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 The third lightning punishment?!

How could it be the third lightning punishment?

People looked at the clouds gathering one more time, their faces baffled.

Obviously, those clouds were about to scatter. But after half of them had dispersed, they gathered one more time?

Not only the people in the Valley of Gluttony looked bewildered, but many Saint Sovereign experts in the restaurant also frowned as they didn't understand the situation.

It seemed they didn't know the reason why the clouds gathered once again.

The third lightning punishment... This thing was the world-extinguishing thunder and lightning that would only appear when a Saint Sovereign at his peak cultivation base would break through to the next realm!

When a Saint Sovereign expert encountered this sort of lightning punishment, they would all be scared and flustered.

However, at this moment, there were three strikes of lightning punishment!

As the lightning strike rolled and surged intimidatingly, everyone could feel the formidable, bursting energy. They were terrified, indeed.

If this lighting struck, who could stop it?

In this place... who could stop it?

Even the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony couldn't...

The old man turned, standing by the door. The tuft of hair on his head slowly swayed as he squinted, gazing at the lightning gathering in the sky, his mouth twitching.

Oh f*ck... Three strikes of lightning punishment!

This young chef's jug of wine wanted to go against the heavens!

Being the Valley Master of Valley of Gluttony, he used to deem himself the strongest chef in the Hidden Dragon Continent, but his food couldn't trigger even a fart.

This young chef had cooked a f*cking dish that had triggered three strikes of lightning punishment, the thing that only experts at Commander Realm could resist...

This young chef, damn... He was qualified to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm! And right now, he knew that he wasn't.

In fact, he didn't know that Bu Fang was bewildered at that moment, too. That was because he could never imagine that the third lighting strike was gathering up there.

The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine could only trigger two strikes of lightning punishment. If it were the third strike, Whitey couldn't handle it with its current power.

Although Whitey could eat lightning, if it ate too much, it would explode because of its stuffed tummy! After all, the energy in a lightning strike was really terrifying!

"No, it's not true... This lightning punishment isn't similar to the previous two," said the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign. He clasped his hands behind his back, narrowing his eyes, gazing at the clouds of lightning punishment in the sky.

Then, he raised his hand, which held a star compass. Energy moved on the star compass as tens of thousands of stars created lines.

Then, the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign deduced. Shortly after, his face turned awkward. He turned around, looking at Ni Yan, who was standing in front of Bu Fang.

At this moment, Bu Fang was also looking at Ni Yan with an odd face.

The third strike seemed related to Ni Yan...


The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign seemed to get the key point.

When Ni Yan had reached the Saint Sovereign's level, she hadn't taken the lightning punishment. So, that strike would aim at Ni Yan.

As Ni Yan had fused with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, she was concealed, which saved her from the lightning punishment. However, Bu Fang's food had triggered two strikes of lightning punishment. Thus, Ni Yan, who was originally concealed, became exposed, which caused the third strike to come for her.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, Ni Yan's body radiated starlight. Her energy began to ripple, expanding.

She gazed at Bu Fang for a while, and her exquisite face blushed as she said, "Owner Bu, save me a glass of good wine. I'm going out to overcome the lightning punishment. I'll be back soon!"

Then, Ni Yan straightened her back. Star energy emitted thickly around her, and her hair fluttered in the air without wind.

Hearing Ni Yan's words, everybody else was speechless.

Be back soon after overcoming the lightning punishment...

Did she think that lightning punishment was a vacation?

Who didn't need to be meticulous in dealing with the lightning punishment?

People like Ni Yan, who thought that the lightning punishment wasn't important, were extremely rare.

No matter what, when facing the heavens' prestige, one could be struck into ashes if he was careless.

Of course, except for that puppet...

That iron puppet... wasn't a human!

The one who could eat thunder... was a monster! This restaurant was strange, that chef was strange, and that puppet from this restaurant was also strange!

Those were the thoughts in the Saint Sovereigns' heads at this moment!

