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 Was this a kitchen?

It was the first time Wenren Shang saw Bu Fang's kitchen. Looking at the interior and equipment inside, which were completely different from the usual, he was so dumbfounded.


Standing by the door, Wenren Shang was bewildered. The spacious and clean kitchen had shocked him, and the sparkling counters, cabinets, and other tools had completely changed his worldview.

All of a sudden, thunderclaps reverberated.

Wenren Shang was startled. He turned around and saw an iron puppet standing by the door.

A gold shrimp lay on that puppet's head. The puppet's eyes were full of lightning, striking and flashing. At the same time, lightning arcs were dancing around its body.

Sometimes, a lightning arc would strike Shrimpy, which shook the shrimp with its bubbles altogether.


Naturally, Wenren Shang knew Whitey. When the puppet showed off its divine power, fighting against the Ruin Prison's experts and the lightning punishment, he witnessed it all. For this reason, he was sincerely afraid and respectful of Whitey.

"Don't stand idle there. Get in and get used to the tools in the kitchen. If you want to learn how to make wine, you need to use them well..."

Bu Fang's faint voice rang out, interrupting Wenren Shang's thought as it urged him to come inside. The fear Wenren Shang had for Whitey couldn't beat his curiosity of this kitchen.

This kitchen was totally different from the kitchen he used to see.

Compared to the kitchen in Gluttony God's Building, the most luxurious and imposing kitchen in the Valley of Gluttony, Bu Fang's kitchen looked more interesting.

If he wanted to cook good dishes, he must learn how to use the tools and equipment. Thus, Bu Fang patiently taught Wenren Shang how to use them in his kitchen.


Wenren Shang had become Bu Fang's apprentice chef. This news had been spread to the entire Valley of Gluttony within a glimpse of time.

Many people exchanged looks, as they felt it was so unbelievable.

How did it happen?

Wenren Shang was a first-grade chef, not to mention the one with the most potential here. And now, he suddenly became Owner Bu's apprentice chef.

An apprentice chef was a student, right?

Even though Owner Bu's cooking skills were so magnificent, Wenren Shang, as a first-grade chef, had his own pride. How could he become someone's apprentice chef?

It was some sort of humiliation!

Many chefs squeezed their wrists, sighing. If Wenren Shang did that, it would be against his beliefs, and his future attainment and success could perhaps end here.


Phoenix Pavilion

"Argh! Wenren Shang that stinky kid has become Owner Bu's apprentice chef! This old woman has missed such a good chance to approach Owner Bu!"

The staff in the Phoenix Pavilion were speechless, looking at Mu Cheng, who was so regretful now.

She was wearing a loose cloak, which concealed her sexy body. Her hair looked disheveled, and she didn't wear any makeup, but despite this, she still looked stunning.

However, at this moment, Mu Cheng opened her mouth wide, gritting her teeth as she felt bitter regret.

She reacted differently from those who squeezed their wrists. Indeed, Mu Cheng was so bitter. If possible, she also wanted to become Owner Bu's apprentice chef.

If she could become Owner Bu's apprentice, she would have more chances and time to talk to him... Then, something ambiguous might happen between them...

Unfortunately, she had missed such a good opportunity!

After struggling for a while, she made the others leave. Then, she slumped by the windowsill of the Phoenix Pavilion, watching the well-lit Taotie Restaurant on the opposite side.

She parted her lips, sighing as she said, "Is it destiny? This old woman isn't convinced..."


Dark night came with strong winds.

Wenren Sheng was walking on a small street in the Gluttony God City, going home.

At this moment, he was so awed and thrilled after touching and using those new things. He had never thought that chefs could cook differently, and they could use so many different tools too.

Those tools were so useful, which was beyond his imagination.

"Owner Bu... He's really an innovative chef," Wenren Shang complimented, exhaling. Then, he turned around, walking into a dark alley.

All of a sudden...

Wenren Shang saw everything go dark as a big gunny sack descended from the sky, covering him entirely.

What's going on?

Once again, Wenren Shang was dumbstruck. Under this bright universe, someone dared to use a gunny sack to kidnap a first-grade chef?

After Wenren Shang got a hold of himself, he was instantly enraged.

He wasn't weak. Roaring angrily, he tried to use his true energy to blast the sack away...



As soon as Wenren Shang's true energy rose, a stronger force hit him. His true energy scattered in an instant.

Wenren Shang's eyes rolled, sparkling.


He felt a rock hit his face. In an instant, his eye felt an intense pain.

"Who dares commit a crime in the Valley of Gluttony?!" Wenren Shang's true energy circulated in his body. His power at the Divine Soul Realm burst out.

However, despite his warning, Wenren Shang felt another object hit at his head.

He felt so aggrieved. What kind of hatred had he caused? And now, someone was using a gunny sack to cover and beat him up? It was said that when hitting people, you shouldn't hit their face. Why did the attacker always aim at his face?

Wenren Shang felt so helpless. Eventually, he was pushed onto the ground, and the other party began to wallop and kick him for a long time.

After a while, Wenren Shang didn't want to struggle anymore. After each hit, he just screamed...

Eventually, he heard someone gasping. The voice seemed soft and feminine.

Mu Cheng rolled her eyes. She was wearing a dark night suit, which elegantly enhanced her sexy hot body. Every time she moved, her ample bosom would shake hard.

Looking at Wenren Shang, who was like a dead pig that wasn't afraid of hot water, Mu Cheng gritted her teeth angrily. Eventually, she stomped her feet, running away.

Indeed, she punched Wenren Shang to vent out her anger.

