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 Bu Fang didn't expect that Flowery would eat up the roast clam. It turned out that little girl was also a big glutton.

The air was still filled with the roast clam's aroma.

The Dragon Purple Razor Clam was a relatively peak level existence among the oceanic species, which meant its meat was incredibly delicious.

Especially after it was roasted with Bu Fang's special sauce. Its savor would be even more fascinating.

Although Flowery had eaten the clam, Bu Fang and Nethery didn't blame her.

The two then surrounded the grill.

Bu Fang took out the cleaned cubes of Dragon Purple Razor Clam from his system dimensional bag and placed them on the grill. Instantly, water dripped from them to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The sizzling sounds echoed unceasingly.

They could see the water drops being evaporated by the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. The steam struck the clam's meat on the rack, shaking them, and the meat's color began to change at a speed naked eye could observe.

The razor clam's meat was really nice. However, perhaps because it was a Razor Clam King, it would take more time to cook.

Thick aroma diffused, filling the air. It was the aroma of the clam after its meat had changed into a gold hue.

Bu Fang took out the sauce he had prepared, smearing the clam's meat. Instantly, it became dazzling gold, and the others could see some faint radiance shooting from the meat's surface.

Flowery and Nethery were standing around, their eyes bright.

Flowery opened her mouth wide, drooling. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes continued to roll, clearly showing her happy mood.

Bu Fang flipped the clam cubes on the grill and continued to cook them.

The temperature was extremely high now, which even twisted the air above the grill. Looking from the top, the dark gold flames inside seemed to have a tinge of red flames dancing.

He took out Purple Garlic and Scale Tail Scallion, mincing and mixing them together. Then, he took half a spoon of Abyssal Chili Sauce, pouring into a small bowl.

Then, he poured the minced Purple Garlic and Scale Tail Scallion to chili sauce, stirring to mix them altogether after adding some drops of oily juice and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

After stirring this mixture for a while, Bu Fang had finished making his sauce.

At this moment, the razor clam's meat on the grill was almost done. The clam's crystal rod slowly rose.

Taking out a pair of narrow and long chopsticks, Bu Fang casually flicked the razor clam's cubes on the grill, making them fall into the porcelain plate he had prepared.

Sizzling, the oil-splashing razor clam's meat fell into the plate. Bu Fang smeared them with chili sauce.

The Grilled Dragon Purple Razor Clam King was done.

Bu Fang handed Nethery the first bowl. Since Nethery was the one who found this Dragon Purple Razor Clam King, she should receive the first serving of this delicacy.

Nethery didn't have any reaction to this. Her face was nonchalant as she received the Grilled Dragon Purple Razor Clam King from Bu Fang. However, her parted red lips showed her happy mood.

After receiving the bowl from Bu Fang, Nethery looked at the razor clam's meat with sauce and rolling steam. She couldn't help but take in a deep breath.

The clam's aroma instantly got into her nostrils, shaking her taste buds.

It smelled so good... Very, very good.

With only a single whiff, Nethery found her appetite thoroughly stimulated.

She grabbed her chopsticks, spreading the sauce Bu Fang had added for her. She made the sauce cover all the gold cubes, concealing the radiance from the razor clam's meat.

Then, she picked up a steaming hot cube, placing it into her mouth.

Opening her red lips, Nethery exhaled steam, chomping on the grilled razor clam.


Juice splashed. The moment she bit the clam, the mix of juice and sauce entered her mouth.

As Nethery chewed, she became stupefied. The thick savor of razor clam gave her a disbelieving look.

The elastic cube bounced, hitting her oral cavity unceasingly as she chewed faster. It felt like she was immersed in the sea when the smoothness of the razor clam's meat shrouded her.

The chili sauce was spicy enough, accompanied by the flavors of the Purple Garlic and Scale Tail Scallion, which had blended well with the delicious razor clam's meat and cooking wine. Together, they created such a... gourmet dish!

After Nethery chewed and swallowed the cube of clam meat, she shivered, exhaling white steam.

Bu Fang looked at Nethery's pleased appearance, grinning as he asked, "Is it good?"

He hadn't stopped cooking yet. His chopsticks flicked, picking up an oil-splashing cube of razor clam's meat, which he sent into another plate.

Adding bits of chili sauce, he handed the plate to Flowery.

Even though the little girl had stolen the previous grilled clam, Bu Fang still gave her some. After all, the taste of the Clam King was, of course, different from the ordinary clam...

And, at the same time... He had adjusted the sauce, so the clam the little girl had eaten wasn't the perfect one.

This one was the perfect one.

Biting the clam's meat, Flowery's eyes goggled. She mumbled something. Apparently, she regretted her rash action earlier.

Gulping, Flowery's throat swelled. She had just swallowed a big cube of razor clam's meat.

While they were eating to their heart's content, Bu Fang also grabbed a cube, eating it.

It was true that the flavor was so good. The grilled, gold razor clam had a thick fragrance that lingered in people's mouths and nostrils, making them sink into it.

