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 Chapter 93: The Fragrant, Smooth, and Tasty Rice Noodle Roll

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Light Wind Empire, imperial city, Fang Fang's Little Store.

A speck of light appeared within the empty space of the store. Then, this speck of light rapidly flew around the air while drawing a magic array. A burst of violent wind cropped up and a figure appeared within the magic array.

Bu Fang came back to the store in a trance. He was having dizzy spells as he fell down on his buttocks and gasped for air with deep breaths.

"The host has already returned to the store. The system reward will now be released," the system's solemn voice resounded within Bu Fang's mind.

However, Bu Fang ignored the message. His gaze was fixated on the fiery-red herb tightly grasped in his hand. The herb felt extremely hot as he held it within his hand. It was like holding a piece of magma.

"Thankfully, I still managed to catch it. Otherwise, after toiling for so long, it would be a huge loss if I had missed this seventh grade spirit herb." The corners of Bu Fang's mouth widened and a faint smile seemed to appear on his rigid face.

The Phoenix Blood Herb was entirely red in color. After maturation, the herb became even more dazzling as if it was carved from an exquisite red agate. On its surface, it was filled with dark red spots as if it was stained with blood.

Grasping the herb in his hand, he felt an extreme hotness. However, this hotness was not felt on his skin but in his mind.

After finding a jade box, he placed the Phoenix Blood Herb inside. He did not choose to store it within the dimensional bag provided by the system, but kept it within a cupboard.

Similarly, he took out the Sage Herb he harvested from within the dimensional bag. This plump Sage Herb was exuding an enticing fragrance.

Bu Fang endured the temptation as he placed the Sage Herb into a jade box before storing it into the cupboard as well.

After completing all of these actions, only then did Bu Fang heavily breathe out. As he stretched himself, the joints within his body produced popping sounds. Contrary to his expectation, his first ingredient capture was a meaningful experience.

"As expected of the God of Cooking set. Without the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, I really wouldn't be able to do anything. No wonder the system waited until I obtained the God of Cooking set before initiating this ingredient capture mission." Bu Fang stretched his sore neck as he headed up the stairs.

Bu Fang first took a shower. His hair was let loose and water was still dripping off the ends as he returned to his room while feeling more refreshed.

After spending two days hunting for ingredients, Bu Fang was feeling tired. It was time for him to have a good sleep.

However, before he could go to sleep, he needed to find out more about the mission reward that was newly released by the system.

"The Rice Noodle Roll cooking technique?" Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. He was actually very interested in this new dish. As a chef, he was naturally familiar with the Rice Noodle Roll. After all, this was an extremely delicious breakfast.

The Rice Noodle Roll was a type of rice product. It was also known as steamed rice roll, jyu cheung fan, and chee cheong fun. It was considered a relatively simple dish. The main point was making the thin wrappers by steaming the rice milk and then wrapping the freshly stir-fried filling with the thin wrappers.

As Bu Fang pondered the Rice Noodle Roll's cooking method in his mind, he felt an itch to try it out. He was eager to cook the new dish and have a taste. However, after considering for a while, he gave up in the end.

The main reason was after expending too much true energy, he was rather tired and feeling somewhat languid. The other reason was that the Rice Noodle Roll was a breakfast dish and waking up earlier to cook it was the best choice.

Therefore, Bu Fang endured the impulse to get up and practice the dish. He lay down on his bed and soon fell asleep.

The night quietly passed.

The next day, Bu Fang got up from bed just as the sun rose, and stretched his body. After washing up, he went into the kitchen and first practiced his cutting technique. His Level One Meteor Cutting Technique was already close to culmination. He would most probably be able to reach culmination after practicing for one more day.

After finishing his cutting technique practice, Bu Fang made a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. This was Blacky's daily meal and Bu Fang was extremely experienced with making this dish. Soon, a rich, captivating aroma of meat was wafting within the kitchen.

Carrying the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs to the dining area, Bu Fang opened up the entrance and the cold wind immediately blew into the store. The imperial city of the Light Wind Empire had already officially entered winter. The sky was overcast as if foreshadowing heavy snow.

"Blacky, it's time to eat." Bu Fang arrived in front of Blacky with the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. The gluttonous dog instantly jumped up and excitedly stared at the plate in Bu Fang's hands with its tongue hanging out.

"Deprived of food for two days... Your lord dog is craving to death!" Blacky thought as his eyes gleamed while staring fixedly at the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

That bewitching aroma of the meat was almost causing Blacky to degenerate. When Bu Fang placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front it, it eagerly began gobbling down the meat on the plate.

It was still the same recipe with the same taste! This... was the taste of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up as he watched Blacky gobble down the food while wagging its tail. He turned around and entered the kitchen. He was about to start cooking the Rice Noodle Roll.

He first took out the rice milk prepared by the system. The rice milk was pure white like milk and was exuding a faint fragrance. Evidently, the rice used to make it was not ordinary.

He poured the rice milk into a specially-made tray. This tray was not thick, so the height of the rice milk layer was not that high either. It was around two milimeters. After pouring the rice milk, Bu Fang placed the tray onto the steam rack to be cooked.

While the rice milk was being steamed, Bu Fang began preparing the filling needed for the Rice Noodle Roll.

"Pork or beef, shrimp, bok choy, dried radish granules..." Bu Fang muttered as he prepared these ingredients.

However, as he was about to take out the pork prepared by the system, he suddenly paused for a moment. An idea could not help but surface within his mind.

"System, what if I were to replace this pork with the meat of the Wandering Dragon Cow... is it feasible?" Bu Fang asked.

"Yes. However, since an ingredient would be replaced, the price of the dish will change," the system seriously replied.

"Hmm? How will it change?" Bu Fang asked in curiosity.

The system's solemn voice resounded within his mind once more. "The original filling of the Rice Noodle Roll uses pork from a third grade spirit beast. After the host replaces the ingredient with the seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow, the price of the Rice Noodle Roll will be increased from ten crystals to sixty crystals per serving."

Increased from ten crystals to sixty crystals... Bu Fang blinked his eyes. He could not help but exclaim in his mind, "As expected of a seventh grade ingredient, it definitely doesn't disappoint. However, there's probably no one who would chose to eat such an expensive serving of Rice Noodle Roll."

"System, could you treat the Rice Noodle Roll with the meat of the Wandering Dragon Cow as filling as the improved version of the Rice Noodle Roll?"

"Of course," the system replied. This was actually the same as the Egg-Fried Rice and Improved Egg-Fried Rice.

Bu Fang nodded. Green smoke emerged around his wrist and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. He started off with the filling needed for the dish. He first cooked the third grade spirit pork in preparation for making the normal Rice Noodle Roll. After he finished preparing the filling, he took out a small piece of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat. With the gigantic size of the Wandering Dragon Cow, using such a small piece was not a big deal.

With the two types of filling readied, the rice milk was done as well.

As Bu Fang took the tray out, clouds of white steam rose into the air. The steam was mixed with the rich, mesmerizing aroma of rice, causing him to deeply inhale.

He separated the steamed gelatinous sheet from the tray. The sheet was crystal clear like jade, smooth as a mirror, and pleasing to the eyes.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hands performed a few spins and the sheet was equally sliced into rectangular-shaped pieces.

Bu Fang first placed the filling made from third grade spirit pork, shrimps, and dried radish granules onto one of the pieces, and then carefully wrapped it up. A "white as snow, thin as paper, shiny, fragrant, smooth, and delicious" Rice Noodle Roll was completed.