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 The Papillion Steak paired with the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine... Its grade was slightly inferior, but if the steak was made using the strongest demon king's demon bull's meat, then when paired with the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, it was definitely the best pairing.

Of course, it was pretty good with the Papillion Steak.

At least, the old man had yet to taste this sort of dish, feeling extremely shocked at the dish that Bu Fang had passed over.

The surrounding people felt shocked at this scene too. When they realized that this steak that dispersed good fragrance was actually made from a Papillion, their eyes all involuntarily widened.

That Papillion had actually become Owner Bu's ingredient?

Was Owner Bu rising to the heavens?

Hence, they were very excited, they couldn't wait to taste the Papillion meat.

The main reason was that this Papillion had helped the Ruin Prison experts' invasion, so to the holy land disciples, whose homelands had been occupied by those Ruin Prison experts, eating this spirit beast meat was a way of venting their feelings!

The old man used a knife to cut off a small piece of Papillion meat that seeped with golden colored oil, then under Bu Fang's teachings, he used the fork to hold onto the meat, before sending it into his mouth.

Once the meat entered his mouth, that soft and tender feeling made the one strand of hair on that old man's head slightly straighten.

The texture of the meat was very good, and the oil was smooth. Overall, it was tender and tasty.

Once he bit down, the pleasure generated from the grind between the meat fiber and the teeth made him feel like the pores on his entire body was opening.

It was a very comfortable feeling.

"This meat..... It really has been fried just right! If it was cooked a bit more, it would be too much, and if it was cooked less, it would not be enough. Delicious!" the old man complimented.

Eating a piece of meat, he then quickly drank a mouthful of wine.

Gently taking a sip, he did not dare to quickly drink it down. The Celestial Saintess had taken a mouthful, and that appearance of her storming off had fallen in the old man's eyes.

Furthermore, with a portion of great wine, it should be slowly tasted in a quiet manner to be able to taste the flavor of the wine.

A mouthful of wine, like silk, entered the mouth in an instant, revolving in his palate like many strands.

The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine had a dense alcoholic fragrance, causing the old man's eyes to involuntarily widen. His entire body stiffened, his entire being sinking as he was wrapped by the wine.

"Great wine! Indeed, great wine!"

The pores on the old man's entire body flared as energy seeped out. Holding the goblet, the old man let out a loud laugh.

To be able to savor such great wine, for ten million crystals and a Blood Grape seed, it was not a loss at all!

This scene shocked everyone present.

This was the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, who was extremely picky with delicacies.

If a cup of wine and a portion of Papillion was able to make the Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony this intoxicated, then it was enough to show how out of the ordinary this was.

The surrounding Saint Sovereigns felt their hearts become restless-such a sight was difficult to endure.

They couldn't help but want time to pass faster, so they could once again exchange for the wine and taste it.

However, they were definitely unable to drink this wine today. Hence, the many Saint Sovereigns could only pout their mouths and order a portion of Papillion Steak.

When it came to the bestselling Papillion Steak, Bu Fang was a little shocked.

Rubbing his chin, he felt that maybe he should begin raising Papillions?

Because... If all the Papillons that had invaded from the Ruin Prison were eaten, then there would be nowhere to get Papillion meat.

Once this idea appeared, it began to rapidly expand in Bu Fang's mind.

That's right. Bu Fang felt that he needed to raise Papillions.

Placing the patterned dragon steak that had just been fried in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang confirmed his idea in his heart.

Holding the Papillion Steak, he walked out of the kitchen.

At that moment, Bu Fang saw Nether King Er Ha, who had loosened the robe in front of his chest, and Saint Daughter Zi Yun obediently following by Nether King Er Ha's side.

After Bu Fang passed the customer the dish, he then waved carefully at Nether King Er Ha and said, "Little Ha, come over here for a bit."

Nether King Er Ha froze, then light shone within his eyes. His figure flashed, appearing in front of Bu Fang in an instant.

"Bu Fang young man, what have you come to find this king for? Is it to treat this king with some fragrant Spicy Blood Lobster?" Nether King Er Ha rubbed his hands, looking at Bu Fang in anticipation.

