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 The Demon Frog's demon king was indeed in a panic.

He wanted to run, but that Rising Sun Saint Sovereign was stuck onto his thigh. Every time he used a huge strength to leap from the lake, he would always be pulled down by the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign, smashing into the lake.

Every rumble would cause a huge wave to rise toward the heavens.

With his mental energy perceiving that he had been surrounded by the Saint Sovereign experts, whose energies were like scorching suns, the Demon Frog's demon king only had the word 'shit' left in his heart.

His figure had turned into a huge frog that was the size of a small mountain. Opening his mouth, he spat out a few spinning water bullets at the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign, wanting to blow the latter away.

However, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign's entire body was scarlet, and his energy was rising toward the heavens. As white fumes puffed out from his mouth, he sent out a fist, which was like a scorching sun crushing over, completely evaporating those water bullets.

Drinking a cup of that Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, the combat ability of the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign had been raised to a terrifying level.

Streams of starlight scattered, wrapping around the Demon Frog's demon king who was as big as a small mountain. It seemed as if many tiny dots had gathered around him.

The starlight instantly became sharp, revolving, forming a mysterious magic array to trap the Demon Frog's demon king inside.

"Celestial Skill. Star Bind!" A dignified voice rang out.

Then, above the sky, a figure stepped on stars as it came over.

Tears were almost about to leak out of Demon Frog's demon king's eyes...

He was finished... Now he really could not escape anymore!

"Goddamned Demon Eye's demon king! Really digging a hole for this frog!"

The Demon Frog's demon king kept crying out as his figure was constantly releasing boundless Nether energy, wanting to try to burst open that magic array.

However, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign suddenly rose toward the heavens. Aiming at Demon Frog's demon king, he descended head first to send a fist to his head.

That fist almost shattered the Demon Frog's demon king's skull.

At the same time, strips of bright silk cloth descended, wrapping around and tying the Demon Frog's demon king tightly. Only his head was left.

A stream of blade light seemed to appear from the horizon in the distance. When it slashed down, space seemed to be ripped apart.

Thousands of blades flew around the Heavenly Pivot Saint Sovereign's surroundings before smashing into the Sunset Lake, causing the lake water to explode.

The blade lights formed a sharp net, restraining the Demon Frog's demon king even further....

The many Saint Sovereigns tread the air, their gazes sharp as they stared at him.

At that moment, an intense feeling of desolation washed over the Demon Frog's demon king, feeling that it was so alone in this world.


The rest of the demon kings had escaped. The group of Saint Sovereigns, who had eaten some medicine, made them feel a sense of crisis, and this crisis made their pores almost explode.

That gaze... was the gaze of someone looking at an ingredient.

They were the demon kings of the Ruin Prison, so how could they become an ingredient for the Hidden Dragon Continent creatures? This sort of thing was unacceptable. Hence, they made a temporary retreat.

As for that voice that announced them as demon king ingredients, they hate the owner of that voice so much that their teeths gritted, itching to kill that person.

How could there be such a wild person in this world?

To dare to even take demon kings as ingredients to eat...

"Where's the Demon Frog demon king? Did he not run away?"

The Demon Eagle's demon king and the rest of the demon kings froze. They looked at each other, realizing that, indeed, the Demon Frog's demon king was not among them.

In a flash, the expressions of these demon kings became a little unusual.

Their eyes met, looking at each other in dismay.

"Could it be that... The Demon Frog's demon king was really captured?"

"Do you think he will really be treated as an ingredient and... cooked?"

"With the Demon Frog's demon king's cultivation, he should be able to escape, right?"

The many demon kings opened their mouths, discussing the possible fate of their fellow demon king. When they finished speaking, everyone's face was filled with terror...

"If you guys want to, we can go back and see?"

Once a demon king said that, this idea was quickly accepted by all the demon kings.


The figures of the demon kings instantly turned into black shadows as they ripped into the heavens, once again heading in the direction of the Valley of Gluttony.

However, this time, they did not infiltrate too deeply. They only watched the battle from a distance.

From afar, they could see the myriads of colors on the Demon Frog's demon king.

