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 "So, it's because of your small restaurant that the strongest demon king gave up on conquering the entire Hidden Dragon Continent?"

The Demon Eye Clan's demon king looked at Bu Fang, who was standing at the entrance of the restaurant, revealing a cold smile.

That smile was filled with a heart-shuddering chill.

Towards this restaurant, the Demon Eye's demon king was actually not a stranger. Back then, he was just a trace of consciousness on the Amethyst Elder's body when he had seen this restaurant.

However, because the strongest demon king had utterly shattered his consciousness, the information regarding the Taotie Restaurant had utterly vanished.

As of today, the Demon Eye's demon king had once again come across this restaurant.

From appearance alone, it was not a magical place, so the Demon Eye's demon king did not know why the strongest demon king would choose to retreat.

Bu Fang gave the Demon Eye's demon king a slight glance. Three eyes... How familiar.

Back then, an expert of the Demon Eye Clan had attacked the Valley of Gluttony, but at that time, the four-eyed expert seemed to have utterly died.

Of course... the energy of the previous four-eyed expert seemed to have been a lot weaker than this guy in front of him.

Early in the morning, instead of people queueing up for a meal, a three-eyed guy appeared. It looked like this three-eyed person had such a strong energy that he scared off his customers.

Hence, the gaze that Bu Fang gave to him was a little unfriendly.

The other side was also aggressive, despite the questioning tone of his words.

Bu Fang rubbed his head, expressionlessly giving the other party a look. He was too lazy to reply to his question, turning his body to go back into the restaurant.


Suddenly, a violent explosion rang out.

Bu Fang slightly froze, turning his head to look around.

The surroundings were filled with terrifying energies that rushed toward the heavens. The strength of each energy was no weaker than the demon king in front of him.

"Now you understand, right? The strongest demon king sparing you guys does not mean that the rest of us demon kings will," the Demon Eye's demon king lightly said.

The eyes on his forehead turned, then widened. Moving around, a dazzling light shone from within.

In various areas of the Valley of Gluttony, huge wars broke out.

At the Sunset Lake, the Demon Frog's demon king was fighting against the Rising Sun's Saint Sovereign, the lakewater exploding as the waves rose toward the heavens.

The Rising Sun's Saint Sovereign walked the Path of the Supreme Sun, so every one of his fists was like the scorching sun, bright and resplendent!

However, the ability of that Demon Frog's demon king was simply too strong. With a move of his will, he would control the water dragon to dash forward to kill, causing the Rising Sun's Saint Sovereign to retreat little by little.

"Ribbit! Too weak!"

The Demon Frog's demon king laughed loudly.

High above the sky, black shadows covered the heaven and earth. The Demon Eagle's demon king spread its wings as a black tornado appeared, causing the sand and rocks on the ground to fly as the air shredded!

The Wavering Light Saint Sovereign's figure swayed as cotton and silk cloth were sent flying out.

However, under the sharp eagle claws, they were all shredded!

The battles of the various areas had reached a crisis. The demon king experts had completely crushed the Saint Sovereigns.


The Demon Eye's demon king looked at Bu Fang playfully.

He really didn't believe that this restaurant was the pillar of the Valley of Gluttony. Under this critical situation, it didn't even make a move.

However, he was wrong.

Bu Fang really did not make a move. Although he was a little surprised at the battles in his surroundings, he did not pay much heed to it. After giving the Demon Eye's demon king a glance, he then turned and entered the restaurant.

The Demon Eye's demon king felt that he had once again been disregarded. His face slightly stiffened, then his rage rushed toward the heavens.

Thinking of Bu Fang's emotionless face, the Demon Eye's demon king felt that he seemed to have been ridiculed ruthlessly.

He deeply sucked in a breath. In front of the demon eye, a bloody black-colored energy ball condensed.

He intended to destroy this restaurant with one blow, utterly blowing away the pillar of the Valley of Gluttony. He would destroy the hopes and thoughts of the ants of the Hidden Dragon Continent.


His movements froze. He realized that Bu Fang, who had gone inside the restaurant, walked out again.

"As expected... Do you want to ask for mercy?" The Demon Eye's demon king's eyes narrowed, giving Bu Fang a smile.

"A pity, it's too late..."

Bu Fang calmly gave the Demon Eye's demon king a glance, not really understanding what the other party was saying.

On the arc of the sky, a huge black shadow suddenly appeared.

Very soon, the sound of whistling descended.

