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 A filling meal had ended, with cups and dishes in disorder.

Nether King Er Ha finally gave up. He felt that this sort of thing like cooking really did not suit him.

He was best suited for eating and drinking like a dog, always eating.

That kimchi looked easy to make, but.... After so many failures, Nether King Er Ha also understood that within it, there were many existing problems that he did not know, nor know how to solve.

As what these problems were, Nether King Er Ha was too lazy to think about it, choosing to give up.

In the Taotie Restaurant, the audiences rubbed their stomach. Learning from Bu Fang, they reclined on their chairs, gently letting out a burp with a lazy appearance.

The night was getting darker as two crescent moons hung in the air, releasing a cold light. It seemed like a light veil covered the entire ground.

The audience that had tasted Bu Fang's dishes were reluctant to bid farewell. But eventually, they left the restaurant.

Bu Fang stretched his waist lazily, giving a yawn. It was a tiring day, and his body was a little tired.

Ni Yan returned upstairs. Chu Changsheng also returned to his own room, sleeping soundly.

After Bu Fang shut the gates of the restaurant, he then turned around to enter the kitchen.

Gently exhaling, Bu Fang's thought moved, and the energy on his body began to move.

The string that tied his hair naturally unraveled itself as his hair scattered. On top of his head, a soul ladder appeared. One step, two steps, then three...

A nine-step soul ladder converged, forming a Divine Altar.

Bu Fang raised his head. He could feel the energy constantly dispersing from his body, all converging towards that Divine Altar.

Within his spirit sea, his mental force boiled. The golden dragon spirit bared its teeth as it brandished its claws, extending across the sky.

His mental energy seemed to burn up as energy rapidly converged on the Divine Altar.

In just a while, a silently blazing divine flame appeared.

That was the Mental Force Flame, a divine flame that contained terrifying power.

The divine flame blazed on top of the Divine Altar, which meant that Bu Fang had successfully stepped into the Divine Spirit Realm.

As of today, Bu Fang had once again obtained a huge upgrade.

Bu Fang's mental force expanded once again, his mental force becoming even more mighty and horrifying!

When the breakthrough ended, Bu Fang opened his eyes.

There seemed to be divine light radiating from his eyes, as if it was a long sharp blade that was about to rip through the heavens.

"Finally, I broke through," Bu Fang said as he reached out his hand, looking at his palm.

After completing the Divine Spirit Realm test, he had broken through to the Divine Spirit Realm, becoming one of the peak existences of the Hidden Dragon Continent in this piece of heaven and earth.

Stepping into the Divine Spirit Realm, Bu Fang's heart had finally become a lot more settled. Being a Divine Spirit Realm existence meant that he had the right to touch the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Although Bu Fang's combat ability was strong and his mental force was extremely frightening before, he was only in the Divine Soul Realm. His cultivation was not enough, limiting him on some parts.

Stepping into the Divine Spirit Realm was equal to breaking through shackles.

This made Bu Fang's heart much more stable.

Bu Fang's breakthrough was simple, not causing the slightest waves. He did not have such a large impact as Ni Yan's breakthrough, where five divine flames lit up in one go.

After lighting up one divine flame, Bu Fang's energy then began to withdraw as it slowly dissipated.

With a thought of his will, Bu Fang's figure entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland.


Time was constantly flowing.

A long time has passed since the fall of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court had utterly turned into ruins as of this day. Wreckage and debris filled the previously prosperous and mighty Royal Court.

Here, no living creatures of the Hidden Dragon Continent could be seen. There was only Nether Energy revolving and a horrifying specter flying in the air.

Hundreds of meters away from the Royal Court stood a majestic mountain.

This mountain was extremely tall. Black clouds floated halfway up the mountain, and the trees on it were pitch-black, as if stained by Nether energy. Ruin Prison experts appeared from time to time there.

On the mountain peak, a majestic white bone palace sat there. Above the mountain peak, the black layer of clouds wrapped around it, carrying a huge pressure. It caused one's breathing to become fast.

