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 Bu Fang knew about crabs pretty well.

When he was in the Light Wind Empire, he used to cook a dish called Fried Spotted Crab. However, that spotted crab was nothing compared to the giant crab in front of him. There was a big gap between these two cooking ingredients.

Looking at a midget person wielding a cyan crab's pincer, Bu Fang's face turned awkward.

It was a crab in human form. When it was angered, it transformed.

Looking at the giant crab, Bu Fang gently exhaled. His hand squeezed the giant pincer, throwing it instantly.

The crab expert was dumbstruck. He found the scene in front of him changed continuously. Then, his giant body was hurled, falling with a loud crash on the sea surface far away, rising big waves.

Bu Fang stepped on the Netherworld Ship's deck. His body shot like an arrow as he dashed fast on the waves, heading toward the giant crab that had just fallen into the sea...

In just a glimpse of time, the water surface exploded. The ferocious crab wielded its pincers, clamping at Bu Fang.

"You damn human! Die!"

The crab expert had used all of his power in this attack. Under such a terrifying might, the void howled and screeched.

Far from them, the Tiger Head Shark sensed the attack's pressure, causing it to shudder.

That crab was indeed worthy of being an expert from the Gold Shrimp Tribe. So fierce!

Although he was just a crab in a shrimp clan, his power was terrifyingly formidable!

The Tiger Head Shark opened its mouth full of sharp teeth, squirting water. In fact, it was a little excited as it did hope that the Gold Shrimp Tribe's expert could smash that human into a squishy pulp.

After all, that human had tortured it, making it tug their ship. To the shark, it was a horrible experience, so its hatred for that human intensified even further.

No matter what, it was an oceanic species creature. As soon as it followed the Gold Shrimp Tribe, it could save its life. However, if this human had it, only God knew what its consequence would be.

Thus, the shark hoped that this human would be killed. And, in the best scenario, the big ship behind him would be shattered too!

However, against its hopes and expectations, its wishes didn't become true.

That was because the crab expert's attack... didn't create any threat or danger to that human.

That human seemed terrifyingly strong as the attack of a crab at the Divine Soul Realm was parried effortlessly.


Another explosion shook the sea surface. Bu Fang grabbed the giant crab one more time, hurling it away.

The Tiger Head Shark was speechless. Looking at the crab expert that didn't have a bit of power to resist, it became more desperate.

The shadow that that human had brought to it became even thicker. It was such a tragic incident to encounter that human.

The experts of the Gold Shrimp Tribe had never thought that the crab expert was no match for that. When they saw that their leader was in trouble, some of the other crab experts wielded their big pincers, rushing at Bu Fang immediately.

Bu Fang calmly stood on the sea surface as his Vermillion Robe slowly fluttered in the wind. His eyes rolled, looking at the crabs rushing toward him. The corners of his mouth rose.

A moment later...

High waves rose in his spirit sea as he released his mental force. It turned into a ripple, expanding everywhere. Instantly, it covered the entire place.


The sea dented as if it was pressed by a horribly strong force.

The rushing crabs were pressed into the sea. Their eyes rolled and widened, disbelief written all over their faces.

The intimidating pressure in the air told them how powerful that human was. They had never felt such a formidable aura before.

The sea surface had a dent, which looked like a bowl, with Bu Fang standing in the middle of it. Around him, waves rose high and unceasingly as he watched around.

Then, he tiptoed on the sea surface. Instantly, his body soared like a dragon up into the sky.


The crab experts were forced inside the sea. Their bodies twisted, transforming back into their crab shape. Raising their claws, they didn't know what to do.

"It's good anyway. My farmland needs more seafood... I choose you guys," Bu Fang mumbled.

When the crabs heard him, they felt so alarmed.

What did that human mean?


Suddenly, a mysterious force expanded, which made them dizzy. In an instant, they disappeared from the sea surface.

The Tiger Head Shark was dumbstruck, looking at the equally strong crab experts that had been sent soaring into the sky disappear mysteriously.

Did that human blast them off?

The crab expert leader protruded his head from the sea, looking at Bu Fang in bewilderment. His body was shivering hard.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, looking at the quivering crab.

"And now... Can you bring me to the Gold Shrimp Tribe?

The crab leader felt like crying. If he knew this human was that powerful, he wouldn't force anything.

Many humans came to the Endless Sea to explore, but it was the first time he had ever met such a brutal human.

"Alright... Okay..."

The crab leader could only wield his claw, whining.


Bu Fang retrieved his mental force. Instantly, the sea calmed down, and the bowl-like dent on the water surface disappeared.

Bu Fang landed on the Netherworld Ship, standing on the deck. He checked the Tiger Head Shark shaking in the sea...

Nethery and the others looked at Bu Fang for a while. They hadn't expected to see Bu Fang's cultivation base at such an intimidating level.

