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The lake water suddenly splashed everywhere, rising toward the heavens!

Then, the lake water that was rising up to the horizon instantly began to sprinkle down with a swish, as if a heavy rain had fallen.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign floated in the air. His entire body was scarlet, and there was even steam rising from him.

Steam rolled off as the lake water splashed over his body, instantly evaporating.

"So hot! But... How comfortable!" Rising Sun Saint Sovereign exclaimed. His strands of hair were like steel arrows, and the illusionary void seemed to be smashed apart by them.

A golden circle emerged from behind his head.


"Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn! Ribbit! Even an ant dares to fight back!"

The Demon Frog's demon king dashed out from the lake, opening his mouth to let out a roar. His two cheeks suddenly bulged as the surrounding water dragons revolved around him.

With a move of his will, the revolving water dragon then dashed toward the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign to kill him.

Faced with that move that caused him to be incomparably suppressed, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign let out a delighted laugh.

With a fist punching out, the scorching sun was dazzling.

The water dragon instantly exploded.

His feet stepped into the illusionary void. The air exploded as his figure instantly teleported to the side of the Demon Frog's demon king.

"Owner Bu's Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine has a time limit, so we have to quickly settle this battle!"

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign's eyes were scarlet, and there seemed to be steam puffing out of his nose.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next instant, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign attacked, as if turning into a human fighting robot.

Constantly sending out fists of scorching sun, that Demon Frog's demon king was completely unable to resist as he was continuously pummelled!

Eventually, his body slammed into the lake.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign gave a maniacal roar, then dashed into the lake like an angry beast.

The lake exploded as its splashing water evaporated again!


The Sunset Lake bank

A huge alligator climbed out of the lake in fear... Twisting its butt as it escaped, it left the Sunset Lake at once.

The Wavering Light Saint Sovereign elegantly drank Owner Bu's Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine in one gulp. Her fair face instantly turned bright red as her eyes became blurred. Then, her figure swayed, dashing toward the Demon Eagle's demon king above the sky.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The many strips of bright silk cloth shot out from within the illusionary void like long pikes, causing that Demon Eagle's demon king, who had originally intended to fly off, to be instantly tangled!

The Demon Eagle's demon king's gaze shrank, letting out a cry.

The lady who had drunk wine was not terrified at all!

The Wavering Light Saint Sovereign's hands shook, and a myriad of bright silk cloth shot down. She stepped on the silk, like she was stepping on a rainbow, and dashed over.

The two started a huge battle. They were evenly matched, and neither had the upper hand.

The Saint Sovereigns that should have originally been defeated had seemed to flip in this instant to become the master!

They were actually evenly matched with the demon kings, and they were even... crushing them!

The demon kings very quickly noticed the change in the Saint Sovereigns' cultivations, realizing that they were continuously improving, making them feel that it was a little strange.

Also, the rapidly weakening energy of the Demon Eye's demon king made their hearts shocked.

Hence, many of the demon kings did not want to continue fighting zealously, and they began to slowly escape from the battlefield.

The Saint Sovereigns were helpless.

Although they drank the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, which improved their combat ability by many times, keeping these demon kings here was still a little hard. Hence, if the other party wanted to leave, they would be unable to hold them back.

Some demon kings carried the price of being heavily injured to escape. The terrible defeat of the Demon Eye's demon king made these demon kings feel scared.

Originally, they were a little hesitant to attack the Valley of Gluttony. After all, even the strongest demon king had eaten humiliation here.

That was why they were careful.


The Taotie Restaurant

Nether King Er Ha sullenly held a Spicy Strip in his mouth, swallowing and spitting it out constantly at a corner.

Lord Dog, with a 'heng,' turned his head, lying under the Path-Understanding Tree.

Flowery obediently sat crossed-legged, and the spiritual energy around her revolved.

"Bu Fang young man, those Saint Sovereigns in the Valley of Gluttony should have drunk your Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine by now. With their improved combat strength, those demon kings might have a little trouble now..."

"Ohh, so..." Bu Fang said.

Back then, those few cups of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine were bought and exchanged with by those Saint Sovereigns. As expected, those Saint Sovereigns did not drink the wine right away and only did it during a big battle.

Obviously, these Saint Sovereigns placed heavy importance on the combat power of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

This made Bu Fang a little sad. For him, what was important was not the effect, but the taste and deliciousness of his wine...

Nether King Er Ha leaned against the chair, his hand holding onto a Spicy Strip as he pushed it in and out of his mouth.

He seemed to think of something as he turned his head to the leisurely and carefree Bu Fang, who was resting on the chair, and said, "Oh, by the way, Bu Fang young man. I almost forgot to tell you that those few demon kings of the Ruin Prison can be considered pretty good ingredients. After all, demon king grade ingredients are still pretty rare..."

Bu Fang instantly froze.

Demon king grade ingredient?

Now that he heard it... it seemed like a pretty good idea.

Bu Fang blinked, giving Nether King Er Ha a look.

Nether King Er Ha gave Bu Fang a sullen smile. "This king's heart was just pricked. I have no strength right now, so I just want to eat a Spicy Strip now to make myself feel better."

Hearing Nether King Er Ha's words, Bu Fang speechlessly pouted his mouth.

No strength because your heart was pricked? Only ghosts will believe your excuse...

If you are lazy, then you are lazy. Still looking for an excuse like your heart was pricked...

Bu Fang shook his head, looking at Lord Dog. Realizing that Lord Dog was sleeping soundly under the Path-Understanding Tree, his open mouth instantly snapped close as the words that were about to go out of his mouth were swallowed back in.

