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 Hot? Needed to unleash everything?

Once those words left Ni Yan's mouth, everyone became slightly stunned, especially the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign and Mo Tianji.

Both of them had a terrified look on their faces. She was the Heavenly Secret Saintess for god's sake! How could she say something like that?

Looking at Ni Yan's face, which was so red it was about to drip blood, and the white gas coming out from her mouth, the two of them suddenly felt uncertain.

The wine... Could it be poisoned?


Ni Yan's aura started to climb continuously. The abrupt rise in her aura caused the Saint Sovereigns' hearts to jump.

Just like a rocket, the aura surrounding her soared to the skies. It was as though her cultivation underwent an explosive surge, causing everyone's eyes to widen involuntarily.

The Wavering Light Saint Sovereign was a beautiful woman. However, at this moment, the refined look that was supposed to be on such a beauty's face was nowhere to be found. Her mouth was wide open as she stared at Ni Yan with a dumbfounded expression.

The aura around Ni Yan's body caused her body to tremble slightly.

The strongest demon king landed in front of the restaurant. Terrifying waves of energy started to roll around, causing many people to be swept off by this wave of energy.

Wenren Shang had an intoxicated look on his face as the fragrance of wine assaulted his nostrils. He was about to crawl into the restaurant when he was sent flying by the energy wave caused by the strongest demon king.

His eyes widened, and a dismayed expression appeared on his face.

The strongest demon king's gaze was sharp, and his breath was steady as pitch-black Nether energy revolved around behind him. The Nether energy seemed thick enough to form long black snakes, which rolled around behind him.

His gaze locked onto Bu Fang, who was in the restaurant.

As Bu Fang just drank a cup of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, he felt intoxicated at the moment. The wine's strength was somewhat out of Bu Fang's expectations.

If Bu Fang, at his current cultivation realm, became drunk with just a single cup, how much more so with the others?

The strongest demon king stood in front of the restaurant in an imposing manner. Opening his mouth, he unleashed a deafening roar.

However, his roar was abruptly interrupted. It was because a beautiful figure suddenly walked in front of him.

The strongest demon king's round eyes fell on Ni Yan, who was standing in front of him. "Scram! You're not my opponent at all!"

Ni Yan's face was extremely red as true energy rolled off her body. There was a dazed expression in her eyes, as though she didn't notice the strongest demon king at all.

Opening her mouth, white gas fumed out. She raised her fist and punched out!

"Really good wine!" Ni Yan shouted.

A fist shot out.

The muscles on the body of the strongest demon king started to tremble. With a cold laugh, he raised his fist as well and returned the punch.

With the strength of his physical body, that woman would definitely be crushed into meat paste!


The strongest demon king's fist collided with Ni Yan's.

However, the anticipated crushing-her-into-meat-paste didn't happen. Instead, a loud explosion resounded in the air... They were evenly matched.

Ni Yan's body seemed as though it was a leaf as it drifted through the air. Landing in the distance, the tip of her toes touched the ground, and her figure became a blur as she shot out.

"Eat my fist... Hic!"

Ni Yan's face was so red, and it looked tender and beautiful. A simple and pure hiccup escaped her lips.

Her fist accelerated in the air.

The strongest demon king was somewhat shocked. He never thought that this woman would be able to take a punch from him.

He was the strongest demon king! With his powerful physique, he had the strongest body among all the demon kings in the Ruin Prison!

However, just a moment ago, his fist hit the sweet little lady in front of him, and he realized that... their strength was almost equal to each other?!

How was that possible?!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Ni Yan rained punches on him, the strongest demon king was feeling confused deep down, and he actually started to retreat continuously.


In the restaurant...

The atmosphere became so weird and silent a pin drop could be heard.

All of the spectators had an expressionless face. Looking at Ni Yan, who seemed as though she took drugs and went into berserk mode to suppress the strongest demon king, all of them felt a tempest sweep through their hearts.

Was that really the Heavenly Secret Saintess? Was she really that woman?

Initially, the Heavenly Secret Saintess was a warm and gentle lady. She was the goal for many women in the world.

But now, looking at this tyrannical woman in front of them... Was she still the Heavenly Secret Saintess?

Were they sure she wasn't a female T.rex wearing human skin?

The person she was suppressing was the strongest demon king!

