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 Chapter 92: Mission Complete, and Return

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The aura released by the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen was like a spreading ripple. It instantly expanded and made all of the spirit beasts lie down on the ground. The spirit beasts that were under fifth grade were all shivering from the effects of the aura.

The spirit beasts were a species with a very strict hierarchy. They worshipped the strong but also feared them as well. The suppression effect of higher grade spirit beasts toward lower grade spirit beasts was very clear. Therefore, the spirit beasts clearly divided their territories within the Wildlands.

This was the reason for the existence of the outskirts, inner layer, and central zone within the Wildlands.

The aura of the dragons was contained within the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The dragon race had always been standing atop the food chain of the spirit beasts. They looked down upon the spirit beasts and ruled over them. They had the power to suppress any spirit beast.

Therefore, Bu Fang lifted up the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, injected his true energy, and activated the current form of the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. That blinding golden radiance, accompanied with the surging golden dragon's aura, directly forced all of the spirit beasts within the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix to lie down on the ground. Even the Spirit Ape and the Wandering Dragon Cow were no exceptions.

A violent wind spread into the surroundings with Bu Fang in the center, causing his hair to flutter and his clothes to make flapping noises. He was carrying the gigantic Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with his head held high as he expressionlessly swept his eyes over all of the spirit beasts.

Even though the Wandering Dragon Cow was a seventh grade spirit beast, the suppressive effect of the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was much stronger toward it than the other spirit beasts. The reason was the dash of dragon's blood flowing in its veins. Therefore, when facing the authentic aura of the dragon race, it could only lie on the ground while shivering.

Tang Yin had already closed his eyes in despair. However, he suddenly realized the surroundings seemed to have quieted down and getting trampled by the stampede of beasts did not happen. He suddenly opened his eyes in puzzlement and immediately saw a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Lu Xiaoxiao's frightened face was also filled with astonishment. There was still some remnants of tears on her face. Her mouth was slightly opened as she blankly stared at Bu Fang, who stood a distance away while holding a gigantic golden kitchen knife.

The area around them was filled with prostrating spirit beasts...

"This... What's going on?! Senior..." Tang Yin's mouth felt somewhat dry. Just what was he witnessing? What exactly was going on?

The spirit beasts, including the two seventh grade spirit beasts, were all actually prostrating in front of that senior. He... was actually this powerful?!

Was he subduing a horde of spirit beasts by purely relying on his aura? Was this the senior's actual strength?

Tang Yin's awe grew even more. He only felt Bu Fang was unfathomable and was even more impressive than his own sect leader... At least, his sect leader was unable to make spirit beasts prostrate.

At the moment, Bu Fang, who was only a fourth grade Battle-Spirit, was suddenly as imposing as an eighth grade War-God in his eyes.

Bu Fang was carrying the kitchen knife over his shoulders as his eyes turned toward Tang Yin, whose expression was constantly changing. He puzzledly frowned and said, "Are you guys still not going to run?"

"Ah?!" Tang Yin blankly replied.

"If I were you, I would immediately run away and never look back. I would run as far as possible," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Tang Yin suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air. He immediately understood Bu Fang's meaning. Their senior was creating a chance for them to escape! Otherwise, with their senior's unfathomable cultivation level, he would have already started slaughtering those spirit beasts! Where would he have the time to care for them!

He felt an indescribable feeling in his chest!

Tang Yin clenched his teeth and helped the bewildered Lu Xiaoxiao up. He respectfully kowtowed toward Bu Fang and solemnly said, "Senior, I'll never be able to repay your kindness for saving our lives today. Senior... please take care!"

"Alright, hurry up and go. Oh, remember to visit Fang Fang's Little Store at the Light Wind Empire when you have the time. The food there is pretty good and the price is extremely affordable as well," Bu Fang indifferently said.

Tang Yin was surprised for a moment, then earnestly nodded and was about to leave while pulling Lu Xiaoxiao along.

"Ah! Se... Second brother, what about the Phoenix Blood Herb?!" Lu Xiaoxiao seemed to have just recovered from her shock. When she saw that Tang Yin was actually leaving while pulling her along, she immediately exclaimed in anxiety.

"Are you still thinking about the Phoenix Blood Herb? Do you want to die?" Tang Yin was furious! Their senior magnanimously created a chance for them to escape, yet this junior sister of his was still thinking about the Phoenix Blood Herb! She was simply... unreasonable!

