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 Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Sounds of sand moving arose.

Nethery's eyes shrank as she felt a little scared.

Bu Fang stepped on the ground. He slid aside, grinning, gazing at the place where he had sprinkled crystal salt.

Suddenly, a water arrow shot from the ground. Nethery frowned, and in an instant, she jumped far away from it.

The sandy ground burst open, revealing a creature half an adult's size, slowly crawling out.

"What is that?! Dare to frighten me!" said Nethery coldly, looking at the creature that had just jolted out of the sand with an indifferent expression.

Then, she raised her hand, and Nether energy wound around it.

"Nether Clash."


At that moment, Bu Fang was speechless. The Dragon Purple Razor Clam that had just gotten out of the sand was blasted open under Nethery's palm.

No matter what, the Dragon Purple Razor Clam was a high-level spirit beast. How could it resist Nethery's attack?

The razor clam was smashed, and pieces of meat scattered around.

A piece of razor clam's meat fell by Bu Fang. He looked at Nethery begrudgingly before squatting to pick up that meat. He pinched the meat, thinking that the meat was good.

"It's not a bad cooking ingredient... Unfortunately, it's smashed."

"You said seafood. Did you mean that thing? Is it edible?"

At this moment, Nethery got herself together. She understood that she had just done something really dumb.

Anyway, it was just a clam. It didn't matter much since it was dead.

"Of course, it's edible. Its taste isn't bad."

Bu Fang looked at Nethery for a while. He didn't blame her. In fact, he had nothing to blame her for as this kind of Dragon Purple Razor Clam could be found a lot around the sandy beach.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, slowly walking.

This time, Nethery calmed down, following him. She skeptically looked at Bu Fang as she found his gait was somewhat strange.

As they were walking, Bu Fang quietly sent his mental fore to cover the entire place. Whenever he stepped on the ground, he could sense the change of energy underneath his feet.

The Dragon Purple Razor Clam often lived deep in the sand. It wouldn't work if he just poured his salt anywhere, so he must find the clam's siphons and pour it there. That's how he lured the clam before.

"It's here." Bu Fang stepped on a soft sand area. He took out the crystal salt and poured it there.

As the white salt sprinkled on the gold sand, it looked really dazzling and eye-catching.

Nethery gazed at the ground. Shortly, her eyes shrank one more time.

The empty sandy area suddenly surged, and sand and gravel flipped to two sides. Then, a giant Dragon Purple Razor Clam protruded from it.

It was some sort of crustacean creature. Its shell was purple with so many patterns on it, which looked like dragons.

It was the Dragon Purple Razor Clam that Bu Fang had just mentioned, an excellent cooking ingredient.

Anyway, Nethery didn't think the same. Basically, she didn't know what part of that thing was edible.

As soon as the Dragon Purple Razor Clam protruded, it shot a water arrow at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang just gave a faint smile. His mental energy rippled like waves, immobilizing the Dragon Purple Clam in an instant. Its water arrow shattered.

Bu Fang patted the clam. Then, he gently lifted it by the shell, walking toward the sea.

Waves splashed on the sandy shore.

Bu Fang stepped into the water, walking to a relatively deep area. He then cleaned the razor clam, washing off all the mud and sand grains inside.

After that, Bu Fang grabbed the shell again. His other hand swung, throwing the jar of crystal salt to Nethery, who was watching in the distance.

"Here, take this crystal salt. You go and find more razor clams. I'm going to roast this one first..." Bu Fang said naturally.

Then, he surfed, returning to the Netherworld Ship with the giant Dragon Purple Razor Clam.

At that moment, Whitey and Flowery got off the ship. Bu Fang asked Whitey to hold the Dragon Purple Razor Clam, then began to build up the roasting rack on the beach.

With a boom, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared on the sandy shore.

Bu Fang also took out the rack he had used to grill and roast before. He wove the wires, making a net, and placed it above the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Opening his mouth, he fumed a dark gold flame, which was the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame with extremely high temperature.

Actually, at his current level, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame couldn't satisfy his daily needs as this dark gold flame couldn't cook many ingredients fast enough. Although the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame had an extremely high temperature, it had a little trouble cooking demon king grade ingredients.

If Bu Fang's mental energy weren't enough to help, he couldn't cook demon king grade ingredients.

He understood that if he met some high-level cooking ingredients in the future, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame couldn't cook them.

Would there be some flame with a higher grade than the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?

Bu Fang mulled it over, but he didn't spend much time thinking about it. It was no use, anyway.

As the flame burned high, the net instantly got heated.

Flowery sat cross-legged on the sand, curiously looking at the fiery flames in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. As the flames were reflected in her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes, they seemed to be dancing, blazing as it heated the rack

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

After Bu Fang received the Dragon Purple Razor Clam from Whitey, he placed it on the roast rack.

In an instant, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame rose, shaking the Dragon Purple Razor Clam.

Seizing this chance, Bu Fang took out the cooking ingredients he had prepared from the system dimensional bag.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hands, mincing cloves of garlic. Then, he poured some oily juice and cooking wine, making a good sauce.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Fluid continuously dripped from the roast Dragon Purple Razor Clam, falling into the flames. Instantly, drops of fluid evaporated, becoming white steam.