"You Tiger Head Shark... You should stay in my farmland too. I heard that Tiger Head Sharks taste really good if cooked right," said Bu Fang casually, rubbing his chin.

The Tiger Head Shark shivered, its tail flapping.

Immediately, it ran away for its life...

What the f*ck...

The Tiger Head Shark didn't want to be blown off!

Looking at the Tiger Head Shark swimming away, Bu Fang exhaled.

"Whitey... Bring it back here."


Whitey slowly walked out of the cabin, with lightning arcs crawling on its entire body. Receiving Bu Fang's order, the lightning arcs ran wild in its eyes.

A moment later, Whitey began to dash on the deck. Jumping, the metal wings on its back spread open. Lighting sizzled unceasingly.


The seawater was pushed to two sides by Whitey's pressure as it rushed on the water. Compared to Bu Fang's elegant strolling, Whitey was truly a savage beast. Each of its steps would explode the water surface.


A moment later, the Tiger Head Shark, who was diving deep into the water, felt a shadow looming over it from above.

The Tiger Head Shark was bewildered, rolling its eyes. Then, it saw a leaf-like palm patting on its body.

The Tiger Head Shark was enraged. It was afraid of that human, but why did this iron puppet dare to provoke it too?!

Let's see if this shark could swallow that lump!


An explosion echoed. The Tiger Head Shark jumped ferociously, its fishtail patted as its body leaped up from the sea.

Sparkling bubbles shattered.

It was a majestic, confident leap, a perfect move with a good idea and execution...

However, despite that graceful jump, the Tiger Head Shark received a hit on its head.

Facing that leaping Tiger Head Shark, Whitey's metal wings flapped once. Its body moved a little bit back before its massive metal foot stomped.

Brutally, it stomped on the Tiger Head Shark's head.


The massive body of the Tiger Head Shark was sent into the water.

Whitey's eyes twinkled. A moment later, the black hole on its belly emerged, and the red iron War God Stick appeared in its hands.

Holding the War God Stick in one hand, Whitey cocked its head to one side. Looking at the Tiger Head Shark protruding out of the water surface, it gently poked once...

Sizzle... Sizzle...

The War God Stick shot terrifying lightning strikes.

Far from them, Bu Fang stood on the Netherworld Ship. Despite the distance, he still felt the intimidation of the lightning strike...

In the water, the crab leader was frightened. He jumped out of the water, paling in fear!

That f*cking puppet could discharge lightning!

To the oceanic species' experts, what was the most frightening thing?

It was a lightning strike!

To them, it was like a nightmare. As long as thunderstorms appeared above the sea, the oceanic species' experts would hide deep in the sea. They wouldn't dare to go out, or else, the lightning would strike them to death!

Bu Fang blinked.

Flowery was curious, leaning against the handrail to watch the fight far from them.


The Tiger Head Shark was poked deep in the sea. A moment later, it rolled, leaping up, showing its white belly.

Its body was shaking...

Whitey's poke had almost gotten the shark electrocuted to death. Grabbing the Tiger Head Shark by its tail, Whitey walked on the water surface, returning. Folding its metal wings, it landed behind Bu Fang.

Meanwhile, Shrimpy was spitting out bubbles on Whitey's head.

After putting the Tiger Head Shark into his farmland, Bu Fang became suddenly curious about his farmland's layout. However, he didn't have much time to care about it now.

He wasn't worried at all. No matter what, Niu Hansan was keeping his farmland. That demon was much stronger than those oceanic species' experts. Those experts... couldn't raise any wind there.

The crab leader knew Bu Fang's prowess. This time, he didn't hesitate. He proactively guided the way.

Of course, there was another reason for his enthusiasm and willingness. It was because he saw the Shrimp Ancestor lying on Whitey's head.

Naturally, the crab leader knew the Shrimp Ancestor. However, he didn't expect to see that human bringing their Shrimp Ancestor to the Gold Shrimp Tribe.

Pulling an awkward face, he looked at Bu Fang, then at Shrimpy. After that, the crab moved first, diving deep into the sea.

Bu Fang was bewildered. He turned to see Nethery.

Nethery crossed her arms in front of her chest, her mind flickering.

Immediately, the Netherworld Ship separated the water, beginning to dive...

Bu Fang was even more bewildered.

Turns out the Netherworld Ship could move like this. So, why did he have to dumbly dive into the sea like he had just done?

Of course, Nethery was too lazy to answer him.

The Netherworld Ship was a ship that could pierce through secret realms, so moving in the water couldn't trouble it, anyway.

A faint, thin membrane covered the entire ship, preventing the seawater from entering it.

The crab leader swam fast ahead with the Netherworld Ship trailing behind, slowly following his lead. A moment later, the scenery began to change.

In front of their eyes, a wonderful undersea city emerged.