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 Now... it's time for this king to unleash himself!

When they heard what Nether King Er Ha said, a feeling of shock flashed through their heart.

As for the strongest demon king, he was completely enraged. He never thought that he would actually be humiliated like this.

With a loud howl, lines appeared all over his body. As the lines started to revolve around him, it emitted a blinding light.

His stomp, which contained all his power, wasn't something ordinary demon kings could defend against. However, this fellow in front of him actually managed to do it so easily. He even managed to do it with a single hand!

Where on earth did this expert come from?

However, the strongest demon king had other abilities, and he was not limited to these little moves.

His body started to swell up, and his bull horns became sharper. It was as though they were sharp enough to pierce through the dome of heaven.

Nether energy started to gather around his feet again, and it was much denser compared to before. Once again, he slammed his foot down at Nether King Er Ha.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath...

Was this the true power of the strongest demon king? When they felt the suppressive aura around him, all of the Saint Sovereigns felt as though their heart fell to the bottom of a ravine.

An existence at this level... Who would be able to defend against him?


The ground exploded.

As dust clouds rose into the air, it seemed to cover the world in an instant.

The strongest demon king repeatedly unleashed roars of fury as he stomped down again and again.

All of a sudden...

He, who was repeatedly stomping, suddenly stopped, and his body became rigid.

Everyone's gaze was filled with curiosity as they looked behind the strongest demon king's body.

There, the figure of a person stood. Raising his hands, he covered half his face as his hair scattered downwards. He looked at the strongest demon king with a mocking and cold gaze.

"This kid... You're really violent," Nether King Er Ha said.

Some white gas was spat out from his mouth, and his eyes were misty. The stench of alcohol escaped from his mouth.

The strongest demon king tilted his head and looked at Nether King Er Ha. His pupils shrank, and he opened his mouth, roaring at him. His voice came out in waves and surged forth.

"Get lost!"

The strongest demon king gave a low growl, and in an instant, a violent gale was swept up and charged towards Nether King Er Ha.

Kid?! This lord is almost twenty thousand years old! What qualifications did he have to call him a kid?

Anger billowed in his heart.

However, in the next moment, his roaring turned into groaning.

It was because Nether King Er Ha pointed at his body with a single finger, particularly at the space between his brows.

Nether King Er Ha's clothes were half-open, revealing his fair muscles that looked soft and tender.

"Letting off steam... starts now!" Nether King Er Ha calmly said, his hair fluttering behind him.


Everyone became dumbfounded.

With a single point from Nether King Er Ha's finger, a strand of Nether energy appeared. As the Nether energy swirled around his hand, it quickly turned into an energy ball.

After buzzing for quite some time, the energy ball suddenly erupted.

In an instant, the energy ball exploded, and the strongest demon king felt a sense of unprecedented crisis, making him want to dodge it.

However, he suddenly realized that he was unable to move. It was as though a terrifying energy tied him up!

Without any way to dodge, there was no way for him to avoid the attack.


A loud explosion reverberated through the air as the power of the energy ball slammed into the strongest demon king's body...

The strongest demon king staggered, and he felt a sharp pain in the space between his brows. He couldn't control himself and released an agonized cry.

His figure, which was like a tiny hill, fell over and landed heavily on the ground.

In the air...

Nether King Er Ha grinned, and he raised both of his hands. His fingers were stretched out as he pointed towards the strongest demon king.

Among the dark clouds, the experts from the Ruin Prison were shocked, and they stood there like wooden chickens.

In the restaurant, the Saint Sovereigns had an incredulous look on their faces.

Of course, the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, who stood in the Taotie Restaurant, felt as though it was normal. After all... when he faced Nether King Er Ha, he was unable to resist as well.

Bu Fang sauntered out of the restaurant and stood at the door.

Many Saint Sovereigns also noticed Bu Fang, and after looking at him, they turned their gazes to the jug of wine on the restaurant's table. Seeing this jug of wine, an astonished look appeared on their faces.

They weren't idiots. Looking at how Ni Yan and the long-haired lady went berserk, not to mention this expert in front of them going all out, they made a connection instantly. They knew it had something to do with that jug of wine made by Bu Fang.

