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 Several hundred miles away from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court was a high mountain. Thick, dark Nether energy swirled around it, reaching the sky.

The entire mountain was shrouded in dark Nether energy, which was so intimidating.

A white bone palace situated on the mountain's peak.

Six demon kings were sitting in the great hall. In their center was a floating red eyeball.

And, the owner of that red eyeball wasn't someone else, but the former Demon Eye demon king. But now, that eyeball was the Demon Eye demon king's only remaining part. It looked really pitiful.

"Demon Eye... Do we really want to do that?!" asked a demon king, who looked at that floating eyeball.

"We have no choice. As long as the Valley of Gluttony is there, we can't take the south of the Hidden Dragon Continent. But... This world is really vast. Except for the spacious continent, don't forget the Endless Sea."

A mature, low voice sounded. Black smoke wound around the eyeball. Then, it materialized into a phantom.

"We should change our target to the Endless Sea?" another demon king asked skeptically.

The Hidden Dragon Continent had a place called Endless Sea. They all knew that. However, compared to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Endless Sea was deep and immeasurable. It must have so many powerful creatures.

Moreover, the Ruin Prison's experts rarely had fights undersea. They didn't know if they could use their true power when they came into the sea.

Thus, if they wanted to invade that area, it would cause them a lot of troubles.

"It would be really good if the Demon Frog demon king were still here!" A demon king was enraged, hitting his chair and smashing it with one punch.

The other demon kings sighed, too. The Demon Frog demon king was always in their thoughts.

During their operation in the Valley of Gluttony, the demon kings had suffered a great loss. The Demon Eye demon king's body was destroyed.

They all knew that the Demon Frog demon king would never come back... It was enough to lower the morale of the Ruin Prison's experts.

"Since we can't invade the south of the Valley of Gluttony, we could only change our target to the Endless Sea... Let's get prepared. Tomorrow, we're going to march to the Endless Sea. I heard that it is so vast with countless treasures and endless resources. Perhaps, compared to the continent, the Endless Sea suits us better," the Demon Eye demon king said.


Taotie Restaurant

For several days, Bu Fang taught Wenren Shang how to use all the tools in his kitchen. Wenren Shang was indeed a first-grade chef as his innate talents were much better than ordinary people.

He had soon mastered using those cooking tools in the kitchen.

At the same time, Bu Fang was preparing to go to the Endless Sea. It wasn't easy to travel there, though. After all, the sea was really vast and mighty. If he didn't plan well, the sea would swallow him.

Of course, good foods were countless in the sea. That was why he must also prepare his cooking tools.

Fishing rods, nets, and many other tools were placed into the system dimensional bag. Also, he asked the system to provide a part of the encyclopedia related to the Endless Sea, which had records of most of the creatures there.

Those were fundamental. By using this information, Bu Fang could determine whether to steam or fry those sea creatures...

Eventually, his preparation was done, which it took him several days.

One day, the sky was blue and high with great sunshine.

In the Taotie Restaurant, Bu Fang picked up Shrimpy from Whitey's head, placing it on his shoulder. Whitey's eyes sparkled.

Whitey's evolution was done. However, after that, Whitey's body always had lightning arcs dancing around it.

It seemed to be the side effect of swallowing lightning punishment, and Bu Fang didn't have any solution for this.

At first, Bu Fang wanted to use the teleport formation in the kitchen. However, Nethery couldn't enter the kitchen, so he had to choose another option. They had to walk to the Endless Sea first.

Bu Fang had planned to borrow Nethery's Netherworld Ship. He would return the ship to her when he came back from the Endless Sea.

However, Nethery didn't agree. Because of the big steamed lobsters, she wanted to accompany Bu Fang to the Endless Sea.

Lord Dog was too lazy to go, anyway.

Nether King Er Ha was so excited. However, that hilarious moron seemed to have some errand to run. He regretted that he couldn't accompany Bu Fang.

Thus, on this voyage to the Endless Sea, the crew members included Bu Fang, Nethery, Whitey, and Shrimpy.

Oh right, Flowery also came. After Bu Fang and Nethery left the Gluttony God City, she hurriedly followed them.

Bu Fang wanted to reject this little girl. However, when Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes moved, yearning as she looked at Bu Fang, Nethery was moved, causing her to agree to bring Flowery with them.

What else Bu Fang could say?

Nethery stood outside the Gluttony God City, her long, black hair cascading. A moment later, energy rose, and her hair fluttered.


The Netherworld Ship instantly turned bigger, towering the sky. It soared up, floating in the air.

Soaring up, Nethery's body landed on the ship's deck.

Flowery's dress shivered as she gently floated up. A moment later, she landed, sitting on the deck.

Bu Fang didn't hurry, slowly stepping up. Every time he lifted his foot, an invisible step would appear until he landed on the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang wore the Vermillion Robe. His face was cold as his cloak flapped in the wind.

"Depart to Endless Sea!" Bu Fang's eyes sparkled with light as he said that. Standing on the front deck, his hair fluttered in the wind.

Then, the Netherworld Ship bloomed with energy, which pushed through the air.

Outside the Valley of Gluttony, there were many cities where the experts from the holy lands dwelled.

When they seemed to sense something, they couldn't help but lift their heads, looking at the sky. They saw the black Netherworld Ship crossing above them.

