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 After receiving the news from Yu Fu, Bu Fang returned to the Taotie Restaurant.

Pulling a chair, Bu Fang sat by the restaurant's door and enjoyed the feeling of the breeze brushing against his face. He squinted, resting.

However, after resting for a while, he opened his eyes, absorbed in his thought.

Of course, he wanted to visit the Endless Sea. It was about time to go there.

When he got a wisp of immortal energy, the system told him that the Immortal Cooking Realm would open in the next three years. By then, he must come to the Immortal Cooking Realm.

It was almost three years. Bu Fang thought that it was a good time for him to visit the Endless Sea once.

Of course, before he got there, he needed to solve something. He had to find an apprentice chef for the Taotie Restaurant.

Right, only one apprentice.

Compared to Cloud Mist Restaurant and Fang Fang's Little Store, the system had requested Bu Fang to find only one apprentice chef this time. Anyway, it wasn't hard to find only one apprentice.

So, who should be his apprentice chef?

Bu Fang felt a little headache. The Valley of Gluttony had so many talented chefs, and they were all good candidates for him to choose.

However, it was a struggle to choose one.

After thinking for a long time, Bu Fang hadn't figured out yet a suitable candidate. He rubbed his head and returned to the kitchen to start today's practice.

Later, he had to open the restaurant for business.

Nether King Er Ha swayed as he came. Together with the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, they stepped inside the restaurant. There was no bad blood between these two. They often met in Bu Fang's restaurant, and somehow, they had formed a good relationship.

The old man stroked the tuft of white hair on his head. He closed his eyes to hide a beam of sparkling light.

The period of three years was almost done, so he felt restless at the moment. This feeling lingered in his heart.

He had been waiting for such a long time for an opportunity to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. This time, he would never let that chance slip away.

Currently, on the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Ruin Prison's experts and the continent's citizens were struggling, creating a deadlock situation.

However, because of the Valley of Gluttony, that deadlock situation hadn't been broken yet.

The old man knew that when the chance to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm was revealed, the demon kings, especially the strongest demon king, would never let it go. Thus, it would be a horrible fight at that time.

Moreover, the young chef in front of him was the key to all of this.

The old man looked at Bu Fang, who was currently busy. He lifted up his glass of wine and took a sip, exhaling.

At that moment, the old man didn't know that when he was assessing Bu Fang, the latter was also assessing him.

Bu Fang was having a headache finding an apprentice chef. Thus, whenever he saw someone, he would check and screen that person.

Observing the old man for a while, Bu Fang shook his head in regret. This old man didn't meet his requirements, mostly because he was too old.

Chu Changsheng skillfully took the dish at the window to serve their customers.

Another figure swayed and leisurely walked through the door. His shirt was open, baring his white chest. His unrestrained form had caught many diners' attention.

That person wasn't anyone else but a chef from the top ten of the Tablet of Gluttony, Wenren Shang.

Wenren Shang was smiling warmly even though he looked a little thin.

Despite the fact that he was a chef, not to mention owning a restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony, he was different from the other chefs. Most of the time, he was always in Bu Fang's restaurant, ordering food and good wine.

Of course, he came here just to drink.

Every time he came, he would drink to his heart's content and leave the restaurant drunk.

Wenren Shang had a special obsession and desire for good wine. He also made wine himself, which was called Bamboo Tube Wine. However, after he had tasted Bu Fang's wine, he didn't make Bamboo Tube Wine anymore.

He was the sort of man who would sell his house just to buy a glass of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

As Bu Fang looked at Wenren Shang, his eyes became brighter. It seemed Wenren Shang was a good choice.

There was no doubt that Wenren Shang's cooking skills were excellent. If he were his apprentice chef, it would save him from many troubles.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The wok shook, releasing steam.

Pouring the food into a fancy blue-and-white plate, Bu Fang took out an Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine bottle and walked out of the kitchen.

When Chu Changsheng saw Bu Fang coming out, he was bewildered and curious. He didn't expect that Bu Fang would step out of his kitchen at this time.

However, Bu Fang didn't care about him. He directly walked to Wenren Shang, placed the bottle in front of the latter, and said faintly, "Your Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine."

Wenren Shang looked at Bu Fang. Then, he grabbed the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, opened the seal, and began to drink straight from the bottle.

Looking at Wenren Shang drinking good wine, Bu Fang carefully considered his words. He didn't know how to start the conversation.

It wouldn't be easy to persuade Wenren Shang to become his apprentice chef. After all, Wenren Shang was a chef with exquisite cooking skills. Although he was excellent at cooking, he loved making wine more.

Back then, when Bu Fang swept off the chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, Wenren Shang was among those he defeated.

Would he be willing to become an apprentice chef?

Bu Fang thought it would need more consideration. That was why he needed to choose his words and work on how he would say his offer.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

As Wenren Shang gulped wine, a trickle of it rolled from his mouth down his white chest.

He had gulped down half the bottle in one swig. That feeling of getting his heart and mind refreshed at the same time made Wenren Shang exhale white smoke.