"Alright, I'll save one glass for you. I'm waiting for you to come back," answered Bu Fang nonchalantly, raising the goblet in his hand as he looked at Ni Yan.

His hand flashed. Another goblet appeared, and he placed it on the table. After that, his fingers snapped on the jug of wine, causing the wine in the jug to soar, falling into the goblet.

Rattle! Rattle!

The mysterious wine looked like the starry night sky. It was as smooth as silk, falling into the goblet. Starlight sparkled, which was extremely beautiful and dazzling.

Ni Yan's eyes looked blurred, gazing at the goblet of Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. She stuck her tongue out, licking her lips.

Then, she turned around, her long hair fanning. After walking out of the restaurant, she tiptoed, and her body soared up into the sky.

Boom! Boom!

In the vault of the sky, lightning and thunder gathered, booming terrifyingly.


Outside the Valley of Gluttony

Black clouds rolled, charging forward.

Many figures stood quietly on the clouds. Their auras were so formidable!

The strongest demon king clasped his hands behind his back. His eyes looked at the far distance. Immediately, he saw the thick layers of clouds in the sky over there, and thunder and lightning in the clouds made him narrow his eyes.

"Three strikes of lightning punishment?!"

The strongest demon king took a deep breath, looking skeptical.

The other Ruin Prison experts couldn't help but stop as well.

"Demon king, Your Highness... Three layers of lightning punishment?" asked an expert with a horrible buffalo's head as he looked at the strongest demon king.

The strongest demon king gave him an indifferent glance. "Are you blind? Or you don't know how to count? Previously, two thunder strikes had come, and now it's the third strike... Isn't it three layers?"

The expert with the buffalo's head rubbed his buffalo's horn, rolling his eyes. "Oh, right... It's three layers of lightning punishment."

"However... In a backward place like this Hidden Dragon Continent, is there an expert who can stand three strikes of lightning punishment?" another expert from the Ruin Prison asked skeptically.

"I'm not sure. Just watch it first."

The sweeping clouds slowed down, drifting forward.

Many experts were riding the clouds, resting and watching. They observed the sky far from them, where the third strike of lightning punishment was gathering.

Three strikes of lightning punishment... It was something only a Commander Realm expert with nine divine flames could trigger. Did the Hidden Dragon Continent have such an existence?

In fact, the strongest demon king wasn't worried at all. He clasped his hands behind his back, looking indifferently.

"Well, I'm not sure that it's the third strike of lightning punishment..."


Ni Yan dashed out, landing by Whitey.

After trying to swallow two lightning strikes, Whitey now had flashes crawling all over its body.

Its mechanical eyes rose, watching Ni Yan. It didn't have any other move after that.

Ni Yan looked at Whitey, taking a deep breath. Is this the Whitey I know? That clothes-stripping demon has reached such a realm?

He dared to eat lightning strikes from lightning punishment!

However, at this moment, what she must notice wasn't Whitey, but the clouds above her head.

As soon as she appeared, the thunder clouds gathered above her. Apparently, she was their target, which also meant that the third strike wasn't triggered by Bu Fang's Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

"Whitey, do you want to go home first..." Ni Yan lifted her head, asking Whitey.

Whitey's mechanical eyes sparkled as flashes kept dancing in its eyes.

"I, Whitey, eat..."

"Whitey, no more eating, get inside."

As Whitey was talking, Bu Fang interrupted faintly. He sat lazily on the chair. His voice came through the open doors of the restaurant, reaching Whitey's ears.

Whitey's eyes flashed, then it stopped talking.


Whitey stood up with great effort. The damaged metal wings on its back clang as if they were about to fall off.

Whitey's armor was shattered with so many cracks. Lightning was dancing all over its body.

Apparently, swallowing two lightning strikes was too much for Whitey.

The system's serious voice echoed in Bu Fang's head. It wasn't talking about something else but Whitey.

"Whitey ate lightning punishment. He's about to evolve. He's gained the title of 'Whitey, The Lightning Punishment Eater.' His fighting competence has increased with lightning power."

