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 There was no precious spirit herb in the bowl of fish soup, and it wasn't prepared using any special methods. It was just a simple bowl of fish soup.

The soup, which was simmered, was crystal clear, and the meat of the fish looked translucent. On the fish soup's surface, several sliced ingredients floated, slowly drifting around.

Niu Hansan took in a mouthful of the soup, and as soon as it entered his mouth, the sweet and raw feeling caused his eyes to widen.

He never thought that there would be such a delicacy in this world!

As a Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert in the Ruin Prison, Niu Hansan was naturally someone with a high status. He had tasted many delicious dishes, but he had never tried something like this, which was so good it made his heart throb.

The throbbing made him understand that from now on, his dreams and life would change.

He would no longer build a shack to laze around. He would build a shack while holding a bowl of fish soup before taking a nice nap.

He was a bull with aspirations. As such, for the fish soup, all the pain he would feel while working became a test to him.

Bu Fang sat on his chair as he held a piping-hot bowl of fish soup in his hand. As he lowered his head, he lightly blew on the surface of the soup, scattering the steam. Then, he took a sip.

The soup was sweet, and the sweetness was brought about by the spirit herbs. The simplicity of the soup brought out the flavor of the spirit herbs without restraint, and at the same time, the fishy smell was completely cleaned away by those herbs.

When he finished the final drop of the fish soup, Bu Fang lazily rose to his feet.

In the distance, Niu Hansan and the Three-Eyed Wild Lion licked their bowls clean. They licked off the lingering taste of the fish soup.

The delicious taste of the fish soup caused them to be reluctant to let go of their bowls.

As the night wind blew through, the grass in the Heaven and Earth Farmland rustled.

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back and walked through the farmland, checking the work that had been done so far.

Niu Hansan was a yellow bull alright. The speed at which he plowed the land was extremely quick. Compared to the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, Niu Hansan was much faster.

As he strolled around in the farmland, Bu Fang closed his eyes. He sensed the movement of spirit energy in the air.

After that, he found a place where spirit energy was dense, and he stood still.

It was this place...

Bu Fang opened his eyes and took out a box made of red sandalwood. It was the box where the seed of the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit was kept.

After digging a hole in the ground, he placed the seed in it, and a trace of anticipation appeared in Bu Fang's heart.

After watering the seed with clear water from the river, Bu Fang looked at the spot where he had just planted the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit. Then, he gradually retreated as he frowned and mumbled to himself, "No idea if the Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit will grow in this Heaven and Earth Farmland..."

In fact, he wasn't sure if the seed would be able to survive at all. He planted the seed hoping it would survive.

In the farmland, the fruits and vegetables that Bu Fang had planted before were about to ripen. It seemed as though he would be able to harvest them before long.

The flow of time in the Heaven and Earth Farmland was completely different from the outside world. Here, the speed at which the ingredients matured was much faster.

This saved Bu Fang a lot of time and effort.

After reminding Niu Hansan to continue plowing the soil, Bu Fang left the Heaven and Earth Farmland as he returned to the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant, the color of the sky was starting to turn hazy. The white color of the sky in the east was getting more evident.

Bu Fang looked at the color of the brightening sky and stretched his waist, letting out a yawn.

He stayed in the Heaven and Earth Farmland for an entire night. To be honest, he didn't feel tired at all. Instead, he was quite energetic.

Bu Fang then walked into the kitchen and took out several ingredients as he prepared to cook.

Not long after...

The aroma of dishes wafted out of the kitchen.

The fragrance filled the air, and it was incomparably intoxicating, enchanting everyone who smelled it.

Bu Fang scooped out the dish and placed it onto a plate, arranging the pieces of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. After that, he picked up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with a single hand and poured the sauce on top of the ribs.

As the sticky sauce coated the ribs, it brought along a sweet smell.

Finally, one portion of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was prepared.

The aroma was incomparably dense. It was the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that could capture people's hearts.

Walking out of the kitchen, Bu Fang walked in front of Lord Dog. He then placed the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of him.

"Blacky, time to eat," Bu Fang said indifferently.

Lord Dog's eyes instantly snapped open, and a light shone in his eyes. It seemed as though he just smelled the aroma of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Indeed, in front of him was a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, which he had been craving for such a long time.

In that instant, Lord Dog felt incredibly moved, and he charged forward without hesitation, attacking the dish with fervor.

Flowery's sleep was disturbed by Lord Dog's violent movements, so the little girl sat up and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She then looked at Lord Dog, who ate nonstop from the plate.

The dense aroma in the air caused Flowery to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

At that moment, Nethery crawled out of the Netherworld Ship. As she opened her mouth to let out a long yawn, she caught sight of Lord Dog, who was devouring his Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Bu Fang glanced at Nethery and Flowery and didn't say a word. He turned around and returned to the kitchen to prepare more food.

After a short while, Bu Fang brought out two bowls of Dragon Blood Rice. He placed the bowls on the table as Nethery and Flowery prepared to eat.

After a hearty breakfast...

Bu Fang opened the doors of the restaurant and brought the dirty dishes back into the kitchen. However, when he entered the kitchen, a glowing door appeared in the corner...

Why was there a glowing door?!

Bu Fang looked at the door with a suspicious expression on his face.

After a short while, the solemn voice of the system resounded in his head.

"The transportation door between the branches has been opened."

Transportation door between the branches?

Bu Fang was stunned, but in the next moment, a trace of curiosity appeared in his heart.