Scorching sun true energy, thousands of sword lights, the drooping bright silk cloths, the star magic array...

As they watched every Saint Sovereign's skill land on Demon Frog's demon king's body, the many demon kings that were secretly watching felt the corner of their lips twitching.

"Luckily, I ran away quickly... This group of crazy ants... When they are grouped together, they are pretty terrifying."

The demon kings secretly rejoiced in their hearts.

At the same time, their hearts also felt sad for the Demon Frog's demon king...

The Demon Frog's demon king had been beaten up.

The Saint Sovereigns floated in the air as they sent blows, beating up the Demon Frog's demon king. Being directly pressed down onto the Sunset Lake, the lake exploded with the Demon Frog's demon king's figure in the middle of it.

After a while, an old man tread the air as he came over.

The old man's figure released a bright radiance, his true energy swirling around him like dragons.

"Aiyo, this big bullfrog has quite a bit of meat. Rising Sun Saint Sovereign, it seems like your luck is not bad..." said the old man with a smile. His strand of white hair fluttered in the wind, watching the Demon Frog's demon king being subdued into obedience by the many Saint Sovereigns.

The old man gave an evil smile as he touched the hair on his head, adding, "A pity that only this huge bullfrog was left. The rest of the demon kings had run off, or else we could have eaten Owner Bu into poverty."

The Saint Sovereigns also felt a little regret.

Although they had subdued this frog, this huge bullfrog belonged to the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign. After all, the one who had been fighting the huge bullfrog all along was the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign.

At this moment, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign was crazy with joy. He sat above the Demon Frog's demon king as he let out a silly laugh.


The Saint Sovereigns seemed to feel something in their hearts, turning their heads to look in a corner of the sky.

There, the demon king experts felt the hair on their entire body stand out. Displaying their peak speeds, they frantically escaped into the distance...

This time, they ran without looking back, never coming back.

The Demon Frog's demon king... was finished.


The Taotie Restaurant

The gate of the restaurant was open. Bu Fang had pulled out a chair and sat in front of the restaurant gate.

Leaning back on the chair, he slightly closed his eyes, feeling the blowing of the wind. At that moment, he looked very content.

Nether King Er Ha and Chu Changsheng also learned from Bu Fang. Pulling out chairs, they leaned back on the chair as well.

The battle seemed to have ended.

The rumbling sounds had completely stopped.

Not long after, the ground trembled, and a huge object slowly moved toward the restaurant from the distance.

Bu Fang and the rest were jolted awake.

Bu Fang drowsily opened his eyes, calmly looking at the slowly approaching object from the distance... a huge bullfrog.

The Demon Frog's demon king, who was as big as a small mountain, was directly held up by the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign as he headed toward the Taotie Restaurant step by step.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign possessed a terrifying huge power. Holding up the Demon Frog's demon king that was as big as a small mountain, the muscles on his entire body were bulging like dragons. The lines were clear and filled with valiant energy.


Finally, the Demon Frog's demon king had been placed in front of the restaurant. The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign panted, looking at Bu Fang with a face full of hope.

"Owner Bu, this is the Demon Frog's demon king that this Saint Sovereign had been fighting against. Can it be counted as a demon king grade ingredient?"

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign wiped the sweat from his head. Then, with a leap, he landed on the Demon Frog's demon king's head and sat on it. As he said that, he reached out his hand, patting the Demon Frog's demon king's head.

Chu Changsheng was dumbstruck. Such a huge bullfrog.

The corner of Nether King Er Ha's mouth violently twitched. Then, he sullenly took out a Spicy Strip, holding it with his mouth. He walked out of the restaurant, clicking his mouth in astonishment.

Bu Fang young man's method was really useful. Who would have thought that these Saint Sovereigns would actually finish a Ruin Prison demon king?

Looking at this demon king, whose body was full of meat, Nether King Er Ha couldn't resist swallowing his saliva. Demon king meat... He was really looking forward to it.

Bu Fang also walked out.

The Demon Frog's demon king's face looked as if there was no love left in this world. Sized up by these humans like an ingredient, he couldn't help but feel depressed.