Within the palace, eight figures proudly sat on the stone chairs.

These eight figures were not just anyone else. They were the eight great demon kings of the Ruin Prison.

The one leading was the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan. At the moment, a horrifying energy dispersed around him, and that demon eye moved with pitch-black energy.

His gaze swept across the entire place before he opened his mouth, saying, "Our Ruin Prison has invaded the Hidden Dragon Continent for almost two years now? Holing up in this corner of the continent while the other corner does not belong to us was simply not the aim of our invasion.

"At first, we invaded to look for the strongest demon king, sweeping the entire Hidden Dragon Continent under the strongest demon king's lead. But the strongest demon king only brought us to hole up in this corner. After thousands of years, the strongest demon king is no longer that strongest demon king that had shaken the entire Ruin Prison. He was no longer that domineering and aggressive demon king who wanted to invade the Netherworld!"

The voice of the Demon Eye Clan's demon king held some charm. It was sometimes in high spirits, and sometimes depressed, causing the shift in mood to be fully displayed.

Under his maneuver, the emotions of the Ruin Prison experts began to surge.

"It's just the Valley of Gluttony, simply disgusting. What we need to do is to eliminate this disgusting thing!" the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan said domineeringly.

He had waited for this chance for too long.

The strongest demon king had gone behind closed doors, and his chance had now come.

After more than a year, the Ruin Prison experts under the strongest demon king had yet to attack the other cities in the Valley of Gluttony.

For the demon kings, who had rushed over from the Ruin Prison thousands of miles away, this was literally too much to bear. They needed to conquer, not to swear allegiance!

What was the strongest demon king scared of? They did not understand. Those experts who had faced the Valley of Gluttony together with the demon king had not said anything, so many of the demon kings were a little violent and annoyed.

The violence this day, under the leadership of the Demon Eye Clan's demon king, was utterly lit up.

"Destroy the Valley of Gluttony! Conquer the entire Hidden Dragon Continent!"

The Ruin Prison experts waved their weapons, letting out violent roars!

Their roars instantly circled above the entire mountain.

Only the experts that had been there originally with the strongest demon king shook their heads helplessly, thinking that these people had completely no knowledge about the enemy experts.


Outside the Valley of Gluttony

The Valley of Gluttony today was the gathering ground of all the holy lands, so its defense was very powerful.

The originally non-existent city walls of the Gluttony God's City was still non-existent, but around the Valley of Gluttony, many simple and crude cities were set up.

These cities were built up by the experts of the holy lands. The city walls were tall, blocking enemy attacks.

After all, so many experts surged in from the holy lands, causing the population of the Valley of Gluttony to increase. With a higher population, the space was not enough. Hence, more cities were built.

Above the sky, black clouds were rolling over.

A burly expert tread the air as he came over, with black clouds gathered behind him.

When a guard saw this scene, his eyes instantly shrank, and he sounded out the alarm at once.

Within the Valley of Gluttony, the experts of the holy lands turned into comets as they rushed into the air. Landing on the city walls, their gazes were focused at the expert in the distance.

"This is the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan?!"

The Saint Sovereign experts all sucked in a breath of cold air.

Didn't the strongest demon king say that the Ruin Prison experts were not allowed to attack the Valley of Gluttony and leave it out of the invasion?

What did the appearance of the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan mean?

Not only was there a demon king, but in the other directions of the Valley of Gluttony, there were also black clouds wrapping around it.

The eight demon king experts tread the air, landing very quickly outside the Valley of Gluttony. Nether energy covered the entire sky, making all the experts of the holy lands nervous.

The Great Path's Principle had collapsed.

The demon king experts were finally able to willfully enter the Hidden Dragon Continent?

The Saint Sovereign experts looked at the figures that made them scared, and they couldn't help but feel agony in their hearts.

The demon king was simply much stronger than them.

One strong demon king was enough to cause them despair, and now, with the appearance of so many demon kings, they had no chance at all.

