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 As Bu Fang lounged in his chair, he lazily looked at the Saint Sovereigns.

From their gazes, he could see their yearning. Without a doubt, the Saint Sovereigns knew the real use of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

A single cup of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine allowed Ni Yan's battle prowess to increase by leaps and bounds. It allowed her to fight against the strongest demon king for quite some time without losing miserably.

If they were able to obtain this wine, these Saint Sovereigns had a chance to fight against the demon kings of the Ruin Prison. They would be able to gain the right to negotiate with the demon kings and reclaim the lost territories of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

They would be able to take back the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, which had been occupied by the Ruin Prison experts.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign looked at Bu Fang with a bizarre look. As the owner of the restaurant and the person who had the recipe to prepare the wine, Bu Fang instantly gained the respect of everyone.

The Saint Sovereigns who were initially looking down on Bu Fang didn't dare to slight him at all right now.

No wonder the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony looked upon Bu Fang!

With his tuft of white hair swaying in the wind, the old man sat in front of Bu Fang. Narrowing his eyes, he smiled at Bu Fang and said, "Little friend Bu Fang... can this old man have a taste of your wine? Smelling the fragrance of this wine that had filled the entire valley... it really makes my heart crave for it."

The Saint Sovereigns involuntarily perked up their ears. They looked forward to hearing Bu Fang's answer to the First Valley Master's request.

If it was in the past, these proud and arrogant Saint Sovereigns would not care in the slightest. However, right now, they had no choice but to care.

The fighting power of this restaurant was too strong! Regardless if it was the enchanting Nether King Er Ha or the Heavenly Secret Saintess who was semi-drunk, even the black dog who scattered the lightning punishment with a single paw... They were people these Saint Sovereigns couldn't afford to offend.

There was no way they would be able to snatch the wine. They could only hope to obtain it through honest means.

"This wine is called the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. The ingredients include rare and precious ingredients from the Earth Prison, such as the Yellow Springs Grass and the Flower of Helplessness..."

Bu Fang didn't lie, and he spoke the truth. It sounded like he was talking to himself.

The old man was instantly shocked...

It was made with ingredients from the Earth Prison?!

How was that possible?

How did this little fellow obtain those ingredients from the Earth Prison?

The Earth Prison was one of the three biggest prisons in the Netherworld! It was at a much higher level compared to the Ruin Prison that had invaded the Hidden Dragon Continent! Where in the world did this brat obtain the power to harvest ingredients from the Earth Prison?

A flash of realization seemed to pass through the old man's face. He turned his head to look at the handsome Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog, who was lying beneath the Path-Understanding Tree and reeked of wine as it slept soundly.

Could it be that these two fellows were big shots from the Earth Prison?

This would be a reasonable explanation. It explained how Bu Fang was able to obtain ingredients from that place.

"Ahem... Using ingredients from the Earth Prison... No wonder the wine is so fragrant. The smell is so clean and fresh." The old man rubbed the tuft of hair on his head and laughed.

"Come, let this old man have a good taste. Let me tell you, this old man is an expert when it comes to wine tasting."

The old man laughed as he reached out his hand towards the jug of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, which was emitting a bright light and dense fragrance.


All of a sudden, Bu Fang slapped away the hand, which was still in the air.

"If you're thinking of drinking this wine, it's possible. However... I have a request."

"What request?!" Before the old expert was able to open his mouth, the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign interrupted.

Bu Fang glanced at the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign.

"This is a restaurant. What do you think I want?" Bu Fang spoke with an expressionless face.


Could it be that they had to pay for it?

If they were able to buy it with money, it would be no problem at all!

"Owner Bu, if we're talking about money, the discussion will be much smoother..." The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign laughed.

The rest of the Saint Sovereigns relaxed as they sighed in relief. Everyone present was the leader of their respective holy land, and every single holy land had a treasury, which had more than tens of thousands of years worth of accumulations. Considering this, how could they not afford to buy a single cup of wine?

That was the reason why all of them finally relaxed as they looked at Bu Fang.

As though he felt the Saint Sovereigns loosen up and breathe a sigh of relief, Bu Fang's brows started to jump.