It was obvious what the system meant. After opening this door, he would arrive at the other branches of his restaurant?!"

If that was the case, everything would become much more convenient.

As he thought about it, he walked towards the corner and in front of the glowing door. Reaching out his hand, he pushed the door open.

With a creak, the doors opened like an old wooden door.

In the next instant, Bu Fang's figure stepped into the light, which blinded him for a moment.

When the bright light finally dissipated, Bu Fang finally got a clear image of whatever was in front of him...


The sound of a kitchen knife falling to the floor was heard.

Sorceress An Sheng looked at Bu Fang, who just walked out of the door, with a stunned expression on her face. After that, she fell into a panic.

"Bu... Owner Bu?!" Yang Meiji stood in front of the stove, looking like she was about to cook something.

She saw Bu Fang as well, and she almost threw the wok in her hand out in shock.

Didn't Bu Fang leave already? Why did he suddenly appear in the kitchen?!

"Owner Bu, I really practiced my culinary skills this time!"

Sorceress An Sheng's lips started to tremble. She looked at Bu Fang with a pitiful expression on her face.

The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. Indeed... This transportation door really took him to the Cloud Mist Restaurant. It seemed like it would be very convenient for him to make a trip to the Cloud Mist Restaurant whenever he wanted.

"It's nothing. You can go back to cooking. I'm just passing by to blow bubbles... Good luck, I really have high hopes for you."

Bu Fang looked at Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng with an expressionless face. As he waved his fist in the air, he gave them some encouragement.

After that, he turned around and walked back into the glowing door.


His vision went white again.

After the white light disappeared, he was finally able to get a clear look of his surroundings.


The sound of a kitchen knife falling to the floor resounded again, which gave Bu Fang a fright.

He saw Xiao Xiaolong, whose head was tilted with a shocked expression as if he had just seen a monster.

"Oh... After stepping into the glowing door in the Cloud Mist Restaurant, I will arrive in Fang Fang's Little Store. So, if I step into this glowing door, I should return back to the Taotie Restaurant." Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he muttered to himself.

"Ah! It's Owner Bu?!"

"Owner Bu, why are you back?!"

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes were wide, and a blush crept up his pale face. Bu Fang's appearance was too sudden, and he wasn't prepared for it at all.

"Ah, are you preparing Egg Fried Rice? Good job... work hard!" said Bu Fang as he looked at Xiao Xiaolong with a serious expression.

As such, under Xiao Xiaolong's dumbfounded look. He stepped into the glowing door once again.

As Bu Fang's figure disappeared, the glowing door disappeared with a burst of white light.

Xiao Xiaolong was bewildered, and he rubbed his eyes. Was this for real?!

Could it be because he missed Bu Fang too much that he was hallucinating?

Meanwhile, Bu Fang's body shook as he returned to the Taotie Restaurant.

The glowing door was still there as Bu Fang stood in front of it, sinking into deep thought.

The appearance of the glowing door made Bu Fang realize that the connections between his restaurants became all the more tight, which solved a problem for him. Now, Bu Fang could teach and supervise his chef apprentices, watching over them as they practiced.

Rubbing his chin, the corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards, and he nodded his head.

The Taotie Restaurant opened for business, and today, the restaurant possessed great fame. Its name resounded like a thunderclap in the Valley of Gluttony.

Basically, everyone has heard of this restaurant before, and those chefs who thought that they were able to challenge the Taotie Restaurant quickly gave up.

That was because the holy lands of the Hidden Dragon Continent were conquered, and many disciples of those holy lands gathered around the Valley of Gluttony.

Initially, villages surrounded the Valley of Gluttony.

Today, as more and more disciples of the holy lands gathered, the number of people became more and more.

There was even a notion to build a city.

Because of the influx of disciples from the holy lands, the businesses in the Valley of Gluttony exploded. Now, there were more and more customers, causing the restaurants in the valley to be always packed with diners.

Especially Bu Fang's Taotie Restaurant. The line in front of the restaurant was incredibly long as many disciples came because of its fame.

Bu Fang started buzzing about as usual in the morning, and Chu Changsheng's leisurely days were over. He took charge of the chores in the restaurant, and he was swamped with work.

The First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony was relaxed. Other than giving Xiao Ya guidance and teaching her some culinary arts, he would run to Bu Fang's restaurant. Occasionally, he would gossip with Chu Changsheng, and he would exchange pointers with Bu Fang.

The Immortal Cooking Realm's entrance wasn't open yet, and the old man wasn't anxious at all. After being trapped for several thousand years in the bronze palace, he wanted to take a nice break.

After three days, the old man used a huge sum of money to buy a cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine from Bu Fang.

He was different from the other Saint Sovereigns. He would never choose to dilute this amazing wine.

Placing the transparent goblet on the table, the liquid, which looked like a starry night sky, emitted an enchanting light.

The old man leaned back on the chair as he raised the goblet with a single hand. In front of the impatient gazes of the many Saint Sovereigns, he swirled his goblet.

In the kitchen, a wave of aroma emerged.

Bu Fang held a piping-hot dish as he walked out of the kitchen, placing the plate in front of the old man.

Looking at the carefree old man, he said, "The Papillion Dragon Rib doesn't do this Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine justice, but I don't have a better dragon rib. You should just make do with this."

"You little chef... This old man is going to carefully taste this wine. How special is this wine that I have to use ten million crystals and one seed of Blood Grape to exchange for it?!"

The old man looked at Bu Fang and laughed.