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 Coming out to let loose...

Who the hell vented their frustration like this?

After luring out a lightning punishment, that dog destroyed it with a single slap?

This wasn't letting off steam, it was acting cool!

Nether King Er Ha was also shocked by Lord Dog's paw. It seemed like there was a clean and fresh way for him to show off his skills...

Why didn't he think of it?!

He actually allowed this lazy dog to show off more than him!

The strongest demon king stood rooted to the ground, stunned. He didn't know what kind of expression he should use to portray his feelings right now.

Shock? Terror?

He was already numb to everything that was happening.

He thought there was only a single big shot in this restaurant. However, he never thought that this dog... would actually also be another big shot!

Seems like his initial feeling was right.

With a single paw to destroy the lightning punishment, even if he was the strongest demon king, he wouldn't be able to do anything close to that.

Although the Hidden Dragon Continent was not as strong as the other realms, it was nonetheless a massive realm. The Great Path's Principle was present, and lightning punishment was a manifestation of the Great Path itself.

A single dog... With a damn paw, it managed to destroy the manifestation of the Great Path?!

The strongest demon king felt as though he was dreaming.

It wasn't just the strongest demon king...

The Saint Sovereigns didn't know what to say as well. There were even some Saint Sovereigns who started trembling as they looked at the dog, who was taking graceful cat-like steps.

It was too scary!

This restaurant... It was too scary!

They were not even going to mention the Heavenly Secret Saintess, who suddenly broke through to a Saint Sovereign level.

The Netherworld woman, who had long and straight black hair, was terrifyingly strong as well.

There was also an awesome young man who could trash the strongest demon king...

Now, there was even a black dog who could shatter the lightning punishment with a single paw!

The Saint Sovereigns had a sudden urge to cry. As long as this restaurant existed, there was no way for the Hidden Dragon Continent to fall.

A fervent look appeared in the eyes of the Saint Sovereigns as all of them raised their heads to look at Bu Fang, who was leaning against the entrance of the restaurant.


The experts from the Ruin Prison all broke out into a cold sweat, and all of them became extremely flustered.

That dog... was too scary!

Nether King Er Ha hovered in the air and looked at Lord Dog, who took graceful cat-like steps back into the restaurant. The corners of his mouth curled upwards as he revealed a thoughtful smile on his face.

"See that? If you say no... You will end up like that lightning punishment." Nether King Er Ha flipped his hair back as he said that.

"That dog... It's really fierce. If you don't agree, it will slap you with its paw. Can you block it?"

The experts of the Ruin Prison were terrified, their hearts shaking. The more they listened to Nether King Er Ha, the more their hearts shook. There were even some experts who sat down on the ground and felt as though they had nothing left to live for.

Could it be that they were fated to be ingredients?

The strongest demon king sucked in a deep breath...

Then, his head moved stiffly, turning his gaze on the expert who had a malevolent expression on his bull head. It was also the expert who screamed the loudest in his fight.

As though they felt the strongest demon king's gaze, all of the experts from the Ruin Prison turned, their gazes converging and landing on the expert who had a bull head.

The bull head expert was stunned for a moment before his body started to shake all over.

"Lord demon king... Why are you looking at me like that? I'm your loyal subordinate! I can't become an ingredient... The blood of our species flows in both our bodies!"

The bull head expert didn't say another word and crawled on the ground to hug the strongest demon king's leg. He wept bitter tears as his snot flew everywhere.

This was a bull with no moral integrity...

Of course, this was something all the experts of the Ruin Prison knew. Looking at their comrade who was acting all pathetic, all of them cursed him in their hearts.

The same blood of the species flowing in their bodies... This fellow really knew how to make himself seem more valuable.

The strongest demon king was from the Demon Bull Clan of the Ruin Prison!

His bloodline was one of the most noble in the Ruin Prison. How was a random person from the Yellow Bull Race in the Ruin Prison supposed to compare himself to the strongest demon king?

Not to mention if they really had any connection between their bloodlines. Even if they had, it would be an extremely weak connection.

The strongest demon king obviously knew about all these. His gaze was cold as he looked at the bull head expert.

He didn't feel the slightest sense of loss if this bull head expert, who was so scared of death and only knew how to lick his boots, died.

