crab Three! Who followed you here?! You dare bring outsiders to our Gold Shrimp Tribe's territory!"

The voice of the octopus expert seemed to be some sort of special sound as waves shook the water around them.

Crab Three was the crab leader of the Gold Shrimp Tribe. Actually, the Gold Shrimp Tribe didn't include only gold shrimps. Many other experts from other tribes and clans were subjected to them, creating a great tribe.

Anyway, the gold shrimps were the main leaders of the Gold Shrimp Tribe.

The Endless Sea was immensely vast. However, the oceanic species creatures would have war all the time to compete for natural resources.

Thus, many creatures in the sea would choose to depend on some strong tribes, becoming their subordinates and guards.

As they were the strongest, the Black Dragon King from the Black Dragon Clan had gathered so many experts in the Endless Sea, making them the strongest force that could scare the other clans.

Facing the Black Dragon King, the other members of the oceanic species that didn't want to be under his rule had gathered to resist, and the Gold Shrimp Tribe was one of them.

Of course, without the Shrimp Ancestor, who used to rule the Endless Sea, the Gold Shrimp Tribe was now just a so-so force. Facing the Black Dragon King, they had to struggle to protect themselves.

"Brother Octopus... The ones following me are..." With a grimace, Crab Three tried to explain the situation.

However, just as he was about to explain, the octopus expert had interrupted him.

Just like him, Brother Octopus belonged to the patrol forces of the Gold Shrimp Tribe. However, they were from different troops. The octopus troop and the crab troop had always competed against each other.

But now, he didn't know where that human had sent his troop. That was why, facing Brother Octopus right now, he wasn't really confident.

More importantly, he didn't want to cause trouble. It was because... their Shrimp Ancestor was on that ship!

The Shrimp Ancestor had finally returned to the Gold Shrimp Tribe. Who dared to stop him?!

Of course, when such an event happened, they must report to His Highness.

"Stop making excuses... I know what you want to say, but as the Gold Shrimp Tribe's guards, we're responsible for stopping all the creatures that come near the Gold Shrimp Tribe without prior notice. Crab Three, you've violated the guards' rules, and you know that! You will be put into the oil wok, you understand?!"

The eight tentacles moved around Brother Octopus' face as his tone turned sharper. Wielding his lance, he aimed it at Crab Three.

Crab Three turned ash-gray, saying, "Don't cause trouble... I don't have the time nor the mood to quarrel with you!"

"Hey, Crab Three... You're scared, aren't you? I, Brother Octopus, am disgusted with you. So, I can't let you bring those strangers behind you into our Gold Shrimp Tribe!"

Brother Octopus rolled his eyes as he said that. Whenever he wielded his lance, high waves rose around him.

"Unless... You let me check those people's identities in that black ship behind you!"

Check... Check them?!

Crab Three was bewildered. Then, his face turned dark.

This octopus didn't need his face. An octopus dared to show off in front of him? In normal circumstances, Crab Three would surely wield his pincers to battle against that octopus for three hundred matches.

But now, he didn't dare... He had to swallow his anger.


Crab Three's body turned stiff, his face awkward. An indifferent voice came from the Netherworld Ship behind him.

"You want to check us? Good... Come here."

This voice sounded really calm. It was so calm that it surprised the oceanic species' experts around them.

A moment later, the Brother Octopus' eyes narrowed. Those people disdained this octopus, didn't they?

Holding his long lance, Brother Octopus moved in the water. Shortly, he reached Crab Three and halted beside him.

"Crab Three... You shouldn't dream about bringing unknown people to the Gold Shrimp Tribe through my gate. Back then, when you let the Third Crown Prince go, you had enraged His Great Highness. Today, I will punish you on behalf of His Great Highness!"

Brother Octopus narrowed his eyes as he said that. Then, he glided toward the Netherworld Ship.

Since the Netherworld Ship was covered by a layer of dark Nether energy, Brother Octopus and his guards couldn't see anything on the ship.

Thus, they had to come nearer to check.

Rumble! Rumble!

All of a sudden, the dark energy on the black Netherworld Ship parted to two sides. Immediately, Brother Octopus could see things on the ship.

"Yeah? Humans?"

Brother Octopus saw Bu Fang standing with his hands clasped, as well as graceful Nethery and Flowery, who was dangling her exquisite legs on the deck.

Three living humans?!

Brother Octopus' mouth twitched.

They said that... humans taste... really good!

He didn't expect that Crab Three would hide three humans behind him. What was Crab Three's purpose after all?

Anyway... If they were Crab Three's prey, perhaps he could fill his stomach today. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed human delicacies!