The eight great demon king landed in front of the Valley of Gluttony, but out of everyone's expectation, they did not directly attack.

Instead, they gently smiled at the many Saint Sovereigns.

Behind the eight great demon kings, hundreds of meters away, were large Ruin Prison armies. The gathering of this huge army caused the Nether energy to rush to the heavens, covering the entire sky in black clouds.

They had received the orders of the demon king, not rushing to attack.

The strongest demon king being afraid naturally had its reasons. That was why the eight great demon kings were going to enter the Valley of Gluttony, to see what exactly caused this fear in the strongest demon king.

Towards the request of the eight great demon king wanting to enter the Valley of Gluttony, the Saint Sovereigns naturally did not agree.

The Valley of Gluttony today was the gathering place and base of operation of the holy lands. If the eight great demon kings slaughtered within it thoughtlessly, then it would be a huge loss.

But who could stop the eight great demon kings?

Forming eight streams of comets, the protection of the holy lands was then shattered into pieces.

The eight great demon kings let out disdainful and maniacal laughs as they stepped into the Valley of Gluttony.

The waves surged at the Sunset Lake as a demon king walked on its surface. Standing on the center of the lake, he laughed loudly as many water dragons revolved around him.

This was the Demon Frog Race's expert, who had very powerful control over water.

Many experts of the holy lands, who were blocking him, were washed away by the water dragons.

The Saint Sovereigns held down their anger. They did not think that the eight great demon kings would create problems at the same time.

Previously, with the strongest demon king's suppression, these guys did not dare to attack. But now, with the strongest demon king behind closed doors, these guys could not resist wanting to make a move?

The Saint Sovereigns looked at each other, seeing the determined looks in each other's eyes. Against these demon kings, they had no power to resist. However, they still had the trump card that Owner Bu had provided.

Unless it was the last resort, it could not be used. After all, there was only one of this trump card.

"Weak! Too weak! This is the sort of power that the strongest demon king was worried about? Just eliminate these ants! Why let them struggle at death's door?"

The Demon Eagle's demon king shook his eagle nose, revealing a cold smile. His laughter seemed to have some demonic power, causing the many disciples of the holy lands to feel pain in their ears.

The eight great demon kings had their own powers. Once they entered the Valley of Gluttony, it would seem as if they were just flipping the heaven and earth upside down.


On the long street of the Gluttony God's City

There were few figures on the long street today. Everyone had hidden in the Gluttony Square.

Once the demon kings invaded, a great war would hit them. The weak ones would have to hide as there was no need for them to look for death.

The Demon Eye's demon king crossed his arms, slowly walking on the long street. The fragrance lingering in the air caused his three eyes to involuntarily narrow.

Suddenly, the demon king's third eye opened, red light revolving in it.


The entire Valley of Gluttony seemed to appear in the Demon Eye's demon king's mind.


The Taotie Restaurant

With a creaking sound ringing out, the gate of the restaurant opened.

A figure was pushing open the gate drowsily, yawning as he twisted his waist.

Standing at the gate, Bu Fang drowsily breathed in the fresh air, thinking that another beautiful day has started. It was going to be another busy day.

Suddenly, Bu Fang froze.

With a gentle 'Eh,' he realized that in front of him, the long queue that should have been there was nowhere to be found.

In front of the restaurant, the long street was completely deserted.

A gust of wind blew past, stirring up a few clouds of dust. Bu Fang, who was ready to get busy, felt a little awkward.

A moment later, the air suddenly exploded.

The sudden explosion made the awkward Bu Fang so scared that he jumped.

The black energy roiled very quickly. In front of the gate of the restaurant, a thin figure walked out from within the black light.

A brilliant light was released within the three eyes.

The Demon Eye Clan's demon king crossed his arms, looking at the sleepy Bu Fang standing in the distance. The corner of his mouth pulled open, revealing a few sharp teeth.

"So, it's because of your small restaurant... that the strongest demon king actually gave up on conquering the entire Hidden Dragon Continent?"