"Stop crying and making a fuss. You're the chosen one. For the Ruin Prison, you should sacrifice yourself. This lord will remember you, and your name will be carved on the Valiant Warrior Tablet so everyone will remember you."

The body of the bull head expert shook as he hugged the strongest demon king's leg. His face was filled with shock.

"What the hell! I, Niu Hansan, am not doing this anymore! All those that want to die can go and die! I, Niu Hansan, am not going to die!"

The expert with the bull head roared in anger, tears gushing out of his eyes. Shortly after, his figure suddenly shot up into the sky.

"What the hell is the Valiant Warrior Tablet... Can it be that you're going to inscribe that I died and became an ingredient?!"

Niu Hansan's sudden escape wasn't outside of every other experts' expectations. Everyone knew this guy's disgusting personality-he was afraid of death, and he loved to bootlick people.

Many of the experts from the Ruin Prison had long since disliked Niu Hansan. Today, there were some of them who took pleasure in Niu Hansan's misfortune.

Nether energy shot up into the sky, and Niu Hansan changed into his true form. He was actually a yellow bull who had half a horn broken off!

With a loud cry, the yellow bull stomped his feet. In the next instant, he changed into a streak of light to escape into the distance.

This yellow bull's cultivation wasn't weak at all. Four marks swirled around his body, which showed off his strength.

At this moment, he only wanted to run away. He didn't want to become an ingredient. He, Niu Hansan, wanted to go out with a bang!


Just as his four limbs stomped on the ground several times, he was slapped back onto the ground by a giant palm. With all four limbs spread open, he landed on the ground with a crash.

The strongest demon king carried the yellow bull, who was like a pool of dead water with an expressionless face.

"I was still thinking about whether I should choose you. Although you don't have any bloodline connection with this lord, you're still a bull after all. However, you chose to escape... Since you chose to run away, you shall be the one," the strongest demon king said.

Tears filled the yellow bull's face as he was held by the strongest demon king. He was cursing in his heart, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Nether King Er Ha looked at the hilarious scene in front of him, and the corners of his lips curled upwards.

This was somewhat interesting.

The strongest demon king raised his head and looked at Nether King Er Ha.

This time, he indeed suffered a lot. Since tens of thousands of years ago, other than the time when his opportunity was stolen in the bronze palace, today was the day he suffered the most.

He was even forced to be someone's ingredient... This kind of loss caused his heart to bleed.

He hatefully glared at Nether King Er Ha even if he was a big shot in the Earth Prison. There would be a day when he would beat the other party down from his platform high above!

As Nether energy started to swirl around, it tightly bound the yellow bull such that he wasn't able to move a muscle.

"Then, it shall be him. This lord shall offer him up as an ingredient. Can we leave now?" said the strongest demon king to Nether King Er Ha.

The corners of Nether King Er Ha's lips curled upwards as he said, "Your godly eyes are filled with vitality. Not bad, kid. This king... looks highly upon you."

The strongest demon king's eyes shrank.

In the next instant, he cupped his hands towards Nether King Er ha and turned around. Bringing his subordinates along, they stepped on the black clouds and left.

"Send down this lord's order. The army of the Ruin Prison is not allowed anywhere near the Valley of Gluttony. They are not allowed to even take a step into the Southern Region! Violators... will be killed no matter who they are!"

As they left, the strict order of the strongest demon king resounded in the air.

The yellow bull had a face full of tear stains. His mouth was also covered by strands of Nether energy, so he was unable to speak at all. He could only stand on his hoofs and whimper miserably.

"I, Niu Hansan... am dead for sure."

In the restaurant, when the Saint Sovereigns heard the words of the strongest demon king, a look of surprise flashed past their faces.

The experts of the Ruin Prison were not allowed to invade the Valley of Gluttony and the Southern Region?!

This meant that half of the territory of the Hidden Dragon Continent still belonged to them.

Initially, the Saint Sovereigns thought that the entire Hidden Dragon Continent would fall into the hands of the enemy. When they realized that that wasn't the case, they were pleasantly surprised.

The Valley of Gluttony and the Southern Region... Counting the Pill Palace, the Southern Region, and the Grand Barren Sect. It was still a huge piece of land.

