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 A pitch-black arrow streaked across the sky as it shot towards the Taotie Restaurant. It brought along a terrifying momentum as it tore through the skies, as though it wanted to demolish the entire restaurant.

However, the target of the arrow was Ni Yan, who was suspended in mid-air, resisting the lightning bolts.

The lightning dragon in the midst of the true thunder roared. However, in the end, it still twirled around Ni Yan's body. Streaks of lightning were emitted continuously, and the rumbling of thunder didn't stop. Ni Yan wasn't injured in the slightest.

Ni Yan's body was glowing, and her hair fluttered in the wind behind her.

In her eyes, it was as though starlight was blooming. She looked like an ethereal goddess.

The pitch-black arrow was blocked by Ni Yan with a single finger, and it wasn't able to advance even a single inch. Even though the energy contained in the arrow was immense, the arrow wasn't able to show off even a single bit of power.

Ni Yan touched her chin, looking extremely intimidating.

With a soft sound resounding in the air, the arrow was shattered by her, and the lightning dragon behind her body suddenly exploded with a bang.

This lightning punishment, which was aimed at her, was easily overwhelmed. It was as though she didn't feel the slightest pressure when facing it.

Ni Yan's voice caused the Saint Sovereigns in the Taotie Restaurant to feel endless shock. Their gazes became extremely sharp as they looked into the distance.

Outside the restaurant, dark clouds gathered, and terrifying energy surged. It caused everyone's heart to tremble.

"It's the Ruin Prison's strongest demon king! He actually appeared in a place like this!"

Every single one of the Saint Sovereigns sucked in a cold breath, their faces darkening as they watched.

The strongest demon king was really too strong! They were completely unable to resist him.

The Ruin Prison's strongest demon king actually killed his way here!

"Killing my chef... You aren't really that strong, yet you're asking for too much."

The strongest demon king heard what Ni Yan said, and the corners of his mouth rose, revealing a cold smile.

The creatures who were around him also broke out into laughter, especially the expert who had a sinister bull head. He was the one who laughed the loudest, and his laugh sounded like a loud bell ringing, which was ear-shattering.

The Saint Sovereigns' faces became extremely ugly. However, they had to admit that Ni Yan's previous words were really too arrogant.

How strong was the strongest demon king?

They had no idea. It was because that guy never actually used this full strength to fight.

Back then, in the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass... the instant the strongest demon king appeared, the Heaven Pass, which held on for such a long time, collapsed. It was broken through in a second.

They were completely unable to resist the strongest demon king.

His power was on a completely different level compared to these Saint Sovereigns.

Even when compared to the strongest Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign, the demon king had overwhelming strength. The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign wasn't able to fight for more than ten moves before he narrowly escaped death.

Luckily, he managed to escape and return in one piece.

Even though that was the case, because of a single demon king, many of the Saint Sovereigns suffered injuries.

The strongest demon king's gaze suddenly became sharp. This woman's words really managed to trigger him.

It could even be said that her words were not the only thing that enraged him. The other reason was because she was still alive. It was utter humiliation for him.

He was the one who said that he would kill this woman with a single finger!

However, this woman was living just fine. She had even managed to overcome her lightning punishment, turning into a Saint Sovereign level existence...

It was as though she was slapping him in the face!

As the strongest demon king stepped out, the black clouds instantly began to sweep through the land.

Raising his hand, an insane amount of pitch-black energy started to gather, turning into an ice-cold pike.

A deathly chill started to spread out from the tip of the pike.

With an indifferent look on her face, Ni Yan's hair fluttered in the wind as she looked at the strongest demon king, who was hovering in the air.

In the next instant, blinding starlight started to spread out from her body, turning into a giant array.

As the array started to spin around, energy continuously charged into the sky. A moment later, it turned into a figure.

That figure was just like an immortal, and it was shrouded in starlight. Blinding light shone everywhere.

The figure seemed to belong to a lady, and she was extremely enchanting. She was floating in the air like an immortal, and she bore some resemblance to Ni Yan.

Pulling up a bow, the woman drew the bowstring, and starlight quickly gathered to form an arrow. Releasing the bowstring, the arrow that was formed from starlight whistled through the air as it shot towards the strongest demon king.

