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 The high, black mountain outside the Hidden Dragon Royal Court

In the center of the peak, a giant figure sat inside a massive cave. That man had so many demon marks winding around his body, which made him look even fiercer.

He was no one else but the strongest demon king, who was cultivating in seclusion.

Being sealed in the bronze palace for ten thousand years, the strongest demon king's cultivation base was a little stagnant. Today, he must continue cultivating to regain his body's functions and his peak condition.

Boom! Boom!

In the cave, thick Nether energy wound around. It was so thick that it had almost become real matter, filling the entire space.

The strongest demon king was there. While breathing, thick energy moved between his nose and mouth like long dragons.

Suddenly, the strongest demon king opened his eyes, which were deep and wise like the magnificent starry night.

"I told them not to provoke the Valley of Gluttony, but they didn't listen. Now they're courting death themselves? After ten thousand years of absence, it seems my prestige isn't as it used to be."

The strongest demon king exhaled a mouthful of murky air. Energy seemed to move underneath him.

After saying that, he closed his eyes again, as though the matter was none of his concern.


The experts from the Ruin Prison, who came to invade the Valley of Gluttony, were defeated. The Demon Eye's demon king was blasted off, while the other demon kings had to run for their lives. Furthermore, the Demon Frog's demon king... had to stay in people's stomachs.

No one had predicted such a result.

The Ruin Prison's experts were so frightened. On the other hand, the Valley of Gluttony's experts were cheered up. They all looked excited.

Their happy mood filled the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Of course, amidst the excited mood in the Valley of Gluttony, the Taotie Restaurant still opened as usual.

It was another busy day.

At first, because of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, the Saint Sovereigns were tipsy, and they hoped they could eat that demon king bullfrog now.

However, they were disappointed. Bu Fang hadn't decided to cook the bullfrog yet.

According to Bu Fang, since it was a demon king grade ingredient, he needed time to prepare. Thus, the Saint Sovereign experts were so regretful.

The day went fast with many happy emotions.

After Chu Changsheng watched the last diner leave the restaurant, he slumped on his chair, spent from exertion. He didn't know why he felt so tired. At his cultivation base, he shouldn't be that much exhausted.

Why was he so tired every time they ended their work?

However, thinking about it, he finally figured it out.

Being a waiter, he had to help Bu Fang serve the food. And, serving the food... was the main reason for his exhaustion.

That was because every time Chu Changsheng served the dishes, their aromas triggered him a lot.

However, as a professional waiter with morals, he wouldn't pilfer the food. Still, it was absolutely a struggle for him to restrain his desire for such delicacies.

Chu Changsheng understood clearly that it wasn't his body that felt tired. It was his exhausted mind.

Noticing Bu Fang, Chu Changsheng returned to his room.

Ni Yan had finally moved out. No matter what, she was the Heavenly Secret Saintess, so she couldn't stay in Bu Fang's room. If this spread out, it would affect her reputation.

It was late at night, and the restaurant was now closed.

However, a dim light flashed inside.

The dim light illuminated the dark, little restaurant, giving some sense of peace and gloominess.

Everything was quiet and calm in the restaurant.

The Path-Understanding Tree's leaves rattled because of Flowery's movement. She was sitting cross-legged, cultivating.

Lord Dog was snoring under the tree's shade.

The Netherworld Ship looked a little gloomy with so many years' worth of wear and tear. On its deck, Nethery sat, dangling her jade-like, beautiful legs.

Tonight, the two moons at their first quarter were like two halves of silver plates. They supported each other in the sky, giving an interesting scene.

The moonlight crept through the narrow slits at the restaurant's windows. However, the light in the kitchen was bright.

The sounds of splashing water came from there.

Bu Fang shook the water off his hands as he wrapped up tonight's practice session. He couldn't wait to enter the world of his farmland.

The sky in his farmland was bright and high with a deep blue hue. Across the blue sky, some cotton clouds drifted. Together, they looked so peaceful.

Bu Fang's body entered the place, slowly landing on the ground.

At this moment, the farmland had changed dramatically. It wasn't a wasteland anymore. The fields were plowed and developed neatly into sections.

Bu Fang had filled each section, and he could harvest some fields now.

He had opened several paddy fields by the river to plant rice. To a chef, rice was a fundamental cooking ingredient.

The spirit fields were opened, and the seedlings were already planted. Also, those weren't some ordinary seedlings but the seedlings the system had provided after he had completely developed the land.

"Guanyin Pearl Tear Rice!"

If he succeeded and the seedlings bore rice, it would be the Guanyin Pearl Tear Rice, one of the high-grade quality kinds of rice.

Compared with the Dragon Blood Rice, the Guanyin Pearl Tear Rice was a level better. That was why Bu Fang was really looking forward to these two paddy fields.

Niu Hansan had one more task, which was to take care of the spirit fields. But when it came to taking care of the fields, he was somewhat lazy.

At the moment, he laid on the chair, enjoying the breeze as it brushed the field and swayed the seedlings.

All of a sudden, Niu Hansan opened his eyes. He sensed some tremors on the ground.

No doubt, Bu Fang had just arrived.

In this farmland, besides Bu Fang, no one could create such tremors.

Eighty and Little Three ran out of the wooden cabin, goggling at Bu Fang, who was slowly dragging a small-mountain-sized bulldog.

Indeed, that bulldog was a big shock to the eyes. It was as big as a small mountain.

Of course, besides the mountain-sized bulldog, Bu Fang also caught their attention.