The Wavering Light Saint Sovereign was teary-eyed. The Hidden Dragon Continent was at least preserved.

Nether King Er Ha landed on the ground and looked at Niu Hansan, who was tightly bound by the Nether energy. A playful smile appeared on his face.

Niu Hansan's body wasn't considered big, but it was the size of a house.

Nether King Er Ha placed one hand behind his back and strolled around Niu Hansan's body. He occasionally raised his hand and patted the yellow bull's body. Every now and then, sounds of praises escaped his lips.

"Not bad... You have a firm meat for a bull. Your meat is much better than the Papillion," Nether King Er Ha muttered.

When his words entered Niu Hansan's ears, Niu Hansan fell into despair....

How could he compare trash like a Papillion to him, Niu Hansan?!

Could it be that he, Niu Hansan, was going to be reduced to a dish eaten by a bunch of people?

With a light pat, Nether King Er Ha dispersed all the Nether energy on Niu Hansan's body.

Niu Hansan instantly felt his body turning lighter and spinning around, he bent his bull leg as he kneeled in front of Nether King Er Ha.

"Handsome lord! I, Niu Hansan, really admire your magnificent body. Your face intoxicates me, and you're the most impressive person in the world! I, Niu Hansan, will listen to you from now on! Please accept me and take me in! I'm willing to become your most loyal follower!"

Niu Hansan, who had changed into a yellow bull, kneeled on the ground and lowered his head as he spoke to Nether King Er Ha seriously.

Nether King Er Ha's brows started to jump.

"This bull... you really know how to talk. It's too bad this king doesn't need followers. This king needs Blood Lobsters and Spicy Strips."

Niu Hansan stared at Nether King Er Ha with a confused look on his face.

What in the world are Blood Lobsters and Spicy Strips?"

"Be good now... Come with this king..."

Nether Kind Er Ha looked at Niu Hansan with a tender look, causing Niu Hansan's heart to soften from his warm gaze.


A slap landed on Niu Hansan's head, and in one fell swoop, the yellow bull lay sprawled on the ground.

As his eyes rolled backward, right before he fainted, he cursed with all his might inside his heart.

Carrying Niu Hansan's body, Nether King Er Ha walked in front of Bu Fang. A smile appeared on his face as he said in a sincere voice, "Bu Fang kid, this king brought your ingredient! This king didn't drink your wine for nothing! I can use this amazing ingredient to repay you... Just look at this meat! It's wonderful!"

As Nether King Er Ha said that, he slapped Niu Hansan's belly.

Bu Fang deeply looked at Nether King Er Ha, and he didn't say anything.

The Saint Sovereigns around them stood there like wooden chickens. This was a four-mark Ruin Prison expert... He was going to be an ingredient?!

"Good. I'll accept it reluctantly. However... in the next three months, I'm not giving you any Spicy Strips," Bu Fang answered.

Raising his hand, he slapped Niu Hansan's body. In an instant, Niu Hansan's body disappeared, and it was kept in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

It was such a coincidence. The Heaven and Earth Farmland was lacking a bull to plow the fields. This Niu Hansan... wasn't too bad.

After doing this, Bu Fang turned around and returned to the restaurant.

Nether King Er Ha stood rooted on the spot, dumbstruck. Bu Fang's words were like a bolt of the lightning that petrified him.

Three months... No Spicy Strips...

If there were no Spicy Strips, where was his reason to continue living?!

The Saint Sovereigns looked at Nether King Er Ha with a strange look on their faces. No matter what, they still gave him a sympathetic look.

In the next moment, all of them turned around and returned to the restaurant. They surrounded the table where the jug of wine was.

Right now, they finally realized how terrifying and powerful this jug of wine is!

They finally understood why the First Master of the Valley of Gluttony treated Bu Fang so nicely.

Their current goal was to taste this wine! With this wine, it wouldn't be a problem to take back the Hidden Dragon Continent's lost territories!

As such, all the Saint Sovereigns looked at Bu Fang with a bright glint in their eyes.

Bu Fang walked to the table...

Sitting down, he leaned against the chair as he lazily curled up into a ball. He slowly raised his gaze to look at the Saint Sovereigns.