It was something Ni Yan learned after fusing with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. It was a divine skill, the Seven Star Bow.

As a tearing sound resounded in everyone's ears, the arrow flew towards the strongest demon king.

As the arrow shot through the sky, a trail of starlight was left behind, making it look really beautiful.

It was so dazzling it captivated many people.

All of the Saint Sovereigns were shocked as well. They were all completely dumbfounded.

That girl just broke through to the level of a Saint Sovereign. How could she have such terrifying combat skills?!

No wonder she was the woman who fused with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Her strength was indeed monstrous.

As someone who had the power of the Great Path, it was as though she was a favored child of the Hidden Dragon Continent. She didn't face any difficulty when passing through her lightning punishment, and with a single thought, she was able to control the energy that belonged to the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Of course, the most important point is her combat abilities. She was stronger compared to ordinary Saint Sovereigns.



A single pike stabbed out, and its speed was lightning fast. It appeared before anyone was able to react.

Ni Yan's starlight arrow was destroyed with a single stab from the strongest demon king!

Ni Yan's attack wasn't able to get close to the strongest demon king at all!

In the restaurant, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

All of the Saint Sovereigns revealed a look of shock in their eyes.

Nether King Er Ha leaned against the door as he watched the fight. Sucking on his Spicy Strip, he narrowed his eyes.

"This woman is the one who fused with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, which has connections to the Great Path... However, it's too difficult for her to fight against this strongest demon king. The difference in their cultivation isn't something separated by a single level. Anyway, the most important point is that this girl can't comfortably use all her power. She did advance too quickly after all..." Nether King Er Ha said.

Listening to the Nether King, the Saint Sovereigns felt as though they realized why Ni Yan wasn't able to do anything to the strongest demon king. A helpless look appeared in their eyes.

In fact, if Ni Yan was given enough time, she would be able to completely fuse with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. She would definitely be able to put up a fight against the strongest demon king.

It was too bad... The only thing she was lacking today was time.

Ni Yan consecutively shot out several starlight arrows, but they were all shattered by the strongest demon king.

Her peerlessly beautiful face revealed a trace of unwillingness, and her brows started to jump. In the next moment...

Everyone's jaw dropped.

There was even a look of confusion on the strongest demon king's face.

Ni Yan turned around and started to run. Stepping on starlight, her figure flashed. In the next instant, she appeared in the Taotie Restaurant.

"You're good... Wait till this lady drinks a cup of wine before fighting with you again!"

Ni Yan landed in front of the entrance of the Taotie restaurant and touched her chin once again. She looked at her bow from the corner of her eye before turning her gaze to the strongest demon king, who held the long pike with a single hand.

Everyone was shocked, and it seemed as though they turned into statues.

If she couldn't beat him, run...

She had to act cool even though she was running away?

Was this really the Heavenly Secret Saintess who fused with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?

Why did they feel as though the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk fell into the hands of the wrong person...

Mo Tianji was stunned as well.

The Saintess wasn't someone like that.... In his eyes, the Saintess Her Highness was really gentle and had a good temper. She was like a young and innocent girl who was sensible and cute!

The proud and arrogant lady in front of him... Not to mention the fact that she really liked to act cool, was definitely not the Saintess he knew!

In the Taotie Restaurant, the Saint Sovereigns looked at Ni Yan with dazed expressions. They watched as Ni Yan ran towards Bu Fang excitedly.

"Owner Bu, hurry up and give me some wine! That guy is pretty strong. I need the wine to boost my courage!"

Bu Fang held his cup as he stared at Ni Yan with an expressionless face.

"Oh, here's your wine."

Bu Fang took out a goblet and poured a cup for Ni Yan. Wine entered the goblet with trickling sounds as it swirled around.

The radiance of starlight emerged from inside the cup.

The dense fragrance of the wine filled the air, enveloping the entire area. Everyone became intoxicated in the fragrance of the wine.

Above the sky, the strongest demon king held his long pike with a single hand, and his gaze was cold. After whiffing the fragrance coming from the wine, his pupils constricted. A yearning look appeared on his face!

"Aromatic! Good wine!"

