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 Using strength to smash this bag....

This was also a type of cooking? They had really never seen it before.

Chu Changsheng's brows slightly furrowed, revealing a hint of surprise. Bu Fang actually wanted him to smash this bag at full strength?

It was such a fragile bag. He was afraid that with a fist, this bag would explode, and the ingredients within it would fly everywhere...

Thinking of that scene, Chu Changsheng felt awkward. That was why he was a little hesitant, unable to make his move.

Nether King Er Ha, on the other hand, was a little curious. There was such a simple method of cooking?

Did this mean that he, Nether King Er Ha, would be able to cook dishes in the future?

The previous charcoal-black Spicy Strip was a stain on Nether King Er Ha's heart. It was something that people could not eat.

The old man sunk into deep thought, looking at Bu Fang's bag. He furrowed his brows as the wrinkles on his face shook. After thinking for a while, his eyes lit up.

"Owner Bu, do you plan to use violent impact to blend the taste and ingredients inside the bag?"

Bu Fang looked at the old man, shocked. He did not think that the old man would be able to understand the logic behind it.

However, the old man obviously only understood a little. This method might sound simple, but in reality, it was very difficult.

"But, is this bag able to withstand Little Chu's fist? Little Chu's cultivation is not weak, so with one fist... the entire restaurant might be gone."

"Smash as much as you want. If it breaks, it'll be my fault."

As for the old man's worries, Bu Fang guaranteed as he smacked his chest.

If the bag that the system produced could be easily destroyed by Chu Changsheng, then Chu Changsheng would rise to the heavens.

"Owner Bu is very confident, or maybe, you have no confidence in this old one's fists?"

Chu Changsheng looked at Bu Fang's confident expression as he made a solemn vow. A wave of energy surged in his heart.

He, Chu Changsheng, was still a sect master level existence, the person who had fused with the Taotie's Heart. The physical power of his body was very powerful, so with his fist, he would definitely shatter it into smithereens.

"It's not that I'm looking down on you, but that you really can't smash it apart," said Bu Fang expressionlessly.

He looked at Chu Changsheng, pulling up the corner of his mouth. In reality, he really did not wish to blindly tell the truth.

Chu Changsheng deeply sucked in a breath... No more talking then. It looked like it was time to show his hand.

Looking at the transparent bag placed on the dining table in front of him, Chu Changsheng raised his palm.

Bu Fang calmly looked at him.

Nether King Er Ha observed with interest.

The old man touched the white hair on his head, watching with apt interest.

If Chu Changsheng's fist went down, and this bag shattered, then Owner Bu's face would be very interesting, right?

Nether King Er Ha and the old man secretly gave Bu Fang a look, their hearts suddenly a little excited.

Chu Changsheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Turning his head to look at Bu Fang, he said solemnly, "Owner Bu... Then I'm going to smash it, okay?"

"Just relax... Don't be afraid. Go ahead and smash it." Bu Fang rubbed his nose as he said that.


Chu Changsheng's heart involuntarily gave a 'heng.' It looks like Owner Bu was still looking down on him.

Since that's the case...

Then shatter, little bag!

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrunk, his palm suddenly slamming down. With a whistling sound, it seemed to rip through the air.

With a bang, this palm directly smashed onto the dining table.

The dining table violently shook, letting out cracking sounds.

In the kitchen, Whitey's ash-white eyes lit up as lightning flashed in its eyes.

"Troublemakers... will be stripped and thrown out." Whitey stuck out its head as its mechanical voice rang out.

Chu Changsheng gave Whitey an awkward look and said, "This old one is having fun playing with Owner Bu."

Hearing Chu Changsheng's explanation, Whitey promptly returned to the kitchen.

Chu Changsheng raised his hand again.

On the table, that bag was completely undamaged. The cabbage inside it did not change that much.

Bu Fang gave it a look, heaving a sigh.

"Nope, you were too weak."

He really didn't explode it?

Chu Changsheng's face turned bright red, and the entire head of silver began to scatter down.

"An accident. Just an accident... This little bag is really a bit sturdy! Owner Bu, give this old one another chance!" Chu Changsheng seriously said.

Looks like Bu Fang was not joking. He could really smash this little bag!

In that case.... he would not hold back!


Bu Fang nodded his head, what was wrong with giving Chu Changsheng another chance?

"Come, let's go outside and save the trouble of Lord White's misunderstanding," Chu Changsheng said as he grabbed that small bag, heading outside the restaurant.

Bu Fang did not mind it too much. Crossing his arms, he followed behind.

In the restaurant, Nether King Er Ha and the old man also curiously followed.

Lord Dog, who was originally lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, opened his eyes. He was a little speechless as he yawned.

Flowery, on the other hand, widened her eyes, running out eagerly to enjoy the show.

Nethery would also not miss this chance, so she joined in on the fun.

As for Ni Yan, she was not in the restaurant at the moment. As the Saintess of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, she had returned to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's current encampment, as requested by the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign, to give guidance to the disciples.

She had not returned yet. Otherwise, with that woman's personality, she would definitely also join to give it a punch.

A group of people gathered in front of the restaurant.

The passersby in the surrounding area were attracted by the said group.

Chu Changsheng placed that transparent bag onto the ground, then signaled the audience to move back to give him some space.

Above Chu Changsheng's body, true energy evolved as it rose. In the next instant, within his eyes, light shone out.

His figure suddenly became huge. His muscles bulged, and in that instant, he became a three-meter tall giant.


Chu Changsheng let out an angry howl. His strands of silver hair were like steel needles fluttering, causing the air to seem to explode.