Crab Three looked at the drooling octopus expert, his face twitching.

As for Bu Fang, he clasped his hands, looking at the octopus expert as their eyes met in the seawater.

"Hello... Human!" Brother Octopus grinned. Looking at the other's soft skin... It was incredibly delicious!

Brother Octopus felt his appetite stirring, enticing him.

"I heard that you want to check us?" asked Bu Fang.

Brother Octopus was bewildered. Then, his eyes squinted as he wielded his lance. Slowly, a terrifying pressure pressed on Bu Fang's group.

"You guys might have something related to the rebels... Get off your boat. Let me inspect!" the octopus expert said.

Far from them, Crab Three covered his face. He could envision Brother Octopus' miserable fate.

That human was savage, and Crab Three had first-hand experience of such savageness. Recalling what had happened earlier, he was still frightened until now.

Furthermore, there was that scary iron puppet that could discharge lightning inside the cabin...

When that lightning struck... Brother Octopus would surely become a toasted octopus.

"We must disembark to be inspected? Not interested... I don't want to disembark. Anyway, I'm going to show you something nice," said Bu Fang indifferently, his Vermillion Robe swaying gently.

"Something nice? What's it?" Brother Octopus was bewildered.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth rose as he clapped his hands.

"Whitey, get out here for some exercise."

As soon as Bu Fang said that, sounds of footsteps slowly arose from inside the Netherworld Ship's cabin.

Rumble! Rumble!

As the deck moved, the water gently shook.

Brother Octopus squinted, gazing at the cabin. All of a sudden, he felt a formidable pressure.

What was going on?! What was inside that cabin?

Sizzle... Sizzle...

Brother Octopus suddenly felt a wave of lightning arc crossing over the water. In an instant, he was paralyzed...


Where did that f*cking paralyzing feeling come from?

Brother Octopus' eyes shrank. He took in the seawater, looking at the ship.

A round iron puppet was sauntering out of the cabin. That puppet had lightning arcs crawling in its eyes and all over its body.

Lightning arcs...

Wait a minute! Lightning arcs?!

Brother Octopus was bewildered. A moment later, he shrieked.

Whitey's eyes twinkled. Then, the metal wings on its back spread open as the black hole in its tummy emerged. Drawing the War God Stick out of the black hole, it dashed toward Brother Octopus.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The lightning around the War God Stick made the water around explode crazily. It boomed, causing high waves to rise.

Brother Octopus screeched. His sound waves expanded one after another, causing the oceanic species' experts around them to have a splitting headache.

However, at this moment, Brother Octopus had no choice.

As the War God Stick was pounding on him, he instinctively used his best power. The lightning arc on the stick had scared him a lot.

The lance thrust out, bringing with it his best power. Water dragons swept over the place.


It squeaked and cracked.

Brother Octopus was baffled, looking at his shattered lance and the lightning stick pounding on him.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The lightning arc expanded, covering Brother Octopus entirely in just a glimpse of time. His body rolled, convulsing uncontrollably.

Eventually, after a short boom, he transformed back into his real body, which was a giant, eight-tentacle octopus! At this moment, the eight-tentacle octopus rolled its eyes, floating like a sponge.

Even though they were undersea, everybody seemed to smell the aroma of roast octopus...

Crab Three was dumbfounded. Brother Octopus was electrocuted to death?

The War God Stick returned to Whitey's hand. Shouldering the red iron stick, its lightning-arc eyes swept through the place.

Bu Fang raised his hand, waving. Immediately, Brother Octopus' body floated, drifting toward him.

Grabbing one of the octopus' tentacles, the lightning on its body reached Bu Fang, which made Bu Fang frown slightly.

That lightning was really powerful. Worthy of being the lightning punishment!

Bu Fang's true energy swelled, expelling the lightning. His hand shook once, making the octopus expert vanish into thin air.

"What a fat octopus... Shouldn't be wasted," Bu Fang mumbled.

Crab Three's mouth convulsed... Indeed, Brother Octopus, who had been rampant for three seconds, had followed his crab troop.

He had no idea what kind of nightmare was waiting for them. Did this human come to sweep off the entire oceanic species?

Boom! Boom!

As Crab Three stood there in a daze, his spirit was shaken. He turned around and saw oceanic species troops getting out the crystal city, lining up on two sides of the city's entrance.

The conch horns blew, echoing. The flapping scallops created a melody, which filled the entire place.

From the city, many gold-haired experts floated up, moving.

Crab Three's expression shifted the moment he saw the leader of that group.

"It's His Great Highness... His Great Highness came here himself?!"