The serious voice of the system in Bu Fang's ears surprised him. Then, the corners of his mouth rose in excitement.

Whitey, The Lightning Punishment Eater, what an arrogant name!

It seemed this clothes-stripping maniac would have one more skill. After stripping someone, it could use lightning to shock that one too. That feeling would be so awesome as the other could feel warmer from lightning power.

It would be perfect, though.

Bu Fang suddenly yearned to see the effect after Whitey had finished its evolution.

With Whitey here, he wouldn't need to worry about lightning punishment whenever he cooked delicacies.

Whitey, The Lightning Punishment Eater, was the nightmare of lightning punishment!

As Bu Fang looked at Whitey, whose body was releasing heat and still have lightning dancing, his eyes became more tender.

Whitey resumed its chubby form. However, the lightning flashes on its body hadn't vanished yet.

It then stood quietly behind Bu Fang.

Many Saint Sovereigns were astonished, watching Whitey. That puppet... was really magical.

However, people now paid attention to Ni Yan more.

No matter what, the next one who was about to receive the lightning strike... was Ni Yan.

Moreover... This lightning punishment wasn't normal. It was the lightning strike after the lightning clouds had gathered three times. It must be extremely powerful!

Would Ni Yan be able to bear it?

After all, that little girl had just ignited five divine flames, becoming a junior Saint Sovereign.

Under people's gazes, Ni Yan stood arrogantly at her spot. Around her body, so many beams of dazzling stars expanded. Her eyes became so deep, as though she got tens of thousands of stars moving around her.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk emerged, shrouding her while she was standing in the middle of the formation. She looked so magnificently gorgeous.

The Saint Sovereigns in the restaurant dropped their jaws, gawking!

That was the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk!

That little girl Ni Yan had completely fused with Heavenly Star Catcher Disk!

Mo Tianji looked frightened, his heart shivering as he recalled Grannie Mo's prediction... He was petrified, indeed.

Owner Bu could help Ni Yan fuse with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk...

Mo Tianji didn't believe it. But now... he knew he was wrong!

Mo Tianji's neck felt so rigid. He slowly turned around, looking at the lazy-looking Bu Fang, who was holding the goblet of wine that looked like a starry night sky.

That young chef... What kind of god was he?!

In the vault of the sky, the accumulated lightning punishment stopped rolling.


A thunder dragon emitted dazzling light, swirling and aiming at Ni Yan.

Ni Yan's eyes were indifferent, looking as if a galaxy was moving in her eyes. Her body was covered in starlight as she soared up, colliding with the thunder dragon. Light bloomed dazzlingly.

Far from there...

The strongest demon king's hair rose as a formidable aura shot out from him. He grinned, saying excitedly, "That woman again... She didn't die! My finger didn't kill her!"

The experts from the Ruin Prison were so surprised.

Then, they saw Nether energy in the strongest demon king's hand, turning into a black bow with dark Nether energy swirling around it.

He stretched the longbow, aiming at Ni Yan, who was entangling with the Thunder Dragon in the sky.

"In that case, I will see you off!"


Nether energy twirled, turning into a big, black arrow.


Sounds of tearing air arose.

Then... an arrow with dark energy was shot toward Ni Yan, who was still entangled with the Thunder Dragon, bringing along sonic booms.

"Although I don't know how you've fused with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk I smashed, no matter what... this time, you must die!"

The strongest demon king grinned.

However, right after that, his laughter ceased.

His eyes shrank.

Far from them, the Thunder Dragon roared, meandering in the sky. And, standing arrogantly in the starlight where that Thunder Dragon was circling, was a figure.

Ni Yan raised one of her slender, porcelain-like fingers, pointing at the Nether energy arrow.

She tilted her chin up, snorting. Her eyes pierced through several hundred miles, gazing at the strongest demon king hovering on the black clouds.

Her voice was arrogant, but also soft and sweet, as she exclaimed, "You ambushed this old lady once. You wanna do it again?! This time, this lady will butcher your despicable flashy body, so Owner Bu can cook you to enjoy with his wine!"