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 Chapter 91: Once the Kitchen Knife Is Drawn, All Beasts Shall Submit

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Within the valley shrouded with spirit energy, whitish waves of water produced thunderous noise as the water descended from above the cliff and resulted in water vapor scattering in all directions.

Not far from the waterfall, Bu Fang and the other two were alertly scanning their surroundings.

A series of soft bestial howls rang out as spirit beasts emerged from the area around the valley one after another while releasing a surge of spirit energy. A macabre atmosphere pervaded the entire valley. Within the herd of bestial figures, there was at least a few hundred spirit beasts.

Tang Yin's complexion had become extremely pale. As his gaze swept over the bestial figures, his eyes were filled with despair.

He did not think... He really did not think that the temptation of the Phoenix Blood Herb would be so great that the spirit energy released when it was about to mature would actually attract so many spirit beasts.

There was a disparity in the strength of the spirit beasts. They were mostly fifth grade spirit beasts, but there were over a dozen sixth grade spirit beasts among them as well. With this kind of line-up, Tang Yin would not be able to survive even if there were ten of him.

"Se... Second brother... Why is this happening? Why are there so many spirit beasts? I... I don't want to die here!" As Lu Xiaoxiao's large eyes swept across these spirit beasts, both of her legs suddenly started to tremble.

If she knew there were so many spirit beasts hiding within the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix... She would never have come!

On the other hand, there was not much change in Bu Fang's expression. He only slightly frowned as he scanned the surrounding spirit beasts in astonishment.

"The Phoenix Blood Herb is filled with a dense amount of spirit energy and has a huge enhancement effect to the evolution of the spirit beasts. Therefore, its attractiveness to the spirit beasts is tremendous," Tang Yin solemnly said as his gaze landed on Bu Fang.

"Senior. If you manage to escape, I hope you would bring the news about our deaths back to our sect." Tang Yin had fallen into despair and his voice was filled with helplessness.

Lu Xiaoxiao was already lying limply on the ground while crying like a pearblossom moistened by raindrops[1]. She really regretted her reckless decision to enter the valley. Suddenly, Lu Xiaoxiao seemed to have recalled something. She looked toward Bu Fang with hope in her eyes while still sobbing.

"Senior... With your capabilities, you must have a way of saving us, right?"

"Don't you guys want the Phoenix Blood Herb as well?" Bu Fang asked as he indifferently looked at Lu Xiaoxiao.

Lu Xiaoxiao's expression immediately stiffened as she blankly stared at Bu Fang. She watched as a wisp of green smoke emerged from Bu Fang's hand and that unassuming kitchen knife appeared in his hand.

"Don't take me for a fool. You were trying to use me from the beginning. It's true that there are spirit beasts here, but you only wanted to make use of me to get rid of them. Then, it would be easier for you to acquire that Phoenix Blood Herb, right?"

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth widened and revealed a mocking smile as he looked toward the bewildered Lu Xiaoxiao.

When Tang Yin heard Bu Fang's words, he suddenly sighed. He realized that Bu Fang had figured out their intent from the beginning. However, Bu Fang might not have minded earlier on since his objective was capturing the spirit beasts as ingredients. However, at the current moment, they had already fallen into a crisis. In this sort of situation, Bu Fang had no reason to be courteous any longer.

Tang Yin was feeling helpless as well. His junior sister, Lu Xiaoxiao, was actually not that bad of a person. The thing was she happened to be a crafty person. Normally, it was still fine since she was within the sect. However, once she was outside, it was easy to offend others with her ploys...

"Do you guys still want the Phoenix Blood Herb?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

At the moment, Lu Xiaoxiao's heart was already in her mouth. When she heard Bu Fang's question, she hurriedly replied while shaking her head, "I don't want it anymore! I don't want it anymore!"

Between her life and the Phoenix Blood Herb, Lu Xiaoxiao chose her own life without any hesitation.

Tang Yin was dazed for a moment, then suddenly became overjoyed as he excitedly asked, "Does senior have a method of resolving this perilous situation?"

As expected of his senior... This sort of situation might be a desperate situation for them. However, that was not the case for that unfathomable senior, Bu Fang.

Bu Fang glanced at him and was just about to nod his head, when he discovered the bestial horde in their surroundings were getting restless.


An intense tremor occurred in both the left and right directions, then the sound of trees breaking rang out. Two gigantic figures walked out and their terrifying aura pressed down on the entire valley.