The eyes of the strongest demon king spun and landed on the Taotie Restaurant below.

His eyes narrowed the moment he saw the quiet and peaceful figure curled up on a chair. It was the figure of Bu Fang, who was comfortably resting in his chair.

This punk...

It was as though the eyes of the strongest demon king started spitting fire. The terrifying aura around him began to climb once again.

"It's you! You're the human chef who snatched away this lord's stuff! You deserve to die!"

The strongest demon king raged, his voice booming like thunder. Soundwaves rolled around the heavens and entered the ears of everyone present.

When he saw Bu Fang, he was reminded of the time when Bu Fang snatched away his opportunity and good fortune in the bronze palace!

Meanwhile, Bu Fang curled himself up on his chair as he held a goblet of wine in his hand. He glanced at the strongest demon king, but he was too lazy to bother with the demon king's rage. Raising his goblet, he clinked it against Ni Yan's goblet gently.

In the next moment, he brought the cup to his lips.

When his lips touched his goblet, a soothing cool feeling washed across him. The goblet was provided by the system, so he had no idea what it was made of.


As he tilted the cup, the liquid flowed into his mouth. The liquid, which was emitting dazzling starlight, touched his lips.

It was the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine that he had been wanting to taste for such a long time.

The main ingredient was the Earth Prison's Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness. Many precious herbs were used in brewing the wine as well, in addition to Ni Yan, who used the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk in the brewing process.

There was only a single jar of the wine, and there won't be anymore after this jar was gone.

As such, every single drop of the wine was extremely precious to Bu Fang.

When the wine entered his mouth...

It didn't give Bu Fang a sense of chill like he expected. Instead, there was a slight heat to it. As soon as it touched his lips, it slid into his throat.

Gulp. Gulp.

The moment the wine touched Bu Fang's lips, it gave him a mild and special feeling that made him unable to stop. Before long, he finished the entire goblet of wine.

Bu Fang closed his eyes after he finished the entire goblet in one go. He seemed to experience a change in his body the instant he downed the goblet of wine.

A blush crept onto his face, and it became red as rubies. It was extremely adorable.

After entering his stomach, the mild feeling disappeared. There was actually a fiery feeling which brought a chill with it. It seemed as though the starlight filled his limbs, and it was a profound feeling.

The most important thing was... There was a bitter aftertaste after he swallowed the wine.

That was right!

It was this bitter aftertaste that captivated many people!

The bitter aftertaste was caused by mixing the essence of the Yellow Spring Grass and Flower of Helplessness. The bitter feeling blossomed on his tongue, and it spread throughout his body. His spirit energy started to roll around as well.

Closing his eyes, Bu Fang placed down his goblet. Soft breaths escaped his nose.

In the next instant, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of white gas.

Ni Yan followed Bu Fang and rocked her glass.

Ni Yan had been waiting to taste Bu Fang's wine for quite some time, whether it was the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, or even the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

She finished the entire goblet in one go as well.

She wasn't able to stop herself at all.

After she was done drinking, Ni Yan widened her eyes. Her face instantly flushed red, and it was so red it seemed as though it would drip blood with a gentle pinch.

Compared to Bu Fang's ruby-red face, her face was more exaggerated. It seemed as though blood was going to drop out at any time.

Ni Yan was drunk.

A single cup of wine managed to intoxicate her.

A breath of white air escaped her lips together with a dense fragrance of alcohol. Her eyes were blurred.

A loud slam rang in everyone's ears.

Ni Yan slammed her palm on the table, causing all the Saint Sovereigns in the Taotie Restaurant to widen their eyes.

The First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony involuntarily touched his mouth...

A single cup of wine caused this newly-promoted Saint Sovereign to become drunk.

What kind of wine was this?!

How strong was this wine?


The strongest demon king stood in front of the restaurant, and his terrifying aura started to spread out. It emitted boundless might.

His killing intent charged into the sky, which was directed at Bu Fang!

However, his killing intent dampened all of a sudden...

That was because he saw an extremely beautiful face and a pair of mesmerizing eyes.

"It's... It's really hot! I want to unleash everything!"

Ni Yan opened her mouth, and white gas rolled out. The aura around her body started to surge.