Wenren Shang then threw Bu Fang a glance, grinning as he said, "Owner Bu, just tell me what you want to say."

Oh... He could see that?

In that case...

Bu Fang placed his hands on the table, studying Wenren Shang.

The people around them were curious. They couldn't guess Bu Fang's intention.

As for Wenren Shang, he felt uncomfortable under Bu Fang's gaze. He couldn't drink his wine with ease anymore.

"I need an apprentice chef for this restaurant. Would you like to be my apprentice chef?" Bu Fang dove straight into the topic, not wanting to beat around the bush.

As soon as he said that, the people around went into an uproar.

What?! Owner Bu wanted to recruit Wenren Shang as his apprentice chef?

How could it be?!

Wenren Shang was a first-grade chef, so of course, he had his pride as a chef. How could he become someone's apprentice chef?

How could Bu Fang make such a request...

Even if they were to close their eyes, they would know that Wenren Shang would reject it.

The old man stroked the tuft of white hair on his head, laughing with interest.

Indeed, Owner Bu had begun to arrange things?

As time flew, the date to the opening time of the Immortal Cooking Realm was getting nearer and nearer. Owner Bu was also... anxious.

However, he chose Wenren Shang to be his apprentice chef. This choice wasn't really good.

Nether King Er Ha naturally didn't bat an eye on this. He remained sitting on the side, sucking his Spicy Strip.

But deep down, he was worried, mainly because his stock of Spicy Strips was running out. He thought he should find some excuse to ask Bu Fang for Spicy Strips now, or else, he would go mad when his food was gone.

Wenren Shang's throat moved. He raised his hand, using his sleeve to wipe his wet mouth before answering, "Owner Bu, are you kidding... Although I, Wenren Shang, am carefree and easygoing, I have my pride. I admit that you're stronger than me, but it's impossible for me to become your apprentice chef."

As Wenren Shang said that, he gulped more wine.

To buy Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, Wenren Shang had even pawned his restaurant, and today, he was considered alone and poor.

Nonetheless, in such circumstances, he was still a proud man. If Bu Fang wanted to take him as his apprentice chef, what could Bu Fang teach him then?

Knife skills, carving skills, cooking skills, and so on... Being a first-grade chef, he had mastered them all. What else Bu Fang could teach him?

However, Bu Fang's serious expression made him frown, and what Bu Fang said next turned his world upside down.

"Wine... Is it delicious?"

Wine... Wine... Wine!

Bu Fang's wine!

Wenren Shang's eyes shrank. Now, they were as big as green beans.

"Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew... and even the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. Don't you think they are so delicious?" said Bu Fang with a straight face.


Wenren Shang's body went stiff. Listening to Bu Fang, he shivered as beads of sweat rolled down his face.

No matter if it was the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew or the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, he had already sunk deep into them!

Especially the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine... As soon as its seal opened, the wine aroma had permeated the entire Valley of Gluttony...

What kind of divine wine was that?!

After Wenren Shang had drunk the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, it pierced deep into his soul. He would never ever forget that delicious taste!

Looking at Bu Fang's calm eyes, Wenren Shang knew he was wrong.

"Do you want to learn that? If you're my apprentice chef, I will teach you..." Bu Fang's voice was so calm as he said this naturally.

Wenren Shang shivered again and again.

Then, in front of people's dumbstruck gazes, he slowly finished the wine in his bottle. Wiping his mouth, he stood up, solemnly taking one step back.

He suddenly bowed to Bu Fang.

If he could study brewing and winemaking techniques, he would be willing to be Bu Fang's apprentice chef.

"I'm willing to become Owner Bu's apprentice chef. I would love to learn how to make wine with Owner Bu," Wenren Shang spoke earnestly.

Bu Fang was satisfied. Looking at Wenren Shang, he grinned.

The surrounding people gawked and dropped their jaws.

"Am I... Am I dreaming? Are my eyes just playing tricks on me? Chef Wenren Shang agreed to become Owner Bu's apprentice chef?"

"My god... After that big fight with those demon kings, it's Wenren Shang taking Owner Bu as his teacher!"

"Wow! How exciting! Unbelievable!"

The other people around couldn't help but show their surprise and admiration. Owner Bu's apprentice chef was a first-grade chef! This had completely changed their view of the world.

Looking at Wenren Shang bowing to him, Bu Fang's eyes turned earnest as he could see the sincere desire to learn in the other.

Winemaking techniques?

Bu Fang contemplated. His winemaking techniques weren't something the other could learn easily...

Bu Fang swept his gaze across the crowd, then said to Wenren Shang, "Now that you're my apprentice chef, follow me."

After that, he turned around, leading Wenren Shang to the kitchen.

"Well, our restaurant is still open. Guys, please order..." Bu Fang's faint voice came out of the kitchen.

Following Bu Fang, Wenren Shang became really excited.

Owner Bu's kitchen... Until now, nobody had ever stepped inside there!

Walking through the door, the interior of the kitchen appeared in Wenren Shang's vision...

His eyes shrank immediately...