The Demon Eye's demon king froze.

Appearing in the distance, at the spot where he originally stood, a massive object slammed as the ground trembled.

"Eh? This is... a Papillion?!"

The Demon Eye's demon king's eyes shrank, looking at this huge creature.

He was naturally very familiar with the Papillion. After all, it was his idea to have the Papillions bring the seeds of the Mandala Tree into the Hidden Dragon Continent.

It was just that he did not understand why a Papillion would drop from the sky?

"Bu Fang young man... This king found another Papillion after a lot of hard work! Can I exchange it for a few Spicy Strips? This king's Spicy Strip reserves have been all used up!"

On the Papillion's body, a figure popped out, jumping down as it landed on the ground.

The Demon Eye's demon king looked at that confident figure and instantly froze.

What a familiar figure. It seemed like he had seen this person before... but he couldn't remember it.

"Aiyo, there's a customer?" Nether King Er Ha turned his head, smiling at the Demon Eye's demon king, who had become cautious.

Bu Fang crossed his arms, walking out of the restaurant. He stood in front of that huge Papillion, then walked around, reaching out to pat it from time to time.

"Not bad. The meat quality is quite good, so making it into a Papilion Steak should be very fragrant. Ohh... The body is not bad. Those female Papillions will like it," Bu Fang said after walking around it.

Hearing Bu Fang's words, the Demon Eye's demon king was stunned.

Quality of the meat was good... Body was good...

What exactly was this human thinking?!

Could it be that this guy was intending to eat the Papillion?

"Presumptuous! The Papillion is a creature of the Netherworld, not something that you despicable humans can eat!" the Demon Eye's demon king furiously roared.

His imposing manner soared as Nether energy appeared around his body.

"How wild!" Nether King Er Ha glared as he shouted, causing the imposing manner of the Demon Eye's demon king to disappear.

The Demon Eye's demon king stared at Nether King Er Ha, not knowing what the other party was shouting about.

As for Nether King Er Ha, he felt that the Demon Eye's demon king was very familiar.

"This king used a Papillion to exchange for a few strips of Spicy Strips. Besides, when did you represent the Netherworld to speak on their behalf?" Nether King Er Ha covered half of his face as he said that.

The Demon Eye's demon king was frozen by these words, almost spitting out blood.


Wild your sister!

The Demon Eye's demon king was driven mad by anger. The other side became so angry because he was not allowed to eat a Papillion?

He was the demon king of the Ruin Prison, a peak expert. Why could he not represent the Netherworld?

Bu Fang shook his head. Patting his hands, he patted the huge Papillion's body, and in an instant, this Papillion was kept into his Heaven and Earth Farmland.

"Bu Fang young man, you go in first and leave a nice and warm Spicy Strip for this king. Just wait for this king to deal with this three-eyes, then I'll come back to eat the Spicy Strip."

Nether King Er Ha swayed his elegant hair as he spoke to Bu Fang.

A nice and warm Spicy Strip?

Bu Fang curled the corner of his mouth... His hand shook, and many Spicy Strips appeared in a flash.

Bu Fang then released a strand of mental energy, which swirled around the Spicy Strip, causing the Spicy Strip to float in the air.

Finishing all this, Bu Fang then entered the kitchen without looking back.

Looking at this scene, Nether King Er Ha instantly became excited.


Nether King Er Ha's figure rapidly dashed out. His speed was as fast as lightning, so the Demon Eye's demon king was caught off guard. A palm then landed on the latter's face.

That demon king looked confused, then became furious.

After steadying his body, a bloody black energy ball once again condensed in front of the eye on his forehead. The air around him seemed to boil.


A huge phantom spirit of the Nether King instantly appeared behind Nether King Er Ha. It was tall and vast, filled with power and prestige.

His gaze was so cold that it was like one was looking through life and death.

When the phantom spirit appeared, lightning rolled on the arc of the sky.


The moment the Demon Eye's demon king saw this phantom spirit, he almost choked on his own saliva.

The energy ball in front of his forehead instantly dissipated like a deflating balloon...

"You... You are... the Lord of the Netherworld, Lord Nether King?!"

Nether King Er Ha coldly looked at the Demon Eye's demon king, proudly giving a 'heng' sound. Then, he raised a hand, and the phantom spirit behind him also raised a hand.

Pointing a finger, a huge finger smashed toward the Demon Eye's demon king!

The Demon Eye's demon king finally knew what that uneasy and familiar feeling was...

