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 The Saint Sovereigns were helpless. After missing this chance, they had to wait for three days.

After three days... who would buy the cup of wine? This was another problem.

It was a serious problem.

However, Bu Fang didn't want to sell, and the Saint Sovereigns had no way to force him to sell it. Even if they had the guts, they didn't have the ability. After all, that handsome man, who was standing not too far away, and the black dog, who was sleeping soundly under the Path-Understanding Tree, caused their heart to tremble.

Against these two existences, who were able to suppress the strongest demon king, the Saint Sovereigns had no ability to snatch away the Yellow Springs Helplessness Wine from Bu Fang's hand.

Hence, the Saint Sovereigns could only leave reluctantly. After returning to their respective regions, they prepared the crystals and the seed of a precious spirit herb. They had indeed made up their minds-they would buy a cup of wine from Bu Fang after three days.

Based on the accumulations of the holy lands, they could certainly take out the amount after clenching their teeth.

Of course, the most important point was that they could dilute the wine after buying it. At that time, even though the effects of the wine would become weaker, the quantity of the wine would be much more. They could give it to the ordinary disciples to enhance their fighting capabilities.

They did their calculations, but as for whether they would be able to obtain the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, that was another question.

The curtains of the night slowly fell.

The haze that shrouded the Valley of Gluttony gradually disappeared, and the black clouds brought along by the experts of the Ruin Prison left as well. The lightning punishment in the heavens also scattered.

The last rays of the sunset illuminated the world as it painted the sky a resplendent orange.

It was extremely pretty.

A creak could be heard as Bu Fang ended the business for the day. He closed the doors to the restaurant.

In the restaurant...

Ni Yan lay hunched on a table, reeking of wine as she snored loudly.

Flowery's little face was flushed red, and she would occasionally let out a hiccup. That girl was lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, grabbing Lord Dog's tail as she slept.

Chu Changsheng already retired to his room. The shock he received today was extremely huge.

Nethery was standing on her Netherworld Ship, not making the slightest movement.

The entire restaurant was quiet.

Bu Fang stood up from his chair, and he stretched lazily. After that, he carried Ni Yan and slowly walked upstairs.

Once he placed her on his bed, he returned to the first floor. He went to the kitchen and started to practice his cooking skills.

After practicing for some time, his heart shook, and he entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

The breeze in the Heaven and Earth Farmland was really gentle and comfortable. It was as though a soft hand was caressing Bu Fang's face.

The dark green grass on the ground swayed in the wind...

When Bu Fang stepped on the green grass, he took several steps.

In the distance, a wooden hut had been erected. That was a place Bu Fang built after spending much of his time here.

The land surrounding the wooden hut was carefully nurtured, and the soil had already been plowed. If one carefully observed, they would be able to see the water content in the soil.

Bu Fang walked in front of the hut and stood still as he gazed at the surroundings.


As the surface of the water erupted, a huge head appeared from the river.

It was the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, and at this moment, it was dripping wet as its head popped out of the water. Shaking its body, water droplets flew everywhere.

It then opened its mouth and released a deafening roar.

As it roared, it saw Bu Fang, causing it to snap its mouth close immediately.

With a soft boom, a tiny creature popped up from the head of the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

It was Eighty. At this moment, Eighty was dripping wet as well, and all the feathers on its body were stuck together.

Eighty shook its body violently and wrung out all the water in its feathers.

When Eighty saw Bu Fang, it clucked loudly. With a leap, it jumped off the wild lion's head and landed on the ground, running towards Bu Fang.

Picking up this little fellow, Bu Fang placed it on his shoulder before observing the growth of the ingredients.


Bu Fang looked around suspiciously as he realized that the growth of the ingredients was extremely fast. It seemed as though they were about to mature.

Bu Fang walked into the wooden hut and took out a bucket of water. Filling it with water from the river, he started to water the plants.


The clear river water splashed out and irrigated the soil, allowing the ingredients to obtain the water they needed to grow.

"Where is that bull?" Bu Fang suddenly thought of the yellow bull that he had thrown into the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion already crawled up from the river as it walked towards Bu Fang and roared. Opening its paws, it pointed to the grassland not too far away.

Bu Fang was stunned.

In the next instant, he regained his wits and walked towards the direction the lion was pointing at.

He naturally released a suppressive aura from his body, making the tall grass part sideways to form a path for him.

In the clumps of grass, he discovered a figure that didn't belong to a human. It was precisely the yellow bull that he had thrown in here the day before.

At this moment, the yellow bull looked very comfortable as he relaxed.

He didn't change back to his human form and remained as a yellow bull. Holding a strand of weed in his mouth, his back legs were raised as though they were one.

He looked really pleased with himself.

Niu Hansan thought that he would be dead for sure.

However, out of his expectations, he didn't become a beef meatball even though he was caught. Instead, he appeared in another place.

This space had dense spirit energy, along with verdant hills and clear water, which made him really satisfied.

This place allowed the yellow bull to live comfortably. He felt as though it was his ideal way to live...

He was originally a lazy bull. He only fought because he was living in the Ruin Prison.

Now, he had found a desolate spot where he built a shack for himself as he slept.

As Niu Hansan lounged in the grass, he suddenly felt a shadow looming over him. He was stunned for a moment and opened his eyes.

In front of him appeared the figure of a human.

Why was there someone here?

After entering this place, this yellow bull did a thorough search. Other than the little lion and chicken, who had a larger than average butt, there were no other people.

How could a human appear here all of a sudden?

All of a sudden, the yellow bull's eyes widened. He realized now that he knew this person!

It wasn't anyone else other than the chef who threw him into this farmland!

"It's you!" Niu Hansan glared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at Niu Hansan with an indifferent expression on his face. "You're quite comfortable..."