He was a Ruin Prison demon king...

Bu Fang crossed his arms, walking in front of the Demon Frog's demon king.

He carefully sized him up, then opened his mouth to say, "Okay, quite a good demon king grade ingredient. I keep my words. The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign has obtained the right to eat for free at the restaurant for three days, as well as the first to taste the dish made from the demon king grade ingredient."


"You ant-like human! How dare you determine this lord's life?"

The Demon Frog's demon king was angered into madness. Although he had been tied up, he still let out an ear-shattering roar at Bu Fang.

A gale seemed to spread out, engulfing the entire place.

Bu Fang's hair fluttered from this roar, and his Vermillion Robe also flapped ceaselessly.

Bu Fang crossed his arms, expressionlessly looking at Demon Frog's demon king...

"Quite lively. I don't know if the chili in the Heaven and Earth Farmland have matured yet... Making a Hot Pot Bullfrog might not be too bad? Or maybe Pickled Pepper Bullfrog?"

Bu Fang did not care about the Demon Frog's demon king's roars, only sizing him up while muttering.

Then, too lazy to say anything, he raised his hands, tapping on the Demon Frog's demon king's thigh.

A rumbling sound rang out.

The Demon Frog's demon king's figure instantly vanished.

The spectators were a little shocked, not knowing where the Demon Frog's demon king had gone to.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Steam was scattered.

The Saint Sovereigns all sat on the ground, exhausted.

The energy on their bodies had utterly dissipated as their cultivation returned to its previous state. At the moment, they were a little dizzy...

The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine had a high alcohol content.

Each of them had a cup, so after their energy and cultivation had surged, they would naturally be dizzy for a while.

It would be nice if they could take this chance to enter Owner Bu's restaurant and eat something.

After a big battle, when their bodies had been emptied, eating a delicious dish was literally too good at this time. That type of feeling was simply blissful.

Since the Taotie Restaurant was still open for business, Bu Fang did not object to them entering the restaurant.

Then, the Saint Sovereigns instructed the disciples of their respective holy lands to commence repairs in the Valley of Gluttony. All of them reeked of wine as they stepped inside the Taotie Restaurant, a little drunk.

The restaurant once again began another busy day.


Meanwhile, outside the Valley of Gluttony, the experts of the Ruin Prison army raised their heads, looking in the direction of the Valley of Gluttony.

They were waiting for the demon king's signal to commence the attack on the Valley of Gluttony. But after waiting for a long time, no signal had been released.

Suddenly, their eyes shrank. They saw a black figure rapidly dashing over.

Some experts felt joy in their hearts. Could this be the signal from the Lord demon king?

However, in a blink of an eye, the expressions of every expert of the Ruin Prison shifted.

That was because what floated over was not the signal that had been arranged previously, but a blood-colored eyeball...

An eyeball?!

"That's the demon eye of the Demon Eye's demon king!" A demon eye clan's expert recognized it, roaring in shock.


The Demon Eye's demon king had been eliminated including his eye?

In the next instant, many air-breaking sounds rang out.

The Ruin Prison experts were incomparably shocked. Raising their heads, all they saw were the incomparably powerful demon kings in their hearts running away in a flurry.

What had happened exactly?

Why would the demon king experts be so terrified?

"Lord Demon Eagle's demon king, why have you returned? What about attacking the Valley of Gluttony that we agreed on?"

Some Ruin Prison experts asked in a panic.

The Demon Eagle's demon king's curved beak was about to get crooked, giving that expert a side glance.

"Attack the Valley of Gluttony? Don't joke around. The Demon Eye's demon king has been destroyed... I think we should go back, take a bath, and sleep."

Hearing these words, the experts of the Ruin Prison involuntarily widened their eyes.

Meanwhile, the experts of the Demon Frog Race seemed to realize that something was different. Their voices trembled as they asked, "Lord demon kings, where is our Demon Frog's demon king?!"

Facing the demon frog race's question...

The demon kings all heaved a sigh. Looking at the demon frog race's expert, they revealed a sympathetic gaze.

"The Demon Frog's demon king ran a little slower... His valiant heroism will forever live in our hearts."