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 When Bu Fang appeared once again, he returned to the kitchen.

Around his body, mental energy was released, and many Blood Lobsters floated around him, brandishing their fangs and claws.

Putting down all these Blood Lobsters, Bu Fang began to wash them.

This time what he was cooking was the Braised Blood Lobster. Compared to the Spicy Blood Lobster, its smell was even denser and fragrant.

No matter what type of Blood Lobster dish was made, the first step was always to clean the Blood Lobster thoroughly.

With a flash, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand, then it cut down at the Blood Lobster's head that had just been washed. Leaving some of the head, he removed the legs as well, then deveined it. After cutting off the tail, he washed it once again.

The Blood Lobster's head contained poisonous substance, so this type of poison had to be thoroughly cleared.

Every lobster went through the same serious cleaning, and after all of them had been washed, they were placed onto a plate after being strained dry to prepare for cooking.

After clearing an area in the Heaven and Earth Farmland for cultivation, Bu Fang obtained quite a few rewards from the system. These rewards were not very amazing, but they were edible.

The Scale Tail Scallion, Son Mother Ginger, Violet Garlic, etc. were all provided as ingredients.

Within the Heaven and Earth Farmland, Bu Fang opened up an area, specifically for planting these seasonings.

According to the system's introduction, the Scale Tail Scallion was a type of ingredient that grew on an isolated island far in the Endless Sea of the Hidden Dragon Continent. Once it was added while cooking a dish, it could guarantee the dish to be tasty and fragrant.

The Son Mother Ginger was an ingredient from the Netherworld. It can stabilize the spiritual energy of the dish and can guarantee that the dish would be tender and fragrant.

The Violet Garlic was also an ingredient from the Netherworld, and coincidentally, it grew in the same area as the Yellow Spring Grass, where the Yellow Spring Great Sage ruled over.

When he first entered the Netherworld, Bu Fang had actually seen the Violet Garlic. However, he did not think about picking it at that time.

Who would have thought that this time, the system would actually give it to him as a reward for clearing an area in the Heaven and Earth Farmland?

Dishes that had been added with the Violet Garlic would raise the dish's grade, causing the taste of the dish to become even more enchanting. It would also cause one to be intoxicated within the taste of the dish.

The Scale Tail Scallion was a little like a tail of a thin snake as there were many scales on it. The scallion head was white, and the strands of roots were spread out malevolently.

With a spin of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the roots were cut off. This root could be preserved, and when the time comes, it could be used as a medicinal ingredient for brewing wine, which was pretty good. Also, the Scale Tail Scallion can be used as medicine, as told to him by the system.

After chopping the Scale Tail Scallion into many pieces, it was then placed onto a plate.

The Son Mother Ginger was cut into strips, then were also placed onto the plate.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife patted on its side, crushing the Violet Garlic instantly. As the methodical chopping sounds rang out, the Violet Garlic was chopped into pieces. Originally, the Braised Blood Lobster did not need garlic, but adding a little Violet Garlic to raise the taste of the dish would also not be a bad thing.

Shortly after, all the seasonings were placed onto a plate, then set aside for cooking later.

The steps for cooking the Braised Blood Lobster was a little similar to the Spicy Blood Lobster, but what was different was the amount of wine the Braised Blood Lobster needed, which was a lot more.

With a move of his thought, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared.

With a bang, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok smashed onto the stove. Bu Fang then opened his mouth to spit out a dark golden-colored flame.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame instantly thrust out under the wok, burning blazingly as it released heat.

Pouring oil into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the oil splattered loudly the moment it touched the hot surface.

After this, the seasonings were poured into the wok, and sizzling sounds instantly rang out.

When the pieces of Scale Tail Scallion, Son Mother Ginger, and Violet Garlic were all thrown into the wok, a dense white smoke rose instantly, bringing a smell that pierced into his nose.

After stir-frying it for a while, spirit herbs that were prepared by Bu Fang were poured in, causing the smell to become even more fragrant. A moment later, the Blood Lobsters that he had prepared earlier were poured in.

When the Blood Lobsters entered the wok, Bu Fang's stir-frying speed increased. In the midst of stir-frying, he would even add many ingredients and seasonings.

A ladle of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was scooped into the wok, and the aroma instantly wafted out.