At that moment, Lu Xiaoxiao finally realized the situation. Her entire body shivered when she glanced toward that expressionless and unfathomable Bu Fang. Then, without saying a word, she left while following Tang Yin's pace.

When Bu Fang saw the figures of the two had left the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix, his gaze once again shifted toward the spirit beasts in front of him. The true energy within his body which he used to sustain the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's current form was gradually running out...

Therefore, Bu Fang no longer hesitated. With one hand grabbing the kitchen knife's hilt which had a sinister dragon head carved upon it, he suddenly pressed downward and the surging aura was immediately released once more.

The horde of spirit beasts lying flat on the ground all shivered...

Bu Fang pointed his kitchen knife at the Spirit Ape, lifted his face and indifferently said, "You're not suitable to be my ingredient. So... get lost!"

The figure of the Spirit Ape trembled and immediately bared its teeth toward Bu Fang. However, its eyes were still filled with horror and unwillingness.

The Phoenix Blood Herb had already matured. Giving up like this... As a seventh grade spirit beast that had just become enlightened, it was naturally unwilling to just leave.

"Hmm? You're really not leaving?" Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together. He swung the kitchen knife around a few times and walked toward the Wandering Dragon Cow.

The entire head of the Wandering Dragon Cow was buried underneath the ground and its dragon tail was curled up. It was not moving even an inch. As the possessor of the dragon race's bloodline, it was completely suppressed.

Bu Fang did not say anything as he indifferently looked toward the Spirit Ape. Then he swung his kitchen knife and sliced off the Wandering Dragon Cow's horn like it was tofu...

The Wandering Dragon Cow felt wronged... It thought, "If you wanted him to leave, shouldn't you be bothering him? Why are you bullying this cow? You really think cows are easy targets..."

As a long-time rival of the Wandering Dragon Cow, the Spirit Ape naturally knew quite well how hard and sharp its horn was... However, this horn was actually sliced off with a single swing by this human with a terrifying aura... It thought, "Fine, this good monkey shall not pick a fight with a cunning human like you!"

With a sharp screech, the seventh grade Spirit Ape while filled with reluctance leapt out of the valley with a single bound and instantly vanished.

The spirit beasts following the Spirit Ape also receded like tidewater.

Using the same method to drive off the spirit beasts behind the Wandering Dragon Cow, the entire valley was only left with Bu Fang, who was carrying the gigantic Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife over his shoulder, and the shivering Wandering Dragon Cow, who was missing a horn...

Bu Fang patted the Wandering Dragon Cow's gigantic body as he clicked his tongue and exclaimed in wonder, "Not bad, this ingredient is far better than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig."

The Wandering Dragon Cow's big head was filled with suspicions... Ingredient? What ingredient?

In the next moment, in the eyes of the Wandering Dragon Cow, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen gradually grew bigger... and bigger... sphhhlt.

The true energy within Bu Fang's body finally ran out and he was unable to sustain the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's current form. It transformed back into its unassuming appearance and disappeared after turning into green smoke.

Bu Fang patted the Wandering Dragon Cow's gigantic body once more. With a wave of his hand, he stored it into the dimensional bag provided by the system.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the abrupt mission: carry out the first ingredient capture. The system reward will now be released. After a minute, the return teleportation will be carried out. Would the host please get ready," the system's solemn voice resounded within Bu Fang's mind, just as the corpse of the Wandering Dragon Cow was stored.

Bu Fang was startled. Only a minute was left? The Phoenix Blood Herb was still not harvested yet!

Above Bu Fang's head, a speck of light had already appeared. This speck of light was slowly drawing a mysterious teleportation magic array. Regarding this, Bu Fang was already used to it.

Bu Fang did not hesitate as he turned around and ran toward the small hill. Above his head, the speck of light was still drawing. As time went by, the magic array was already halfway to completion.

"Ten seconds left until return. Begin countdown. Ten... Nine..."

Bu Fang was still expressionless, but his anxiety could be seen in his eyes. He was getting closer and closer to the Phoenix Blood Herb, but the countdown was also getting closer to finishing...

"Just give me one more second... I can pry open the entire valley!" Bu Fang shouted in his mind as he leapt with all his strength and grabbed onto the Phoenix Blood Herb that was ascending into the skies like a phoenix. A sharp pain was instantly transmitted from his palm into his mind!

However, before he could scream from the pain, the drawing of the magic array was completed. A burst of violent wind emerged and then dissipated...

The Valley of the Fallen Phoenix regained its peace once more. The flow of the waterfall continued its natural course. Everything was as usual.