Even if all of the Saint Sovereigns went up at the same time, they were not even sure if they would be able to defeat this guy...

As the Saint Sovereigns watched the scene in front of them, their lips started to tremble involuntarily.

The new generation will always replace the old. These old people were eventually going to be slapped to death on a sandy beach...

"Smelly woman... Scram!"

The strongest demon king roared, and his body started to tremble. A horrifying energy started to spread out from his body, sending Ni Yan flying.

Ni Yan landed in the distance. However, just as she landed on the ground, she erupted with explosive speed as she charged back to the battlefield.

The strongest demon king was extremely irritated. This woman... Why was she so difficult to get rid of?!

Nether King Er Ha, who was leaning against the gate of the restaurant, looked at this scene with bright eyes...

Looking at Ni Yan's berserk appearance, the Spicy Strip that he was sucking on started to shake. In the next moment, he turned around and entered the restaurant.

Bu Fang curled up in his chair, fuming white gas from his nostrils. Lying back, his head was tilted upwards, revealing his completely flushed face.

Bu Fang was a little dizzy, a little drunk.

Lord Dog looked at the drunk Bu Fang with amazement in his eyes. Blinking his eyes, he thought, "This wine... Was it really that awesome?"

It even made this brat Bu Fang drunk?

Flowery blinked her cute Tri-Flower Snake Eyes. Walking in front of Bu Fang, who reeked of wine, her cute nose wrinkled as she looked at him before sniffing at her raised hand.

In the next moment, her gaze turned and landed on the goblet.

Nethery was expressionless as usual. Her long hair fanned behind her as she turned to look at Flowery.

"Oh... This little kid Bu Fang is drunk! Does that mean we can do whatever we want now?"

Nether King Er Ha walked into the restaurant and was met with the sight Bu Fang lying in his chair with a dazed expression. A laugh left his lips.

"What are you planning to do?"

No one knew when, but Lord Dog had already climbed on top of a chair. Placing his dog paws silently on the table, he looked at Nether King Er Ha, who seemed extremely happy.

"You stupid dog. I was right when I said you're retarded. Since Bu Fang is drunk, we can drink this wine to our heart's content!" Nether King Er Ha said.

Lord Dog thought about it before replying, "This isn't right. With this brat Bu Fang's twisted personality, you should use some ingredients to exchange for this wine."

Looking at the battle outside, the match was extremely heated. However, in the restaurant, one man and one dog were discussing how Bu Fang would not allow them to drink the wine.

Nether King Er Ha finally turned serious as he thought of a solution to this problem. He felt that with his relationship with this kid Bu Fang, there was nothing wrong with him drinking a cup.

One man and one dog quarreled until their faces were red.

This scene... was really strange.

A few Saint Sovereigns noticed this scene, and they became completely speechless.

As for Saint Daughter Zi Yun, she awkwardly held her face with her hands.

Nethery and Flowery completely ignored the man and dog duo.

The pair of ladies, one big and one small, looked at each other. An indescribable glint flashed through their eyes.

In the next moment...


Nethery took the jug of wine and poured it into the goblets on the table. As the wine filled the goblets, it instantly emitted dazzling starlight.

With a radiant light emitting from inside the cup, the contents seemed like it was the night sky with stars twinkling.

Those were the two goblets that Bu Fang and Ni Yan drank from. Nethery grabbed Bu Fang's goblet while she passed the other one to Flowery.

Flowery's face was filled with curiosity. Raising her head, she pursed her lips as she looked at Nethery.

Nethery nodded her head solemnly. After that, she started to swirl the goblet around, copying what Bu Fang did earlier.

Looking at the wine swirling around inside the goblet, the two of them felt as though it was extremely fun.

After that...


The two of them tapped their goblets together as a loud clink resounded in the air.

The sound made by the collision of the two goblets caused Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha, who were quarreling, to become stunned. They turned around and saw Nethery and Flowery, who were both holding a goblet in their hand. In a single swig, they downed the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine in one go.

Nether King Er Ha's shoulders started to shake, and it seemed as though his face was about to scrunch up into a ball. An astonished look appeared in his eyes.

Lord Dog was so shocked that his mouth fell open. An incredulous look appeared in his eyes as he stared at Nethery and Flowery...

Why did they already drink it?!

Gulp. Gulp.