The Mizar Saint Sovereign was magnificently tall and handsome. He stood on the city wall and saw Bu Fang. Immediately, he smiled, waving to greet him.

He stuck his tongue out, licking his lips.

The Demon Frog demon king tasted so good, and he couldn't forget that delectable taste.

Currently, the experts from the holy lands all treated Bu Fang politely and respectfully.

As the other was polite to him, Bu Fang nodded back.

Then, in their eyes, the Netherworld Ship moved fast. It left the Valley of Gluttony, disappearing into the horizon.


Meanwhile, inside an imposingly majestic black mountain in the center of Hidden Dragon Royal Court, a warship with cold metal light boomed and zoomed toward the Endless Sea.

The Ruin Prison's experts stood quietly on the deck. Clad in fearful, black armor, their eyes focused as they emitted their intimidating auras.

The leaders of this force were the Demon Frog Tribe's experts. As they were excellent in water, they were the main force of this operation.

The Ruin Prison's experts all had robust fighting will.

It was a great shock that they couldn't knock down the Valley of Gluttony. However, they had changed their target, which was the vast Endless Sea.

It stirred them up and made their moods swell, knowing that they could carry another great war soon. After that, they would have another chance to harvest resources to improve their powers.


The Valley of Gluttony was in the central land of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

If they didn't use the teleport formation, it would take five or six days to reach the shore by land.

It was the shortest route.

The Netherworld Ship was really fast. After booming, people could only see a jet of black light crossing the sky.

Six days had gone.

Sitting on the deck, Bu Fang's eyes moved, looking at the horizon.

A gust of salty wind came, slapping his face. Bu Fang felt cool, and his ears could catch the sounds of waves splashing on the shore.

It seemed they had arrived in the Endless Sea.

Bu Fang's eyes lit up. He stood up, welcoming the sea breeze as he looked further away.

The sky was so blue and boundless. White cotton clouds drifted peacefully in the sky.

At the horizon, where the sky met the sea, there was a discernible line separating them. The fiery sun hung high in the sky, radiating extreme sunlight, which was hot and sparkling on the water surface. It made the water glitter beautifully.

The wind flapped against the waters, and the sea surface broke like pieces of shattering gold piling upon each other.

The scenery underneath changed at a speed the naked eye could see.

The Netherworld Ship flew fast. Beneath the ship was a long mountain range. Sometimes, they would hear the bestial roar soaring up into the sky.

As they moved forward, the green mountains scattered. Eventually, they saw the gold sandy area.

The sandy beach had layers as waves from the sea were constantly splashing.

Moving with loud booms, the Netherworld Ship headed toward the Endless Sea, lowering from the sky.

Nethery walked out of the cabin. Standing on the deck, she turned and watched Bu Fang.

Her flexible, slender fingers moved as if she was making hand seals.

A moment later, the fast Netherworld Ship slowly descended.

Boom! Boom!

Sand and stones rolled on the ground as the rolls on the sandy beach were destroyed.

When they safely landed, the salty wind from the sea greeted them. Finally, they faced the immense Endless Sea.

The waves were so calm. It wasn't surging or furious as they were told.

"We're in the Endless Sea..." Nethery said.

Bu Fang nodded. They weren't in a hurry to get into the sea. They should linger around first.

Bu Fang gently jumped up, leaving the deck and landing on the sand. The sandy soil felt soft and damp. It felt like he was stomping on a sponge.

Bu Fang's eyes focused, walking back and forth on the beach.

"We should rest. Tomorrow, we're going to the sea. I'm going to find some seafood. From tonight, we'll start to enjoy the delicacies from the sea..."

Nethery and the others were still sitting on the deck, but they all heard Bu Fang's faint voice.

They would have seafood tonight?

They hadn't entered the sea yet... Where to find seafood?

Nethery was bewildered. Thinking, she jumped up, following Bu Fang.

Seeing Nethery accompany him, Bu Fang didn't feel bothered.

The shores along the Hidden Dragon Continent were really dangerous. Thus, there weren't many people here. Bu Fang had walked for a long time and encountered no one. It was completely different from the lively beaches in his previous life.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, strolling.

Nethery had taken off her shoes. She was walking barefoot on the beach.

The waves splashed, rubbing her feet. Winds from the sea fluttered, billowing her long, black dress. Her hair flew, which was too beautiful to behold.

"Bu Fang, are you going to the sea now? If not, how could we have seafood for dinner?" Nethery asked.

Bu Fang glanced at her for a while.

"Who said you have to go to the sea to have seafood? The sandy beach also has good food..."

Nethery was bewildered. Was Bu Fang blind? This place was full of sand. Where could they find seafood?

"You don't believe me?" Bu Fang looked at Nethery, grinning.

Then, he took out a small jar from the system dimensional bag. It was crystal salt, a common spice Bu Fang often used while cooking.

He took a pinch of crystal salt and sprinkled it on the sand in front of Nethery.

"Then what?" Nethery looked at Bu Fang, her face unchanged.

"Then... seafood will get out."

Nethery rolled her eyes, thinking that Bu Fang was dumb.

Suddenly, Nethery's big eyes shrank. She stooped, watching the sand.

Then, the sand under her feet moved. The area where Bu Fang had sprinkled the crystal salt suddenly shifted and opened to two sides.

It seemed like some kind of giant monster was about to get out of the sand!