With a turn of his gaze, it landed on that bag on the ground. Chu Changsheng then clenched both of his fists.

His muscles were as dense as a horned dragon, as sturdy as steel.

Opening his mouth, he raised both hands, then smashed down at the transparent bag on the ground!

The speed was extremely fast. It was as if the air was about to be shattered!

The surrounding people jumped in surprise, sucking in a breath of cold air.

What was he doing?

Using so much strength to smash a bag on the ground... Was he not afraid that even the ground would be destroyed?

That bag was still not smashed apart by Chu Changsheng?

Isn't this interesting?


The minds of the audience trembled, feeling as though the ground was shaking.

The ground caved in as a violent shockwave emerged and cracks spread out.

Chu Changsheng, who had transformed into a three-meter giant, held a huge and incomparable strength. He could shatter a small mountain with his bare hands.

This strength was displayed in all its glory, causing the surrounding people to be extremely shocked.

However, Bu Fang shook his head in regret.

Nether King Er Ha and that old man also heaved a sigh.

That bag... was still perfectly intact.

Chu Changsheng retreated a few steps. Reaching out his hand, he pulled out the transparent bag that had been buried into the ground.

He realized that the bag was still undamaged, without any trace of a tear.

"I really can't smash it apart?" Chu Changsheng, who had turned into a giant, was a little shocked.

His body shrunk, regaining his youthful appearance. However, the awkward expression remained on his face.

"Interesting... Let this old one have a try."

The old man was a little curious. As he stepped out, he took the bag from Chu Changsheng's hands, then placed it again on the ground. After deeply sucking in a breath...


The old man's cultivation was mighty, and the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to wrap around his body.

Then, the old man raised his fist, true energy condensing in his entire body, as if forming a roaring beast shadow.

With one fist, he smashed down!

The ground instantly trembled, concaving down once again to form a pit.

The surrounding people were shocked...

This old man who looked so weak was actually very strong?!

"Owner Bu's things are indeed mysterious... This old one is old already, so I'm unable to smash it."

The old man's figure floated out of the deep hole. His hand was holding onto a completely undamaged bag, giving a bitter smile.

Bu Fang looked at that bag and saw that the cabbage inside, the Abyssal Chilli Sauce, and the other seasonings had begun to fuse together a little. However... the distance for it to reach the expectations in Bu Fang's heart was still far!

"Let this king try!"

Nether King Er Ha's mouth chewed for a bit, finishing the Spicy Strip in his mouth. He rolled up his sleeves, his face full of excitement.

To be able to take part in cooking, Nether King Er Ha was excited. Moreover, knowing that it was such a unique way of cooking made him even more excited!

The old man gave Nether King Er Ha a look, his eyes instantly shining as he casually tossed the small bag to him.

Er Ha received it. The cabbage in the bag had become a little warm already.

Obviously, the old man's and Chu Changsheng's smashing still had its effectiveness.

"Bu Fang young man, if this bag is smashed open by this king... You won't deduct this king's Spicy Strips, right?" Nether King Er Ha narrowed his eyes as he said that.

"I won't deduct. If you can really break it, then I wouldn't mind rewarding you with three Spicy Strips," answered Bu Fang, crossing his arms.

"Aiyo... Bu Fang young man, aren't you very wild? Don't forget that this king is such an awesome existence!"

Looking at Bu Fang's confident appearance, Nether King Er Ha's eyes instantly narrowed. The hair on his head fluttered as he spoke.

In the next instant, he threw the little bag up. Above his figure, a dense amount of Nether energy scattered out.

With a wave of his hand, hundred thousands of Nether energy converged, forming a huge palm that hid the sky and covered the earth.

That palm carried a terrifying pressure, as if it was about to smash apart the entire Valley of Gluttony in one smack!

This was a terrifying feeling, like it was the end of the world.

Within the restaurant, Lord Dog involuntarily opened his eyes and muttered, "This clown... is going crazy again?!"


The palm landed down, and everyone felt as if a generation had passed...

A moment later, their visions cleared.

In the air, the transparent bag still floated, and the cabbage and seasonings inside seemed to be boiling.

Bu Fang's eyes slightly shone. This one palm from Nether King Ee Ha was still powerful!

With a move of his will, mental force spread out, wrapping around the small transparent bag.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth pulled up. A pity... Although this palm from Nether King Er Ha was strong, he still lacked a little.

The fusion of the cabbage and the seasonings were not complete.

Nether King Er Ha looked at the completely undamaged bag awkwardly, giving a dry laugh.

"Ehehe... This bag is pretty durable. Not bad. This king thinks well of it."

"Bu Fang, you should let Lord Dog try a paw... That way, it's guaranteed to be ripped."

Nethery, who had been silent throughout this, suddenly opened her mouth and spoke coolly.

Bu Fang froze, then his eyes lit up.

That's right. The might of Lord Dog's exquisite paw was so terrifying. He could even smash apart lightning punishment with a paw, so smacking a bag should be the same as playing around.

Hence, Bu Fang's gaze turned, landing on Lord Dog's body that was lying under the Path-Understanding Tree.

Lord Dog froze, and the fur on his entire body seemed to explode.

"Don't make a fuss. Do you think this exquisite paw is for playing? Lord Dog doesn't send out paws easily!" Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice rang out.

Looking at Lord Dog's solemn look, Bu Fang seriously nodded his head.

Then, he raised his hand and said, "A paw for a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, how's that?"

"Does Lord Dog look like a dog that would easily give in to temptation?"

"A paw for a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs, how's that?"

"Why didn't you say so earlier? Deal!"