The two ladies finished the contents of their goblet without leaving a single drop.

After placing the goblet down on the table, they stood in place, not moving a single muscle.

Nether King Er Ha's nostrils flared. It seemed as though nothing special happened...

Lord Dog's fur stood on end as he wore a bewildered expression on his face.

The most terrifying thing was silence. That was because there would definitely be something strange going on!

All of a sudden...

Nethery, who was standing still, opened her mouth wide. Her eyes became completely black, and her pale skin suddenly flushed red. Her cheeks became as red as tomatoes.


A black energy emerged on Nethery's face, and it seemed to twirl around like bony abscess. Even so, it seemed as though Nethery completely ignored it.

After laughing out loud, the energy around her body started to rise.

"Indeed... There is something weird about this wine. After drinking this wine, the curse on this girl's body was not able to hide anymore!"

Nethery's eyes were completely pitch-black. Her hair started to flutter behind her, and white gas escaped her lips. After that, her body shot out explosively like a rocket.


The strongest demon king, who had been pushed to the edge of his endurance, felt as though he was about to spew blood.

Did this woman inject herself with chicken blood?!

How come her physical body and true energy were so much stronger than before?

All of a sudden...

A ripping sound resounded in everyone's ears...

A woman in black dress appeared in front of them.

"Netherworld woman?!"

The strongest demon king's pupils shrank. In the next instant, his mouth became twisted.

It was because Nethery appeared in front of him, and her black eyes stared straight at him. The curse marks appeared on her face, and they were moving around. Without a word, she raised her hand, gathering terrifying energy.

"Nether Rush!"


The strongest demon king, who wasn't prepared at all, was sent flying. As he landed on the ground, the entire earth started to shake.

Ni Yan landed on the ground as well, throwing back her head to release a hearty laugh. Holding one side of her face, she looked extremely red, and it seemed as though blood was about to drip out from her face at any moment.

In the next moment, her figure shot out as she charged towards the strongest demon king. Raising her leg, she stomped downwards.

Nethery's figure soared into the air. She raised her hand and shot out several Nether Rushes at the demon king.

Formless energy unceasingly charged outwards, and many holes appeared in the ground. The strongest demon king was beaten until he was rolling and crawling on the ground!

"Netherworld woman, this lord has no enmity with you-"


The strongest demon king wasn't done speaking when another Nether Rush smashed him. His figure retreated several steps.

"To refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! Even if I'm going to suffer a backlash from the Earth Prison's lord, I will defeat you!"

The strongest demon king's rage reached the pinnacle. He never experienced such a huge loss in thousands of years!

With a loud whistle, his body soared into the air. An armor made from Nether energy appeared, and his figure suddenly became larger. Two horns grew out from his forehead.


Smashing his fists together, a loud explosion filled the air. It was deafening!

Ni Yan had a nonchalant look on her face as she laughed and charged at the strongest demon king. She sent a fist towards his head.

Nethery's face was extremely red, and she continuously sent out Nether Rushes.


In the restaurant

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha looked at each other in dismay. Then, they looked at Flowery, who was just behind them.

Flowery opened her eyes, and her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes suddenly spun around. She hiccupped, and dense white gas escaped her lips. Her small face suddenly became as red as an apple. It became so red it seemed as though blood could be squeezed out.

"Kids are not supposed to be drinking... " Nether King Er Ha pursed his lips as he said.

It was a rare case, but Lord Dog didn't disagree with Nether King Er Ha at all. Nodding his head, he said, "Lord Dog has the same opinion."

Flowery raised her fist as she spat out a ball of white gas.


Flowery shouted. After that, her tiny legs stepped out, and she ran outside the restaurant.

With her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes spinning around, she ran to the entrance of the restaurant. Under the stunned gazes of the Saint Sovereigns, she tripped over the barricade...

After falling, she lay sprawled on the ground. Her mouth was open, and she started to drool. Shortly after, she fell into a deep slumber.

The drunk Flowery... seemed much better than the two drunk women out there.

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha's lips trembled. That thought flashed through their minds.

After placing Flowery back under the Path-Understanding Tree, Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog exchanged a look. Looking at the jug of wine, a bright light flashed in their eyes.

Outside the restaurant, the strongest demon king emitted a loud roar. However, a chill suddenly ran down his spine...