Tang Yin's complexion suddenly became deathly pale... His eyes were fixated on the two figures that just appeared. The hope that had just arisen was destroyed once more.

"Two seventh grade spirit beasts... It's over, we're done for."

Lu Xiaoxiao broke out in tears once more. The hope that had just arisen was suddenly crushed. The difference between her expectation and the result had caused her mental breakdown.

When Bu Fang looked to his right at the gigantic bovine figure whose entire body was ignited in light red flames, his eyes suddenly lit up with an intense brightness.

"What a fellow... This ingredient is far better than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig!"

There were two seventh grade spirit beasts. On the right side was the seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow whose body was enveloped by everlasting flames. It possesses the head of a cow and the tail of a dragon, and its breathing sounded like the rumble of thunder.

The spirit beast on the left was seventh grade as well. It was a gigantic Spirit Ape with golden fur all over its body.

Tang Yin knew there was a seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow within the valley. However, he did not know there was a Spirit Ape as well. With two seventh grade spirit beasts guarding the valley, Tang Yin would never dare to enter even if he was given a hundred times the courage.

No matter how powerful his senior was, how could he handle two seventh grade spirit beasts at once? Even a seventh grade Battle-Saint would flee in panic if these two spirit beasts were encountered.


With the Wandering Dragon Cow's roar, the entire valley seemed to be trembling and continued to shake. The Spirit Ape bared its teeth and started screeching in response. The auras of the two immediately started opposing each other with equal ferocity.

The Phoenix Blood Herb atop of the small hill was swaying even more rapidly and the spirit energy leaking out was becoming even more intense. Vaguely, there seemed to be a phoenix rising from the ashes and attempting to ascend into the skies.

The Phoenix Blood Herb was about to mature.

Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao were close to despair as well.

They understood that the entire valley would turn into a battlefield for the two seventh grade spirit beasts once the Phoenix Blood Herb matured. When that time comes, they would definitely be torn into pieces by the enraged spirit beasts.

Bu Fang ignored the others. Like the two seventh grade spirit beasts, his gaze was fixated on the Phoenix Blood Herb, the spirit herb that was precious enough to bring about the battle between two seventh grade spirit beasts.

The water plummeted from the top of the waterfall and smashed into the plunge pool below with a loud noise. Suddenly, within that single moment, the entire valley became absolutely quiet. The deafening silence was disturbing.

The thunderous roar of the waterfall disappeared. The breathing noise of the Wandering Dragon Cow also disappeared. The screeching of the Spirit Ape could not be heard as well. The entire valley seemed to have turned into a restricted zone for sound.

Atop the small hill, the Phoenix Blood Herb was swaying as red specks of light emerged from within. Red spots began to appear on the leaves and the bright red color was just like the color of burning blood. The cry of a phoenix resounded within the entire valley. After the cry ended, all of the sound returned.

The Phoenix Blood Herb... has matured!

"Moo!!" The Wandering Dragon Cow roared and its eyes abruptly turned blood red. It suddenly stepped forward with its cow hooves and charged toward the Phoenix Blood Herb. The entire valley was trembling.

The other spirit beasts behind the Wandering Dragon Cow bellowed with rage as they rushed out one after another and followed after it.

The Spirit Ape suddenly beat its chest with its fist. With a loud screech, it dashed toward the Phoenix Blood Herb as well. The horde of spirit beasts behind it also followed after it.

Bu Fang and the other two were located in-between the two approaching stampedes. They were just like a fragile boat made from leaves floating in a vast ocean. In front of these gigantic spirit beasts, it seemed as if they would be stomped into minced meat at any moment.

Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao had already closed their eyes in despair.

Bu Fang expressionlessly swept his gaze over the spirit beasts that were rapidly approaching them from two different directions and leisurely lifted up the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. As he raised the kitchen knife over his head, the true energy within his body immediately burst out and flowed into the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

A golden radiance blossomed intensely like the sun and was extremely glaring. A gigantic, golden kitchen knife was hoisted over Bu Fang's shoulder. The boundless aura of a dragon, with Bu Fang in the center, suddenly spread in all directions and turned into a ripple.

In the next moment, the stampede of spirit beasts abruptly stopped and laid on the ground in panic.

Once the knife is drawn, all beasts shall submit!

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife from the God of Cooking Set... was just that overbearing!


[1] Pearblossom moistened by raindrops () - Originated from The Song of Everlasting Regret by Bai Juyi, this was originally used to describe Yang Guifei's beautiful appearance even while she was crying, but was later used to describe a woman's charm.