With a flip, Niu Hansan jumped up from his position. Nether energy swirled around his body, and he instantly changed his appearance to that of a malevolent expert.

"Human, you came at just the right time! You actually wanted to eat me, Niu Hansan?!"

Niu Hansan's eyes were as wide as saucers as he glared at Bu Fang.

"I didn't send you here in the Heaven and Earth Farmland to laze around..." Bu Fang remained expressionless as he spoke in a flat voice.

He felt as though the Niu Hansan, whom he had been ignoring thus far, was starting to get angry. After all, Bu Fang's cultivation was only at the peak of Divine Soul Realm.

He, Niu Hansan, was a four-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert! Just a mere Divine Soul Realm expert would be stomped to death with his single hoof!

"Let me tell you, you better be more respectful when talking to me. Be careful that I, Niu Hansan, will play you to death!"

Niu Hansan stretched out a single hand and touched his bull horns as the corners of his lips curled upwards.

Bu Fang's brows jumped...

Play me to death?

In the Heaven and Earth Farmland, Bu Fang was god...

With a single intention from Bu Fang...

The roars of the Taoties emerged from Bu Fang's hand.

Niu Hansan was stunned for a moment before unleashing a bull's roar.

After a short moment...

Little Three and Eighty squatted in front of the wooden hut, watching that bull who was beaten up so badly that his nose turned green and his face was swollen. They were completely speechless.

"From now on, you have to plow the soil every day. Not just the soil in front of the hut, but everywhere else as well... If you do well, you'll be rewarded. If you don't do a good job, I'll turn you into steak," Bu Fang said.

Niu Hansan felt incredulous in his heart. Just a moment ago, he was enjoying life. Where was the promised comfortable land?

Why did doomsday have to arrive the moment this human appeared?

This violent human...

Niu Hansan felt extremely wronged in his heart. In this Heaven and Earth Farmland, he wasn't able to bring out his strength. He was no match for this human at all.

That human was too powerful. Crushing him into the ground, in a short period of time it took to brew tea, the human completely trashed him.

In the end, he gave in.

In the wooden hut, Bu Fang slowly walked out.

He held a chair in his hand and sat down. Sliding down, he curled his body in the chair as he looked at Niu Hansan, who was plowing the land with an indifferent face.

A light breeze blew past, and there was no need to say more. It was indeed comfortable in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Everything was properly prepared in the wooden hut. As a chef, Bu Fang personally built this hut. How could it lack a stove?

Although the stove was simply built, everything that had to be there was there. If he wanted to cook, it would be easy.

There was day and night in the Heaven and Earth Farmland as well, which caused Bu Fang to become curious.

That was because at the start, Bu Fang thought that this was a piece of formless mass. However, now that he looked at it, it didn't seem to be the case.

There was no way there would be night and day in a primal chaos.

If the sun and moon could rise and set, it was a sign that the Great Path was present. The Great Path was similar to the one on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Of course, Bu Fang wasn't interested in that at all. What did the Great Path have anything to do with him?

The sun slowly set...

A pillar of smoke rose from inside the wooden hut, and the light inside started to flicker.

In front of the stove, Bu Fang waved his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife around as he cleaned a plump fish.

The Blood Lobsters in the river breed quickly, but the fishes breed even faster. He didn't know if the Great Path was the reason why.

Rumble. Rumble.

Bu Fang started to prepare food.

When the hot water on the stove started to bubble, Bu Fang placed the prepared fish into the boiling water.

Very quickly, the bubbling fish soup swallowed up the spirit pills that Bu Fang threw in.

Outside the hut, Niu Hansan finally made his way back. Plowing the soil was a matter of technique and physical ability.

Niu Hansan felt bitterness in his heart. As a powerful chief in the Ruin Prison, he actually had to plow the fields!

Although he was originally a yellow bull, he was a bull with dreams and aspirations!

As he lazily laid in front of the wooden hut, a stifled expression made its way to his swollen face. He opened his mouth and spat out a long breath.

All of a sudden, an aroma drifted over, and Niu Hansan's eyes started to focus.

That aroma came from inside the wooden hut. Specifically, it came from the human who held a wok in his hand, which was emitting dense steam.

He placed the wok on the floor with a loud thud. Inside the wok was a bubbling... Clear Fish Soup.

Eighty and Little Three came over and stretched their necks as they looked at the wok curiously.

"No need to hesitate. This is your dinner. Tonight, both of you are having fish soup." Bu Fang rubbed his hands together as he said that.

After that, he took out several huge bowls.

Holding a pair of chopsticks, he carefully broke the fish into four parts and placed each piece into a bowl before pouring out the soup into them.

In every bowl, there was a piece of fish meat and a piece of spirit herb. All in all, it was a very simple dish.

Niu Hansan widened his eyes as he looked at the bowl of clear soup. His interest, which was piqued after smelling the food, instantly vanished.

There wouldn't be anything special about this simple bowl of soup.

"I have no interest in this... I, Niu Hansan, want to eat meat!" Niu Hansan opened his mouth as he spat out white gas.

As soon as those words left his mouth, Little Three and Eighty looked at him with a funny look. A second later, they didn't mind Niu Hansan anymore as they started to eat their fill.

Bu Fang glanced at Niu Hansan and said, "Since you're not eating, I'll keep it."

If he didn't see that this fellow worked so hard to plow the soil, he wouldn't be bothered to give him a bowl of soup. In the end, he still had to endure the other party's despise.

Looking at Eighty and Little Three, who were eating with gusto, Niu Hansan pursed his lips.

Eventually, he tried a mouthful of soup.

As soon as he took a mouthful, his pupils started spinning!