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 Steam rolled from the blue-and-white porcelain plate.

The ruddy, stir-fried demon frog meat in the plate fumed steam. In the rolling steam, the frog meat seemed to shiver.

The oily juice and the Exploding Flame Peppers looked like they have real burning flames. This red color was so eye-catching.

The spicy savor erupted from the Exploding Flame Pepper, together with the pure taste of wine. With just a whiff of it, people wouldn't be able to stop their appetite.

Bu Fang looked at the stir-fried demon frog meat, his expression turning a little tender as he picked up his chopsticks to grab a cube of demon frog meat.

When the piping-hot demon frog meat entered his mouth, his brows twitched once.

The frog meat in his mouth was so smooth and elastic. As he chewed, his teeth could sense very well the friction as they touched the frog meat.

The moment the meat was cut in halves, it bounced, gently knocking his oral cavity as it brought a different kind of feeling.

This feeling... he couldn't explain it.

Bu Fang chewed and swallowed. Instantly, the soft frog meat's taste bloomed.

The frog meat felt like silky threads, which slid through his throat into his stomach, bringing a burning sensation along the way. When it reached his stomach, immense spirit energy bloomed.

However, to Bu Fang, this sort of spirit energy was useless.

That was because when Bu Fang tasted his dishes, he wouldn't absorb the spirit energy in there, which somehow made it less enjoyable.

Even though Bu Fang ate only one cube, he was satisfied with the taste and texture of the dish.

No matter what, it was a demon king grade cooking ingredient. With just a bit of meat, the dish would become extremely delicious.

Stretching his sore back, Bu Fang held the porcelain plate, walking out of the kitchen.

Outside, dawn was breaking. He had been busy the whole night just to cook a dish.

Looking at the restaurant that was slowly being illuminated by the sunrise, Bu Fang was stunned. He stood there for a while before placing the dish on the table.

If one were to consider it carefully, a period of one night wasn't really long.

When Bu Fang entered the farmland, it was dark. The velvet, starry sky stretched through the place.

However, in the farmland, Bu Fang had checked the rice seedlings and many other cooking ingredients. He had harvested the ripe Exploding Flame Peppers and cleaned them. He had even processed the mountain-sized demon king bullfrog.

Even with Bu Fang's knife skills, it had taken a lot of time to finish the Demon Frog's demon king. Thus, it wasn't strange that dawn had come already.

Bu Fang's knife skills had reached its pinnacle, and he could perfectly perform the Overlord Thirteen Blades.

To Bu Fang, his knife skills had advanced significantly, but at the same time, it also puzzled him.

Since his Overlord Thirteen Blades was completed. Was there any room left for him to improve his knife skills?

Sometimes, Bu Fang would think about it.

No doubt that his Overlord Thirteen Blades had reached its peak... Did this mean that his knife skills had reached the peak too?

Previously, Bu Fang had thought that the Valley of Gluttony was the peak of culinary arts. He had never thought that there was an Immortal Cooking Realm, which was even more advanced than the Valley of Gluttony...

And currently, he had struggled to get the qualification to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm.

What did it mean? It meant that the chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm all had exquisite cooking skills!

It was the chefs' real paradise!

Thus, there would be stronger knife skills.

Exhaling, Bu Fang closed his eyes, trying to calm his mind. Whenever he thought about the Immortal Cooking Realm, his mood would get excited.

He didn't know why the system had absorbed that wisp of Immortal energy.

When Bu Fang opened his eyes again, he gawked.

In front of him, several figures stood, where a minute ago, not a single hide nor hair could be seen.

Chu Changsheng wore a silk nightgown, his white hair cascading. He leaned by the table, his bright eyes gazing at the dish placed on it.

Cool and arrogant Nethery stood by him.

Lord Dog was there as well. Two paws of his were calmly placed on the table.

These fellows came because of the aroma...

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

"Is it that demon frog meat? Smells so good. But I don't feel anything... strange." Chu Changsheng looked at the steaming hot Stir-fried Demon Frog, swallowing his saliva.

The dish was releasing radiance, which indicated that it wasn't an ordinary dish. However, it didn't surprise Chu Changsheng. Perhaps because he had eaten so many surprising foods by Owner Bu.

"There are many recipes to cook the demon frog. I just chose the simplest one. This dish is just a test just to see how the frog meat tastes," said Bu Fang.

Chu Changsheng and the others nodded. Then, they hurriedly wielded and stretched their chopsticks.

Flowery also came to the table, blinking her cute, big eyes. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes slowly spun as she stared at the dish.

"Anyway, it tastes spicy and aromatic..." said Chu Changsheng, gulping once again.

When he grabbed a cube of rosy frog meat, the sauce dripped, revealing the milky demon frog meat that reddened after being cooked. The spicy taste wound together with aroma.

Ahhh... Ohh...

The moment that cube of frog meat entered his mouth, Chu Changsheng stiffened. The light in his eyes became more dazzling! He was shocked, indeed.

"This feeling... It's so incredible!"

Boom! Boom!

Chu Changsheng felt a strong force attacking him from the inside.

It felt like the demon frog meat was jumping and bouncing in his body. Experiencing that feeling, Chu Changsheng couldn't help but cover his face.

It felt so warm.

"Good... Delicious! So... spicy!" Chu Changsheng exclaimed.


The silk nightgown on his body became pieces of fabric, scattering in the air.

Nethery slowly grabbed a cube of demon frog meat. As soon as the meat entered her mouth, she narrowed her eyes in satisfaction. She gently chewed, then swallowed.

This good food made people feel tranquil. Nethery wanted to enjoy it in silence...

