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 In the Gluttony God's Building, Xiao Ya sat on top. She swayed her cute legs, feeling a little bored.

She wore a long robe, and the hem of her robes touched the floor. Whenever she walked, it was like she was sweeping the floor.

This was the special long robe for the Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony. Because Xiao Ya was simply too young, she could only wear it this way.


A stream of light flashed past, and a petite figure instantly appeared outside the Gluttony God's Building.

Xiao Ya turned her head to look, instantly perking up as she began to run in excitement. However, after two steps, she stepped on her long robe, causing her to slam on the floor with a dull thud.

Despite her fall, Xiao Ya did not mind it at all. She got up and rubbed her nose, then ran to the window to open it.

Flowery entered from outside the window, carefully hugged Xiao Ya, then began to "Ahhhh..." ceaselessly.

When it comes to Flowery's mysterious speech, Xiao Ya seemed to understand her, constantly nodding her head.

Flowery became more excited as she spoke, while Xiao Ya got more excited as she listened.

"Really? Big Brother Bu Fang taught you how to cook?" Xiao Ya widened her big eyes.

Flowey's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes turned, seriously nodding.

"Then let's go. Let me see what Big Brother Bu Fang taught you! That old geezer also said he would teach me culinary arts, but he only lets me practice knife skills and cut ingredients. It's boring me to death!"

Xiao Ya, after obtaining Flowery's confirmation, was over the moon. Pulling Flowery's hand, she headed to the kitchen in the Gluttony God's Building.

The Gluttony God's Building was the largest landmark in the Valley of Gluttony. After experiencing a calamity, the experts of the Valley of Gluttony had strengthened and expanded the building, causing it to become even more lofty and mighty.

However, in terms of prosperity, the long street of the Gluttony God City had to be brought up.

The traffic of people on the long street was extremely huge. People came and left, and there were disciples of various holy lands. There were even disciples of some extremely powerful experts.

Without a doubt, today's Valley of Gluttony could be said to be the center of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

This was something no one would have thought.

After the experts of the Ruin Prison had invaded, they would actually be afraid of the Valley of Gluttony.

Xiao Ya brought Flowery to the kitchen of the Gluttony God's Building.

The kitchen of the Gluttony God's Building was huge, but it was empty and unfrequented.

There was nobody else in the kitchen. Xiao Ya and Flowery, these two tiny things, walked within it, their footsteps resounding, seemingly cold.

Xiao Ya brought Flowery to the ingredient warehouse. With a swish, the big door of the ingredient warehouse was pushed open by Flowery's great strength.

"Tada! This is the ingredient warehouse of the Gluttony God's Building. Whatever ingredient you want, you can just take it!"

Xiao Ya, as of today, really had the appearance of a rich person as she said that to Flowery.

There was an abundant amount of ingredients in the ingredient warehouse. The meat was separated into bird species, spirit beast, walking spirit beast, and also fish species. There were also many types of spirit herbs and vegetables...

Xiao Ya originally thought that Flowery would choose high-grade ingredients from this ingredient warehouse, but who would have thought that Flowery would walk straight to the vegetable section?

In the end, Flowery came out, hugging a huge fresh cabbage.

Xiao Ya was stunned.

Could it be that Big Brother Bu Fang had taught Flowery how to eat cabbage?

Could this be turning the carnivorous Flowery into a vegetarian?

"Just this one cabbage? That's so ordinary..." Xiao Ya said.

However, out of her expectations, Flowery gave Xiao Ya a mysterious gaze, then continued probing around in the ingredient warehouse.

In a short while, all the ingredients had been prepared.

Taking out a bag that was made of spirit beast skin, Flowery put the cabbage, chili sauce, and the rest of the ingredients inside, as if it was huge mash-up.

Xiao Ya stood still, looking stupefied as she watched Flowery.

Tell me that this is not real...

Looking at the bulging spirit beast bag in Flowery's hand, Xiao Ya did not know what to say.

Putting the bag on the floor, Flowery signaled for Xiao Ya to take a step back.

Xiao Ya instantly froze, holding her long robe as she retreated.