Wenren Shang waited until he heard no more movements. Then, when he felt that the coast was clear, he immediately got on his feet. His true energy shot, tearing the gunny sack into many pieces.

"Who had ambushed this lord Wenren Shang?! If you have guts, show yourself! Let's fight face to face!"

However, this small alley didn't have anything but Wenren Shang's echoing shouts.

The cold moonlight splayed from the sky, illuminating Wenren Shang's body, which looked battered and pathetic.

At this moment, Wenren Shang looked so pitiful. One of his eyes was swollen with a big, black mark. His nose turned red, bleeding.

Adding to his swollen face, Wenren Shang felt so aggrieved.

Had he provoked someone...

He got beaten up right in front of his door.

However, he could feel that the one who had ambushed him was slightly stronger than him. Or else, he could have torn that gunny sack.

As he couldn't find his enemy, Wenren Shang had to open his house, walking in.

In a far distance, on top of a black-tiled roof, Mu Cheng sat quietly. She took off her nightsuit and her mask, exhaling.


The next day, when Wenren Shang walked into the restaurant, everybody's faces turned awkward.

Looking at Wenren Shang's swollen face... they all tried hard not to laugh.

The moment Nether King Er Ha saw Wenren Shang, he sucked his Spicy Strip, laughing crazily as if he wanted to blast the roof away.

Wenren Shang was enraged. He stared at Nether King Er Ha, thinking that it must be that fellow. He was jealous of his handsome face, so he had ambushed him with a gunny sack at midnight!

At this moment, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen. His face didn't change after seeing Wenren Shang. Since he didn't laugh, it somewhat comforted Wenren Shang.

However, seeing Bu Fang's mouth convulsing, Wenren Shang felt like an invisible arrow had just stabbed his chest.

Could you guys stop laughing?

Besides teaching Wenren Shang something related to cooking, Bu Fang had much free time. After all, Wenren Shang had an excellent foundation, which was different from Xiao Xiaolong and the others. He didn't have any trouble teaching him.

Clasping his hands, Bu Fang walked around the restaurant while thinking about the journey to the Endless Sea.

Pulling a chair, he sat in front of the restaurant, watching flowers blooming and withering.

A journey to the Endless Sea... Bu Fang squinted. Since it was the sea, he would absolutely need a ship. Without a ship... he couldn't take a step in there.

Of course, with his cultivation base, Bu Fang could just surf the waves to move. However, it would exhaust him, and he wouldn't be able to calm his mind and think about cooking seafood.

It was a serious matter, indeed.

All of a sudden...

Bu Fang jolted up in his seat.

He turned to the Path-Understanding Tree, where Nethery was holding a glass of cool sour apricot juice, drinking to her heart's content.

Nethery squinted, her white face sparkling with joy as she sat on the Netherworld Ship. Dangling her slim legs, her long, black hair fanned as she sipped on her drink.

Bu Fang watched Nethery, his eyes getting brighter.

Sitting next to Bu Fang, Nether King Er Ha saw his face, and his nostrils couldn't help but flare.

"Bu Fang young man, I say, are you interested in Nethery? I'm telling you... Do not have big hopes. You guys won't have a happy ending," said Nether King Er Ha in a serious voice, sucking a Spicy Strip.

Bu Fang pulled a long face as he turned to Nether King Er Ha, using a look specially for idiots.

Then, Bu Fang stood up, walking toward Nethery.

Once he reached her, he studied Nethery, who was drinking cool sour apricot juice. He turned around and sat on the Netherworld Ship's deck.

Under the shade of the Path-Understanding Tree, Flowery and Lord Dog couldn't help but open their eyes, watching. One little girl and one dog were waiting for some gossip.

"Hey, Nethery, is that apricot juice delicious?" asked Bu Fang.

Nethery was bewildered. Coldly, she turned around, looking at Bu Fang. "No, Dragon Blood Rice and Spicy Blood Lobsters are delicious..."

Bu Fang was perplexed.

"Where are those delicious Dragon Blood Rice and Spicy Blood Lobsters?" Nethery mumbled to herself. While drinking the cool apricot juice, she contemplated.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

"Nethery, I want to go to the sea. Can I borrow your Netherworld Ship?"


Nether King Er Ha spurted his wine. When he heard Bu Fang say that, he couldn't help but spurt the wine he was drinking.

Bu Fang young man did know how to play... He wanted to borrow Nethery's Netherworld Ship to travel.

But, should the Netherworld Ship be used to travel through the sea?

The Netherworld Ship moved through secret domains, not on the sea!

Indeed, as soon as Bu Fang said that, Nethery's eyes became extremely sharp.

Her sharp look made Bu Fang shiver inwardly.

"The Netherworld Ship travels through secret domains. It doesn't enter the vast ocean," Nethery said solemnly. Gulping, she finished the glass of cool apricot juice.

Looking at Nethery's solemn face, Bu Fang shook his head in regret.

"Oh, it can't enter the sea. Forget it... I thought I could get into the Endless Sea to catch big lobsters. I heard that steamed big lobsters aren't less delicious than oily Spicy Blood Lobsters. If you don't want to go, I have to find someone else."

Bu Fang felt so regretful, muttering.

Nethery's body stiffened. She spurted her apricot juice.

Wiping the apricot juice off her face, Nethery looked at Bu Fang with a blank expression.

"The Netherworld Ship can do anything, whether getting into the sky, or diving in the sea... It can do all. I'll go with you. When will we depart?"

Nether King Er Ha, who was expecting to see something fun, had almost choked on his Spicy Strip...

Changed! Little Nethery had changed!

Where is your persistence? Where is your principle?!

Little Nethery wasn't like that at all!