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 Nether King Er Ha felt a little ache in his heart. If he had known earlier, he would have said to Bu Fang that after cooking the Braised Blood Lobster, he would directly give it to him, so he could bring it with him to eat.

That way, he would be able to carefully taste the incomparably delicious Braised Blood Lobster.

Compared to the Spicy Blood Lobster, this dish was not considered to be very spicy. However, with blood lobsters that had a dense and fragrant alcoholic smell, it would make one even more infatuated and obsessed.

He had only eaten a few from the entire plate of Braised Blood Lobster, and admittedly, he had eaten slowly. Compared to that girl Nethery, who had a unique rapid eating lobster operation, Nether King Er Ha indeed ate the lobsters very slowly.

Bu Fang, who was reclining against the chair, felt a little sorry for the incomparably sorrowful Nether King Er Ha.

He had eaten quite a lot. After all, the Braised Blood Lobster held too much of an enticement, so he could not resist moving his fingers, eating a few more.

"Little Ha, there will be Spicy Strips. There will also be Blood Lobsters... Don't be too sad," said Bu Fang, consoling Nether King Er Ha.

Those people who sat around Bu Fang responded to his words, constantly nodding their heads.

Towards this group of hoodlums, what could Nether King Er Ha do?

Even though the Braised Blood Lobster had been finished, a dense fragrance still lingered in the air. This fragrance revolved around their nostrils, causing them to still feel extremely gluttonous.

The old man felt that it was a pity that he could not have a taste of Bu Fang's Blood Lobster. Bu Fang had used Blood Lobsters to win against him, so he always wanted to know where he had lost.

He had eaten Blood Lobsters many times in that bronze palace for many thousand years. All that he was able to eat was Blood Lobster, but his methods differed from Bu Fang's. Since the dishes were made with different methods, the taste would naturally be different.

Hence, the old man was very excited and eager to try this Blood Lobster.

However, he realized that the method Bu Fang used to cook the Blood Lobster this time seemed to be different from how he had done it previously.

Did this mean that there was more than one way of cooking the Blood Lobster?!

Towards Bu Fang's culinary skills, the old man held even greater compliments, but while he was complimenting, he also involuntarily heaved a sigh.

Back then, he had thought that his culinary skills had already stood at the peak of the Hidden Dragon Continent. However, later on, he discovered information about the Immortal Cooking Realm from the ancient texts, and he found out that there was a group of existences who had culinary skills that had reached perfection.

Hence, in order to achieve the peak of culinary arts, the old man sought for a way to transcend, to enter the bronze palace. Unfortunately, after thousands of years, he had yet to make a breakthrough.

And today, a person named Bu Fang appeared. This kid's culinary arts was enough to crush him, but it was someone who did not stand at the peak of culinary arts. If that was the case, then how strong would a chef of the Immortal Cooking Realm be?

The more the old man thought of this, the more his heart sucked in a breath of cold air.

The road of culinary arts was, indeed, heavy and distant.

Ending today's business, Bu Fang sealed the gates of the restaurant, making the onlookers who were obsessed with the Blood Lobster leave.

Watching those people who were reluctant to leave, Bu Fang's mind involuntarily moved.

He felt that if he had opened a food stall on the long street of the Gluttony God City, it would definitely be very popular...

It was a pity that he already had a restaurant here. A thing like a food stall was just okay to think about.


The Hidden Dragon Royal Court

Today, the holy lands were a patch of ruins, and desolation filled the eyes.

In the center of the holy lands, where the Heavenly Secret Holy Land was, the experts of the Ruin Prison had gathered and occupied the place.

The originally incomparably pure and holy Heavenly Secret Holy Land was covered by a layer of black clouds. Those black clouds swirled on the arc of the sky, forming a dense layer and sweeping along a pressure.

In the core palace of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, a tall and sturdy figure sat crossed legged in the center of the imperial hall.

That figure was not any other person. It was the strongest demon king, who had run away from the Taotie Restaurant in a sorry state.

Under the strongest demon king was a group of Ruin Prison experts, who were quiet out of fear.