This guy was actually the Lord of the Netherworld!

The bigshot of the Netherworld, Lord Nether King!

This type of existence was actually willing to toil bitterly to transport ingredients in this restaurant. No wonder the strongest demon king did not dare to make a move against the Valley of Gluttony.

"You cannot kill me! I am a demon king of the Ruin Prison!"

The Demon Eye's demon king looked at the finger that was creeping closer to his body, instantly letting out a roar.

"So what if you're a demon king of the Ruin Prison? I, the Nether King, am not allowed to kill a demon king?"

An ear-shattering sound rang out, causing the heart of the Demon Eye's demon king to shrink.

However, after some time, Nether King Er Ha heaved a sigh, his finger pointing down.

The Demon Eye's demon king felt as if he had been sunk within a sea of Nether energy. It was like he was going to stop breathing anytime soon as he felt a chill on his body.

"Nether King clothes stripping finger..."


The Demon Eye's demon king stood rooted on the spot. His clothes had vanished from his body, feeling a chill on his naked body.

Nether King Er Ha did not kill him, but the clothes on his body had been completely ripped clean...

"Hahaha! You indeed did not dare to kill me! The Lord of the Netherworld... A Nether King that's a mere figurehead... That's all you are!"

The Demon Eye's demon king instantly opened his eyes, and light rushed toward the heavens.

He laughed as he said, "You don't dare to kill me! Because I'm the subordinate of the Lord of the Ruin Prison!"

Nether King Er Ha calmly looked at that crazily laughing Demon Eye's demon king. His brows instantly furrowed...

"These words of yours.... pricks the heart. Since you pricked my heart, that's equal to hurting me. I'm going to fight back," Nether King Er Ha calmly said.


Prick your sister!

The Demon Eye's demon king instantly froze.

In the next instant, the Demon Eye's demon king felt his eyes go into a daze, utterly forming into darkness.

The Nether King pointed his finger down once again, causing the Demon Eye's demon king's body to explode in an instant.


The phantom spirit behind Nether King Er Ha scattered. Watching a scarlet eyeball fly out, the corner of his lips curled.

Raising his head, he looked up at the sky, swallowing a mouth of saliva.

Then, he turned his body and heaved a sigh. Shaking his head, his gaze was unfathomable and sullen as he walked towards the restaurant.

On the arc of the sky, the clouds twisted, as if forming a huge eyeball...

The eyeball turned, then quietly scattered.

Meanwhile, Nether King Er Ha entered the restaurant.

Bu Fang drowsily reclined against a chair. Lord Dog, who was lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, calmly gave Nether King Er Ha a glance.

"What a joke. If it were Lord Dog, I would smack that stupid thing with one paw until nothing was left of it." Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice rang out.

Nether King Er Ha gave Lord Dog a glance. Retrieving the Spicy Strip floating in the air, he held it in his mouth.

"This lazy dog and this king are not the same," Nether King Er Ha said dejectedly. "This king is dragged down by a family to feed... Is it something this single dog can compare with?"

Lord Dog expressionlessly looked at Nether King Er Ha, slowly raising his exquisite dog paw.


The Demon Eye's demon king was not dead, but not far from death. After exploding from Nether King Er Ha's finger, the remaining demon eye dashed away while holding onto a remnant of soul.

The other demon kings within the Valley of Gluttony felt the rapidly weakening energy of the Demon Eye's demon king, and they were all shocked.

The demon kings furrowed their brows, all intending to leave.


"Wanting to come and go whenever you guys want? Do you really take my Hidden Dragon Continent as easy to bully?"

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign gave a roar. The starlight revolved around his body as his star compass scattered.

A goblet appeared in his hand, there was star wine swirling within it...

This was like a signal. Shortly after, all the Saint Sovereign had taken out goblets.

The demon king experts felt that it was beneath their dignity.

The Demon Frog's demon king snorted as he gathered strength in his thighs, preparing to leap out of the Valley of Gluttony.

However, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign had drunk the wine within the goblet in one gulp. A moment later, he roared crazily.

His clothes exploded, and with a flushed face, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign's energy boiled and exploded as he suddenly flipped a few times.

A crazy howl rang out!

The Demon Frog's demon king, who had just leaped, instantly froze.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign grabbed the leg of the Demon Frog's demon king. Dragging him down from the sky, he smashed him onto the Sunset Lake!

The situation changed at this instant!