The color of the Dragon Purple Razor Clam's meat changed at a speed naked eye could observe. As it cooked, a meaty aroma slowly diffused.

With a popping sound, the Dragon Purple Razor Clam's shells opened, revealing the white meat.

The lush, white clam's meat slowly swelled up, looking somewhat beautiful. Drops of oily juice began to ooze out of the meat.

Bu Fang smeared the clam's meat with the oily sauce. A moment later, the clam's meat started to radiate sparkling gold light.

The delicious aroma arose, shaking people's taste buds.

Flowery looked at the lush, oily clam's meat, unable to hide her excitement.

Far from them...

Nethery was using Bu Fang's method to lure more Dragon Purple Razor Clams. However, she didn't know the details, that's why she hesitated and didn't dare to pour salt.

All of a sudden, her eyes narrowed. She spotted a hole and went over there to pour salt into it. After that, she immediately strode away, putting as much distance between herself and that hole.

Her long black hair cascaded as she turned around, looking at that spot where she had just poured salt.

After a while... nothing happened.

"Maybe... it won't come out?"

Nethery frowned. Logically, she didn't make any mistakes.

She grabbed the jar, walking to that hole that she had just poured salt.

All of a sudden...

The sandy beach shook.

This tremor was really violent, which made Bu Fang and the others, who were grilling in the distance, turn around to check her.


The beach exploded. At that moment, a big shadow got out of the sand, and a massive water arrow was shot out instantly.

Nethery's body slid away fast, making shadows as she dodged the water arrow. Then, she lifted her head to look at the creature in front of her.

Staring, she couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air.

"So huge... Dragon Purple Razor Clam!"

It was a house-sized Dragon Purple Razor Clam. Its dragon patterns were glowing faintly as if it would shoot a dazzling radiance at any moment.

Far from her, Bu Fang's eyes shrank when he saw the Dragon Purple Razor Clam.

"That woman is so lucky, isn't she? She found the Dragon Purple Razor Clam's imperial city! It's the Dragon Purple Razor Clam King, a Divine Body Realm ingredient. Its taste would be much better!" Bu Fang exclaimed.

Then, his mouth twitched. "Not good. I must stop Nethery, or else, that woman will smash the Razor Clam King!"

However, Bu Fang was still a little busy roasting the razor clam, so he couldn't move right away. Turning around, he caught the sight of Flowery, who was wearing a cute, innocent face.

Bu Fang squinted, then said, "Flowery, can you spray this spice on the clam's meat while I'm away?"

"Sure!" Flowery carefully received the dish of spice from Bu Fang, giving him a gentle nod.

Bu Fang grinned. This little girl was so nice. Then, he turned around, dashing toward Nethery.

He... wanted to save the Razor Clam King.

Nethery looked at the giant Razor Clam King. As Nether energy slowly swirled around her, she raised her hand, her eyes turning so cold.

"Die!" she said naturally. Then, her body dashed out as fast as a jet of light.

However, just as her strike was about to reach the Dragon Purple Razor Clam King, a shadow appeared in front of her, kicking the Dragon Purple Razor Clam King away.

Boom! Boom!

The Dragon Purple Razor Clam King's giant body was kicked away, rolling on the ground, raising dust and sand.

Nethery looked at Bu Fang, who had just intervened. Her face looked baffled.

"It's the Dragon Purple Razor Clam King, an ingredient that isn't less delicious than the Blood Lobster. When treating cooking ingredients, we must be gentle," said Bu Fang.

An ingredient that wasn't less delicious than Blood Lobsters?

Nethery's eyes brightened. The savor of oily Blood Lobsters arose in her head.

Gulping her saliva, she nodded.

Far from them, the Dragon Purple Razor Clam King was trying to dig and hide into the deep sand. However, Bu Fang appeared beside it.

"You came out, and now you wanna escape?"

Bu Fang grabbed the clam's shell, slowly pulling up the clam that had its body sunk into the sandy beach.

The Dragon Purple Razor Clam King was so dumbstruck.

It just came out to make some bubbles...

After hauling and cleaning the Dragon Purple Razor Clam King, Bu Fang cut the purple clam's meat into smaller blocks, then put it into his system dimensional bag. Once that was done, he brought Nethery back to the Netherworld Ship.

By now, the roast clam's meat should be done.

Nethery also caught the fragrance in the air, and she couldn't help but drool.

So, that thing could become good food...

It seemed everything in Bu Fang's hands could become delicacies... So magical.

However, just as Bu Fang and Nethery were approaching the Netherworld Ship, the corners of their mouths twitched, their faces emotionless.

By the roast rack, Flowery was holding the clam, whose size was even bigger than her body, biting and chewing on it.

She ate until her mouth was greasy, and she had to open her mouth to let hot steam out.

The clam's meat, which was smeared with Bu Fang's purple garlic sauce, was releasing thick aroma. Pieces of purple garlic were rolling on the clam's meat.