Outside the palace, there was the rumbling of thunder as a crack suddenly ripped open in the illusionary void.

From within that crack, a malevolent warship sailed out. The appearance of these warships looked extremely tyrannical, covered in marks.

These were the warships that the Ruin Prison used for combat. As of this day, the Great Path's Principle of the Hidden Dragon Continent had shattered, and the experts of the Ruin Prison, who had lost their restrictions, then operated the warships to come to this patch of heaven and earth.

One warship, two warships...

That crack seemed to be a little unable to handle the burden as those warships sailed out, making a violent rumble.

There were eight pitch-black warships in total, and a figure of a malevolent spirit beast was carved on the ships' bow.

The warships floated above the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, letting out a terrifying energy along with it.

From within the warship, many figures walked out. The energy of these figures was very powerful, forming an army that would make one shake.

Every warship had an expert that led it. These experts wore battle armor on their bodies, and these armors would make one who saw it tremble.


The illusionary void itself seemed to tremble as it twisted.

Then, within the imperial hall of the palace, eight experts slowly appeared.

The eight great demon kings of the Ruin Prison... had arrived.

The strongest demon king sat on a chair in the middle of the palace, calmly looking at the eight demon kings.

The energy of the eight demon kings was very strong, and a terrifying energy was released from each one of their eyes.

The demon king of the Demon Eye Clan, the demon king of the Demon Scorpion Race, the demon king of the Demon Alligator Race... and the rest of the demon kings were all figureheads of the Ruin Prison, other than the strongest existence of the Ruin Prison.

On the Demon Eye Race's demon king's forehead was an eye that rolled around. It was completely pitch-black, scattering a demonic pressure.

"The demon king of the Demon Eye Clan pays respects to the Lord strongest demon king..."

The demon king of the Demon Eye Clan, seeing the strongest demon king, was smiling as he waved his hands.

The many experts of the Ruin Prison respectfully lowered their heads.

The strongest demon king gave the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan a side glance. Raising his hands, he played with his own bull horns.

In the next instant, the atmosphere within the imperial hall suddenly became oppressive.

Everyone's eyes shrunk.

All they saw was the countless shadows of the demon king's figure as he suddenly crossed the air. In a flash, he appeared in front of the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan.

The expression of the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan shifted, as if he wanted to explain something. However, he realized that the strongest demon king had pressed against his neck unreasonably, harshly pressing him onto the floor.


The floor of the imperial palace suddenly exploded, caving in, and a deep crater appeared.

"You seem to really want this lord's body..." the strongest demon king said with his mouth pulled back.

The demon king of the Demon Eye Clan felt his mind tremble. It was evident that this strongest demon king held a grudge with everything that he had done in the bronze palace.

"This one... was only curious at that time..."


However, just as the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan finished his sentence, the strongest demon king pressed his head, harshly lifting him up, then slamming him down.

The entire imperial hall shook...

Everyone did not dare to speak, lowering their heads as they watched the demon king of the Demon Eye Clan being tyrannized by the strongest demon king.

After quite some time...

The strongest demon king returned to that chair. Leaning against it, he swept his gaze across everyone present.

"Listen to this lord's words. You are not allowed to go to the Valley of Gluttony. Do not provoke the Valley of Gluttony. You guys can settle with the rest of the resources, but this lord will not take part," the strongest demon king said.

After saying that, he leaned back against the chair, closing his eyes to take a short rest.

The demon king of the Demon Eye Clan had black-colored blood dripping down the corner of his mouth. His nose was bloody, and his face was swollen. Hatred surged crazily in his heart.

However, the combat ability of the strongest demon king was not something that he could compare to. Hence, he dared to rage but did not dare to voice it.

"There will be a day... when this demon bull will become this one's puppet! Once that happens... all the humiliation that this one received, I will return it to you with interest!"


Because the strongest demon king had given his orders, the experts of the Ruin Prison did not attack the Valley of Gluttony in the southern area.

However, many Ruin Prison experts belittled it. It was just the Valley of Gluttony. What did it rely on to resist their powerful army of the Ruin Prison?

