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 Using the ingredients in the Heaven and Earth Farmland to make a dish?

And a unique dish?

Upon hearing the system's words, Bu Fang's entire being stood frozen on the spot. He did not think that the test content this time would be related to the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Within the Heaven and Earth Farmland, the many ingredients that Bu fang had planted had already matured, but these ingredients were not high-quality crops.

After all, the fruits and vegetables that Bu Fang had planted in the Heaven and Earth Farmland were very ordinary. Despite that, they contained a denser amount of spiritual energy.

Also, the ingredients that he had exchanged using the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine from the many Saint Sovereigns were pretty good, but it was a pity that they had not matured yet.

In fact, the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit was about to mature, but it had not reached the level of maturity yet. Hence, it could not be eaten.

And now, the system requested ingredients from the Heaven and Earth Farmland, along with requiring him to make a unique dish.

This time, Bu Fang really stood frozen on the spot. Rubbing his chin, he furrowed his brows as he thought about the ingredients he should use from the Heaven and Earth Farmland and cook what type of dish.

After thinking for a while, Bu Fang did not have a single idea.

Bu Fang rubbed his hair. With a thought, his figure then vanished from his spot, entering the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

With this sort of careless thinking, wouldn't it be better to enter the Heaven and Earth Farmland to see the available ingredients?

Once he entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland...

A breeze blew past, and the air was filled with various fragrances of spirit fruits.

Bu Fang floated high in the air, lowering his head as he looked down.

The Heaven and Earth Farmland below him had been broken up neatly.

It had been separated into several areas. Some were cultivation areas, and in that area, the Papillions were being raised. Many tiny and adorable Papillions followed behind the big Papillions' body, constantly crying out.

At another corner of the cultivation area, there were a few Papillion eggs scattering light.

By the side of the cultivation area was an area for planting vegetables. The soil there would be flipped and watered by Bu Fang every day.

Below the vegetable area was the spirit herb area. There were many spirit herbs planted there, such as the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit, Blood Grape, etc...

Other than these areas, there were also many other areas. These areas were scattered as they grew a few ingredients.

A river ran through these areas, and within the river, plump fishes jumped out from time to time. There were also Blood Lobsters swinging their pincers while chasing after these fishes, showing off their might...

Bu Fang's figure floated down, appearing in front of the wooden house.

In front of the wooden house, a couch was placed, and on that couch lay a laid-back fox.

The days that Niu Hansan spent in the Heaven and Earth Farmland could be considered very leisurely and happy.

Every day, it ate then slept, slept then ate. Once in a while, he did some farm work, flipping the soil, and so on.

Compared to the days in the Ruin Prison, where it had to fight and kill, these days were much better.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion and Eighty were in the distance, joyously running around. The Three-Eyed Wild Lion, as of this day, had utterly become Eighty's errand boy. Every day, it followed behind Eighty as it explored the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Sometimes, it would even accidentally harm some ingredients, making it extremely satisfied.

Bu Fang's appearance made Niu Hansan a little stunned.

Niu Hansan slightly opened one of his eyes. The moment he saw Bu fang, he instantly straightened his body from the couch. Rubbing his hands, he said excitedly, "Aiyo, isn't it Owner Bu? Didn't you just eat? Are you going to make something delicious now?"

Niu Hansan licked his lips. As of this day, he really wanted to remain in this heavenly place.

With such a leisurely place, Niu Hansan did not want to go out to kill. Who knew when it would be killed, becoming food to accompany wine?

Here, there were good food and good drinks, not to mention that he could sleep whenever he wanted. What was there not to be happy about?

"Nope. This time I did not make food. I came here to harvest." Bu Fang crossed his arms as he said so.

"Harvest?" Niu Hansan froze, then a trace of a smile leaked out of the corner of his lips.

"Owner Bu, it's not me saying this, but in this field, a lot of the ingredients... are not yet ripe for harvesting. If you really want to harvest, I'm afraid there's only... cabbage." Niu Hansan waved his hand as he said helplessly.

