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 Towards Lord Dog's words, the surrounding people all felt speechless.

Where was the moral integrity?

Lord Dog... Where was the moral integrity that you had hidden away for years? A bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs made you throw away your moral integrity?

Bu Fang, on the other hand, did not find it strange as he knew all about Lord Dog's obsession with Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

If one bowl was not enough, then two bowls would do the trick. Bu Fang was actually shocked that Lord Dog had agreed so quickly.

Lord Dog naturally didn't know that he had already been looked down upon by Bu Fang. If he knew that he could actually exchange an extra bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for his paw, then he might not even have the heart to cry.

However, at this moment, Lord Dog did not know a thing, so there was no change in his heart. He even wanted to laugh.

Bu Fang held the bag with cabbage in his hands. The cabbage within it had already begun to change color. Also, the Abyssal Chilli Sauce and other seasonings fused together, forming a juicy taste that began to seep into the cabbage.

But with Bu Fang's touch, he felt that the pressure to the bag was still not enough. It still needed another smack.

Indeed, with a paw from Lord Dog, this dish would be completed.

Lord Dog strutted his elegant cat steps, walking out of the restaurant and in front of the audience.

"Bu Fang boy, do you really want Lord Dog's exquisite paw to give it a smack? Once this paw goes down... this plaything might really break."

Lord Dog looked at Bu Fang, his magnetic and gentle voice ringing out.

He was filled with confidence towards his own paws-there was nothing he could not settle with a paw of his.

It was just a little bag. That clown Nether King couldn't break it, but it didn't mean that Lord Dog could not.

"Don't break it. Just put in the right amount..."

Bu Fang looked at Lord Dog's exquisite dark dog paw, his heart turning a little weak as he did so.

Lord Dog's paw was, indeed, a little awesome.

Hence, Bu Fang did not dare to gamble.

Lord Dog rolled his eyes in response.

Bu Fang did not say anything more. Under the eyes of the many spectators, he casually sent the bag flying.

As the bag floated in the air, the soup juice inside seemed to be boiling.

Looking at that bag, Lord Dog's eyes narrowed.

In the next instant, he reached out an exquisite dog paw towards that bag in the air.

Everyone felt their hearts tremble. Then, a wave of rumbling sound rang out in their eardrums!

The rumbling sound was ear-shattering as Lord Dog's dog paw seemed to rip through even the illusionary void, harshly smashing against the bag floating in the air.

This paw... was definitely terrifying!

The old man watched this paw, and his entire body trembled as the white hair on his head fluttered in the wind.

Nether King Er Ha pouted. He had to admit that, compared to this lazy dog's paw, his fist was indeed a little weaker.

But these were not important. He, the Lord of the Netherworld, did not specialize in killing this sort of playthings.


An exploding sound rang out ceaselessly.

Lord Dog's one paw had harshly smashed on the bag, causing the bag to let out a violent rumble in the air.

Then, under everyone's stunned gazes, that bag was sent flying out, speeding into the distance and becoming a black dot within seconds.

Bu Fang's face stiffened as he expressionlessly watched the bag, which was sent flying by a paw. The corner of his lips twitched.

Lord Dog then retrieved his exquisite dog paw, sticking out his tongue to lick it. He gave a lonely look, as if he was unparalleled to look at the audience. Then, swaying his dog butt and tail, he strutted like a cat as he returned to the restaurant, laying under the Path-Understanding Tree and observing with a lonely look.

Bu Fang was a little speechless. He had worked hard for half a day, and this dog had sent the bag flying with one paw.

If it was picked up by someone else, then this dish for his advancement test would have flown away?

Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath, and the Vermillion Robe on his body moved on its own without any wind. His figure instantly flew into the air, forming a comet as he dashed towards the direction where the bag was sent flying.

In just a while, Bu Fang then flew back, displaying his fastest speed. He very quickly brought back the bag that had been sent flying.

Rumble! Rumble!

Within the bag, the boiling had become even more violent. That soup juice seemed as if it was about to explode out of the bag.

The soup juice and the cabbage had started to fuse.

"Bu Fang young man... Can this become a dish? Can this plaything be eaten?" Nether King Er Ha asked as he looked at this bag with a puzzled look.

Bu Fang gave Nether King Er Ha a look, then seriously answered, "Of course it can be eaten! And this is even a type of delicacy!"

Nether King pouted his lips, expressing his disbelief. Although the cabbage was still stuffed inside the bag, it could already be smashed into mush after withstanding their huge powers, so how could it still be eaten?

The taste of the cabbage must be quite bad.

The old man rubbed the strand of white hair on his head as he silently agreed with Nether King Er Ha.

Chu Changsheng wore a long robe on his body. Nowadays, he always had a long robe prepared. After all, whenever he transformed, the clothes on his body would burst off.

Chu Changsheng did not understand Bu Fang's actions as well.

Being the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony before, he had seen many different ways of cooking, but he had never seen such an exotic way of cooking.

Placing the ingredients in a bag, then using tremendous forces to smash it...

This sort of dish... was it really edible?

Not only them, but everyone around them felt that this was a funny matter. Even if it could be eaten, they were afraid that it would taste really bad.

The onlookers muttered as they gazed at Bu Fang with a strange look.

Innovation was always followed with questioning, and Bu Fang... was someone who did not care about others' doubts.