The dense aroma of the wine seemed to fill the entire Valley of Gluttony, and it lingered around. It wasn't just delicious, there was a clear use for it!

With Ni Yan's cultivation and battle prowess, there was no way she would be able to fight a few rounds with the strongest demon king.

However, after drinking the wine, the Heavenly Secret Saintess' abilities rose to an unexpected level. Even though she was no match for the strongest demon king, she wasn't completely helpless.

What did this mean?

This meant that a single cup of the wine would be able to boost one's battle prowess! It would be able to make one stronger for a short period of time.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess was able to fight against the strongest demon king after drinking it. If the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign drank it... what would happen?

If the strongest among them, the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony drank it, what would happen?!

Maybe at that time, the two of them would be able to easily suppress the strongest demon king!

In an instant, the thoughts of the Saint Sovereigns ran wild, and a fire was ignited in their heart.

Looking at Bu Fang, the passionate gaze in their eyes was incomparable!

That wine... It was a divine medicine!

Bu Fang frowned as he coldly swept his gaze across those Saint Sovereigns, who were like predators looking at their prey. Eventually, he turned his gaze to the grand battle outside.


It was a bloodbath.

It was a bloodbath that left everyone speechless.

The strongest demon king was pressed against the ground by Nether King Er Ha and ruthlessly beaten up.

The energy ball streaked across the void and smashed towards the strongest demon king, who was lying on the ground.

Every time an explosion was heard, a large crater would be formed in the ground. There would also be a miserable howl from the strongest demon king.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The strongest demon king was incomparably miserable. It was the first time he met such a calamity, and his heart became extremely heavy.

The energy balls that fell on his body one after another weren't life-threatening at all. However, it caused him so much pain that he sucked in a cold breath.

The most important point was... there were too many damn energy balls.

Nether King Er Ha, who was hovering in the sky, stretched out his palms, and energy started to converge nonstop.

Even on his pinkie... a tiny energy ball formed there!

The strongest demon king felt as though he was going crazy!

Looking at the excited expression on Nether King Er Ha's face as he vented everything, he felt as though he was very innocent.

The experts from the Ruin Prison were shocked for a moment before flying into a rage, especially the expert with a bull head. His eyes became completely red as a malevolent expression appeared on his face.

In the next instant, the experts from the Ruin Prison stepped on the black clouds as they all charged towards Nether King Er Ha.

They wanted to save their strongest demon king!

Nether King Er Ha seemed as though he felt the movements from the experts...

He stopped throwing out energy balls, and his hair hung down. Covering one side of his face, his gaze languidly swept past the bunch of experts who were approaching him from behind.

In the next moment...

He stood still, and his figure seemed to prop up the heavens.

When the experts with overflowing killing intent saw this scene, all of their courage shattered apart.

"This... This aura?!"

The aura coming from Nether King Er Ha's body caused them to shiver. It was an aura that belonged to the top experts in the Ruin Prison. How could that kind of aura appear here?

This aura was much more suppressive compared to the one the strongest demon king emitted.

Without any hesitation...

All the experts stepped on the black clouds and turned around. They made their escape as quickly as possible.

Saving the strongest demon king?!

Who were they kidding?

Who would they save if they were to die themselves?

What would they use to save him?

"Running away? Kids nowadays... they are really impatient." Nether King Er Ha snickered.

After that...

Sounds of explosions rang out once again.

His figure slowly became blurred, and eventually, he disappeared in front of everyone.

When he reappeared, he stood in front of the bull expert.


The bull expert was sent flying, and the formation of experts from the Ruin Prison instantly shattered.

All of them started to scatter in all directions.

White gas was spat out from Nether King Er Ha's mouth, and his eyes became blurred.

His figure became blurred once again, and in the next moment, all of the escaping experts were sent flying back with sounds of miserable cries.

The strongest demon king managed to crawl up from the ground, looking very pathetic.

Around him, experts from the Ruin Prison were lying around.

Nether King Er Ha cracked his neck, and popping sounds resounded in the air.

"Finally, I let everything out... That kid Bu Fang's wine is really strong. It even caused this king to lose my self-control."

Nether King Er Ha flipped his hair back. The red color on his face had already disappeared.

The mouths of all the Saint Sovereigns started to twitch.

Finally let everything out?!