At this moment, Bu Fang shouldered a massive Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, his Vermillion Robe fluttering in the wind. At first glance, he looked so intimidating.

The Demon Frog's demon king felt bitter. He didn't know where the heck he was. In this place, his cultivation base was completely restrained, so he couldn't use his demon king level power.

If he could, he would snatch this human chef to death with only one hand.

Niu Hansan looked at the giant frog. He was so frightened.

This bulldog... Ah, no, this mountain-sized demon frog... Wasn't it the demon king of the Demon Frog Race?

So, demon king level existences couldn't even run away from Owner Bu's kitchen knife?

How terrifying was that human?

The Demon Frog's demon king wanted to resist. However, in this world, he couldn't even wiggle.

Pushing the frog aside, Bu Fang walked in his farmland, heading toward an area where he planted a type of ruddy hot pepper.

"Exploding Flame Pepper, I hope you won't let me down," said Bu Fang, rubbing an Exploding Flame Pepper as he smiled.

Looking at the ripe Exploding Flame Peppers, Bu Fang couldn't help but grin.

It was good that the Exploding Flame Peppers were ripe. He now had a chance to process that demon king grade giant bulldog.

Picking a basketful of Exploding Flame Peppers, Bu Fang began to process the hot peppers first.

In this farmland, the ripe peppers were beautifully and vigorously ruddy.

The Demon Frog's demon king looked at the peppers. Without a doubt, he was so scared. That human was about to cook him!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The Demon Frog's demon king turned, trying to jump away. He didn't want to die. He was a demon king from the Ruin Prison! How could he be a dish for the Hidden Dragon Continent's humans to enjoy?!

Absolutely not.

After a while...

The mountain-sized demon king disappeared.

Niu Hansan was shivering, looking at the place where the demon king had disappeared.

Indeed, he was so shaken. It was really shocking to realize that after a short time, Bu Fang had finished processing the demon frog.

That knife had given him a heavy shadow in his heart. If he had chosen to resist, that knife would have cut through his body one gash after another...

Eventually, Bu Fang left the farmland, leaving the horrified Niu Hansan and the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

Niu Hansan shuddered. His laziness was gone, and he began to put all of his efforts into making the farmland better.


When Bu Fang returned to his restaurant, he noisily put the Exploding Flame Peppers on the counter.

After being harvested, the Exploding Flame Peppers looked as if they had a flame in the center, which flickered all the time.

Cleaning the Exploding Flame Peppers, he prepared the plate as well.

Then, he took out the demon frog meat he had kept in his system dimensional bag.

The frog meat was worthy of being a demon king grade cooking ingredient. The meat texture was so soft and smooth, and when he cut it, he could feel its energy scattering.

He took out some frog meat, placing it on the blue-and-white porcelain plate.

After that, he poured some Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine into the plate, added some thick oily juice, and drops of Abyssal Chili Sauce, which he then combined to marinate the meat.

This marinating process needed time.

As the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand, he placed the peppers on the chopping board and cut them. A moment later, a thick spicy aroma burst out, stimulating people's taste buds.

The dish Bu Fang wanted to cook today wasn't complicated.

Taking out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, he opened his mouth and spurted the dark gold Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame got under the wok, burning hard as it heated up the wok.

Adding oil, the golden oil boiled up in the hot Black Turtle Constellation Wok, splashing and sizzling.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Pouring the well-marinated demon frog into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, white steam rose instantly, sizzling unceasingly.

The moment the meat got into the wok, its fragrance bloomed instantly. Its unique aroma could be distinguished amidst the boiling oil.

After some time, the transparent demon frog meat turned milky at speed the naked eye could observe.

Bu Fang held the spatula in one hand while he held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with the other. Taking in the aroma, his tranquil eyes didn't change.

Shaking the wok, the demon frog meat rolled and boiled up.

After stir-frying the demon frog meat for a while, Bu Fang took the meat out, pouring into a clean and fancy blue-and-white porcelain plate.

Because of the vigorous steam, cubes of demon frog meat trembled a little bit on the plate. The milky frog meat stimulated people's appetite.

Heating up the wok one more time, Bu Fang added some crushed cloves of garlic he had taken from the farmland. Stirring them for a while, a thick fragrance arose. Then, he poured the peppers.

As soon as the Exploding Flame Pepper strips got into the wok, they boomed constantly, releasing energy and the spicy savor.

Bu Fang wasn't flustered. He grabbed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, shaking and stir-frying.

After the energy in the wok calmed down, the Exploding Flame Peppers got a more vivid hue. Then, he poured the demon frog meat back to the wok.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

This time, it looked like some chemical reaction had happened when the frog meat entered the wok. The aroma shooting out this time was several times thicker than the previous one.

Compared to using only the demon frog meat while being stir-fried, this time, with the garlic and Exploding Flame Peppers, the aroma was boosted in an exquisite way.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The flames in Black Turtle Constellation Wok suddenly rose, reaching high in the sky.

However, Bu Fang didn't even blink. He still shook the wok to flip the food.

In the end, he poured some Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and Abyssal Chili Sauce. The flame was suppressed, and the aroma burst higher.

He took out a fancy blue-and-white plate, pouring the sautéed frog meat into it, then drizzled the sauce on them...

The dish had an elegant red color, and the ruddy demon frog meat was shivering gently, making people's mouth water.

Bu Fang dropped the wok, taking in a deep breath of the aroma. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but rise.

"Stir-fried Demon Frog... done!"