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 The atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

Everyone watched Nether King Er Ha in fear as he swallowed the entire piece of Sour Spicy Kimchi that Bu Fang had passed to him.

Then, his entire being froze on the spot, swallowing the kimchi.

The spectators saw Nether King Er Ha's face slowly turned dark, and they all involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air....

"As expected... Is the so-called Kimchi so bad?!"

"Look at Lord Ha's face, it's not very different from a monkey's butt!"

"Too frightening... Luckily, we didn't eat it!"

The surrounding people pointed at Nether King Er Ha as they discussed.

A full ladle of Abyssal Chili Sauce was spicy enough for ordinary people to question their life. It was so spicy that even Bu Fang and Nether King Er Ha's lips had become swollen.

Of course, if Bu Fang and Nether King Er Ha controlled the true energy within their bodies, then naturally, the spiciness would not affect them at all.

However, if they controlled their true energy while eating a dish, there wouldn't be any meaning to it. Eating dishes would then be like eating wax.

Under the spectator's gazes, Nether King Er Ha shut his eyes. A dazzling drop of tear leaked out from the corner of his eyes as his lips swelled within seconds.

Bu Fang understood Nether King Er Ha a little. This guy actually did not know how to eat spicy food.

Although he loved to eat Spicy Strips and the Spicy Blood Lobster, his tolerance for spicy food was actually weak. It could be seen from his speed of eating the Spicy Blood Lobster.

"Wow... So scary. Look at him cry. Was it really that bad?"

"Oh my god! It's a good thing we didn't eat it!"

"I told you so. How could a dish made by smashing with one's fists taste good?"

The surrounding people watched Nether King Er Ha's tears, all sucking in a cold breath. It was evident that they were all shocked.

Chu Changsheng and the rest seemed to feel that something was strange. They felt that even if Owner Bu's dish was bad, it could not possibly so bad that it would make one cry.

Not caring about the spectator's reactions, Bu Fang pulled the corner of his swollen lips while watching Nether King Er Ha.

In the next instant...

Nether King Er Ha opened his eyes. His mouth violently and rapidly chewed the kimchi, and the sound of his teeth and kimchi grinding with each other rang out ceaselessly.

Crunch. Crunch.

Nether King Er Ha was in pain and bliss...

The sour and spicy taste of the kimchi made Nether King Er Ha's mouth unable to stop. Its texture and spiciness made the pores on his entire body shrink as his cheeks slightly swelled.

Although it was spicy, it made one excited. It was so delicious that one would tear up.

Because the kimchi had been mashed by many people's fists, it seemed to actually give a wave of huge impact.

Within it were energy fluctuations, and it seemed that when they were smashed, the energy had fused into the cabbage as well, causing the taste of the cabbage to become even more enticing.

As Nether King Er Ha ate, he felt that his palate was about to explode, as if it was a dormant volcano that was about to erupt.

After chewing for quite some time, the sour and spicy juice within the kimchi swirled in his mouth. Its sour and spicy taste was all over his mouth.

After swallowing the kimchi, the burning sensation went to his throat and into his stomach. That type of unbearably hot feeling made Nether King Er Ha involuntarily reach out his hands, and with a dazed gaze, he rubbed his cheeks and swollen lips.

"Ohh! It's so good!" Nether King Er Ha exclaimed as he puffed from his nose. His eyes seemed to blur in bliss.

"It's delicious, right? After all, it was made using a unique cooking method. If it was paired with a few ingredients and some fine wine... it will taste even better," said Bu Fang with a smile, swaying the kimchi in his hand.

"It's just a little bit spicy... " Nether King Er Ha smacked his own swollen lips as he said that.

A moment later, he rushed over, his face full of smiles. "However, if this kimchi lacked this spiciness, then there would be no such taste... That's why, Bu Fang young man, how about giving this king another piece? This king will be able to taste out more flavors!"

The surrounding people, upon hearing this, all became speechless... Did this guy still want his face?

The old man's heart had long become restless. Looking at Bu Fang, he said, " Little chef, give this old one a piece too!"