He made his dish, so no matter how others questioned him, when it was made, it could naturally be eaten.

Indeed, Bu Fang had that amount of confidence.

The bag was grasped in Bu Fang's hands, and the ingredients inside were boiling. Once in a while, the appearance of the cabbages could be seen.

Under everyone's focused gazes, Bu Fang gently tossed the bag up.

Everyone froze.

"Again? Is he still going to smash it?"

"What is Owner Bu doing? Is he doing a show?"

"After smashing it so many times, I'm afraid the ingredients inside have turned into mush."

The surrounding people discussed, revealing their doubts.

Nether King Er Ha and the rest all followed the bag that Bu Fang had thrown up with their eyes.

Under the audience's gaze, Bu Fang's palm gently tapped on that bag.

Time and space seemed to have frozen at this moment.

In their eyes, it was like Bu Fang had gently rubbed the bag, completely different from the others' violent attacks.

Owner Bu's gentleness made many people feel a little awkward.


In the next instant...

That transparent bag suddenly let out a dazzling golden light!

That light was piercing and eye-catching, causing the audience to let out shocked cries.

Lord Dog, who was lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, instantly let out a gentle 'heng.' Raising his head, he looked over unexpectedly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The eyes of Nether King Er Ha and the rest shrank.

The golden light slowly became fainter, as if a layer of smoke had surrounded that bag.

The ingredients inside the bag settled down, no longer boiling. It floated gently and landed on Bu Fang's hands.

The orange-yellow juice was calm and peaceful, and the cabbage within it had become a little rosy. It no longer looked as fresh as before, but it had a unique sort of charm.

"Owner Bu... This... Is it done already?" Chu Changsheng couldn't help but ask Bu Fang with a satisfied look.

Bu Fang gave Chu Changsheng a glance, then nodded his head. After that, he ripped open the bag.

A unique smell that assaulted the nose wafted out from that bag. Within that assaulting smell was a wave of sour vegetable aroma. Just a sniff of it made one salivate.


Many people smelling this had saliva coming out of their mouths, their eyes revealing a shocked look.

It did not have that dense fragrance as the other dishes that Owner Bu cooked, but... this sort of sour vegetable smell was very unique.

There was actually a wave of special enticing feeling, making one unable to resist giving it a taste.

Bu Fang did not care too much about the onlookers' curiosity as he himself was also very curious.

Since this was the first time that he used this type of cooking method, he had no idea how the dish would taste.

The Fragrant Spicy Kimchi... should be pretty good.

Bu Fang inwardly muttered a sentence. The system had not given any judgment as of this moment.

Shaking the bag in his hand, Bu Fang reached out his thumb and index finger into the bag, taking out a yellowish-green kimchi.

The juice dripped down the kimchi with a swishing sound. That sweet and sour smell also became even denser, so when one smelled it, they would involuntarily salivate and swallow.

"This plaything... can be eaten?" Nether King Er Ha widened his eyes, his mouth smacking as he asked.

"Of course it can be eaten. The taste should be pretty good..." Bu Fang seriously replied.

The surrounding people sucked in a deep breath. The sweet and sour smell lingered in the air.

Under the watchful gaze of the audience, Bu Fang raised his head, then stuffed that piece of kimchi into his mouth.

Crunch. Crunch.

It was not that soft as he had imagined, and it was a little crunchy.

The surface, which was stained with juice, became a little soft, but the essence of the kimchi was still crunchy.

After chewing, the sour and spicy taste began to spread out in the mouth.

Bu Fang's eyes instantly widened, the chewing in his mouth unable to stop.

When the kimchi that let out a gentle light entered the mouth, sweetness, sourness, and spiciness all spread out at the same time, causing the pores on one's entire body to shrink, as if their hair was about to stand up.

"Unexpectedly good... It's delicious!"

Bu Fang chewed this piece of kimchi, his mouth was full of sour and spicy taste. After eating it, he felt that there seemed to be a fine sweat forming at the tip of his nose.

"Bu Fang young man... How is it? Is it really delicious?" Nether King Er Ha's saliva dripped down his mouth as he stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang continued chewing, giving Nether King Er Ha a glance. Without a word, he closed his eyes and continued chewing, feeling the dish slide across his palate, down his throat, and into his stomach.

"Seems like it is really delicious..."

The old man pulled at his own white hair as he sniffed the smell lingering in the air. He couldn't help but be surprised.

After waiting for a while, the system still did not give its evaluation. Bu Fang was a little surprised. Could it be that the system was shocked by his own unique cooking method?

Bu Fang did not mind. Looking at Nether King Er Ha's eager expression, he once again pulled out a piece of kimchi.

Passing the kimchi to Nether King Er Ha, he said, "Here, try one."

Nether King Er Ha froze. In the next instant, his eyes became blurry. Who would have thought that he, the Nether King, would have this sort of treatment one day?

Nether King Er Ha was moved as he received the kimchi that Bu Fang passed over. He couldn't wait as he stuffed the entire piece of kimchi in his mouth.

However, the moment the kimchi entered his mouth, his entire being stood rooted on the spot.

Looking at Nether King Er Ha's reaction, Bu Fang instantly pulled up the swollen red lips of his.

A piece of kimchi made Bu Fang feel as though his own lips were burning...

After all, he had added a whole ladle of Abyssal Chilli Sauce...