The moment Bu Fang smelled this fragrance, he felt his appetite rising.

However, it was not finished yet. After frying for half the time it took to brew a pot of tea, Bu Fang then took out an entire jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

Opening the lid, the fragrance of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine drifted out.

Splish splash...


The entire jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was poured into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, causing white smoke to rise. As more wine was poured, the Blood Lobsters were slowly being covered.

The entire jar of wine was finished, but it was just enough to cover the Blood Lobster.

With a thought of his will, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was instantly covered with the lid, covering the fragrance of the Blood Lobsters.

Now, he began to simmer it over low heat for about a time taken to brew a pot of tea.


Within the restaurant

Nether King Er Ha had long begun to drool. He sat on the chair, staring at the kitchen with a silly smile. While wiping his own saliva, not a trace of the quality of the Lord of the Netherworld could be found.

In front of the Blood Lobster, he was just a glutton.

Chu Changsheng also felt a wave of shock. The aroma lingering in the air was too dense, but the wine fragrance within this smell was too heavy, so he was unable to tell what dish Owner Bu was cooking.

Nethery, who had smelled the fragrance, had unknowingly come out of the Netherworld Ship, lingering in the restaurant.

Lord Dog also opened his eyes, laying at his side while gently smelling.

As for Flowery, her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes were spinning. Staying in the restaurant for so long, this girl had become a little plump. The extra fats on her face were all meat, not because of anything else, but because the food in the restaurant was too good.


In the kitchen

After cooking for the time for a pot of tea to brew, with a thought, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok instantly trembled. As the lid opened, a dense fragrance wafted out.

Deeply sucking in a breath, Bu Fang's Adam's apple moved.

The fragrant Spicy Blood Lobster was spicy, incomparably numbing. But there were two words to describe the Braised Blood Lobster-fragrant and alcoholic!

Grabbing the handle of the wok and stir-frying for a while, the fragrance scattered in an even denser amount. Bu Fang's eyes were filled with anticipation.

Grabbing the handle of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and shaking it for a bit, he flipped the wok, causing the Blood Lobsters that were shiny with oil to flip in the air. As steam rolled off them, fragrance spread everywhere.

Bu Fang took out a huge yet flat blue and white porcelain plate, then placed the Blood Lobsters that had been braised into the plate.

As the sauce floated on top of it, sizzling sounds rang out, the fragrance rising to the heavens!

"Braised Blood Lobsters, done!"

Bu Fang put down the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Licking his lips, his eyes revealed his obvious anticipation.

Eating this sort of Blood Lobster would make one addicted.

At the corner of the kitchen, Whitey's eyes flashed, and lightning flashed over its figure.

After experiencing the thunder calamity, the energy on Whitey's figure became even stronger and denser.

Holding the Braised Blood Lobster, he walked out of the kitchen.

The fragrance seemed to have formed a substance as it floated in the air. Everyone could not resist sniffing the fragrance lingering in the air, their throats constantly gulping.

Fragrance wafted out from the restaurant. In a while, it floated around the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Everyone smelled this aroma, revealing thirst and shock in their eyes. Eventually, many figures converged in front of the restaurant.

A strand of white hair floated on the old man's head, along with loud laugher. As he flew over, he held a cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

This cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine... It felt like he could drink it for a year...

More and more figures gathered in front of the restaurant.

However, as the restaurant had ended its business, the onlookers all held back their urge to go inside. They all stood outside, craning their heads to look in.

Unfortunately, only the fragrance wafted out, and not a trace of what was happening inside could be seen.

This made people feel an ache in their balls!

It seemed like a claw was scratching at their hearts.

These experts were not only disciples of the various holy lands, there were also Saint Sovereign existences among them.


Someone walked out from within the restaurant.

Nether King Er Ha's face was about to bloom from smiling. He held a huge plate with bright, red fragrant Braised Lobsters placed on it.

He put the Braised Blood Lobster in front of the restaurant, then pulled out a chair.

Was the fragrance from this dish?

Everyone widened their eyes, staring at the Braised Blood Lobster as they swallowed their saliva.

Bu Fang pulled out a chair, also sitting at the side of that plate of Braised Blood Lobster.

Nethery and the rest all pulled out chairs, gathering in front of the restaurant gate.