"Say it. What is your request?" The old man regained his wits and rubbed his hands together as he laughed at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's expression didn't change at all as he swept his gaze across everyone present. Slowly, he raised two fingers.

"Owner Bu, what do you mean? Can it be that you, Owner Bu, are planning to sell the leftover wine for two hundred thousand crystals?" one of the Saint Sovereigns questioned.

Two hundred thousand crystals?

This price for a jug of wine was considered sky high!

However, for the future of the Hidden Dragon Continent, so what if it was a little expensive?

All the Saint Sovereigns present gritted their teeth, feeling that it was indeed possible for them to take out so much crystals.

However, what they heard next stunned them.

That was because Bu Fang shook his head indifferently before saying, "Two hundred thousand... You guys want to drink the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine for two hundred thousand crystals?"

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards as he looked at everyone from the corner of his eye. He then continued, "One cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine for ten million crystals. Also... you have to give me a rare seed of a precious spirit herb. Otherwise, everyone can leave as they please."

Ten... Ten million?

Ten million for a single cup of wine?

All of the Saint Sovereigns were stupefied.

If this was before the invasion, ten million crystals really wouldn't be considered a problem at all. However, today, the Hidden Dragon Continent was overrun by the experts from the Ruin Prison. The Saint Sovereigns were homeless and had nowhere to return to.

If they really wanted to take out ten million crystals, it would be akin to cutting off a piece of their flesh, not to mention the fact that the disciples of the Saint Sovereigns required crystals to continue cultivating!

The main point was that one cup of wine already cost them ten million crystals!

Everyone's expression became numb as they tilted their head to look at the jug of wine beside Bu Fang. Even though a good portion of it was already gone, there's at least enough wine to fill ten cups.

Ten cups... One cup for ten million...

This little chef... Why didn't he just go and rob people instead?!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath as they looked at the expressionless Bu Fang. It felt like their whole body was in pain, feeling aches everywhere.

Not only that...

He even wanted a seed of a precious spirit herb! Ten million wasn't enough for him?!

How could a cup of wine cost that much?

Bu Fang leaned back on his chair, grabbing a clean goblet and placing it on the table in front of him.


As his spirit energy started to move, the jug of wine floated in the air. Emitting starlight, the liquid inside the jug flowed out into the goblet, releasing radiance everywhere.

Of course, it caught the attention of everyone present.

A dense fragrance of alcohol wafted out, and it seemed as if the aroma came to life as it stirred around in the air.

The wine looked like a night sky, which was really intoxicating. Just looking and smelling it caused one to be extremely intoxicated!

"All of you make way... I... I want to drink the wine!"

While the Saint Sovereigns were stunned, a shout came from outside the entrance.

A figure slowly crawled into the restaurant. His eyes were filled with a yearning look, and there was an agitated look on his face.

Everyone's gaze landed on him, seeing the pale-faced, thin-beyond-compare Wenren Shang with his chest exposed.

"Owner Bu... give me a cup! I have ten million with me! As for the seed of a precious spirit herb... I have that as well!"

As Wenren Shang crawled into the restaurant, there was a bright light shining in his eyes.

Bu Fang was slightly stunned.

He didn't think that the first person who would open his mouth would not be any of the Saint Sovereigns. Instead, it was Wenren Shang.


However, Bu Fang didn't care who it was. As long as that person was able to give what he wanted, that person would get a cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Many of the Saint Sovereigns had a contorted expression on their faces. Ten million crystals... asking them to take out such a large amount right now was really a huge burden.

They had to support the cultivation of all their disciples. If they didn't have enough crystals, how were they supposed to counter-attack and take back their lost lands?

As soon as Wenren Shang heard Bu Fang agreeing to sell him a cup, he quickly took out a dimensional ring and passed it to the latter.

"Owner Bu, this is all I have. It's exactly ten million... I only want a single cup of wine!" Wenren Shang said with insanity in his voice.

He was really somewhat insane. He was crazy for wine, and he would go insane for it!

For wine, he was willing to sell his restaurant to exchange for crystals!

Today, a wine better than the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew appeared... Even if he had to go bankrupt, there was no way he would not have a taste of it.

Bu Fang didn't say anything. With a wave of his hand, he kept the ten million crystals and looked at Wenren Shang with an indifferent expression on his face.