"Forget it. I won't trouble Lord Dog. Lord Dog should currently be upset by Little Ha's words that he was a single dog," said Bu Fang as he stood up, walking to the door.

Nether King Er Ha was instantly curious. What was Bu Fang going to do?

Chu Changsheng leaned against the corner of the wall, also a little curious.

Although the battle outside was very heated, Chu Changsheng knew that he himself was completely unable to poke in.

Walking to the entrance of the restaurant, the rumbling sounds outside still rang ceaselessly.

Bu Fang continued listening, noticing that there was no change on the ground. He crossed his arms as he walked down the stairs in front of the restaurant.

After taking a few steps, he then stood still.

In the next instant, Bu Fang slightly shut his eyes.


In his mind, the peaceful spirit sea began to boil immediately.

The divine dragon roared as its cry reverberated.

Bu Fang's mental energy instantly scattered out with his body as the core, covering everywhere in all directions as it wrapped around the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Nether King Er Ha, who was currently eating a Spicy Strip, froze. Feeling the mental energy lingering in the air that belonged to Bu Fang, he almost choked to death on that Spicy Strip.

"This mental force... Bu Fang young man's improvement is a little fast! It's a mental force that's close to a demon king level!" Nether King Er Ha said in shock.

Lord Dog, who was lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, involuntarily opened his eye, looking at Bu Fang with wonder.

Obviously, Lord Dog was also shocked by Bu Fang's ability.

With a look, Lord Dog then realized that Bu Fang's cultivation had unknowingly reached the Divine Spirit Realm already.

Lord Dog sighed, feeling a little complicated.

When he first met Bu Fang, this guy didn't even know what true energy was. But now... he had actually grown to this sort of level?

This speed was really fast. As expected of the guy who could obtain the resources of the Immortal Cooking Realm...

"However, it's still not enough... You have a long way to go, Bu Fang boy... Continue working hard."

Lord Dog gave a 'heng,' then shut his eyes. Lying back down, he continued to sleep.

Bu Fang's mental energy spread out, quickly engulfing the entire Valley of Gluttony.

The Saint Sovereigns and the demon king experts who were battling instantly felt their minds tremble.

With furrowed brows, they felt a wave of mental energy that was no weaker than them spreading over, causing them to become cautious.

However, in the next instant, their expressions froze.

"The Saint Sovereigns of the respective holy lands, please pay attention. I will now buy demon king ingredients at a high price. A demon king ingredient can be exchanged for a chance to eat at this one's restaurant for free for three days. You will also get the first chance to taste the dish made from the demon king ingredient. This chance is hard to come by, so don't miss it."


What did this mean?

The demon king experts, who were fighting against the many Saint Sovereigns, instantly became confused.

These words made them a little dazed.

Meanwhile, the many Saint Sovereign's faces became extremely strange.

Buying demon king ingredients at a high price...

What was a demon king ingredient?

Those Saint Sovereigns were curious, looking at the demon king experts they were up against.

Could it be that these experts are the demon king ingredients that Owner Bu was talking about?

It seemed like they really were... ingredients!


A portion of demon king ingredients could give them a chance to eat for free at Owner Bu's restaurant for three days, not to mention that they would get first dibs on tasting the demon king grade dish...

Bu Fang's words resounded in their ears.

"Important things will be repeated three times...."

Bu Fang then repeated his announcement three times. The demon king experts were almost about to explode!

They were the Ruin Prison demon kings, a supreme existence! For someone to consider them an ingredient bounty for the people of the Hidden Dragon Continent was literally something that could not be forgiven!

Exactly who said it, come out! They swear they would not rip him into shreds!

The demon king experts were extremely furious, but they soon realized that the gazes of the Saint Sovereign experts had changed, as if their eyes were looking at a treasure.

These gazes made the demon king experts involuntarily tremble and break out into a cold sweat.

"Shit! This lord is no longer going to play with you guys! These playthings that swallowed medicine!" The Demon Eagle's demon king gave a roar as his figure instantly soared into the sky, forming a huge demon eagle that covered the heaven and earth. Spreading his wings, he turned into a comet as he vanished into the horizons.

The other demon kings also threw them off as they began to escape.

They were simply too scared of these Saint Sovereign's gazes.

Since these Saint Sovereigns had drunk the wine, their combat strength had been boosted, and they might actually meet with unexpected failure.

The Demon Frog's demon king gave a 'ribbit' as his feet stepped on the surface of the lake. The Sunset Lake instantly exploded as his figure intended to fly towards the arc of the sky.

However, just as he jumped...

His heart began to tremble.

He turned his head to look, then realized that his frog leg had been caught by someone.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign puffed out steam from his mouth, incomparably excited.

"Stay here! You big bullfrog!"

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign roared, the veins on his neck appearing. His saliva was almost about to leak out.

With a boom, the Demon Frog's demon king was once again pulled down, smashing into the Sunset Lake.

"Ribbit! This human! Are you looking for death? This lord is a demon frog, not a big bullfrog!"

The Demon Frog's demon king stuck out his head. Water dragons surged around him as he dashed forward.


The heart of the Demon Frog's demon king trembled.

His eyes turned with a grunt as he saw that in the horizon far away, some black figures were dashing over.

Those figures were the Saint Sovereign experts. Their mouths were wide open, puffing out white fumes as their eyes focused on the Demon Frog's demon king... filled with greed and longing!

The Demon Frog's demon king was so scared that he peed.

His figure instantly transformed, enlarging and turning into a huge demon frog that was like a small mountain.

This transformation... made the Saint Sovereigns' eyes even more brilliant.

Seeing these sparkling gazes, the Demon Frog's demon king's tears filled his entire face.

"Ribbit?! This lord is a demon frog! I'm not really a big bullfrog!"