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 Bu Fang felt as though he was dreaming. In his dreams, he made many jugs of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. Hugging a huge jug of it, he finished the entire jug before smashing it to pieces. He was able to act however he wanted.

However, just as he was about to take a swig of the wine, a crispy and golden suckling pig ran past him. All four limbs of the suckling pig moved quickly as it shot across the sky.

As a result, Bu Fang chose to throw away the jug of wine in his hand and went to chase the pig.

He kept on chasing and chasing...

Finally, Bu Fang caught up to it. However, when he caught up to it, the suckling pig started to morph under his gaze. It turned into an otherworldly chef who was wearing a misty chef robe.

It was the chef he saw in the bronze palace!

He looked at Bu Fang with an icy cold and empty gaze as he raised his hand. A kitchen knife that was made from precious materials chopped downwards.

Under the blade, heaven and earth were obliterated.

In the next moment... Bu Fang woke up.

Opening his eyes, he felt as though his mind was murky.

Bu Fang sat up and lightly breathed out a breath of air.

An indistinct scene flashed past his eyes, and he shook his head to clear his thoughts. Finally, Bu Fang woke up.

What he saw next, however, shocked him, jolting him awake in an instant.

In front of him, Lord Dog's paw was holding onto a goblet, while Nether King Er Ha had his butt in the air as he held his goblet.

One man and one dog looked at Bu Fang with a sluggish expression on their faces.

A liquid that was extremely clear and emitted starlight filled the cups. Of course, it was the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

"Did you ask me before drinking the wine?" Bu Fang looked at the two of them with an expressionless face.

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha shook their heads simultaneously. In the next moment, they downed the contents of their cup...

"Hey, you lazy dog, how many cups did you drink already?"

"Stupid clown, Lord Dog drank one more cup than you... Hic!"

"Not possible... This king's alcohol tolerance is unbeatable!"

"You're a piece of trash..."


Bu Fang looked at the man and dog duo with an expressionless face as they hiccupped while drinking wine. His face darkened, and it seemed as though ink could drip off his face at any moment.

Nether King Er Ha had a blurred expression on his reddened face. It was like Bu Fang's face when he drank the wine moments ago.

With his shirt half-open, an intoxicated expression filled his eyes.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun looked at Nether King Er Ha with a face full of concern. However, her heart went soft the moment she looked into his eyes.

After finishing his wine, Lord Dog flipped around and jumped off the chair. He then laid on his side on the floor, looking like a dead fish.

"Bu Fang kid... this wine... is pretty good. It fits this king's noble identity. I feel a little hot after drinking it..." Nether King Er Ha said, narrowing his eyes into slits as he gave Bu Fang an enchanting smile.

Standing up, Nether King Er Ha hiccuped once again before making his way towards the entrance of the restaurant. His steps were unsteady, and he swayed side to side as he took cat-like steps.

With his clothes half-open, he waved his fists around as he shouted, "It's so hot! This king wants to unleash himself as well! Is there anyone else who wants to vent with me?"

A group of Saint Sovereigns took a few steps back when they heard Nether King Er Ha's cry. They stared at him with a face full of shock.

Lord Dog stood up and waved his dog head before sinking into thought.

In the next moment, under Bu Fang's ferocious glare... he attempted to take several graceful cat steps. However, they were extremely hideous steps as Lord Dog's limbs seemed to be trembling.

"A little dizzy..."

Lord Dog's magnetic voice resounded through the restaurant. Even his voice wasn't steady.

Towards the man and dog duo, Bu Fang was already somewhat speechless. How did they become so different after a few cups of wine?

There's something wrong...

Bu Fang's eyes slowly widened. The sides of his mouth suddenly start to twitch... Just now, these two clowns were talking about...

A foreboding feeling appeared in Bu Fang's heart. Raising his head, he dashed to the side of the wine jug.

The initially full jug only had one-third of the wine left!

Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog actually managed to drink more than half of his Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine!

Were these two freaks looking to die?!