The night fell. Two crescent moons hovered in the sky, releasing cold moonlight that was reflected on the immensely vast sea.

The surroundings were so tranquil that they only heard the sounds of rattling winds and splashing waves.

Waves and foams came from a far distance, hitting on the beach, shattering.

The air was filled with aroma, making people want to eat more.

Flowery contentedly lay on the beach, rubbing her swollen tummy as she exhaled hot steam.

Nethery didn't act as exaggerated as the little girl. However, she was hugging her long legs while sitting on the beach, watching the immense sea.

Sometimes, when you look at the sea, you will find it so beautiful.

The wind fluttered by, billowing Nethery's long black dress and fanning her black hair.

Bu Fang lay on the beach as well. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was kept next to him, while the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame still burned inside the wok.

Everything was quiet.

After filling their stomach to their heart's content, the three of them were somewhat lazy.

Whitey, who was staying not far from Bu Fang, still had lightning arcs moving on its body. Its mechanical eyes twinkled unceasingly.

Shrimpy was lying on the puppet's round head. Sometimes, lightning struck it, causing it to shake its body.

"The sea is really a good place..."

The night was getting darker and deeper. A pleasured sigh echoed, breaking the silence.


Under the dark, velvet night, the vast sea surged. A cold-looking, metal ship was traveling across the sea.

This giant ship slowly and effortlessly surfed the waves.

Figures shrouded in black cloaks stood on the deck. They were the demon kings from the Ruin Prison.

"Unbelievable... The Endless Sea is so lively and strong. This is so much different from our Dead Sea in the Ruin Prison!" a demon king exclaimed.

Waves rose high on the sea, splashing foams and bubbles.

Another demon king raised his hand, releasing energy, covering that cool water bubble.

The bubble floated, flying toward the demon king. He took a deep breath, and the salty aroma of the seawater cheered him.

"Endless Sea... I seem to smell... so many good foods!"

Rumble! Rumble!

A strong wave came, shaking the entire ship.

Although the ship shook, swaying from side to side, it was still steadily moving forward, splashing waves and bubbles.


Bu Fang opened his eyes. Droplets of salty water sprayed on his face, startling him.

It was broad daylight as the dazzling sun hung high in the sky. The endless, clear blue sky was so eye-catching.

The night was gone.

Turning around, he saw Nethery dangling her beautiful, creamy legs on the Netherworld Ship's deck.

Flowery was playing with the seawater on the beach, laughing contentedly.

Rubbing his neck, Bu Fang stood up. The cool wind brushed his face, making him exhale in satisfaction.

"We should go."

He called the little girl back to the Netherworld Ship. After one night anchored here, Nethery controlled the Netherworld Ship, moving forward.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Netherworld Ship cracked the seawater, slowly moving.

The sea and sky now had the same color, and this black Netherworld Ship had broken that harmony.

On the Netherworld Ship, Nethery looked at Bu Fang, her face emotionless as she asked, "Where is our destination?"

"The Black Dragon King of the Black Dragon Palace invited us," replied Bu Fang.

Nethery crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking at Bu Fang indifferently. "Tell me the direction of the Black Dragon King's Dragon Palace."

Bu Fang was dumbstruck, his face baffled. Then, he walked to the front deck, looking around.

Everywhere around them was the surging, vast Endless Sea. At this moment, the corners of his mouth convulsed.

He forgot an important thing, which was... He didn't know where the Black Dragon King's palace was...

Where was their destination?

"Don't look at me. I don't know. The Black Dragon Palace isn't a secret realm. It's not within the Netherworld Ship's sensing range," said Nethery.

If it were a secret realm, the Netherworld Ship could pierce through spaces to get to that secret place directly.

Bu Fang was speechless.

He turned around, walking into the cabin. Shortly after, he returned with gold Shrimpy in his hand, walking back to the front deck.

"Shrimpy, since you're the Shrimp Ancestor, you must know where the Black Dragon Palace in the Endless Sea is located, right?"

Bu Fang stared at Shrimpy, looking at it in the eyes.

However, Shrimpy was still making bubbles. The straight, compound eyes moved, but it said nothing.

Looking at each other for a while, Bu Fang's eyes felt sore. Then, he put Shrimpy back to Whitey's head.

Walking to the deck, Bu Fang looked at Nethery and said, "It's no use. I'm going into the sea and find some big guy to ask for directions. I'll find some food too... Wait for me."

Then, without waiting for Nethery's reply, Bu Fang stepped on the handrail of the Netherworld Ship. Instantly, his body shot like an arrow, dashing toward the immense sea.

When Flowery saw that, she jumped and cheered as she was about to follow Bu Fang into the sea.

However, when she jumped into the void, Nethery grabbed her and pulled her back.

"Stay here, behave. Don't get out there," spoke Nethery indifferently.

As soon as she said that, the Netherworld Ship suddenly shook hard.

The immense sea surged unceasingly as if a giant beast was stirring the seawater.

Rumble! Rumble!

Far from them, the sea exploded. A giant monster with a fishtail leaped up in front of Bu Fang!