The cabbages in the vegetable section was planted by Bu Fang earliest, so the earliest to be harvested should also be cabbages.

Hearing the words of Niu Hansan, Bu Fang's brows instantly furrowed.

There was only cabbage?

Bu Fang turned his body to walk to the vegetable area, with Niu Hansan trailing behind.

Stepping on the soft soil, Bu Fang gently let out a breath. The air was filled with the fragrance of fruits, vegetables, and spirit herbs.

Strolling in the field that belonged to him, Bu Fang's heart became ineffably happy.

The cabbages in the vegetable field were plump and huge, looking extremely sturdy. The leaves were clear, without a trace of flaw nor hole. They were even shining with a dazzling light.

There were only cabbages?

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, a little at a loss.

He continued walking to check the other crops.

The eggplant had yet to mature. Although it was about to, just that with this condition today, it was still unable to be eaten.

Even the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit and the Blood Grape still lacked a little.

It looked like with this time's cooking, only cabbage could be chosen.

But what dish could be made with only cabbage?

Bu Fang kneeled down, looking at the cabbages as he sank into deep thought.

Niu Hansan followed behind Bu Fang. Seeing Bu Fang suddenly deep in thought with furrowed brows, he did not know what to say.

The originally chatterbox Niu Hansan did not say much on this rare occasion.

"No choice. It looks like cabbage has to be chosen."

Bu Fang gently let out a breath.

Even the Blood Lobsters and fishes in the river could not be chosen. Bu Fang had used these ingredients before, so he would not be able to make something unique.

As for the Papillion, except for using it as steak, it could not be considered as a good ingredient.

Hence, Bu Fang could only choose cabbage. Raising his hands, he plucked out two cabbages. The cabbages were fresh and full of moisture, and there were even some soil stains on them.

After Bu Fang grabbed the cabbages, he shook them, shaking off the soil stains.

"Take care of the field well. I'll go first."

Bu fang hugged the two cabbages as he stood up, one in his right hand and one in his left, giving Niu Hansan a look. Then, under the latter's curious gaze, Bu Fang's figure vanished on the spot while hugging the cabbages.

A moment later, Bu Fang returned to the kitchen.

Placing the cabbages on the stove, he stood in a daze while looking at them.

What unique dish could be cooked using these cabbages?

Stir-fried Cabbage?

Claypot Cabbage?

Cabbage in Soup?


Bu Fang thought of many methods using cabbage, but he realized that none of them suited it.

"A unique dish..."

Bu Fang rubbed his chin. His Vermillion Robe shook as he thought hard on the spot.

Suddenly, Bu Fang seemed to have thought of something, his eyes instantly lighting up.

With a flash of light, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. The blade light flashed, directly cutting the fresh cabbage open.

Within the cabbage were round and clear water droplets, dripping from the cut opened cabbage.

After cutting the cabbage into pieces, he placed them into a porcelain bowl that he had prepared.

Bu Fang did not take out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and he also did not prepare the seasonings. Instead, with a thought, he began to negotiate with the system.

At last, Bu Fang managed to get a transparent bag from the system.

This bag was obviously not an ordinary bag. It was unknown what material it was made of, but it was extremely sturdy and not easy to tear.

After all, it was the system's product, so it was definitely good quality.

Bu Fang's eyes slightly shone as he stuffed the fresh cabbage that had been cut up into the bag.

Then, with a thought, he pulled out the Abyssal Chilli Sauce that was placed in a crystal pot from within the system's storage space.

Knocking on the Abyssal Chilli Sauce, Bu Fang felt that this chilli sauce was truly good stuff.

After scooping out a full ladle of Abyssal Chilli Sauce and pouring it into the bag, he mixed it with the cabbage.

Bu Fang then scooped a small ladle of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, pouring it inside. Instantly, the alcoholic fragrance spread out from within the bag.