After spending so much effort to make this jug of wine, these two finished half of it

Bu Fang felt as though he heard the sound of his heart shattering into pieces. Holding his chest, he lightly let out a breath...

Nether King Er Ha was extremely excited, and his hair fluttered in the wind. Opening his mouth, he released a loud laugher. It was deafening.

He learned how to walk like a cat from Lord Dog, and he gracefully made his way toward the entrance. Eventually, he saw the fight that was going on outside.

Raising his hand, he covered half of his reddened face. As his hair hung downwards, it covered his cheeks.

"This king wants to let everything out..." Nether King Er Ha screamed.

In the next moment, he took a step out, and a blast resounded. He tripped over the door.

As if he was just a small flower, he directly smashed into the ground.

Every one of the Saint Sovereigns was speechless when they saw what happened.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's eyes were like little stars! Brother Ha was so charming even though he tripped!

Nether King Er Ha rolled around a few times on the ground. However, he didn't crawl up. His misty eyes were blurry, and he no longer tried to get up. Instead, he slapped the ground with both his hands.

In the next moment, his figure shot out.

"My target is... is to let everything out!"

With a ripping sound, sonic booms could be heard as Nether King Er Ha tore through the air.

The strongest demon king released a loud howl as his strength suddenly spiked. Ni Yan's figure was sent flying, landing and stumbling on the ground.

Nethery continuously shot out Nether Rushes as she hovered in mid-air. However, the strongest demon king countered all of it.

The strongest demon king was the strongest after all... There was no comparing his strength to others!

His horrifying muscles started to shiver, and as he smashed his fists into the ground, deep holes were formed.

"Who else? Damn it all... Who else wants to fight?"

Ni Yan flipped around and steadied her body. Sucking in a deep breath, the red color on her face already lessened by a lot. She looked at the raging demon king and shook her hand before sitting down on the ground.

"Aiya... I'm too tired to continue. Let me rest for a bit."

Ni Yan sat on the ground and huffed.

Nethery's alcohol rush was over as well. Gracefully landing on the ground, the curses that surfaced on her face slowly disappeared.

She glanced at the strongest demon king and gave an arrogant 'humph.' Turning around, she walked back into the restaurant.

The strongest demon king's roars were endless.

"The strongest demon king is unbeatable!"

Hovering in the sky, the various experts from the Ruin Prison were releasing excited howls as well, especially the expert who had a sinister bull's face. He was so excited as he danced around in mid-air. A fervent look appeared in his eyes, and it flashed nonstop.

However, in the next moment...

All of their cheers died.

The atmosphere became awkward as a figure appeared in front of the strongest demon king.

That person...

He reeked of wine, and a misty look was plastered on his face. Hovering in the air, he threw amorous gazes at the strongest demon king while holding his face.

Who the hell was this cheap bastard?

Everyone was speechlessly looking at the scene in front of them as they looked at Nether King Er Ha, who was shooting amorous looks at the strongest demon king. Everyone felt an urge for the strongest demon king to stomp Nether King Er Ha to death.

"It's you!"

The strongest demon king's pupils shrank to the size of the head of a needle. It seemed as though he managed to recognize Nether King Er Ha. Initially, in the bronze palace, it was this fellow who scared him so much that he didn't dare to make a move.

Not only this fellow... there was another dog.

He couldn't see through the strength of the dog and this man...

Both of them gave him a familiar feeling, and they looked like the big shots in the Earth Prison!

However... how could the big shots of the Earth Prison appear here?!

There was no need for the big shots of the Earth Prison to show up here.

The Earth Prison was different from the Ruin Prison. The Earth Prison was much more vast and had more abundant resources. A mere Hidden Dragon Continent wouldn't catch the eye of the experts from the Earth Prison.

Of course...

If the strongest demon king was calm, facing Nether King Er Ha, he would definitely retreat before anything else.

After all, when facing someone who he couldn't see through, it meant that the person was not ordinary.


However, the strongest demon king had already been enraged by the drunk Ni Yan and Nethery. Dense killing intent swirled in his eyes, and he only wanted to exterminate everything in front of him.