At that time, when the strongest demon king was humiliated, not many witnessed it. Those that did witness it did not dare to speak of it, so many experts of the Ruin Prison were not clear about the situation.

Especially the eight great demon kings, they felt a little indignant at the strongest demon king's action of cowering!

Their great army of the Ruin Prison was attacking the Hidden Dragon Continent. How could they be willing to leave out a corner of it? Their aim was to conquer the entire Hidden Dragon Continent!

Even the Endless Sea of the Hidden Dragon Continent had to be invaded!

Although this continent was inferior, it possessed countless resources, so this could become the back garden of the Ruin Prison!

However, although the eight great demon kings were indignant, with the strongest demon king's demonic might present, they did not dare to relax.

Hence, in an instant, the situation had entered a deadlock.

The Hidden Dragon Continent, except for the Valley of Gluttony, had become the hell of the Ruin Prison. Nether energy filled the sky, and the creatures of the continent had all fallen.

The continent had seemed to become an extremist place.

Time under this situation passed day by day.

With a cracking sound ringing out...

The gate of the Taotie Restaurant was opened.

Bu Fang drowsily walked out, stretching his lazy waist while yawning.

He pulled over a chair, sitting at the entrance.

Winter had already passed. Everything in the earth was recovering, and there were a few sprouts of green grass outside the gate on the ground, sprouting out sharp edges.

Along with the business of the restaurant opening, outside the gate, the people slowly gathered to queue.

Bu Fang, once again, began another busy day.

For Bu Fang, these busy days were pretty good. He really enjoyed these sort of days.

Regardless of the passing of time, Bu Fang's business revenue was increasing. Once his business revenue had reached the critical point, Bu Fang would then be able to break through.

As of today, Bu Fang understood that in order to become a powerful chef, he had to first have a powerful physique and cultivation.

Only this way would he be able to cook an even more perfect dish.

Bu Fang's cultivation remained stuck at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm. This was because he had not completed the test for the Divine Spirit Realm.

Previously, his cultivation was not stable enough, but now, Bu Fang felt that it was about time that he take the Divine Spirit Realm test.

As long as he passed the system's judgment, then it meant that he would be able to light his Divine Flame and step into the Divine Spirit Realm.

Once he entered the Divine Spirit Realm, his culinary cultivation would have a new direction.

However, for the Divine Spirit Realm test, Bu Fang was not very anxious about it. He did not know the content of the test that the system would give him, so he still needed to prepare thoroughly.

The business for the day ended.

Bu Fang, after shutting the gate of the Taotie Restaurant, entered the Cloud Mist Restaurant through the light door.

In the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Sorceress An Sheng and Yang Meiji were practicing seriously. Over the course of over half a month, the two no longer found Bu Fang's sudden appearance shocking.

Whenever Bu Fang appeared, he would teach them a few culinary techniques. Hence, sometimes, these two would look forward to Bu Fang's visits.

After loitering in the Cloud Mist Restaurant for a while, Bu Fang then went to stay at Fang Fang's Little Store for a little while, meeting some old acquaintances. After that, he returned to the Taotie Restaurant.

Standing in front of the stove in the kitchen, Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he sank in deep thought.

After being silent for a while, Bu Fang finally opened his mouth and said, "System, begin the test for the Divine Spirit Realm."

"Host is ready to take the Divine Spirit Realm test? If you fail the test, the host's cultivation will return back to a single-tiered soul ladder Divine Soul Realm. If you pass the test, the host will light a Divine Flame to achieve the Divine Spirit Realm." The system's strict and serious voice rang out, bringing a little severeness.

Bu Fang, after thinking about it, felt that his cultivation had already stabilized, so he could begin the test for the Divine Spirit realm already.

Upon hearing Bu Fang agreeing to the test, the system was silent for a while before speaking, "Host, please pay attention. The Divine Spirit Realm test will now begin. The content of the test: Use the ingredients in the Heaven and Earth Farmland to cook a unique dish. After that, the system will provide the evaluation."