Bu Fang froze. Did this guy only know how to eat?

"No, I only want to ask you a serious question."

It was only a question.....

Nether King Er Ha instantly felt a little regretful.

"Then ask, but let this king tell you first that if you intrude into this king's privacy, this king has the right to refuse," Nether King Er Ha solemnly said.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth pulled up.

"Who cares about your privacy? I only want to ask you, can you get a set of female and male Papillions?"

Bu Fang's question made Nether King Er Ha freeze, then his eyes widened.

"Who would have thought that you would be this type of young man? Could it be that the husband and wife Papillion meat taste different?"

Bu Fang felt that discussing with Nether King Er Ha regarding the ingredient quality was simply a little stupid. In reality, he just needed the husband and wife pair for easy rearing.

Hence, Bu Fang refused to answer Nether King Er Ha's question and just threw out a trump card.

"If you can catch a set of Papillions for me, I will give you a free Braised Blood Lobster," Bu Fang said seriously.

With an elated and awed expression, Nether King Er Ha sucked in a breath of air.

Braised Blood Lobster... Was it as tasty as the fragrant Spicy Blood Lobster?

But since Bu Fang had said it like this, it looked like this problem couldn't be refused!

Nether King Er Ha thought for a bit, then narrowed his eyes. Reaching out a palm with a spoiled smile, he said, "Add on five Spicy Strips!"

Bu Fang was speechless. This guy has learned some things. Actually learning how to bargain...

"Sure." Bu Fang nodded.

The deal was done. Nether King Er Ha instantly got excited, giving a small victory cry, then his figure shot out like an arrow, rapidly dashing into the distance and vanishing in no time.

He was going to go find a set of Papillions as far as he needed to search.

Although he did not know why Owner Bu wanted them, it felt like it was for a grand scheme!

The Papillion was a creature from the Ruin Prison. In the Ruin Prison, it was not considered very strong, but Papillion could be utilized as a war tool.

In this war, the Papillion was able to bring the seeds of the Mandala Tree and hasten the growth of the seeds, transporting the experts of the Ruin Prison into other places.

But the Ruin Prison experts could never think that, in this very war, their Papillion would become ingredients in other people's eyes...

Having eaten and drunk to one's content, the night was soon descending.

The business of the restaurant was also nearing its end, so when the last customer left the restaurant, Bu Fang ended a day of business.

Chu Changsheng had long leaned against the chair, his head of silver hair cascading down.

The business of the restaurant was too good, and this was harsh for a waiter.

Chu Changsheng suddenly felt that agreeing to be a waiter in Bu Fang's restaurant was a very bad choice.

Bu Fang did not care much. Although the restaurant today was very busy and popular, this bustling feeling made him very satisfied.

Of course, the peace and tranquility after the buzz made it very comfortable.

Pouring two cups of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew into blue and white porcelain cups, he passed a cup to Chu Changsheng. Then, holding one himself, he leaned against the chair at the entrance, looking at the sunset scenery outside.

Different wines required different wine cups.

Just like the original Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, Bu Fang had chosen blue and white porcelain cups to hold it.

But for the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, Bu Fang had chosen to use a transparent goblet to hold it.

The Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine were pure wine, so they were clear liquids.

On the other hand, the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine was brewed using the Heavenly Star. Hence, the star radiance within the wine would not be seen if the blue and white porcelain cups were used.

By using the goblet, it would let out bits of starlight, like it was out of a dream.

With wine to drink, Chu Changsheng was very satisfied, especially when it was Bu Fang's wine. No matter what wine, it was delicious to the peak.

Chu Changsheng had thought about the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine for quite some time, but as stock was limited, he was unable to drink it.

Lying in front of the restaurant gate, watching the multicolored sunset glow in the distance as the sun sets, this type of tranquilness did not need to be explained to others.

Chu Changsheng had also gotten addicted to this feeling.


Against the entire sky of multicolored sunset, in the distant horizon, a black dot slowly appeared.