Chu Changsheng licked his lips as he went with them while giving out 'hehe' laughs, staring at the Braised Blood Lobster in anticipation.

The aroma of this dish was literally too fragrant, causing his appetite to increase.

"Owner Bu... What is this dish called?"

An expert simply could not resist anymore, involuntarily opening his mouth to ask Bu Fang.

Bu Fang, at this moment, did not have the mind to reply to these people. He reached out a hand, picking up a bright red Blood Lobster with sauce dripping off it.

Holding the lobster with one hand, he twisted off its head with another. In an instant, steaming broth leaked out of it.

Bu Fang's eyes lit up. With a slurping sound, he sucked the broth into his mouth.

That broth was thick and dense, bringing the fragrance of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and the taste of the Blood Lobster. Because he had added the Scale Tail Scallion, Son Mother Ginger, Violet Garlic, and other types of seasonings, the freshness of the Blood Lobster had been preserved perfectly.


The lobster shell was removed, and the tender lobster meat was revealed.

There was steam wafting from the lobster meat. It was not as red or spicy as the fragrant Spicy Blood Lobster, but it looked like an exquisite jade.

Topped with the sauce that Bu Fang had made, the elasticity and toughness of the lobster meat bloomed inside the mouth. The taste of the lobster spread out, causing Bu Fang to narrow his eyes involuntarily.

Nether King Er Ha watched Bu Fang eating so deliciously, and the itch in his heart had long been difficult to resist.

"This dish is called the Braised Blood Lobster, the delicacy that Owner Bu has specially cooked for this king!" Nether King Er Ha wiped off his drool, then turned his head to announce to the audience surrounding the restaurant. He then proudly grabbed a Blood Lobster, learning from Bu Fang as he began to eat.

Nethery did not say anything. She immediately ate a lobster.

Flowery gave Bu Fang and Nethery a dazed look, then learned how to eat it. Once it entered her mouth, her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes began to rapidly spin, revealing her happiness.

Chu Changsheng had only eaten one, and his entire being had been utterly held captive. His clothes exploded with a bang, causing huge laughter.

Lord Dog's paw had unknowingly moved over. Grabbing a Blood Lobster, he bit down at it together with the shell with cracking sounds.

Rumble. Rumble.

The huge amount of gazes watched as these hateful people ate the Blood Lobster in satisfaction, unable to resist swallowing their saliva.

These guys definitely did this on purpose, deliberately bringing this delicacy to their doorsteps to eat. It was all to entice them right!

This made many of them so angry!

But no matter how angry they were, they still wanted to eat it...

The old man smelled the fragrance lingering in the air, and he simply couldn't resist it. He carefully kept the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, then bent down his body, rapidly dashing out...

...towards the Blood Lobster.

His figure was without sound or scent, intending to run after grabbing a lobster!

However, it was a pity that the strand of white hair betrayed him.

That strand of white hair swayed in front of Nether King Er Ha, causing Nether King Er Ha's eyes to widen.

His finger tapped on that elder's head.

A terrifying energy was released, sending the old man flying in an instant.

"Actually daring to steal this king's Braised Blood Lobster, this brat wants to be tapped to death?!" bellowed Nether King Er Ha as his mouth held a Blood Lobster, pointing his oily finger at that old man domineeringly.

That old man flipped his body as he got up, rubbing the swollen space between his brows. His face was full of anger as he said, "What are you so proud of? This old one doesn't get to eat, you also don't get to eat..."

Nether King Er Ha froze, his mind trembling. Turning his head to look over, his eyes instantly bugged out.

All that was left of the entire plate of Braised Lobster was the broth, and the last Blood Lobster was held by Flowery's plump and oily little hand.

As Flowery met Nether King Er Ha's eyes, she foolishly opened her mouth to let out a laugh. Her small face stained with oil was like a small flower cat.

The hand that held onto the Blood Lobster rapidly moved, stuffing the lobster into her mouth as she sucked.

Bu Fang and the rest laid back on the chair, deliciously sucking their oily fingers. Their faces were filled with satisfaction.

"AHHHHH! You hateful people! This is this king's Blood Lobsters!"

A heart-ripping, mournful wail echoed across the entire Valley of Gluttony, lasting for quite some time.