"Bu Fang, me too!" Nethery's pitch-black eyes stared at Bu Fang, sticking out her satiny tongue as she licked her red lips. Her beautiful face was filled with seriousness.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes turned, staring at Bu Fang as she said, "Ahhhhh..."

Without a doubt, Flowery wanted to taste it too.

However, under everyone's expectant gazes, Bu Fang only sealed the lid of the bag, saying in a solemn voice, "No more, no more. I need to use the remaining pieces of kimchi."

What did Bu Fang need the kimchi for? Other than eating it, how else could it be used?

The surrounding people revealed a trace of confusion.

They could not understand it, so they could only show regret at not being able to enjoy the taste of the kimchi, feeling a little pity in their hearts.

The old man was so angry, pulling the white hair on his head as he gritted his teeth.

He was the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony. What he wanted to eat, he would be able to eat. But as of this day, he had been humiliated by this kid many times already. He had never been refused before!

This sort of anger made the old man feel as though the white hair on his head was about to fall off, making him go bald.

Nethery gave Bu Fang a side glance, her gaze extremely unfathomable.

Flowery, after knowing she could not eat, sighed in regret. Then, she turned her body, intending to return to the restaurant.

"Heng! Bu Fang young man, since you won't let us eat, then we just have to make it ourselves!"

With two hands on his hips, Nether King Er Ha looked at Bu Fang, pulling back his swollen lips to reveal a proud smile.

Bu Fang was shocked, and the onlookers were shocked as well...

"What do you mean?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he asked curiously.

"This king can also make kimchi! Find a durable bag, then put the cabbage and seasonings inside, then smack it with fists, right? Such a simple thing... Is it impossible to make this dish with this king's intelligence?"

Nether King Er Ha let out a confident laugh, as if he was complimenting his own intelligence.

The eyes of the many people around him lit up. Although they felt that something wasn't right, what he said made sense.

That's right!

Bu Fang made this dish in front of them, and the process was not that complicated. In that case, they should be able to do it too!

The old man pinched the white hair on his hair, his eyes shining. He felt like he had protected his single white hair.

Bu Fang was speechless. What Nether King Er Ha said made sense, so he had no words to contradict him.

However, he had a feeling that something was weird...

With a shuffling sound, all the people in the front of the restaurant scattered, going back to their houses to prepare to make kimchi.

Nether King Er Ha excitedly said his farewells to Bu Fang, then turned his body to leave, going to the various great restaurants in the Valley of Gluttony to ask for ingredients and sauces.

Nether King Er Ha originally intended to ask it from Bu Fang, but thinking about it, he had already stolen Bu Fang's secrets and methods to make kimchi, so to ask for ingredients from him would be too cruel.

He, Nether King Er Ha, was a benevolent person.

Hence, Nether King Er Ha went to visit the other restaurants.

Of course, it was clear to him that with Bu Fang's stingy personality, to ask for ingredients from him was literally as hard as ascending the heavens.

The spectators finally left.

Although Bu Fang's heart felt strange, he did not care too much about it. Shrugging his shoulder, he turned his body to return to the restaurant.

Nethery naturally would not follow them. When it comes to cooking, she only believed in Bu Fang.

She only knew how to eat, so to ask her to make a dish... No way.

As for Flowery, this girl closed her eyes, and her Tri-Flower Snake Eye turned. Her figure turned into a stream of light as she left her spot. No one knew where she went.

After returning to the kitchen, Bu Fang took out the kimchi from the bag, placing it on a porcelain plate.

The entire kitchen was instantly filled with the smell of the kimchi.

As a side dish, kimchi was great. It was delicious and appetizing.

Furthermore, if it was paired with fine wine, it would be a different type of treat. Eating a mouthful of kimchi then drinking a mouthful of wine, the sour and spicy taste, mixed with the alcoholic fragrance of the wine, would definitely be intoxicating.

If the kimchi was paired with other ingredients and fried together, the taste of the dish would be enhanced, and it would be very delicious.

"The Divine Spirit Realm test has concluded. Dish: Sour Spicy Kimchi. The system has evaluated it as high grade. Congratulations to the host for passing the Divine Spirit Realm test."