That black dot became bigger and bigger, flying towards the restaurant.


With a huge rumbling sound, Nether King Er Ha patted his palms as he descended from the sky.

Two Papillions then smashed in front of the restaurant as they spat out bubbles from their mouths.

"Aiyo, this king is tired to death. These Papillions have been getting lesser and lesser recently, almost reaching extinction. Luckily, this king has good perception, and after searching a good half of the Hidden Dragon Continent, I finally caught a husband and wife."

Nether King Er Ha sat on the head of the Papillion, using a palm to fan himself while the other was pulling at the robe on his chest, revealing the white skin of his chest.

Bu Fang and Chu Changsheng watched curiously.

Bu Fang held a wine cup in one hand as he walked out of the restaurant, coming in front of the Papillion.

He walked around these two Papillions.

Seeing that they were really a husband and wife Papillion, Bu Fang nodded his head in satisfaction.

Nether King Er Ha jumped off from the Papillion's back, landing in front of Bu Fang. He then brushed the strands of hair that fell onto his forehead as he watched the latter.

"Bu Fang young man, how is it? Aren't you satisfied? Where is this king's Braised Blood Lobster?"

"No rush. Being anxious won't let you eat the Braised Blood Lobster," Bu Fang said as he walked around the two Papillions.

Under Bu Fang's special instructions, the two Papillions were not dead, so raising them was not a bad choice. With a thought, he kept the two Papillions into the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Bu Fang's peaceful gaze looked at Nether King Er Ha as he said, "Sit in the restaurant first. Don't be impatient."

Then, he finished the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew in one go.

After finishing the wine, Bu Fang gently let out a breath and crossed his arms, causing the Vermillion Robe to sway in the wind.

After that, he turned to enter the kitchen. Once he stepped inside, his mental energy was released.

A moment later, Bu Fang's figure appeared in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Bang! Bang!

Loud sounds rang out as two Papillions smashed onto the ground.

In front of the wooden house, Niu Hansan, who was leisurely leaning against the chair, jumped in surprise.

As Bu Fang floated down from the sky, he gave Niu Hansan a slight glance, causing the latter's bones to feel a chill.

"Little Niu, isn't it boring to farm every day? I'll assign you a task," Bu Fang said seriously as he looked at Niu Hansan.

Niu Hansan raised his brows, opening his mouth to ask, "What task?"

"Here are two Papillions, a husband and a wife. I want you to rear them. I need more Papillions..." Saying that, Bu Fang walked over in front of Niu Hansan, patting the latter's shoulder as he added seriously, "I think well of you. I always thought that steak tasted better with Papillion meat, so I hope you can rear out some delicious Papillions, letting the Papillion Steak surpass the usual steak."

Niu Hansan was a little dazed, then cried without tears.

Chefs were indeed terrifying creatures... Having such refinement and courteousness when threatening people.

Niu Hansan looked at Bu Fang, his tears about to fall. Could he refuse?

Not caring about Niu Hansan, Bu Fang walked over to the riverside.


The Three-Eyed Wild Lion popped out its head from the river, while Eighty also thrust out its head from the Three-Eyed Wild Lion's wet fur, clucking nonstop.

Bu Fang ignored these two creatures. Looking at the Blood Lobsters swimming about in the river, the corner of his lips raised.

After rearing it for so long, the number of Blood Lobsters had indeed increased by quite a bit...

With a move of his mental energy, Bu Fang's palm harshly slammed on the river.


The river water exploded.

The Blood Lobsters jumped out of the river, then with a wave of Bu Fang's hands, they were all caught.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion and Eighty also slammed onto the ground, watching Bu Fang in a daze.

"With so many Blood Lobsters, they should be enough to cook a Braised Blood Lobster. My heart holds a little anxiousness."

The Blood Lobsters floated around Bu Fang's body. As the corner of his mouth raised, he muttered a sentence. Then, under Eighty and Little Three's eyes, he vanished.

In the distance, Niu Hansan chased after the two lively Papillions angrily.

Indeed, the Heaven and Earth Farmland was bubbling with vigor.