Flowery deeply sucked in a breath, then with a roar, her body instantly transformed into a gigantic Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python.

Raising its snake tail, it then harshly sent its tail at the spirit beast bag below, smashing at it continuously.

Xiao Ya was so scared that her entire body trembled.

What was Flowery doing?


"Now is the time to see a miracle!" Nether King Er Ha announced, rubbing his hands excitedly.

Since he had tasted the Sour Spicy Kimchi that Bu Fang had made, the anticipation in his heart was stronger than anyone else.

Ouyang Chenfeng, on the other hand, had a bad premonition in his heart. Ever since Nether King Er Ha had poured the entire jar of chili sauce, he could tell... that something bad was going to happen.

Nether King Er Ha deeply sucked in a breath, and under everyone's curious gaze, raised his hand.

A dense Nether energy converged, condensing on top of Nether King Er Ha's palms as if forming a revolving long snake.

Nether King Er Ha's actions made everyone's mind shake, their faces instantly changing.

What was this dude doing?!

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng's lips violently twitched. Looking at this pose... was Lord Ha intending to send a palm down?

Smashing down?

If this landed... the results would be unthinkable!

"No! Lord Ha, please have mercy!"

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng couldn't take it anymore. With his nostrils opened wide, he raised his hand as he loudly asked him to stop.

However, why would Nether King Er Ha care about what Ouyang Chenfeng said now?

His face was filled with excitement, and his swollen red lips seemed to be shining with light.

"Don't talk! Just watch me quietly. This king is going to create a miracle! All you need to do is... admire this miracle!"

Ouyang Chenfeng's face was filled with confusion...

Admire a miracle... I'm more afraid of admiring the unusual!

The surrounding people all let out exclamations. Did Lord Ha really intend to send a palm down? If his palm landed solidly and this bag burst... no one knew what would happen.

Ouyang Chenfeng's instincts told him that he had to stop it.

But against Nether King Er Ha, he had no guts to stop him.

He could only watch Nether King Er Ha send a palm down, whose face was full of excitement.

Everyone's hearts had leaped to their throats, watching Nether King Er Ha's palm and that bag getting closer and closer!

The Nether energy revolved, and a palm slammed down. The spirit beast bag instantly received the Nether King's palm.

Ouyang Chenfeng's face seemed like there was no love left in this world.


Amidst Nether King Er Ha's maniacal laughter, his palm landed.

"The delicious Sour Spicy Kimchi... Come out!"


A muffled sound rang out.

The sound gradually disappeared, then it went silent.

A moment later...

A spurting sound rang out!

Since Nether King Er Ha's palm went down, as expected, the bag burst.

With a puff, it was like letting out a ripping fart.

The bulging ingredients and sauce inside the bag spurted out in all directions, bursting out in an orderly manner, just like a.... miracle.

Nether King Er Ha bore the brunt, drenched like dog's blood was poured on his head. The sauce covered his entire face, and a dry piece of cabbage was smacked on top of his head.

An awkward feeling welled in Nether King Er Ha's heart.

The script was obviously not written this way...

Everyone was a little speechless as they looked at Nether King Er Ha, their faces stunned.

On their heads were also cabbage leaves.

A dense sour and spicy smell lingered in the air. It was the smell of Ouyang Chenfeng's secretly manufactured chili sauce added with vinegar.

As for why vinegar was added, maybe it was because Nether King Er Ha wanted to achieve that sour feeling, a feeling so sour that teeth would go soft.

Ouyang Chenfeng looked all around him... Looking at his restaurant, which was covered in sauce and cabbages because of the explosion, he felt like an invisible arrow was stabbing into his chest. He really wanted to vomit blood.

"Ahahaha! Isn't it surprising? Isn't it interesting? Do you have a feeling as if you saw a miracle?"

Nether King Er Ha awkwardly pulled the piece of cabbage off his head, gesturing with his hand as he spoke to the spectators.

"Such a spectacular scene! It's a miracle indeed!"

Ouyang Chengfeng felt that there was another arrow stabbing into his chest...