The strongest demon king roared, and lines started to move about on the terrifying muscles on his body.

Tyrannical lines appeared on his body. It meant that this demon king was an eight-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm being!

If he were to be placed on the Hidden Dragon Continent, the strongest demon king would be an existence who ignited eight divine flames!

However, the strongest experts on the Hidden Dragon Continent were only existences who managed to light up six divine flames. They were the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign and the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony.

Even if the two of them joined forces, they were no match for the strongest demon king!

The Saint Sovereigns in the Taotie Restaurant became silent.

The strongest demon king was indeed terrifying.

No... It should be said that the Ruin Prison was too strong.

Compared to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Ruin Prison's fighting strength completely suppressed them.

The demon king from the Ruin Prison was actually an eight-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert!

Even though the other demon kings were not as strong as him, they were definitely enough to suppress the experts of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The strongest demon king's gaze was fixed on Nether King Er Ha, who was lying on the ground. Anger flashed through his eyes as hot gas emitted from his nose.

Raising his gigantic feet, he stomped downwards at Nether King Er Ha!

If this stomp connected, that cheap bastard would definitely be crushed, right?


The ground started to shake, and cracks began to spread out. Everyone's heart shook, and their lips trembled.

Wenren Shang, who just crawled up from the ground, was sent crashing down again due to the intense shaking.

He felt bitter in his heart. He only wanted to drink some wine!

After so many years of appreciating wine, he knew that the wine Owner Bu prepared this time would be the best wine he tasted in the world!

If he missed the opportunity to taste this wine, he felt as though he would die of regret!

After the dust settled...

The strongest demon king's eyes widened.

The breathing of the Saint Sovereigns stopped as they stared at the ground.

All of a sudden, the experts in the air sucked in a breath of cold air.

It was because they realized that the person wasn't crushed.

A gust of wind swept through, and the dust scattered. It was just the sight of the ground with nothing else...

The strongest demon king's stomp landed beside the figure.

What the hell?

Wasn't the strongest demon king supposed to kill that fellow with a single stomp? Why did he miss?

In the sky, the expert who had a bull's head started to roar.

"Respected strongest demon king, when faced against such a disgusting cheap bastard, you can't show him mercy by scaring him! Kill him with a single stomp! Grind your feet a little bit as well..." Stretching out his neck, the bull faced expert yelled.

The strongest demon king felt anger rising in his heart!

His intention was to stomp that guy to death! How would he know that he missed?!

Nether King Er Ha had a drunk expression on his face as he let out a silly laugh. In the eyes of the strongest demon king, the fellow on the ground was obviously mocking him!

What the hell?!

The strongest demon king was enraged to the limit. Jumping in the air, he slammed both feet into the ground without stopping!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the distance, everyone became speechless.

The Saint Sovereigns looked at the strongest demon king, who was stomping nonstop, and their lips started to tremble.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign's face twitched the most. He actually lost to this retard in ten moves!

"Lord demon king, kill him! Stomp him to death! You're the strongest!" The bull-faced expert cheered the strongest demon king on as he stood in the middle of the dark clouds.

"You shut up!"

The strongest demon king raised his head and screamed at the expert who had been yelling nonstop. The bull-faced expert was so shocked that he almost fell from the sky.


The strongest demon king's eyes became sharp, and Nether energy gathered around his feet. Violently stomping on the ground, he brought along with him terrifying might.

"Tyrant Bull Demon! Die for this lord!"


With a single smash of his foot, even the void seemed to crack.

At this moment, many experts' hearts start to palpitate for real. They finally felt how horrifying the strongest demon king was.

All of a sudden...

The terrifying aura disappeared...

Everyone's eyes widened as they looked at the ground with disbelief.


The cheap bastard was still lying comfortably on the ground. However, this time, he didn't dodge the stomps at all. Instead, he raised his hand and easily blocked it.


Nether King Er Ha's eyes were so narrow that they were lines. After a hiccup, he looked at the strongest demon king with a playful look in his eyes.

"This king refused to take your stomp. I even hiccuped for you... Now, this king will start letting himself loose."