Just as Bu Fang pulled out his kitchen knife, preparing to cook the next dish with kimchi, the serious voice of the system reverberated in his mind.

Hearing the system's evaluation, Bu Fang was not too surprised. The kitchen knife in his hand stopped for a brief moment, then he continued cutting after gently letting out a breath.

Bu Fang felt that this kimchi still lacked a lot, thinking that he could still improve it.


Within the Valley of Gluttony

Nether King Er Ha's figure rapidly shot out, and soon, he saw a restaurant.

The Noodle King Restaurant was bustling with activity as Nether King Er Ha stepped inside with big steps.

When Ouyang Chenfeng saw Nether King Er Ha, he received him personally with respect. In the Valley of Gluttony, who wouldn't know Nether King Er Ha's identity? He was a bigshot!

Who would dare to offend such a person?

Whoever's restaurant he was at, anyone would have to welcome him as a guest.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Nether King Er Ha, with swollen lips like sausages, was very satisfied with Ouyang Chenfeng's greeting. He, the Nether King, was that noble.

"This king coming to your restaurant is not to make things hard for you. I only want to borrow some ingredients," Nether King Er Ha said with his red and swollen lips.

Ouyang Chenfeng respectfully bowed, revealing a gentle smile. However, when he heard Nether King Er Ha's last sentence, he slightly froze.

Borrow ingredients?

What the hell? This lord actually wanted to learn how to cook?!

No way...

Other than eating, this lord actually knew how to cook?

However, Ouyang Chenfeng was the noodle king after all. His heart did not have a trace of reluctance as he continued to smile, asking for the ingredients that the Nether King required, then instructed people to prepare it.

"One cabbage, the fresh type, and chili sauce. Without Bu Fang's Abyssal Chili Sauce, I can only use the chili sauce you guys have. Also, a bit of fine wine, and..."

Nether King Er Ha curled his fingers as he listed the ingredients.

Ouyang Chenfeng, upon hearing these ingredients, revealed a confused look on his gentle face.

He did not understand what these ingredients were for.

Shortly after, these ingredients were brought over.

"Lord Ha, this jar of chili sauce is the secret recipe of our Noodle King Restaurant. It's extremely spicy, so I hope that Lord Ha will use it appropriately," Ouyang Chenfeng said as he solemnly passed the chili sauce to Nether King Er Ha.

In response, Nether King Er Ha tapped his chest with a banging sound, promising that he would use it sparingly.

Carrying the huge amount of ingredients, Nether King Er Ha looked at the curious Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng. His eyes suddenly narrowed, revealing a vague smile.

"Young man, do you want to see this king's superb culinary skills? This king secretly learned from that kid Bu Fang..." Nether King Er Ha said without a change in his expression. It seemed that he was telling the truth.

"Really?" Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng's eyes shone. So, it was stolen from Owner Bu. It would be interesting, and he was looking forward to it a little.

Seeing the Noodle King flattering him, Nether King Er Ha instantly began to make it in front of the Noodle King Restuarant with a huge smile.

The diners of the restaurant went over to watch curiously.

It was unknown where the bag came from. Although this bag was not as transparent as Bu Fang's bag, it was sturdy. It was made from a type of spirit beast skin.

Nether King Er Ha broke the cabbage, then stuffed it into the bag. Then, he opened the jar of chili sauce. After a moment's hesitation, he poured the entire jar into the bag.

He then poured half a bottle of wine with a plip-plop sound. After adding some seasonings, he also added some ingredients that he felt like he should add.

Lastly, Nether King Er Ha endured his pain as he pulled out a Spicy Strip, taking half a strip and stuffing it into the bag.

The audience watched Nether King Er Ha in confusion...

This was called making a dish?

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng watched with an expressionless face, suddenly feeling a bad premonition.

A moment later, Nether King Er Ha, after settling all the ingredients, rubbed his hands. He then tied the lid of the bag tightly, sweeping his gaze across the audience.

"Now... It's time to see a miracle!"

Nether King Er Ha rubbed his hands as he smiled, then raised his hands.

The moment Ouyang Chenfeng saw this scene, his eyes instantly shrank. His heart was about to stop, and the bad feeling became even stronger!