Lord Dog also took a bite...

The spicy taste made Lord Dog bare his teeth, and his eyes rolled for a while.

Seeing people eating to their heart's content, Flowery was restless.

Bu Fang looked at the little girl's restless appearance as she couldn't eat. He grabbed a cube and fed her.

"No need to hurry. Just slowly eat it," Bu Fang said calmly.

Having the meat, Flowery squinted, feeling the demon frog meat bloom in her mouth.

So delicious!

Bu Fang grabbed a strip of Exploding Flame Pepper dressed with viscous sauce. The sauce dripped, steaming.

Putting the strip of Exploding Flame Pepper into his mouth, Bu Fang closed his eyes and chewed.

After being stir-fried, the Exploding Flame Pepper became much softer. It felt so swishy in the mouth.

After all, he had grown the ingredients himself, so when he ate it, he felt quite satisfied.

Now that they got good food, why couldn't they enjoy good wine too?

At the moment, Bu Fang's Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine was out of stock. He hadn't gone to the Earth Prison to pick another one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass and Flower of Helplessness, so it was impossible to brew the wine again.

Anyway, besides the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, Bu Fang had many other good wines.

His hand shook once, and a white-jade bottle appeared. As he peeled off the seal, a thick aroma diffused.

Toc! Toc! Toc!

The cool wine was poured. Bu Fang poured everybody a cup of wine.

Drinking good wine while eating stir-fried demon frog... that refreshing and pleasant feeling satisfied people to their heart's content.

After eating, Bu Fang opened the restaurant's doors, starting a new business day.

Outside the restaurant, the line was already long. Bu Fang looked at the queue, exhaling.

Another busy day had begun.


Time flew slowly.

It was rare and hard for the Hidden Dragon Continent to have such a period of peace.

The Ruin Prison's experts were waiting in the north of the Valley of Gluttony. They didn't plan to invade the place again.

Since the Demon Frog's demon king was late and was captured in the Valley of Gluttony, many demon kings stayed alert. If the strongest demon king didn't dare to offend the Valley of Gluttony, what right did they have to provoke them?

Indeed, the demon kings didn't want to cause trouble. The Ruin Prison's experts also stayed in Hidden Dragon Continent, spending their time idly.

However, after a while, an unknowing, rushing feeling filled the air.

Whenever the Valley of Gluttony's experts from the holy lands watched the area where the Ruin Prison's experts camped, they would feel their hearts beat frantically. It seemed they could see the rolling black clouds and the roaring thunder in the sky.

Of course... This didn't bother Bu Fang. Opening the light door, he went to the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng were busy cooking in the kitchen.

Seeing Owner Bu, they weren't surprised anymore. They casually greeted him, then continued their tasks.

After teaching them some details in cooking, he then entered the light door, coming to Fang Fang's Little Store.

In Fang Fang's Little Store, Xiao Xiaolong was stir-frying in an energetic manner. The food in his wok was flipped, sauce splashing with rolling steam.

Right next to him, Yu Fu was watching with a calm face and tender smile. Her eyes looked as though she admired the young man.

All of a sudden, a light door appeared, and Bu Fang emerged from the door, his Vermillion Robe slowly fluttering as he stepped out of it.

"I'm not surprised. With his stinky nature, Owner Bu would appear soon."

When Xiao Xiaolong saw Bu Fang, he lowered the wok. His spatula stirred and sent the food onto the dish.

Bu Fang was somewhat taken aback. He didn't expect to see Yu Fu here.

Wasn't that girl the empress of the Serpentmen City?

"Owner Bu, finally, you're here..." Yu Fu looked at Bu Fang, her snake tail slowly swaying. Her beautiful face bloomed in a smile.

"What's up? Why do you want to see me?" Bu Fang was skeptical.

In response, Yu Fu just gave Bu Fang a nod.

"Okay, let's talk outside. Xiaolong, continue your practice," said Bu Fang as he clasped his hands.

The kitchen wasn't a nice place to talk, and Bu Fang didn't like to talk in the kitchen anyway.

Thus, he asked Xiao Xiaolong to continue what he was doing and brought Yu Fu to the restaurant.

"Oh! Owner Bu, long time no see. Do you remember Old Jin?"

In the restaurant, the air was so hot, and many diners were waiting for their orders.

Fat Old Jin looked at Bu Fang, his eyes narrowing into slits.

After Bu Fang talked to his customers for a while, he found a seat. Yu Fu sat opposite him.

"Tell me, what made you, the empress of the serpentmen, come to Light Wind Empire?" Bu Fang asked.

Yu Fu took a deep breath before answering, "Owner Bu, a month ago... The oceanic species' experts came to Serpentmen City."

"Oceanic species experts? What happened? They wanted to invade Serpentmen City again?" Bu Fang was skeptical.

Didn't Ao Bai say that they wouldn't attack Serpentmen City again?

"No... They came to see you. The oceanic species' messenger said that their Black Dragon King sincerely invites you and Shrimp Ancestor to be their guests in the Black Dragon Palace," said Yu Fu.

Bu Fang drank a glass of wine. His mouth twitched as he mumbled, "Me and Shrimp Ancestor? Seems that the Black Dragon King's target isn't me. It's... Shrimpy. I'm just a companion."

Yu Fu looked at Bu Fang and said, "Owner Bu, the Endless Sea is very dangerous, and even more so the oceanic species' Dragon Palace. You shouldn't go there."

Bu Fang's mouth convulsed as he recognized Yu Fu's concern. He finished the wine in his glass before saying, "Why not? I'll go. I actually want to cook a seafood feast... Also, my farmland has an area for keeping and raising seafood."