After beating the strongest demon king, who caused them endless despair... Even to the point where he beat the strongest demon king to a dead dog, it could only be considered letting everything out?

If this fellow fought for real... How scary would that be?

All of a sudden...

Nether King Er ha's gaze became sluggish.

It was because he saw Bu Fang, who was staring at him with an expressionless face.

After drinking so much of his wine without permission, Nether King Er Ha suddenly felt a burst of guilt.

He felt as though he had to make up for it in some way....

If he really didn't provide any compensation, it would be difficult for him to ask Bu Fang for Spicy Strips in the future.

As such, Nether King Er Ha tilted his head to look at the bunch of experts from the Ruin Prison on the ground.

These experts... They would make top-grade ingredients!

Forget the strongest demon king... It was fine if he just released all his frustrations and ruthlessly beat up the strongest demon king. Otherwise, if he accidentally killed the strongest demon king, he was afraid the old fellow from the Ruin Prison would go all out and cause trouble for him.

In the end, Nether King Er Ha's gaze fell on the other experts.

"Is there anyone willing to become a glorious ingredient?"

Become an ingredient?!

The experts from the Ruin Prison were stunned. The strongest demon king's pupils shrank.

After that, all of them sucked in a cold breath. They looked at Nether King Er Ha with indignation in their eyes.

He could kill them, but he couldn't humiliate them!

This fellow... he actually wanted to turn them into ingredients? If he had the abilities, just kill them! Why did he have to humiliate them?

They were all from the Ruin Prison. Why should they cause trouble for each other?

The strongest demon king looked at Nether King Er Ha as his heart beat wildly. The latter's figure caused him to suddenly think about the big shot of the Earth Prison.

That kind of big shot actually appeared in this place...

He sucked in a deep breath.

However, even though he appeared, it wasn't a good enough reason to turn the strongest demon king to become an ingredient! If it was really that big shot, the strongest demon king believed that there was no way he would kill him so openly and brazenly.

If he really did it, it wouldn't be simply humiliating the strongest demon king. He would be humiliating the entire Ruin Prison!

"You can kill me, but you can't humiliate me... What if I said no?!" The strongest demon king glared at Nether King Er Ha as he said that.

Unexpectedly, he had an unyielding character...

Nether King Er Ha was stunned. In the next moment, he raised his hand, and Nether energy started to swirl around his fingers again.

However, just as he was about to begin round two...

In the restaurant, Lord Dog staggered and climbed to his feet.

Indeed... He managed to stand up, wobbling on his feet as he emitted a stench of alcohol.

Bu Fang looked at Lord Dog, who walked out of the restaurant with a dazed look in his eyes. A look of confusion was plastered on his face.

Everyone looked at Lord Dog, and they couldn't help but be shocked.

Standing at the entrance, Lord Dog opened his mouth and released a loud hiccup. Squinting at the experts from the Ruin Prison, who were lying on the ground, he released a loud bark.

As the bark reverberated in the air, all of the experts felt as though their eardrums were about to explode!

In the sky, dark clouds started to roll about and gather.

The rumbling of thunder could be heard!

Lightning punishment?!

Everyone was astonished...

Even Nether King Er Ha was shocked.

In the next instant, in front of the dumbfounded gaze on everyone's face, the black dog, whose bark shook the heavens, raised his paws. His exquisite dog paw slapped outwards, slapping at the bunch of dark clouds that gathered in the sky!

Nether energy started to gather, turning into a giant dog paw. As it shot up into the sky, it slapped at the dark clouds.

A loud explosion could be heard, and the suppressive clouds were scattered by the dog paw.

All of a sudden, the sky became calm again.

Everyone stood there with jaws agape like wooden chickens.

Lord Dog opened his mouth and loudly hiccuped. His body shook, and a yawn could be heard.

"Don't mind me. Lord Dog only came out to let himself loose. After letting it all out, my mind is much clearer now... Also, I'll say one more thing. This brat Bu Fang's wine... is really good."

As Lord Dog's mind became clear again, he stepped out with graceful cat-like steps, returning to the restaurant. Turning his head, Lord Dog's gaze landed on the Ruin Prison's strongest demon king.

The experts of the Ruin Prison felt the hair on their body stand on end.