What a surprise. How interesting. How... unusual!

If Ouyang Chenfeng was able to beat Nether King Er Ha, he would definitely choose to stake his life against the latter.

His entire restaurant reeked, the sour and spicy smell lingering all around it.

A wave of shrieks rang out as the diners ran out in panic.

They did not know whether to laugh or cry, feeling helpless at the unreasonable Lord Ha.

It really was a splash of miracle.

Nether King Er Ha wore an incomparably awkward expression. The strength he had used was already so small, so why was this bag unable to withstand it?

The bag must be the problem, not his strength.

"Okay, Ouyang young man. This is this king's gift for you, wishing your business to be prosperous... This king will go ahead and leave now."

Nether King Er Ha felt that he had no face left to stay here, saying some excuse to Ouyang Chenfeng, who was on the verge of explosion. His figure then flashed, vanishing from the spot.

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng's shoulder trembled for a while as his face revealed a bitter smile.

He actually believed that Lord Ha could cook... When did he become so pure and innocent?

This disaster that he had caused, he had to bear it with tears.

In life, one must learn to bear it.


The kitchen of the Gluttony God's Building

A slightly muffled sound rang out.

With a face full of confusion, Xiao Ya was splashed with the sour and spicy smell, drenching her entire body. On the long robe of the Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, a huge foreign soup stain could be seen.

Xiao Ya was a little speechless. This was the dish that Flowery solemnly swore Bu Fang taught her?

Flowery was definitely led astray by that clown Lord Ha's bad examples, actually learning how to tell lies with her eyes open...

It was her fault for believing so easily.

Being drenched, it was really embarrassing and awkward.

Flowery's figure turned back into her human figure. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes gave Xiao Ya a look before she covered her face with her hands. Without a word, she turned her body and ran.

Xiao Ya watched helplessly as Flowery ran off, letting out a bitter laugh as she began to clean up the kitchen.


Flowery turned into a comet with a swishing sound, returning to the Taotie Restaurant and running to Lord Dog's side. She grabbed Lord Dog's tail as she lay unmoving.

At that moment, Lord Dog was sleeping soundly. When he felt his tail being grabbed, he opened his eyes and gave that girl a side glance.

"Daring to grab Lord Dog's tail, this girl wants to rise to the heavens?"

Flowery covered her face, frozen.

In the next instant...

Flowery was then hanged on the Path-Understanding Tree by Lord Dog with a blank face.

Her lower body was tightly tied by a thick Nether energy as she hung on the Path-Understanding Tree upside down.

Flowery, with a confused and innocent face, felt like her life was dark.

She felt that she would forever have no destiny with cooking. She only needed to be like Big Sister Nethery, who was just in charge of eating...


At the same time, within the Valley of Gluttony, the various restaurants let out blood-curdling shrieks.

Various kinds of muffled, fart-like sounds rang out ceaselessly.

The sour and spicy smell spread out, covering the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Nether King Er Ha gave a dry laugh as he ran out from another restaurant. This time, no more restaurants were content with him there.

Suddenly, Nether King Er Ha's eyes turned, his gaze landing on the Gluttony God's Building in the distance.

"Isn't there a kitchen over Xiao Ya's? This time, this king can create a miracle!"

However, when he found Xiao Ya, saying that he wanted to show her a miracle, he was harshly glared at by the latter. Holding a kitchen knife, she promptly chased him out of the Gluttony God's Building.

Feeling helpless, Nether King Er Ha could only return to the Taotie Restaurant.

He really did not understand why he could not do it. Isn't it just kimchi? What was so hard about it?

Returning to the restaurant, Nether King Er Ha froze.

Because, within the restaurant, everyone was on the dining table, staring at the kitchen in anticipation.

Ni Yan, Chu Changsheng, Nethery, that lazy dog... and the shameless old man with a strand of white hair on his head, all revealed excited looks.

Then, from within the kitchen, a wave of dense fragrance wafted out.

This aroma held a trace of kimchi fragrance.

Nether King Er Ha instantly felt shivers on his entire body, eagerly running inside the restaurant!

"Leave some for this king!"