Wenren Shang hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth. A moment later, a bright light shone in his hand, and a wooden box made of red sandalwood instantly appeared.

He slowly opened the lid of the wooden box, and a bright light and dense spirit energy surged forth.

"This is a precious spirit herb, the seed of a Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit. I tried it many times but never managed to grow it. Today, I'll exchange it with Owner Bu for a cup of wine," Wenren Shang said.

Taking out the seed of a Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit, Wenren Shang felt as though a piece of his flesh was sliced off.

After all, if he could successfully grow the plant and a Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit appeared, he would have a peak-grade ingredient, which was comparable to a Saint Sovereign class ingredient!

A Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit was extremely precious.

However, this was only a seed. As for whether he would be able to grow a plant out of it was another question. That was why when Wenren Shang took it out to exchange it for a cup of wine, he didn't feel too much of a heartache.

The seed of a Phoenix Blood Vermillion Fruit?

Bu Fang's eyes lit up.

He was actually able to obtain the seed of a precious spirit herb...

This Wenren Shang really had good stuff in his hands.

Bu Fang received the wooden box made of red sandalwood. Inside the box, there were several blocks of soft wood piled up, which surrounded a red-colored seed. There were many mysterious patterns on the seed.

Bu Fang carefully took out the seed from the box, and under the illumination of the light, the seed seemed a little translucent.

"Very good... this deal is completed," Bu Fang said.

In the next moment, he waved his hand, and the goblet flew outwards and hovered in front of Wenren Shang.

The aroma of the wine seemed as though it turned into a tangible substance as it moved around Wenren Shang.

Wenren Shang looked at the cup in front of him with a pensive expression. Then, he looked at the liquid in the cup, which seemed like stars were contained in it. He subconsciously sucked in a cold breath, and tears appeared in his eyes.

He was finally able to taste the amazing wine that enchanted everyone, the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

A single cup entered the Yellow Spring, a mouthful of helplessness!

This kind of wine could only be found in the heavens. How would he be able to find such good wine in the human world?

Wenren Shang carefully raised the cup and took a sip.

It was only a sip, but Wenren Shang felt as though his scalp was going to go numb.

The potent wine caused tears to flow out of his eyes. The pores on his entire body opened, and he felt a sense of incomparable comfort wash through him!

"Great wine, great wine! It's really amazing wine!" Wenren Shang cried out in joy as he clapped his hands.

After that, in front of the gazes of the Saint Sovereigns, he carefully kept the cup.

"This kind of exquisite wine cannot be wasted like this. I'll go back and dilute before storing it. I'll drink till I'm satisfied!" Wenren Shang's eyes lit up as he excitedly said that.

After drinking a single mouthful of wine, his entire body was hot. His face flushed red, and his body was starting to burn up.

Go back and dilute it before drinking?

When the Saint Sovereigns heard that, a brilliant light flashed past their eyes.

That's right! They could drink it after diluting it!

Even the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony quivered, the tuft of hair on his head waving in the wind.

Although it required skill to dilute the wine, as a chef, he was obviously able to do so. As such, it was an amazing choice for him to buy a cup!

"Little chef Bu Fang, give this old man a cup! This old man has ten million crystals and a seed of a precious spirit herb!" The old man thought it through and exuded a heroic spirit, slapping his chest as he said that to Bu Fang.

The surrounding Saint Sovereigns started to clamor as well. They all wanted to buy a cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.


The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upwards. Count that Wenren Shang to think of something like that.

However, after selling the wine, Bu Fang didn't care what they wanted to do with it.

Facing the cries of all the Saint Sovereigns and the First Valley Master, Bu Fang shot them an indifferent look.

After that, he waved his hand, and a seal slowly appeared. He covered up the jug of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine before saying, "Sorry, I only sell a cup every three days. Those who want to buy a cup of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine can queue up after three days. First come, first serve... If you miss it, you can wait for another three days."

After keeping the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, Bu Fang looked at the Saint Sovereigns with an expressionless face.

Everyone was stunned. After hearing Bu Fang's words, they stood there like wooden chickens.

What did he mean?

He would sell a cup every three days?!

Did this mean that they had to wait for three days before getting a single cup of wine?

This fellow... Why didn't he say so earlier?