Opening the bag, a little seasoning was also placed within, causing the inside of that bag to become extremely messy.

Finally, Bu Fang shook the bag a few times, then sealed it up.

Bu Fang looked at this transparent bag in his hand in satisfaction. The cabbage, which was filled with spiritual energy under the contamination of the Abyssal Chilli Sauce in the bag, had slightly changed color.

What was Bu Fang intending to do?

Other than the methods that he had thought of for the cabbage, there was still a unique method, and that was Kimchi...

That's right, Bu Fang wanted to make Kimchi.

But... he did not intend to make Kimchi through normal means.

He was intending to use a special method to make it.

Did the system not want it unique?

Then, Bu Fang would give it a unique dish...

The system at this moment could be a little confused. Maybe it was unable to guess what dish Bu Fang was intending to make.

He walked out of the kitchen with this bag in satisfaction, coming to the restaurant.

The restaurant had already ended business, so there were only a few figures inside, drinking wine as they leisurely chatted.

These people were no ordinary people. They were Chu Changsheng, Nether King Er Ha, and the old man with white hair on his head.

The old man was determined to stay here.

Anyway, Bu Fang's restaurant had good food, and he could also wait together with Bu Fang for the day of the Immortal Cooking Realm to open.

Why would he not be happy?

Also, there were many cute spirits here. No matter if it was Nether King Er Ha or Chu Changsheng, he could chat with them easily. He had long become good friends with them.

They looked at Bu Fang walking out of the kitchen, all smiling while greeting him.

When Bu Fang saw them, his eyes lit up. He held the transparent bag in his hand, looking at the trio. With the corner of his mouth pulled up, he walked over to them.

Bu Fang pulled back a chair, sitting in front of them. Pouring a cup of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, he drank it in one gulp.

"Bu Fang young man, what kind of plaything is that bag in your hands?" asked Nether King Er Ha as he held a Spicy Strip in his mouth, curiously looking at the transparent bag that Bu Fang was holding.

Chu Changsheng and the old man also looked over curiously.

"Since you asked sincerely, I do have something that I need your help with," Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

"Help? What help? It can't be for this king to catch another husband and wife Papillion, right?" Nether King Er Ha widened his eyes.

"Catch a husband and wife Papillion? What do you intend to do with the Papillions?"

Bu Fang gave Nether King Er Ha a side glance.

"See this bag? This is the new dish that I'm creating... I need your help."

Hearing Bu Fang's words, Nether King Er Ha and the rest were shocked.

"Letting us help to cook? Bu Fang young man, when did you trust this king so much? Is this king finally showing his skills? Thinking back to when this king cooked those black Spicy Strips, the one who heard it was sad, and the one who ate it cried..." Nether King Er Ha opened his mouth, chattering nonstop.

It was not too long before he was stopped by Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was too lazy to care about this joker, turning to look at Chu Changsheng.

"Owner Bu, you tell us, how do you want us to help you? We believe in your culinary skills," Chu Changsheng said solemnly.

Bu Fang actually needed them to help cook. It looks like this dish was definitely not ordinary, so it had to be treated seriously.

Looking at Chu Changsheng's serious face, Bu Fang was a little moved. He solemnly nodded his head, placing the transparent bag on the dining table.

Sucking in a deep breath, he seriously said to Chu Changsheng, "Little Chu, with all your strength, smash it!"


Smash it? Smash this bag that was filled with cabbage?!

Chu Changsheng was stunned by Bu Fang's words, and he was a little confused.

Didn't he say it was cooking?

How did it become smashing the bag?

The old man's face was filled with curiosity and shock.

"This dish is called Fragrant Spicy Kimchi. Believe me, you just need to use all your strength and smash it with your fists," said Bu Fang in a serious voice, sincerely looking at Chu Changsheng.

Using fists to smash the dish was counted as making a dish?

Was Owner Bu serious?